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I doggie that add long as you are consistent within your own campaign, you can pretty much set this bar wherever you want it.

Personally, I prefer variety. Keeps players on their toes when looking for solutions.

The sun is a large and vibrant location - I could certainly live with that if it were the next AP.

While doing this is certainly possible, I've got to say from past experience that it's a labor of love that could be thankless.

Consider that the Wrath and Glory 40K RPG comes out in August...

I'd be game for almost anything that examines a new part of the background - or an existing element in greater detail or a whole new way.

Um,are the contents of Alien Archive 2 already set?

@jakemtl - now that they've opened the door to alternate campaign lengths, there's nothing that says they couldn't go the other direction as well, and do - say - a 9 book arc.

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Second the call for a vehicle/starship guide.

Also for a computers/tech book.

Then just keep the background books coming (which I assume would have the corresponding character and equipment options included).

Even though the Droid will be an NPC, I think bulldog it using PC rules is a good call.

...and that should be possible very soon.

LOL! Nice.

Good catch - sounds like a fun mix.

Cool beans. Thanks for the heads up.

You know your prayers better than anyone dispensing advice, so take it all with a grain of salt.

Character Generation is always a fun exercise, and helps prayers get engaged in both the background and rules - so yes to that.

Likewise, letting them sort out their own equipment can be a good exploration - so no there.

How deep do you want to drive on your first game? Pick an adventure of appropriate length whose theme you feel would resonate with your players.

Pact Worlds is end of March.

Armory in July.

Link: Dead Suns Pawns

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Can you say "Infinite Improbably Drive"?

Not to hijack the thread, but it occurs to me that NPC cards would be pretty cool as well!

Jason Keeley wrote:
But I'm interested in seeing what everyone thinks once Against the Aeon Throne is out and whether or not it makes sense to do more 3-parters in the future!

The proof - as they say - will be in the pudding.

I'm looking forward to seeing the first 3-part AP, and we'll see how it works out.

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This could be even more simple if you just equate space = water and just run with it.

They're both restrictive environments.

On the other hand, if the details are fun for you to work out, go for it.

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Yakman wrote:
Heck, run a 9 or 12 part AP if you start getting frisky. Have fun with the format.


There's nothing magical about a 6-part campaign, and some stories are longer/shorter than others.

Tell a good story and I won't care if it's 3, 6, or (number of your choosing) parts.

While this doesn't address your question in the slightest, you've got a great idea there.

Item cards would be a great accessory to the game!

I like the option of 3-book campaigns, and this one sounds like fun!

It will be fun to get more background and context for the setting.

Good stuff!

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Thanks for the heads up!

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Thames for the pointers - there are a couple new ones there that I'll check out.

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Thanks, Black Dow!

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Honestly, I pay because I like the background and "fluff."

When the RAW don't make sense, I go with the apparent intent and don't worry about it to much.

However, I know from long experience that some games just don't work for some folks - it's personal taste.

Starfinder Society adventures are good introductions to the game and background.

They have the added benefit that they're shorter and have fewer moving parts than the bigger adventures.

Agreed with AnimatedPaper - combine A & B and don't split the party.

When starting out, it's best to keep things simple.

Interesting. What's the page count on your "Races" items?

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Yup, Paizo took a fairly cautious approach to their Starfinder release schedule.

Now that it's proven to have legs, I'm sure the supplemental material will start flowing.

However, with the development lead time on games, the ship will take some time to turn.

Thanks for sharing Jason. That sounds like excellent fun!

Thanks for this Aru !

Nice work Justin. Thank you!

Yeah, the low cost of the PDF took the sting out of having to "buy twice."

It's worth it to me too have a portable version of the rules for my tablet.

There's a wealth of MDF terrain manufacturers that do science fiction terrain.

Do a search for "Designed for Infinity MDF" for more modern looking stuff, or "40K terrain MDF" if you prefer your seeing more grim dark.

You tend to get more bang for your buck for MDF vs plastic.

If you provide your preference as to look, I can also recommend more specific manufacturers.

pithica42 wrote:
I think the BP system itself could be used to give you what you want. The ship just automatically upgrades itself as the characters gain levels. Instead of them taking it into port and upgrading it, the BP gain by APL is just them discovering new/better systems as they learn how to operate the ship. Maybe the ship comes with a learning AI and is made of nannites that actually upgrade the ship over time.

I'm a big fan of this concept, and it gives your PCs an interesting base of operations/home base that won't become outdated as the game progresses.

The same concept can also be applied to a PC's trademark piece of equipment/weapon/armor.

While I totally understand that point of view, I'm the opposite.

I find painting to be relaxing, and thus avoid pre-paints.

A whole Goblin PC Group could be vastly entertaining (with the right players)!

Not sure if I'd want to do a whole campaign of that, but fun for a while.

It's a Beta, so I'm willing to cut them a little slack. I do like their error catching feature, and the Starfinder Society option.

Hope you reported the bugs to them.

PCGen is good, and I use that as well. As LEGO Batman says, "I like to fight around..."

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Is worth noting that the Beta is now open to all. I've been playing around with it today, and I must say it's looking good.

Here, here!

I've just never warmed as much to the fantasy trope as I have to sci-fi.

Starfinder scratches the itch.


From a practical standpoint, I doubt many 1st level characters would possess anything that would raise any eyebrows.

However, given the mishmash of cultures at the station, it could be fun to have "hayseed" new arrivals looking backwards or out of place dye to their clothing or equipment, making them as new or out-of-synch.

At higher levels, I'm sure there are areas where full battle rattle would be fine, and others where it would cause them to be reused entry.

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Good points there, @Kudaku. Thanks.

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Excellent stuff! Thanks for putting those together.

On the other hand, you can't really expect a car manufacturer to use the same parts in every car they build.

I don't see them selling the line based on the new equipment only available therein - they sell it for the story arc. I can't really begrudge them using a new toy or two in the telling.

Shiny - thank you for putting these together!

Making a good adventure follows many of the same rules as writing a good story.

A three act structure, and all that entails, is a pretty solid base.

If you're really curious, The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler is an excellent resource for improving any kind of storytelling, not just gaming!

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It's worth mentioning that the KS has opened for late pledges - for those that are still interested in getting in on the KS deals.

Thanks for the sheet. Quite informative!

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