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I'm looking for folk interested to play in my 5E campaign I'm hosting via Xbox Live party chat. We've had five sessions so far and all were successful. We play via theater of the mind with no maps or minis. We have a fighter, barbarian, paladin of Bahamut, and Druid. We're always looking for more because not everyone is present all the time. If you have Win10, you can join via the app.

If you have questions let me know.

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I've looked around the forums for a bit without finding anything on Bungie's upcoming "shared world shooter". I played through the Beta and enjoyed it quite a bit and I was wondering who else on the boards might be looking forward to play it with me.

For me, I'll be recreating my Human Hunter from the Beta. I'm not entirely upset with the fact that our characters don't carry over whereas some are. Few betas actually do that anymore anyways.

So what about you? What are you going to be playing it on? What are you going to be playing as? What are you looking forward to the most? Let's discuss!

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The order says it's been finalized but I wasn't aware it was shipping. I need the address changed as I no longer live in Florida.

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I'd like to start by saying that I'm aware of James Jacobs' response on the issue here but many have tried to say that James isn't a valid rules source for these works. While I disagree with that statement, I do concede that PFS works a bit differently in these regards.

I'm looking for a PFS-specific response as most people in the other threads hold to common sense and house-rule strongly in favor of James' response, but I'd like to see where we'd stand on the issue at a PFS table. If at all possible, I'd love to finally see a FAQ clarification on the issue as well. If anyone feels the need to move this thread elsewhere, please do so and accept my apologies for posting in the wrong thread.

Is a Monk considered proficient with improvised weapons in a manner similar to that granted by the Catch Off-Guard feat? Can the Empty Hand choose 'Improvised Weapon' for feats such as Weapon Focus and others? If not, could we get clarification on how it is this ability works?

Thank you and apologies to anyone who may become offended by the repost of this question from years before.

I'm linking the recruitment thread from our previous one to this one as I cannot link a thread which wasn't created by myself to a campaign journal I created.

Please do not post in this thread!

This gameplay thread will be for gameplay. Here you will utilize all the information provided in Doomed Hero's Guide to PBP and what you've learned thus far to create a joint story with your fellow players and GMs. The GMs will be collaborating for this campaign as some of us have experience and are looking to impart that upon our fellows. More than six players is always tough on a new GM and a new GM who's just learning the ropes of play-by-post has his work cut out for him.

In the coming days, I will make the first in-character post in this thread. Until ten, please refrain from posting in this area and keep all chatter confined to the Discussion thread. Thank you and let's try to have some fun.

This is the discussion thread. This is where we'll be able to chat about all things related to our game while, at the same time, cutting down on oversaturation of out-of-character posts in the gameplay thread. First, I'd like to address a couple things:

1) You do not need to use OOC tags when posting here.

2) Do not post in-game actions here.

3) Do not directly post Pathfinder-related information in the thread. (Note: This applies to all threads, but thought to mention it since some of you are still learning. Ultimately, it's a legal thing.)

4) Chat about whatever while waiting around but don't oversaturate this thread with too much non-game related posts. It makes it easier for us to go back and check things as GMs.

5) Have fun! We're here to tell a story together. If you aren't having fun or are bringing down someone else's fun, I'll respectfully ask you to stop. Then I'll respectfully kick you. If you continue, I'll report you.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the Player's Guide, do it. I don't care if you're from the area or not. The guide is meant for you to read and learn about the basics of the area. I'll be posting some other information up later. If there are any questions in the meantime, my email is available from my main profile (Severed Ronin).

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Sandpoint is a quiet little town... No, scratch that. Sandpoint wants to be a quiet little town. Goblins have always been a problem and the Sandpoint Devil used to terrorize the countryside, but the real trouble has come in the last decade. First, there was the Late Unpleasantness, in which a killer known as Chopper claimed 25 victims and a terrible fire ravaged the town, claiming the life of the town’s beloved priest Ezakien Tobyn.

Then, in 4707 at the Swallowtail Festival and dedication of the new church which had been built to replace the one that had burnt down in the fire, goblins attacked Sandpoint, attempting to burn it. It was primarily only through the efforts of a band of heroes that Sandpoint was not overrun by the goblins and burnt to the ground. These heroes ended the goblin threat for the time being, but also discovered other strange goings-on. There are many rumours as to what exactly went down, but during it all, Lonjiku Kaijitsu, one of Sandpoint’s founders died, apparently at the hands of his son Tsuto, who was then killed by the Sandpoint Heroes.

The heroes went on to do work for Magnimar and other places away from Sandpoint, but they were there again the following year, at the next Swallowtail Festival. They had been invited for a feast in their honour. They ended up defending the town from attack yet again. But this time, it wasn’t goblins attacking. It was a dragon! And giants! The Heroes lived up to their reputation and beat back the invasion. They went on to find the source of the invasion, a journey that took them north away from Sandpoint, and Sandpoint once again returned to a semblance of normality.

For the last few years, the town has managed to hold on to the “quiet” descriptor it so desperately wants. Sheriff Belor Hemlock has built up the town’s defences considerably and the people live in relative security. However, goblin activity is on the rise again. The Licktoad goblins of the Brinestump marsh have become unusually aggressive. The reason for this uncharacteristic bravery is quite clear: Somehow they have armed themselves with a considerable supply of fireworks. Several merchant caravans and travellers have been attacked so far. According to the victims, the damage caused by the horses panicking at the sight and sound of the fireworks has been almost as bad as the goblin attacks themselves. With the last few attacks resulting in severe injuries to three travellers, the problem has escalated from an annoyance to a threat. The attacks have not yet inconvenienced Magnimar, and so the City of Monuments has not done anything to help.

Sheriff Hemlock has restored Sandpoint’s old “goblin bounty” after years of inactivity to try to encourage the adventurous sort to seek out and kill goblins. The town of Sandpoint will pay 10 gp for every relatively fresh pair of goblin ears delivered to the town hall. An additional reward of 300 gp will be given to the group who can bring in the head of the Licktoads’ leader, Chief Gutwad.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of adventuring types around these days. Once upon a time, the countryside was full of them, helping to keep goblins at bay. But the removal of the goblin bounty years ago and recent rumours that an ancient Thassilonian city has been discovered have caused adventurers to head to the northern mountains and beyond. Many Sandpoint residents have begun to worry that another Late Unpleasantness may be on its way and that the Sandpoint Heroes won’t be here to defend them this time.

It's an old cliché that every story starts in a tavern, but in Sandpoint, the Rusty Dragon is one of the most popular places, so it’s unsurprising that some stories might start there. It is the oldest inn in town, notable for the impressive (and quite rusty) iron dragon that sits on its roof, gazing out over the town. Its proprietor, Ameiko Kaijitsu, last surviving member of the founding Kaijitsu family, is one of the most popular and beloved personalities in Sandpoint. Many seek out the Rusy Dragon just to hear her music or to eat the spicy and exotic food she serves.

And so, cliché or not, on this morning, the 21st of Rova, 4713, six people whose destinies are about to entwine, find themselves, each for reasons of his or her own, in the Rusy Dragon at the same time...

I like to give credit where it's due, so I cannot lay credit to myself for this post. In preparing for this adventure path, I delved deep into the Paizo repository of knowledge and picked the archives of Lucas, Weynolt, GMT, and numerous other GMs who've come before me in running this. It's with their dedication and all who came before us that make will serve to help us make this epic truly ours.

Howdy, I'm Beazy and I'll be your supreme overdeity for this endeavor.

Opening this thread up for party discussion as well as for any questions you may have for me. I'd prefer if all non-specific out-of-character chat remains here, but I'm not strict about it. Those who've played with me before know that I'm fairly down-to-earth as both a GM and a person. That being said, I'll go over a few rules I have.

I ask that you remain civil to each other both in-game and out-of-character. I hope it's clear that I'm referring to no player-vs-player. Friendly competition and in-character rivalries are fine. I just mean that I have more than enough baddies to do the job of killing you that I don't need you trying to kill each other.

I don't expect you to be able to post twenty paragraphs every post, but please try to include at least one paragraph containing 3-5 sentences. This is a story after all. In addition, I don't expect you to be able to post twenty times a day. We all have busy schedules of some variety even if you think you don't. Just try to pop in a couple times a day and post at least once during that time. I'd prefer 2-3 posts a day, but I can't ask you to do something I myself have been held at fault for not doing. If you have to drop or will be absent for a bit, just let me know and I'll try to include your character in events and do it justice while you're away (if you allow me to). Otherwise, I can contact a backup to temporarily take your place. Communication is key.

Ultimately, though, we're here to tell a story. If you have questions, ask them. If you think I skirted, skipped, misunderstood, or completely failed at noting a rule, please let me know. I believe we have a few Society players, GMs, and even Venture-Officers in here (myself until recently included among the latter), so don't feel bad about saying, "Hey Beazy, I don't think that's right." If it's something I missed that I didn't notice, cool. If I did it purposefully, I'll just let you know there's a method to my madness. If you don't feel comfortable mentioning something or asking something to me in public, shoot me a PM. If I know the answer, I'll tell you. If I don't, I'll find out. I have a vast collection of resources to pool from, so I'll find it out.

With all that mess out of the way, thank you for choosing Jade Regent (specifically mine) as your choice of medium. In a week's time, I will make the first post in the gameplay thread. Until then, tweak your character as needed and try to psyche yourself up for the game. You lot have a long journey ahead of yourselves. I hope we have a good time together and let's do this!

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I'm looking to run Jade Regent here on the Paizo boards for a six-PC party. Currently I have two folk who've already volunteered themselves to the group and I'm looking for four more with the possibility of one or two backups in case anyone has to drop. If you're interested, please read the information I've posted below and review the Jade Regent Player's Guide here before submitting a concept and character. Thank you and good gaming.


For character creation, I'm going to experiment with a system utilized by a campaign coordinator I'm following on Paizo. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Most of you know me personally and know that I'm very laid-back when it comes to gaming.

Character Submissions: I don’t mind players building mechanically sound characters. In a number/rules heavy game like Pathfinder, it just comes with the territory. However, I am one of those fellas that espouses Quality over Quantity; Fluff over Crunch; Role-playing over Roll-playing. As such, characters that strike me as painstakingly min/maxed will likely get passed over during the application process. I’ve found a good rule of thumb is to come up with a personality concept before deciding on the mechanics, though I will not presume to sit in judgment of whatever creation methods works for others. Just get me something that’s fun to play and fun to watch being played. If the most your character brings to the table is high damage yields, I’m not interested.

Posting Frequency: One post every 48 hours or so is plenty for me. Assuming an agreed-upon penchant for longer posts in general, I’m perfectly fine with actions dragging on a little longer than in other threads. So long as momentum is maintained, I will be content. If action begins to stall, I’ll simply wave my authoritative wand and get things a’scootin’ further. Just give a heads up for any prolonged absences, and I’ll try to let the pace of the game dictate itself (different strokes for different folks and all that). If the honor system doesn’t work out well, I’ll draw a harder line in the near future.

Writing Style: I would prefer well thought out and longer posts as often as possible. Terse posts are not necessarily a bad thing, though I would like to see thought processes and as many descriptive words as possible when players post. I do not have a ton of interest in posting styles that fall squarely in the realm of ‘perfunctory’.

Character Creation:

Pay attention closely, as this is where things get a little more interesting. I’m going to be presenting you options—a sort of checklist for the completionists among you. Now, you don’t necessarily have to go for broke on these, although I hope most of you will. I’ll outline a basic character creation package, and if that is ample opportunity enough for you, feel free to go no further. As for the rest? Provide me with that extra mile, answering my questions in full and earnest, and greater treasures for thee await. Let’s get down to it, shall we? (Oh, I’m a sucker for random rolls, by the way—while I won’t foist that upon anyone, I certainly will encourage it for the gamblers in the room. Results on rolls are final, however; no takesies-backsies. If you roll impossibly high, I’ll cope. If you roll a farmer, I apologize for your poor fortune.)

Starting Level: 1st

Alignment: Any non-evil; I am willing to adjust requirements for those seeking to take feats, classes, etc. that require the prerequisite of an evil alignment (for example, Red Mantis Assassin) providing it does not drastically change the game.

HP: Max for 1st level; after that, you can either roll upon leveling up or take the average. This is a decision you will be locked into upon character creation (and will be applied to each level thereafter, so consider well your choice)

Classes: Any Paizo products. No third-party or custom stuff please. Balanced party recommended.

Firearms: While Varisia is far from Alkenstar, I will provide some options for you if your concept falls within this category. In general, guns are considered Emerging.

Drawbacks: I will be allowing Drawbacks.

Retraining: Allowed.

Submitting a Character:
Create a profile/alias and include relevant information and mechanics inside. I’m going to be asking that character submissions follow the bestiary stat block format for ease of use. If you utilize a character generator like PCGen or HeroLab, you can post the stat block available from said programs. As long as it’s not a nightmare to read and the information is all there, I’ll be content.

Be sure to include the following in your profile, preferably at the bottom and in spoilers:

1. Description
2. Personality
3. Background

And now, onto the extras—

(The Basic Package)
Abilities: 20-Point Buy OR Roll 4d6 six times, drop the lowest down-the-line (no placing).
Starting Wealth: Average wealth OR roll for starting wealth.
Races: Core only
Alignment: Any non-evil
Traits: 2 (one must be a Jade Regent campaign trait)

(The Bonus Package)
The Bonus Package is for those willing to go that extra mile when it comes to creating a character. A variety of benefits will be available to those who put more effort into their character's concept such as personality, description, and background among other things. This package is an all-or-nothing package. In order to utilize it and thus win the benefits, you need to fill out all of the information listed. Otherwise, please refer to the Basic Package.

To drastically change your guise (Pick any Pathfinder Society sanctioned race [this includes racial boons; Goblin not allowed as it conflicts with the area]): Explain your heritage, forebears, and why someone of your kind is tolerated. Convince me. Varisia, for the most part, has a higher tolerance for the less savory races than others, but you’ll need to anchor your character to the region accordingly to buy into those graces.

To qualify for superior training (25-Point Buy OR Roll 4d6 seven times, dropping the lowest and placing where you will): Delve further into your character’s origins and backstory; explain where you received your training or what has influenced your character in such a way to stand above and apart from the typical adventurer.

To earn higher grade gear and belongings (Maximum starting wealth): Expand upon your character’s Personality section—I’m looking for descriptors with explanations (Example: Hard-Working; Emileah was born to a family of laborers, and knows what it means to put in a hard day’s work).

For a reward above and beyond what is provided above (???): Write a story or compose a ballad about your character. This story or song can be about their past, their present, or their future. It can be exaggerated or factual. This is your chance to jump off the rails and strut your stuff—rewards will be proportional to the quality (not quantity) and vary greatly.

[spoilers=House Rules]

I will be utilizing/allowing several additional systems created by Paizo, many of which are outlined in Ultimate Campaign. While most of these items contain information that you as players will not always be privy to, I wanted to inform you that these systems will likely present themselves throughout the campaign. A couple of these (Caravan and Relationships) are directly listed in Jade Regent as systems built into the Adventure Path. As such, I will list these systems first and expand upon it as needed.

Caravan: Early in the adventure, you will gain access to a caravan which will grow and expand with you on your journey. Details about how this will work are outlined in the Player's Guide for Jade Regent. We'll discuss this system further when the time comes.

Relationships: No villain ever seems to understand that when he threatens a hero's family, things go south for him. After all, nothing gives the beleaguered champion one last surge of strength like the sight of a loved one in peril. Relationships are the cornerstone of all that heroes are and can be and will play a significant role as you travel with fellow members of your caravan.

Backgrounds: If you wish to utilize the Background Generator (Page 16, Ultimate Campaign) for your character, you are welcome to do so, but you will not receive any of the benefits of the Bonus Package for doing so. Refer instead to the Basic Package.

Story Feats: These will be allowed if your character meets the prerequisites. Meeting the prerequisites can be done either throughout the Adventure Path or by having it as part of your background. If chosen as part of Background Generation, see 'Backgrounds' above for certain limitations.

Downtime: The use of the Downtime system will be situational, but certain aspects of the campaign may see its utilization as a necessity.

Companions, Contacts, and Cohorts: As you travel throughout the Inner Sea, you may come across certain NPCs with whom a prolonged relationship could prove beneficial.

Honor, Prestige, and Reputation (and other similar systems): Your character is unlikely to remain Adventurer Snuffy for long. You and your party's actions will affect the world around you. Whether that effect is a boon or a bane for you remains to be seen. Will you be famous or infamous?

Investment: That 'Dungeon Dash' game those retired adventurers came up with is going to be the sport of the future! Investing your money can be a good or a bad idea sometimes as the market for certain products is always in flux. This system, like downtime, will be utilized situationally. It could be a failed year for the sport or this could be the year that 'Dungeon Dash' shines! ('Dungeon Dash' is used merely as an example.)

Crafting: While crafting will be allowed, please remember that one must have enough time put into the cation to successfully craft. I am also a fan of Talismanic Components and for those looking to craft (or have something crafted), you can expect to see these new crafting tidbits in the game.

Hero Points: We will be utilizing Hero Points as outlined in the Advanced Player's Guide. If a player elects instead to not to use Hero Points, they will be granted an extra feat at character creation as outlined under 'Antiheroes' in the same sourcebook.

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Just ordered the Ultimate Campaign PDF yet the PDF is not appearing in my downloads. This may be due to the discrepancy that occurred two weeks ago when I had to cancel my Ultimate Campaign subscription. I say this because even after the cancellation went through and my money was refunded, Ultimate Campaign still showed on its product page as being in my downloads even though it wasn't. Anyways, any helps appreciated!

Campaign Discussion

Adventurers rarely retire—or survive to old age. Sascha Antif-Arah is one of the few, and in "The Veteran's Vault," she provides the Pathfinder Society a rare gift: complete access to her cache of treasure beneath Korvosa. While no dragon's hoard, Sascha offers it all upon one condition—retrieval of a locket. Unfortunately for the agents sent to retrieve it, her vault isn't as secure as she would like it, and the tunnels beneath Korvosa aren't as empty as the PCs might like...

This is the official play thread for our PBP. Please reserve as much space in here for in-character comments as you can.

This will be the official discussion forum for this particular play-by-post (henceforth referred to as a PBP). This game is for credit and will be reported under standard PFS guidelines.
Campaign Link

For a quick rundown to those of you new to PBPs, you can search beneath the text box for a spoiler tag entitled "How to format your text". We will be utilizing several of these BBCodes in our game.

All normal actions and descriptions and flavor will be written with no formatting whatsoever.

About spoilers:

I may utilize several of these spoilers entitled only to certain people. I will use the honor system for this and ask that only the individual(s) that I have addressed these to be the ones to read them.

This is how out-of-character commentary will look. You can find this on the seventh format code down. Please use this when you wish to address something out-of-character that is not important enough to discuss in this discussion forum. A simple question to me, perhaps.

"For speech, all text will be bolded and I ask that you use quotations as well. Thank you."

If there are any questions, please let me know.

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Hey crew,

It seems that I must've gotten behind somewhere on my Adventure Path knowledge. Today (well, yesterday) I received Shattered Star #4 and I've yet to see Shattered Star #3. The tracking shows that it arrived here in Tampa, but it hasn't shown.

A few days before Nov 1, my wife and I moved into our new apartment and I fear the AP must've gone to the old house. Contacting our former landlady yielded no results and she claims nothing ever arrived at the residence.

I was wondering whether or not it was shipped back to y'all or if you're able to find out what happened to it. A call to my local post office wasn't much help either as they were unable to locate the package in question.

In summation,

Help us, Cosmo and Wanda, you're our only hope.

I apologize not for the Fairy Oddparents reference. I have a two year old.

Lantern Lodge

Sorry again for how repetitive this is becoming. Finances are tough this time of the year. If you wouldn't mind holding off and trying to charge again on Friday, my check should be in by then.

Sorry for all the trouble, guys. I know this time of the year is a hassle.

Robert Beasley

Lantern Lodge

To Sara, Cosmo, and the rest of Paizo CS staff,

It is with a heavy heart that I received your email that my card returned a transaction declined to you. However, it was not a surprise to me. If you be so kind as to try again sometime after the 15th, it'd be greatly appreciated. Danke.

Speakin' easy,
VL Beazy

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I should've posted this earlier, but I didn't think about it until just now.

Jack Senzig is my wife's uncle and a very respectable nerd. You may have seen some of his choir videos gone viral and you may have not. What's important is the children. Hands-down in my honest opinion. Check this site out and help support them. The fundraiser ends tonight and they haven't even reached halfway to their goal yet.

I'm asking fellow Paizoholics to help out. It's for a good cause after all. Well, if you consider kids a good cause.

You can find them here. Plenty of thanks to everyone.

Lantern Lodge

Hey guys,

Sorry about the problem. The funds weren't in the account when you tried to charge it, so you'll have to give it a few more days (anytime after the 15th will be grand) for the money to make its way into the account. We've had some financial problems on the homefront, so that's what the hold-up was. If there's anything else, let me know.

Robert Beasley
Venture-Lieutenant, Tampa

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Hey guys,

I know it's already left your facilities and there may be nothing you can do, but my hardcover for Ultimate Equipment which shipped August 6th has yet to arrive. Every time I try to bring up the tracking system for it, I receive an error message that says "This package cannot be tracked." I thought I was just bring this up to you since the estimated date in transit was 4-8 days and it has now been upwards of 17 days.

Likewise, my order placed August 1 for Order #2164311 is still showing as pending for whatever reason as is my AP Subscription for Shattered Star #1. The last could be because of my late re-subscription to it. Just wondering if there was any info.

Thanks guys and gals!

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Seeing as how I'm doing more and more PFS and I have less and less time to run long-time games (at least for now) I'd like to cancel my Adventure Path subscription after I receive Skull and Shackles Part VI. As much as I love Varisia (and I mean love it - my favorite country in Golarion) I can better utilize the money elsewhere. Thank you very much.

Speakin' easy,

Lantern Lodge

Hoqdy, my leave for the days of PaizoCon was denied, so I need to cancel my ticket order. Though I wish I could make it, it's not only financially out of my reach at the time, but also unable for the reason previously stated. Thanks guys for all your ell. I'll continue to help Paizo from the Macdill AFB home front here.

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So I acquired the trait "Secrets of the Impossible Kingdom (Jalmeray)" which states that you choose one spell when selecting the trait and you cast that spell at +1 caster level.

My question is one I feel ridiculous for asking because the answer is probably as simple as I think it is, but like my flight sergeant always tells me, "Its better to ask a dumb question and be right about the answer than to not ask it and be wrong."

Would this trait affect spells that state 'add +XDX amount of damage per caster level'? For example, Burning Hands does damage equal to 1d4/caster level to a maximum of 5D4. So say you're third level and you choose to use the trait with it, would you be doing 3d4 or 4d4 points of damage?

Again, sorry if the answer is simple, but many thanks to those who answer the question.

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I was wondering if you could cancel all of my current subscriptions. Main reasons are two- to threefold. I have three APs already (Serpent's Skull, Carrion Crown, and Jade Regent) and no group. I just agreed with the wife to cut back while finances are tight currently as well. We're getting more into Society anyways, so the money that would normally go there is going towards scenarios instead.

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So what sort of Pathfinder stuff does everyone have in their collection? I mean besides all the books, dice, minis, and stuff that you buy from the store.

For example, here is my custom iPhone case from CafePress.

So does anyone else have anything to share?

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There are numerous questions I have in order to do two things:

1) Make sure my character is legal for PFS.
2) Make sure I am well-informed as to my options.

I suppose I should start with what my character is. You can find that out by simply looking under this alias (Xanatos Grey) here for a full description and layout of my PFS Magus. The questions I have are as follows:

1) After researching, I am led to believe that Arcane Strike and Arcane Pool do not stack even though both are considered untyped bonuses. What is the final verdict on this? If the Arcane Strike feat does not stack with the abilities of my Arcane Pool, am I able to change this aspect of my character to make him legal for play?

2) I am seeing numerous reports based off of Spell Combat + Spellstrike + Etcetera, etcetera. The main focus of this is the Arcane Mark + Spellstrike + Spell Combat. First, as this is my first time playing a magus, what is the deal with Arcane Mark that everyone is vying it as such a breakthrough spell for the Magus? I understand that it is a touch spell, but what am I going to do? Sign my initials like Zorro in glowing runes? May I please have some clarification on this?

3) This last question doesn't apply at all to the Magus, but there's no need for me to start an entirely different thread for a single question. If my character - I'll use this one for example - is already part of a faction, can he still be sent through First Steps?

4) Mentioning First Steps reminds me that I have a character that is currently running through a First Steps PBP. Given the nature of PBPs to 'die', could I take the character from the 'limbo' of the dead PBP and start running him through scenarios? How would that play out with anything gained during that part of the scenario (i.e. Gold earned, items found that would be on the Chronicle sheet, etc.)?

Those are ultimately the most important questions I had in regards to it all. Most of this is simply me seeking clarification on things I've read and/or heard via the forums and friends, but I'm looking to play more and more society as time goes on, so I'd like to expand my knowledge, so I don't end up 'cheating'.

In summation, thank you.

Lantern Lodge

The juggler's kit from the Adventurer's Armory states that: "A juggler's kit includes multiple sets of well-balanced objects, such as balls, knives, etc." The focus of my question is on the knives as one of my players recently purchased one for his rogue and brought the question forward to me.

How many knives are included in the juggler's kit and what are their stats? At the time, I ruled the stats to be exactly the same as the dagger and that there were three knives in the kit. Is there anywhere that has specifically addressed this? If so and/or if not, what do you all think?

Lantern Lodge

I have an alias on the messageboards that I'm currently using to play in a Society Play-By-Post (Jiece Dragonius of GM Xzaral's First Steps). This was my first time playing anything Society related and created the alias under the standard messageboard alias section as opposed to registering him as a new character on My Society account. Is there any way to transfer him over to my Society account (since I can't delete the alias or change the name) or would I just register a new one with a similar name and let the GM know that's where the credit will go?

How do I proceed with this is what I'm asking, I guess?

Lantern Lodge

As the thread title suggests, I'm going to need to cancel all of my Pathfinder Paizo subscriptions currently until such a time as I am more financially stable. I appreciate everything Paizo has been doing and all the services that have been provided. Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to the day when I'll have the money to afford everything that will be out at the time as well as backorder everything I will have missed.

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Copy/Pasted from 'Ask James Jacobs' thread

If I have a character in a PBP PFS Scenario that has died, am I able to take that character to an actual Society event? If so, would I just use his stats as presented upon creation or could I get a chronicle sheet for however much of the scenario was completed?

This is one of the questions asked to me by a buddy of mine who I recently converted into playing Society (our varying schedules keep us from playing our usual home games). I guess he asked his GM there, but not even the GM was sure. At the time, they ruled it as being okay, but not being able to use the chronicle sheet, but I thought I'd ask here because its something I'd like to hear some sort of 'officially unofficial' ruling on.

I did receive James' answer saying that it'd be best to ask Mike about that, given its his area of expertise, so that's what I'm doing. The following is James' answer on the subject. For any PFS players in here, this is NOT an official answer, so don't hold any of this to gold. Its hard enough for GMs or even other PCs and I can only imagine Paizo staff to get things straight when people are stepping forward saying, 'Well, he said she said this.'

James' Response:

That's a Mike Brock question. But I would think that should be okay... I'm honestly even less familiar with how PBP PFS games work than PFS games in the first place.

Frankly, so much of PFS relies on the honor system anyway that as long as you're not specifically trying to cheat the system, I don't see this as being a problem at all. Your character DID actually play through those encounters after all

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Not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet, but you guys misspelled 'Rulebook' as 'Ruelbook'. Can't wait to add Kiramor to my list of minis though! Keep up the good work, guys!

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I'm currently seeking out players and a GM willing to run a PFS PBP. I've never been fortunate enough to be able to actually play in a Society game and I've been looking forward to doing so for some time. If there are any GMs out there who'd be willing to run a long-time Pathfinder, first-time Society player through some scenarios, please apply here. And if you're simply a player willing to run alongside (whether to show me the ropes or learn them yourselves) feel free to pipe up as well.

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I'd like (well, not LIKE to) to cancel both of my subscriptions as money issues are starting to pop up on my end of the spectrum. As much as I love Paizo and the company's staffers and product, it's just that time in my family's life when we have to start prioritizing.

If there are any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,
Robert Beasley
"The Severed Ronin"

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I was just wanting to follow up on these two orders. I posted previously to the forums here stating that I had the wrong address set up here on the site (messed it up via a single number on my zip).

I'm deployed overseas and was wondering what the status on these orders were. Since I know they've been shipped, is there anything I can do or should I just wait and hope that the given destination exists sends it back?

If there are any questions, please let me know.

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Hello, I'm deployed and ordered the Pathfinder Society Field Guide but gave the wrong address for shipping (one number off on the Zip). The order has already been shipped to me, so how is that going to work? It'll just hopefully get returned and I'll be refunded, then will have to order again or how does that work out?

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Hey all,
I'm getting ready to head out on deployment and, while my wife will be taking up the helm of GM while I'm gone and ordering all kinds of fancy goodness from Paizo that I'll be salivating over when I return home, I wanted to go ahead and check to see if you shipped to APO addresses and, if so, what the format would be when typing it up in the shipping address line?

Thanks again and I look forward to lots of Paizo when I get over to Qadira - er, the Middle East.

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Liar's Dice
Aura: Faint Illusion; CL 3rd
Slot —; Price 2,500 gp; Weight 1 lb.

These ivory dice always come in pairs of two with painted sides ranging in number from one to six. The faces of each side are actually a permanent illusion along the surface of each die. By simply willing them to, the roller of the die can alter the results to appear as whatever they wish. This combination must be visualized in the owner's mind before the dice are thrown. This ability can be used in conjunction with multiple sets of Liar's Dice. A DC 20 Perception check followed by a DC 20 Spellcraft check will reveal the true nature of the dice. Otherwise, the dice are still subject to spells such as true seeing or detect magic.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, silent image; Cost 1,250 GP


The background behind all of this is that I'm attempting to increase my repertoire of GM skills by recreating (for myself) parts of RPG Superstar. I'm using it as my basis for things. This is my attempt at my "Round One: Create a Wondrous Item". Please keep it limited to constructive criticism as opposed to simply trolling.

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The first two builds presented are of the Cavalier and the Samurai. Please look over how each player built their given character and critique if you want. I will post the details of the three sessions afterwards, but for now, here are our first set of rivals.

First up, we have Ryan and Calavas Eyre, his Sword Order Cavalier

Calavas Eyre, Lvl 7 Male Human Cavalier - Order of the Sword
(STR) 16 (DEX) 12 (CON) 15 (INT) 12 (WIS) 10 (CHA) 14
(INITIATIVE) +1 (HP) 60 (CMB) +10 (CMD) 21/20 Flat
(AC) 21 (TOUCH AC) 10
(Attack: Melee) +10/+5
(Attack: Ranged) +8/+3

Improved Bull Rush
Outflank (Cavalier Bonus)
Power Attack (Cavalier Bonus)

Proficienct with Light-Heavy Armor, Shields, and Simple-Martial Weapons
Animal Companion Link (Ex)
Banner +2/+1
Cavalier's Charge (Ex)
Expert Trainer +3 (Ex)
Sword's Challenge +7/+2 (3/day) (Ex)
Sword's Skills +3 (Ex)
Tactician (Outflank) 6r (2/day) (Ex)
By My Honor (Reflex Save Chosen)

+3 Agile Half-Plate Armor
+2 Mithril Lance

For his Cavalier, Ryan opted to take the Eye for Talent Alternate Racial Trait for Humans and, as such, gave up his Human Bonus Feat.

Secondly, we have Martin and Calamore Silvan, Warrior Order Samurai.

Calamore Silvan, Lvl 7 Male Human Samurai
(STR) 16 (DEX) 12 (CON) 15 (INT) 12 (WIS) 14 (CHA) 10
(INITIATIVE) +5 (HP) 54 (CMB) +10 (CMD) 21/20 Flat
(AC) 19 (TOUCH AC) 10
(Attack: Melee) +10/+5
(Attack: Ranged) +8/+3

Power Attack
Improved Initiative
Vital Strike
Furious Focus
Pushing Assault (Human Bonus)
Cleave (Samurai Bonus)

Animal Companion Link (Ex)
Resolve (4/day)
Warrior's Challenge DR 2/- (3/day) (Ex)
Weapon Expertise (Katana)
Mounted Archer
Banner +2/+1
Honor In All Things +4 (2/day)

+2 Adamantine Katana of Shock
+1 Agile Breastplate
+1 Ring of Protection

With a quick glance to these builds, it is obvious to see that each is built nearly identically to the other with a few variations here and there. Though the two are mechanically similar to one another, as they fought through each of the encounters, neither seemed to outshine the other. They were a few times during the first session when the Samurai actually seemed to outshine the Cavalier, however, this was mostly due to Ryan's poor rolls - three rolls of '1' in the first session. As I go more in-depth in the coming posts, I will post up the full details of the background of the scenarios they were given and how each of the classes fared.

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Been playtesting this since its release a couple days ago and have already come across a few thoughts and ideas on it. First, its not me that's playtesting it (I'm the GM) but rather my players and they're coming up with QUITE a few questions that I thought I'd consult the masses about. A few of the questions have already been brought up. Perception Skill not being a class ability, blah-ze-blah. Some of the thoughts that came up involved multiclassing the gunslinger. Though I restricted them to playing through the classes for all 20 levels, they still posed questions I found interesting to ask.

First question was a multiclassed Playtest/Playtest - Gunslinger/Magus. When dipping into the Magus' Pool and using, say, the simple +1 enhancement, bestow the enhancement on bullets individually or on the gun itself (thus granting it on every bullet) for 1 minute? I ruled that it effected the gun and thus the shots because it made the most sense at the time and I wanted to streamline the game without slowing it down, but I made sure to note it down to come ask.

Other ideas my resident meat shield thought of was multiclassing Barbarian/Gunslinger. Can a gunslinger rage with a gun? The barbarian's rage clearly states that "While in rage, a barbarian cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate, and Ride) or any ability that requires patience or concentration.

The highlighted part is why I decided that he couldn't. Because, in my mind, aiming and firing takes patience and/or concentration. He submitted and we moved on, but it was another question I decided to jot down to see what everyone else thought.

My resident do-gooder (i.e. Paladin) also wagered that since the Gunslinger has no alignment restrictions his Divine Bond spirit would be able to manifest with his gun. Reading the Paladin's Divine Bond, it varies only in the slightest from the Magus' Arcane Pool so I'd wager that my Paladin Player was right in his assumption that he could use a gun as the catalyst for his Divine Bond. What are your thoughts?

Also, and I know there's been mention of it before, but it was brought up by my players, whose exact question was, "All I have to do is kiss your a%% and I get a Grit Point?" Though the mechanics are not quite as simple as that, the whole Daring Act part of it is less than decent. For the most part, it really does sound like, "Impress the GM, Win some Grit." And no, I'm not talking about the Golarion drug.

Anyways, thanks for listening to the rant, and I'll be on my way. I look forward to what anyone has to say on these subjects. Even better if you add your own thoughts to the mix. This is what the playtest forums are for.

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In an attempt by my wife to build her Witch character, an interesting question arose that I thought to give voice to here. I realize the rules regarding adding new spells to a wizard's spellbook, but what about first level?

How many spells would you say a typical Level 1 character would have in their spellbook/familiar/prayerbook to start? I searched everywhere for an answer to this and couldn't come up with a decent answer nor could I even think of the best way to concoct an answer from thin air to give to my players.

Is there a rule that covers this and if not, how does everyone else handle it?

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