Starfinder Dead Suns Pawn Collection

Starfinder Dead Suns Pawn Collection

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The characters, villains, and starships of the Dead Suns Adventure Path come alive on your tabletop with this collection of more than 100 creature and starship pawns, designed for use with the Starfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop science fantasy RPG. Printed on sturdy cardstock, each of these double-sided pawns slots into a size-appropriate plastic base from the Starfinder Pawns Base Assortment, making them easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. With dozens of distinct images, the Starfinder Dead Suns Pawn Collection depicts the enemies and allies from all six adventures of the Dead Suns Adventure Path.

From space pirates to hideous alien beasts, find all of the enemies and allies of the Dead Suns Adventure Path on these beautifully illustrated pawns! While creature pawns are broken out by base size, all starship pawns use medium bases, from the tiniest fighter to the largest warship. The Starfinder Dead Suns Pawn Collection includes:

Small (and Smaller) Creatures

  • Eohi (2)
  • Ferran
  • Jabaxa
  • Kaukariki (4)
  • Modified Maintenance Bot (4)
  • Skreeling (3)
  • Writher Swarm (4)
  • Xix
  • Zaz

Medium Creatures

  • Abneth
  • Acrochor
  • Aeon Guard Specialist (2)
  • Ailabiens 21:2
  • Akata (3)
  • Alera Okwana
  • Atrocite
  • Avissa
  • Baykok (3)
  • Bone Trooper (5)
  • Bone Trooper Commando (4)
  • Chiskisk
  • Clara-247
  • Corpsefolk Marine (8)
  • Damaged Security Robot
  • Deldreg the Butcher
  • Desperate Hunger Berserker (2)
  • Desperate Hunger Cultist (3)
  • Devourer Cultist (2)
  • Downside King (3)
  • Duravor Kreel
  • Elebrian
  • Ferani Nadaz
  • Garaggakal
  • Gevalarsk Nor
  • Ghibrani
  • Ghoul Soldier (3)
  • Ghurd Nashal
  • Hebiza Eskolar
  • Hybeki
  • The Jangly Man
  • Kish (4)
  • Kish Scout
  • Kreth
  • Kurobozu (3)
  • Level 21 Crew (3)
  • Living Hologram
  • Lore Guardian (2)
  • Malakar
  • Malice
  • Marooned One (4)
  • Moriko Nash
  • Muhali
  • Nihili (2)
  • Null-9
  • Oblivion Shade Spawn (4)
  • Panelliar
  • Qabart Smuggler (2)
  • Q-O
  • Quillius
  • Rebuilt I
  • Rebuilt II
  • Renzar
  • Robot, Patrol-Class Security (2)
  • Robot, Sentry-Class Security (4)
  • Rusty Rivet Crew (3)
  • Salask
  • Scyphozoan
  • Selamid
  • Seprevoi
  • Serovox
  • Shimreen
  • Sisyrus Coldblood
  • Solstarni
  • Tahomen
  • Twonas En
  • Tzayl
  • Veolisk
  • Void Zombie (2)
  • Vrokilayo Hatchbuster
  • Waneda Trux
  • Woioko
  • Xavra
  • Xerantha Mortrant
  • Zeera Vesh

Large Creatures

  • Adolescent Mountain Eel
  • Daeln (2)
  • Elemental, Air
  • Elemental, Earth
  • Elemental, Fire
  • Elemental, Water
  • Gatecrasher
  • Ilthisarian
  • Ksarik
  • Psitheer (2)
  • Rauzhant
  • Renkroda, Whiskered
  • Scavenger Slime (2)
  • Sharpwing
  • Skreesire
  • Surnoch (2)
  • Vracinea
  • Yex

Huge Creatures

  • Jubsnuth (2)
  • Sky Fisher (3)


  • Barrow Boneshard (2)
  • Barrow Catacomb (2)
  • Barrow Cenotaph
  • Barrow Dirgesinger
  • Barrow Eulogy
  • Barrow Reaper
  • Barrow Reliquary
  • Barrow Spectre
  • Crypt Warden (4)
  • Death's Curtain Necrofighter (2)
  • Empire of Bones
  • Fang Fighter (2)
  • Grave Casket
  • Klokworx Prism
  • Modified ATech Bulwark
  • Nebulor Outfitters Starhopper
  • Pale Butcher Scout (2)
  • Sunrise Maiden
  • Thaumtech Cairncarver
  • Thaumtech Omenbringer (2)
  • Upgraded Ringworks Wanderer

ISBN: 978-1-64078-068-2

Note: This product is part of the Starfinder Accessories Subscription.

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Paizo Employee Webstore Coordinator

Announced for September! Image and description are provisional and subject to change prior to release.

Yes!! Moar Iron Gods, I mean, Starfinder pawns!

Dark Archive

Given the lack of Starfinder miniatures, these Pawns are the way to go! :-)

I just wish that tiny & small starships would be printed on small pawns, so that they don't overhang into the forward and aft hex-fields.

Please make this right, Paizo! :-)

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Super excited for this set! Wish it'd come a little sooner but I feel that way for everything SFS related because it's all been consistently great.

Paizo Employee Web Production Manager

Updated with final product description, image, and set list!

Ugh, why must this stuff come out so long after the products they're based off of? Really want to use this for the game I'm starting, which has been delayed (mixed feelings on whether that's a good thing or not) to start, but might still get off the ground well before these come out.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah, please consider releasing the pawns in two waves after three volumes have been released.
I would even be okay with a price of $14.99 for three volumes, that would only be $5 for one AP volume.

I think it would be a great idea to test this for the three part APs instead of making one pawn set for volumes 7-12?

I agree, and like this idea. Split them up into "what you'll need" packs for clusters of the adventures, and get them out to us sooner. You can still toss out an all-in-one box at the later date like posted here, but IMO the pawns are almost useless to those of us who are trying to run the modules as they come out/before the whole run is finished.
The pawns should come out before the entire adventure, not after :(

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

that would certainly be helpful, i'm currently trying to start a game and these would be so use ful earlier than september

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