Races of the Outer Rim: the Ruanoch now available!

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Races of the Outer Rim is a new series by Total Party Kill Games that explores newly cataloged species, unseen in the core worlds.

The Ruanoch are a new playable science-fantasy race of humanoids that resemble surly, aggressive badger-like creatures (and no, space badgers don't give a frag...).

Inside this PDF are the traits of this new playable race, new ruanoch feats, inventions, colonies, factions and deities.

Download the ruanoch now, and bring them to your star systems!

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It's lotsa fun!!

Shadow Lodge

Glad you liked it. We are assembling a number of races that will eventually be put in a print compendium.

Interesting. What's the page count on your "Races" items?

@Schoon: The Ruanoch runs 13 pages - 9 of which are full of grizzled content and crunch. The equally excellent The Omenoi is slightly lighter at 11 pages total - 7 of which are the good stuff.

Highly recommend both - they are two very fun and different races and add to the Starfinder mythos nicely.

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Thanks, Black Dow!

Shadow Lodge

Glad you guys are liking these. We have more races in the vat!

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