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Is the feat Thunder and Fang legal for play in PFS? I can't find anything on it.

Where is that feat located? Chapter 13 of the Guide details everything that's currently legal for play. v2.2 of the Guide will expand that chapter to include new products.

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Pathfinder 10 : A History of Ashes

Page 28

New Feat: Thunder and Fang

You have mastered the ancient Shoanti fighting style of
Thunder and Fang, allowing you to fight with increased
effectiveness when wielding an earth breaker and a klar. As
you swing at foes with Thunder (your earth breaker), you
slash at them with the Fang (your klar).
Prerequisites: Str 15, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon
Focus (earth breaker), Weapon Focus (klar)

Benefit: As long as you are fighting with an earth
breaker and a klar (and you make attacks with your klar as
your offhand attack), you can fight with both weapons as if
you were wielding a double weapon, and retain your shield
bonus to your Armor Class granted by your klar. Treat your
klar as a light weapon for the purposes of determining
your total penalty to attack.

Special: A fighter may select Thunder and Fang as one
of his fighter bonus feats.

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Nope, you can't use it. I know because the Pathfinder issue that it is in is not listed on the "legal for play" list (which makes it illegal). Makes me sad, because the same book has the Guided Weapon Quality in it. Every time Josh updates the rules I look to see if it's allowed. I was denied, again, yesterday. Sigh...


How does this feat interact with Power Attack? It seems clear your Klar is supposed to be an offhand/light weapon, but is the Earthbreaker treated as a one handed weapon even though it's a two handed weapon?

That being said, Thunder and Fang from Varisia, Birthplace of Legends is legal. So acquire that. Or maybe just check and make sure the rules are the same; I bet most GMs would accept Pf#10 under those circumstances. But I'll probably get yelled at for saying so. :P

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Without looking at PF #10, but looking at that which was posted up here as the description, then cross-referencing it with both Varisia, Birth of Legends, the Additional Resources page, and two dozen different star charts drafted by Galileo himself, I'll say that until further clarification from the Big Bosses I'd allow it's use if the only reference source at the time was PF #10. The mechanics are essentially the same though the wording has been updated in Varisia to reflect certain changes in Golarion lore and Pathfinder Core.

Note: This has been the professional opinion of Robert Beasley and is in no way endorsed by any other person save for those people who endorse it.

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