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In my most recent Alkenstar session, one of my PCs was disappointed that rodeo clowns weren't actual clowns. Another PC, our witch, wanted to fix this.

Now, imagine you're a normal guy in Alkenstar working as a rodeo clown, and this lady walks up to you. She's wearing raggedy clothes, a rats nest of dark hair, is wearing a vulture skull on her hip, and sounds like she's smoked a pack a day for longer than she's been alive. She gets right up in your face and says:

"I am going to clownify you."

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Been thinking about a soldier automaton who was built with a one way portal from the Plane of Fire in his chest.

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I'm approaching how I participate in this playtest a bit differently than I have in the past (after not really participating in the last one). I find the playtest forums a little stressful at times, so I'm going to try and just get all my thoughts in one place for the developers to see rather than try and sway people to my viewpoint. Obviously as this is being posted so soon, this is without playtesting, and I probably won't get to playtest it as I don't get to be a player often and none of the PCs in my campaigns would really switch over to this. Anyways, this is going to be pretty in-depth and long, so it will be sectioned off into spoiler tags.

Core class and general thoughts:

  • While it does present some mechanical issues I'll get into when talking about Elemental Blast, I think Constitution should be the Kineticist's core ability score. It seperates them from other magical characters, and shows that the source of their power is wholly different.

  • Having the initial proficiencies of a martial (minus martial weapons) feels perfect. Glad to see that they still get light armor, though the lack of medium or heavy armor could make going into melee harder for strength focused characters.

  • I enjoy the decision making of getting more elements for fewer starting feats. And Universal Gate getting to change their choice daily feels fitting and also somewhat worth the tradeoff of only getting one feat.

  • Gather Element feels like a sufficient cost to getting to use your abilities without being overbearing, similar to a stance, and interacts nicely with the Impulse and Overflow traits. However, it would be nice to be able to do other things while doing it, like Gunslinger reloads or Magus recharging.

  • One thing about the Impulse trait is that since it gives the manipulate trait, it makes using Elemental Blasts a lot more punishing for melee characters not using Elemental Weapon. Also, I don't think I like auras only being usable in encounter mode. It would break immersion for my players not being able to use all their tools unless they're in a fight.

  • In general, I like how Elemental Blast was designed. I like that it's clearly laid out how to use it melee or ranged, while not feeling like you're using two different things regardless of how you use it. Furthermore, I like how it scales with unarmed proficiency and how it scales using handwraps. There are some quibbles however. Firstly, the damage types. I know wood, metal, and hybrid blasts will be coming in the book, but there are some types, such as cold, that don't feel like they would fall under that. I'm hoping to see some feats in the final product that allow you to switch the damage type of your blast. Secondly, you don't use Constitution for anything here. Not using your key ability for your attacks has proven to be fine for the Inventor and Thaumaturge, however they both get very large boosts to their damage from their class features. The Kineticist doesn't appear to have anything like that, and could leave their Blasts falling by the wayside in favor of other at-will abilities that do use their Con. This issue is compounded by the fact that, at levels 5 and 6, their proficiency lags behind other martials for no clear reason, especially considering they get master at 13 just like everyone else. Final thought on the blasts, is that Air seems to be paying for reach when it really doesn't need it. I suppose it helps with flanking, but given that you can use ranged blasts at any time I feel like it would feel better if it was a d6 damage die and dropped reach like fire. (EDIT: On reread, the 120 foot range is also probably contributing to the lower damage, which makes sense. However, that doesn't change that melee air will feel pretty bad.)

  • The rules on how impulses interact with effects that deal with spells feels fair and clear.

  • Impulse feats scaling with level like spells do is great. In fact, I would love to see this in place for future feats for other magical martials like monks and thaumaturges.

  • Adapt Elements feels like it gives enough flavor options for your elements to be fun. I can already picture my players trying to see if they could bring a live shark into town using the Sustain option (though I might suggest renaming that, as at a glance I assumed it was to sustain the other effects).

  • Not having to spend a feat on getting resistance, and later immunity, is nice even if it is only with your element gathered.

  • Will require playtesting or math to figure out how actually effective it is (I'll leave that to other people) but the inclusion of Extract Element is great and will make single element kineticists a lot more playable.

  • The critical specializations are nice but feel a little imbalanced. Earth feels stronger than the rest and air feels weaker. The fact that it's impossible to ever get more than one critical specialization seems odd. Most players who pick multiple elements wouldn't want for one to be better than the rest.

  • The proliferate option for Adapt Element seems nice, but hazardous terrain isn't a term used often in player-facing material so it might be helpful to clarify exactly how it works.

  • Kineticists getting Fighter-like flexibility feels good. I wouldn't have thought of this but like it a lot. Might step on the toes of Universal Kineticists though, so I might suggest making them the best at this.

  • Pure Adaptation feels a little limited in scope for an 11th level ability. Plus, the requirements and effects seem a little unclear, particularly with air and fire. What does 1 bulk of air or fire look like? Why exactly would fire need to be purified? If you purify air, wouldn't nearby, non-purified air just fill in the space?

  • I love that the effect of Final Gate is on a class feature rather than a feat.

  • Finally, to talk about what isn't here. Burn. Personally, Burn is a super evocative part of the class for me, and a lot of the flavor presented here still seems to imply that you don't have full control over your element. I understand that a lot of people are opposed to Burn, and it might not be the narrative direction you want to go with the class anymore, but if it doesn't make it into the final product in some way I hope we can get a class archetype that adds it.
  • Kineticist Feats:

  • Elemental Familiar: Exactly what I would want from a feat that does this.
  • Elemental Weapon: I like this but have a small issue, that being the one handed restriction. I know you all want this to be a side-grade to Elemental Blast, but I just really want a big hammer made of stone. Maybe you could allow using two-handed weapons but you lose access to Elemental Blast while they're out? Dual wielding would also be nice.
  • Flexible Blasts: I really love that this is a thing, but it does feel required for earth and water kineticists who want to use both melee and ranged.
  • Kinetic Activation: Nice little feat, not every character will want it but I definitely know some scroll addicts who will want this.
  • Voice of Elements: Feels very campaign specific, as not every game will have elementals all about. Could we maybe get a speak with plants-type effect on this, but for your element?
  • Blast Barrage: Solid action economy saver.
  • Command Elemental: Again, campaign specific, but I see little way to make this less specific so it's probably fine as is.
  • Cycling Blasts: Playing with multiple elements and wanting to use all of them seemed clunky to me at first, so I'm glad this fixes that. I don't think the power justifies 6th level though, considering it's basically Quick Draw.
  • Stoke Element: Seems great as a third action if you're in a situation where you're basically just a turret. Little disappointed this is exclusive to Dedicated Kineticists, and after looking over the impulse feats, I think damage will be too low for characters that don't have this.
  • Aura Shaping: We don't have a lot of ways to exclude allies from AoE effects in PF2, so I'm happy to see this here. The extra area is also nice, but wouldn't be the main reason I take the feat I don't think. I won't really be able to say how good it is though without seeing how good the aura feats are.
  • Chain Blasts: I was low on this feat until I saw your MAP doesn't increase. I love this feat and will take it on every Kineticist I build. If electric blasts don't make it into the final product though this will make that all the more obvious.
  • Deconstruct Element: Seems good, but effectiveness will vary massively between elements. Even after Rage of Elements I think the amount of wood effects I throw at my players will be very rare, for instance.
  • Fusion Blast: My players will take this, feel bad about it missing, but feel amazing about it critting. I doubt your average forum-goer will like this but among more casual players I think this will be a popular feat.
  • Gather Amalgamation: This is super cool, but the two action cost feels kind of high. It seems it would be best to be using as many overflow impulses as possible on this, but unless you know at least three different overflows you aren't really saving any actions.
  • Rapid Reattunement: Pretty cool, and I didn't expect the Kineticist to actually be better than the Fighter on this front.
  • Flowing Kinetics: I've been wanting a feat like this for casters for ages, glad it's somewhere at least.
  • Steadfast Kinetics: Feels on par with the feat the other elements get.
  • Effortless Impulse: Nothing to say about this, we've seen this feat many times before.
  • Imperious Aura: Again, not sure how good auras in general are, but this is a great feat to support them.
  • Maelstrom Blast: Exactly what I want a high level kineticist to do. I do have one question though, if you have Gather Amalgamation active, are you able to make each blast a different element? Sounds cool but a bookkeeping nightmare, so I could see you guys going either way on this one.
  • Nourishing Gate: I like the mechanics of this one, but I'm unsure of the flavor of it. It feels like this was supposed to just make you an elemental at one point in development, and I might like that idea more.
  • Flawless Element: This is one of the best action economy savers in the game, but it still doesn't feel too powerful due to the one overflow rule. A capstone I would look forward to.
  • Omnikinesis I don't think this has as much raw power as Flawless Element, but this will absolutely make you feel like the master of your elements. Universal Kineticists will feel incredibly versatile once they get here.
  • Air Impulses:

  • Aerial Boomerang: Cool and decently powerful for a 1st level feat, and I love how this rewards creative positioning. A bit unclear on what happens if you use this in a room smaller than 60 feet though. Does the boomerang hover in the furthest possible spot, fail to return, or what?
  • Air Cushion: Having to already have your element gathered will make this awkward at times, but overall pretty good for an at-will feather fall.
  • Fair Winds: A very cool feat and one that will be powerful in a party full of melee characters. Not entirely sure why the bonus is higher for allies, but I think I would rather have that than the reverse.
  • Whisper on the Wind: Super cool, but niche enough that I can't see myself taking this unless I'm a dedicated gate or have Natural Ambition.
  • Flinging Updraft: Another nice support ability for your melee buddies, but I can't help but feel a little sad that they don't take falling damage.
  • Soothing Breeze: The healing starts out a little bit lower than 3-action heal, but pretty quickly gets outscaled. At level 4 this is healing 1.5 less on average, at 20 it's 17.5 less. I understand that this is resourcelss, but it's still not spammable so some higher scaling to make it useful at high levels would be lovely.
  • Clear as Air: Very solid, not much else to say.
  • Storm Spiral: The fact that the only damage is electricity makes the forced movement feel a little out of left field. I'd like a rider effect more akin to something that feels like it came from lightning.
  • Celestial Palisade: The only issue I have with this feat is the name. While technically accurate, celestial makes me think of outer space and the stars, not so much the wind.
  • Wings of Air: A nice feat, glad they get at-will flight earlier than usual.
  • Circulate Qi: An okay feat, but reducing conditions by 2 on a crit success would be welcome.
  • Wiles on the Wind: Feels weak for a 12th level feat. Fascinated isn't a very strong condition.
  • Body of Air: Great out of combat utility, okay combat utility. A fine ability to have at will.
  • Ferocious Cyclone: Just a solid damage ability.
  • Infinite Expanse of Bluest Heaven: First off, all these 18th level feats have great names. But I'm not sure about this effect. First, enemies having a 50% chance of the effect ending on their first action after failing their save doesn't feel very good. Secondly, even if they fail all their checks, the mental image of them just running around seems silly. If they feel like they're falling, why are they able to run?
  • Crowned in Tempest's Fury: Feels like an alright capstone on its own, but seems amazing when combined with Aura Shaping. Expanding this to a 30-foot aura that ignores allies makes this a very worthwhile feat.
  • Earth Impulses:

  • Geologic Attunement: Way more usable than I expected. The fact that moving doesn't permanently end it is very nice.
  • Stepping Stones: Ways around difficult terrain feels very earth kineticist, and this works decently.
  • Stone Shield: I notice that it doesn't have the 10 minute time limit after blocking like Shield does. I assume losing your gathered element was considered punishment enough, but thought I'd mention it anyways in case it's an oversight.
  • Tremor: Comparing this to Aerial Boomerang, the area is much smaller and the damage ceiling is lower, but you get difficult terrain and potential prone out of it. I don't think it's bad, but it certainly isn't something I'd want to use all the time.
  • Dust Storm: Seems good, but I need clarification on how this works with Aura Shaping. If I exclude four of my allies from the negative effects, are they still concealed themselves but able to clearly see everyone else in the area?
  • Restoring Mud: This is... not good. Including the temp HP, this provides 9 HP on average, while 2 action Heal and Soothe give 25 and 19 respectively. Soothing Breeze, for 1 more action, only heals 1.5 less but to everyone within 20 feet. And Restorative Mud will get even worse over time. It doesn't need to heal as much as Soothe, but it needs to heal a lot more than this.
  • Igneogenesis: A fun flavor feat, but the fact that it can never be permanent is disappointing. Maybe allow it to be permanent if you spend 10 minutes doing it or something? This feat just inspires sculptor characters.
  • Rolling Boulder: Compared to Aerial Boomerang cast at the same level, this is lower damage, a smaller area, and a feat 5 levels higher. Is that worth forced movement and moving the distance of a Stride? I'm not sure it is.
  • Spike Skin: I've always liked "punish for damaging me" type effects, so I like this as well. The 1 hour immunity feels really long though, and annoying to keep track of.
  • Swim Through Earth: I've always wanted this kind of effect on a PC. The slowed condition doesn't have a value, though.
  • Hurtling Rockfall: Again, earth's damage options are not up to par. This does half the damage to one creature what fireball does to a 20-foot radius sphere. And there doesn't feel that much reason for the shrapnel to scale so much slower than the sphere. If one has to scale slower, I'd prefer the sphere.
  • Rock Rampart: Pretty solid, I like how long the wall is compared to similar options.
  • Assume Earth's Mantle: This is very cool. Might feel bad sometimes using an entire turn to set up, but the benefits are likely worth it.
  • Stone Guardian: A fun feat, though it doesn't specify what kind of cover this gives. I assume standard, but if the answer is lesser this becomes less good.
  • Rebirth in Living Stone: Very fun, but can this just last a minute? This is nearly the apex of your power, and the free action Gather seems nice until you realize you're spending that action to Sustain anyways.
  • The Shattered Mountain Weeps: Finally, earth gets decent AoE damage! One issue though. The flavor of this is rocks falling, but this being a burst rather than a cynlinder makes the space that deals damage very weird.
  • Fire Impulses:

  • Burning Jet: Situationally useful before the 60-foot version (where it's always better than Striding twice) but cool in any case. The big issue is that, while the movement doesn't trigger reactions, the Impulse trait on this does.
  • Eternal Torch: This feat is cool flavor-wise, and I love how it scales. Could light up your home with these eventually. What I'd expect from a 1st level feat.
  • Flame Eruption: You can put this in an intersection between squares, right? If not, this is awful, if so, this is alright. Scaling every three levels feels too low, though.
  • Warming Nimbus: A buff to you and your allies to the most common energy types is always welcome. Funny how this effects enemies, and you could use Extract Element to take away the resistance you gave them.
  • Blazing Wave: Pretty good, I think. Lower damage than Burning Hands but much better area.
  • Desert Shimmer: I like this, concealment is a pretty powerful condition. Similar question do Dust Storm regarding Aura Shaping though.
  • Crawling Fire: There's some issues with this. For one, the Crawling Fire can apparently be dealt damage (which gets transferred to you) but does not have an AC or saving throws. It allows you to use impulses from farther away, but those three actions could have just been used to move up and back. Not to mention fire blasts and most fire impulses have respectable range anyways. It's not like you're putting yourself in more danger, since it can take damage. If this was just a firey Spiritual Weapon that you could cast other impulses out of, it would probably feel better.
  • Wandering Smoke: I love that you can use this on allies, and on yourself it's a pretty solid evasive maneuver. You probably don't want this and Burning Jet though, and it also has the same reaction issue as Burning Jet.
  • Kindle Inner Flames: I'm unsure how I feel about this one. The buff is somewhat better and easier to apply than Fair Winds, but that's a 1st level feat. But at the same time, this doesn't feel super bad to me. I don't really know how to evaluate this.
  • Solar Detonation: The damage and scaling isn't great, but that would be made up for due to the conditions... If it wasn't incapacitation. I don't hate the trait as much as some do, but it feels bad on a mixed damage and debuff ability like this. Maybe swap the blinded for 1 minute with something like "blinded for 1 round and dazzled for 3" and remove incap?
  • Architect of Flame: The first wall impulse I haven't been a fan of. Compared to an equivalent level wall of fire, you're sitting at half the damage and a third the area (height doesn't usually matter). I know it has to be worse, but this feels like too much.
  • Furnace Form: A good self buff. I like that it's only two actions and not overflow, even if it is only until the end of your next turn.
  • Arrive in Conflagration: Fire loves it's GTFO spells, doesn't it? Ignoring the issue with impulse and reactions, it feels weird that Fire is slipperier than Air.
  • Horrid Ignition: Your blast is likely doing 3d6 damage as is at this level, so getting that in persistent damage is worth the extra action, particularly with the debuff.
  • All Shall End in Flames: My first instict was to say the damage is too low (I think I'm just used to saying it) but this actually seems to compare pretty favorably to a ranger using Impossible Volley.
  • Ignite the Sun: Damage-wise, this is, well... It deals the same damage as a 3rd level Flaming Sphere. Sure, you might be able to hit more things with this, but it only moves 30 feet on Sustain. It's 18th level, you're fighting creatures that can move all over the place. Not to mention the buff area is only a 20-foot emanation. Good luck hitting both your barbarian on the dragon's back and your archer fighter with this. I want to feel like I'm creating a grossly incandescent sun of my own, not a somewhat better Flaming Sphere.
  • Water Impulses:

  • Deflecting Wave: Resistance on a reaction is pretty unique, and it feels like this grants enough of it.
  • Tidal Hands: This is actually one of my favorite damage abilities here. The damage feels on par and I like the variable area.
  • Water Dance: Solid on an ally, but when using it on yourself it has the impulse/reaction issue.
  • Winter's Clutch: I overall like this, but choosing specific squares to make difficult terrain feels weird, especially since it never scales past three.
  • Return to Sea: Feels pretty good if niche, a good target in some campaigns or with elemental flexibility.
  • Veil of Mists: I like it, but would like it more if at some point in the scaling the immunity goes away.
  • Slippery Sleet: The damage isn't great on this, but the damage doesn't matter. What matters is that the Balance DC is 15 and doesn't scale! If that was your class DC I think you could take away the damage and I would still take this.
  • Standing Surf: It's a wall, and pretty average among them. Would probably be bad if it wasn't at 6th level.
  • Lowland Fog: Does this not work, or am I just not understanding it? So, it makes everyone in it hidden. But then as soon as someone attacks, now no one is hidden? It mentions guessing the location of the target, but that's not how the hidden condition works. At 14th level letting your entire team Stride for free is pretty nice, but I'm aside from that I don't think this works as intended.
  • Torrent of the Blood: Solid if you're facing a lot of poison or disease, but mediocre otherwise. The healing is very low. Also, you can't be in the area of it.
  • Drowning Sphere: Aqueous Sphere is good, and while this is a lot higher level than that, the fact that this doesn't overflow feels nice, so you can actually cast this at will. You also feel more equipped to take advantage of the flat-footed than a caster. It might be a little high level for the effect, but I don't think it's bad.
  • Glacial Prison: This feels worthy of the incapacitation trait, though given that the main effect ends upon taking a hostile action, I think the crit fail effect could be nastier.
  • Barrier of Boreal Frost: This is interesting. This wall impulse scales exactly how the base spell does. This feels good, but is there any reason the others don't work the same way?
  • Sea Glass Guardian: Comparing to Stone Spikes, this trades the resistance for better duration and applying to everyone within your aura. I'd say that's pretty good!
  • Ride the Tsunami: I don't think this is bad, per se, but I don't think it has that "wow" factor many of the other capstone feats do. Like, compared to All Shall End in Flames, it's similar damage but is ultimately just a bigger Tidal Hands, while All Shall End in Flames incinerates everything it kills and can give you a phoenix-like effect.
  • Usurp the Lunar Reins: So... this 18th level feat uses 3 actions to create difficult terrain in a 20-foot burst of water. For such a fantastic feat name, this is a super underwhelming effect.
  • And that's all! Overall, I like the class, particularly in structure. I do think it needs fine tuning in a lot of places though, especially damage, and impulse triggering reactions thing really needs to be addressed considering how many abilities are about avoiding reactions. Apologies if I missed or misunderstood anything, this was a hefty document to take in all at once. Anyway, I wish I could write a more detailed closing thoughts, but I've spent 3 hours writing this and my hand is cramping. So long, and thank you devs for the class!

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    @YuriP Doesn't 25% chance of your key mechanic not working seem very high? If a Ranger had a 25% chance of their Hunt Prey not working if they had a 10 Charisma (I know this doesn't make sense, just for sake of example) I guarantee you nearly everyone on this forum would say it's suboptimal to not pump Charisma. I'm not entirely convinced that, from an optimization standpoint, the benefits you get from intelligence are worth a 20% higher chance of your shtick not working.

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    One small detail I love is that the Chalice works with negative healing, because that implement is perfect flavor for a dhampir/vampire character.

    Also, assuming you can get an implement and its initiate feature by level 4 or 6 on a multiclassed character, what implements are the best for other classes? Mirror seems phenomenal on a Rogue, allowing you to set up sneak attack by yourself easily. Chalice and Amulet seem good for any front liners with a free hand, notably fighters who don't mind giving up a shield. Tome is a straight upgrade for any Raise a Tome Magus.

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    keftiu wrote:
    I just wish I could stop calling them Milos. My brain is convinced there’s an L in the middle there.

    Same here. Doesn't help that I once GMed for an Ustalavic PC named Milos.

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    I haven't played or read it myself, but I've heard the most good things about Abomination Vaults. And it was at least popular enough to warrant a hardcover release and a 5e conversion.

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    I already picked this up, and honestly, this has prevented me from feeling like I had to make my own changes I was planning, even if mine might have been more drastic. I quite like this!

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    A Tangible Dream Psychic with the Reflection versatile heritage. During a near-death encounter, they called upon the only person they could think of to save them: Themself.

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    QuidEst wrote:
    belgrath9344 wrote:
    we know one confirmed artifact the whisperer of souls! a sentient glaive that can absorb souls once it's absorbed 100 important souls it becomes a God! (this is the kind of thing I love)
    Character idea: Magus that fakes having this artifact.

    Followup idea: Magus with a sentient magic item that fakes being this artifact.

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    Like most ancestries we get that existed in 1st Edition, the Ghoran, Nagaji, Vanara, and Vishkanya appeared in a Bestiary! Specifically 3. So we can use them to get an idea for a few abilities they'll have access to, whether normally or from feats.

    Ghoran: An aura that can make enemies flat footed and fascinated (I can see this not being a constant effect for a player), additional damage taken and harder to escape from jaw attacks, can give attackers a penalty to attacks by feigning anguish, and get detect poison, purify food and drink, and goodberry as innate spells.

    Nagaji: They get a bonus to commanding reptiles, resistance to poison, and the ability to make additional saves against poison with a bonus.

    Vanara: They can get a prehensile tail, get pest form (monkey only) as an innate spell, and can stand then step twice for two actions without provoking reactions.

    Vishkanya: They can poison a weapon with their saliva or blood, and have a bonus to Escaping.

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    Sayre confirmed on Reddit that something is coming with hobgoblin weapons.

    Guess we're free to speculate away what that could be.

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    I believe that's the plan! They're going to continue releasing Outlaws of Alkenstar on Foundry, and I think they have plans to release future adventures on there as well. As an aside, the Foundry module for Punks in a Powderkeg is very good!

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    Just going to throw my name in the pile of people who don't really care if the mechanics are much like PF1 as long as it delivers good flavor. I'd prefer it to be slotless and have burn, but those are far from requirements for me.

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    Midnightoker wrote:

    Brewmaster Round 2 is closing in on the deadline of May 25th!

    Round 2 - Feat Chains

    We have a lot of entries already (and I'm a judge so I'm not sure why I'm doing this to myself...) but we could always have more!

    Bring your amazing homebrew ideas and try to get a writing credit on a PFI supplement for charity!

    Happy gaming

    Out of curiosity, are there more entries for this one than the previous round? As someone who entered both, I found the first round to be a lot easier to come up with ideas for, so hearing about how many entries there are surprises me a little!

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    aobst128 wrote:
    You know, if there was an app that had a character builder and you could purchase the books with it, I'd pay for that in a heartbeat. More convenient errata would be the cherry on top but not that important.

    That would be Pathfinder Nexus, a service Paizo announced a little while ago but hasn't released yet. Some of the people working on it are people who developed D&D Beyond.

    I Ate Your Dice wrote:
    Paizo isn't your friend, you should be holding their feet to the fire to make the best game possible and not accepting second-rate work because they're running on a tight budget and working within an outdated business model.

    Paizo is a very small company whose workers are already very crunched. I hold no love for any company, but I'm capable of caring for the well being of people who aren't my friends. Especially when they're people who browse and post on these forums, interacting with the community.

    And speaking as a League of Legends fan, I would absolutely take fewer balance patches if it meant the workers got treated better.

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    I think Magus dealing with AoO is similar to a melee Fighter dealing with a ranged enemy. Uncommon, but can absolutely make you useless if you aren't prepared to change uo tactics.

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    A ninth-level heal (the highest level heal a miracle could create) heals an average of 112.5 hp (121.5 if you're a cleric with healing hands, 130.5 if you're a life oracle at moderate or higher curse). So for 1 extra action, and the fact that you're using a 10th level spell... Yeah, sure, why not.

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    Andrew 58 wrote:
    Fantasy Grounds has all the Adventure Paths up to date and the vast majority of the Rule Books (guns & gears, Secrets of Magic etc). Sure, you have to pay as I'm sure you will with Foundry add-ons, after all somebody put time and effort into the coding and should be paid. While the adventure paths are insanely cheap if you own the pdf's, the rule sets can get a little pricey but you only need to buy ones you actually use. I for one am very sad Paizo decided to go with Foundry, but I can see why when the Pathfinder Community there is much bigger than Fantasy Grounds or Roll20 compared to 5th Ed. Hopefully their Paizo communities will grow, especially on Fantasy Grounds which I use and (tongue in cheek) Paizo will see the error of their ways. (Ps The pdf creator doesn't count as it's all done by a fan, not up to date and could stop at any time)

    Running PF2 on Foundry is hundreds of dollars cheaper than running it on Fantasy Grounds or Roll20. I paid I think $20 for Foundry itself (got it on sale a while back) and $25 for the first Outlaws of Alkenstar module, and am ready to play. That's less than I would have paid for just the core rules on Fantasy Grounds.

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    Skill feats are the main part of the system I don't feel has been expanded upon properly since release. The magic skills in particular don't have enough feats unique to them, I think.

    Other than that, I'm always craving class archetypes.

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    Not saying I need it, but there's nothing wrong with the lore of a class changing a little between editions.

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    Ravingdork wrote:
    QuidEst wrote:
    Yeah. I also imagine that Mark Seifter leaving Paizo didn't move things up in the timeline.
    Wait. What? When did that happen? @.@

    Back in January, I believe. He's now the Director of Game Design for the Battlezoo line of products at Roll for Combat. So still making PF2 stuff, just as 3rd party.

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    On average, probably R. Harsh language, visceral descriptions of combat, and mentions of sex are fairly common in my games.

    My games also tend to have darker themes in general, but so do a lot of kid's shows so I guess that's not really relevant.

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    keftiu wrote:
    Kineticists aren’t casting spells, so I don’t see them having one; you might as well as what Tradition the more magical-seeming Monk stances are.

    Some of them do, actually. Even disregarding the focus spell stances Alchemic_Genius mentioned, Stoked Flame and Reflecting Ripple stances also have either divine or occult.

    That said, I think Kineticists will be tied to either primal or arcane. If the abilities of elementals like Magma Dragons have the primal trait on any of their abilities, I don't see why our PC channelers of the planes wouldn't also have a tradition.

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    Even if what's inside the egg counts as a living creature, the egg itself is undoubtedly an object. Since the spell has a range of touch, there would be no way to safely cast the spell on the hippogryff.

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    I've been vocal on the forums before about how I'm less than satisfied with the Witch class. Because of that, I've had the need to rework the class rattling around in my head for a while (no promises it gets done if the workload exceeds what I'm capable of, but I wanted to try).

    But I wanted to get people's opinions on what they see as the biggest weaknesses of the Witch so I know where to focus my efforts. The main goals I already have are rebalancing and improving hex cantrips, as well as adding more of them, along with finding a way to improve the familiar. A smaller thing I'm looking at is feat support for rituals. I'm looking to keep them a full spellcaster, but if necessary for the power budget I would consider making them a 2 slot per level caster like the upcoming psychic.

    So, to reiterate the title, what would you want from a Witch rework?

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    keftiu wrote:
    Re: Greek stuff, 5e did a whole Theros hardcover not that long ago.

    And Odyssey of the Dragonlords is one of the more popular third party settings/campaigns for 5e.

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    keftiu wrote:
    I still don’t understand why there are Wisdom-based knowledge skills at all, honestly.

    Probably so that clerics and druids could use their main skill with their main stat for things that need it, like rituals. Weird when it comes to oracles or any pick a list caster though.

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    The only classes I feel are underbalanced are Witch and Alchemist (the latter, at least, the ways people want to play it are underpowered). If anything, I've thought more frequently that Fighter and Bard are a little overpowered rather than classes like Summoner or Magus are underpowered.

    Quick Edit: To clarify, I'm only talking about fully released classes. Post-CRB playtest classes have almost universally been underpowered.

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    I find that's more a fault of adventure design than the system. If my players are level 10, I'm not going to throw basic thieves at them. At that point they're dealing with high ranking members of thieves guilds.

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    The Raven Black wrote:
    Where are the other Leshy dragons ?

    I believe the toadstool dragon is the only one as it was a late contribution from Ginny Di rather than someone on the team. Hope we see more in the future if this product is ever expanded on.

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    Most of the common Golarion deities translate nicely to 5e cleric domains anyways. Like Pharasma would work nicely with Grave, Sarenrae with Light, Iomedae or Gorum with War, Gozreh with Nature, just as some examples.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    I'm very impressed by what's in this book. At a first read, it seems very balanced, and really pushes what can be done within the system. I hope to see more stuff like this from third party, and maybe from Paizo as well if Book of the Dead has a similar vibe!

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    Holy hell, I'm glad your homebrew has been getting picked up by publishers! Will definitely be picking it up when it drops!

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Small update! I made three domains for the PF2 subreddit's homebrew contest, and I've added the two I didn't submit to this compendium! Introducing the Blood and Song domains.

    Also, changed the flat footed in Mobile Blast to a +1 circumstance bonus to the attack roll.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    We've got a lot of animal companions already, but more is always nice. Personally I'm missing a frog companion.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Looking forward to submitting to this!

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    In my homebrew dual wielding Magus, when you miss a Spellstrike you may attempt again with a second weapon at a -5 penalty.

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    HumbleGamer wrote:
    Salamileg wrote:
    Some sort of Warlord, Tactician, whatever you want to call it. I just want a "martial" class that can move my allies around the battlefield and give them extra attacks.
    Seems like the marshal archetype ( eventually, on a liberator champ, which would allow you to move your party even more ).

    Marshal is a good example of what I want, and I've played a Liberator Marshal, but by virtue of being an archetype it's always going to be my character's side thing. My characte will always have to swing a sword or cast cast spell in order to be effective. Plus the abilities I'd want aren't available at low levels (level 8 at the earliest, and it doesn't have great action economy).

    I figure if Monk and Martial Artist can both exist, so can Tactician and Marshal.

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    Some sort of Warlord, Tactician, whatever you want to call it. I just want a "martial" class that can move my allies around the battlefield and give them extra attacks.

    2 people marked this as a favorite.

    I enjoy free archetype, and generally prefer that it be there, but can live without it. It gives a lot more freedom to character building, but sometimes I feel restrictions can be fun. Plus, I've definitely had characters where no archetype quite felt right, but that issue has been resolving itself with more content coming out.

    I'm also currently GMing a double class feats game, which I like significantly less. It feels like it homogenizes classes too much, particularly for newer classes that don't have as much feat support. The only class I like more under it is Alchemist, but that's because I feel they have too many required feats and would rather just identify those and give them to alchemists for free. So all in all, I'll probably continue with free archetype and not use double class feats again.

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    It might be a bit of a basic answer, but Beasts. Intelligent or magical animal-like creatures are some of my favorites as a GM, and they're incredibly varied as well.

    Alternatively, I would love to see a book on Fiends. Again, I just love them as antagonists. Plus the player options could be fun in this one, I'd love to see a way for Wizards to be fiend themed for instance.

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    VampByDay wrote:
    Jacques Renard wrote:
    VampByDay wrote:

    Put down the first level of class feats.

    Also updated battledancer as I noticed something that makes it TERRIBLE.

    Just looked to see what this was but I don't see it. Interested to know as I've been planning to make a battledancer.
    Basically it is that the battledancer's fascinating performance has the incapacitate trait which, when joined with the fact that you already need a critical success to fascinate someone, means anyone higher level than you CAN NEVER BE FASCINATED by your performance ever. There's a feat that kinda sorta solves this. In other words, if you try to facinating performance someone higher level than you, you can get panache, but you will never debuff them.

    Honestly Fascinated isn't a particularly useful condition, anyways. The main strengths of Battledancer is that it's very easy to get Panache in exchange for a not super consistent or strong effect aside from Panache.

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    PossibleCabbage wrote:

    I know that "fluff" is viewed as a pejorative around these parts, but I want to observe that "fluffy" is also an appropriate adjective for "warm blankets that cats like" which just seems like a positive all around.

    The nice thing about mechanically light books is that sitting down to read them feels like less of a chore.

    It's also important to remember that, while this forum is very mechanics-minded, that doesn't represent the whole community. I've definitely seen the opinion that Lost Omens books should have even more lore compared to mechanics in the PF2 subreddit (though the style of the Mwangi book seemed to be the most popular).

    2 people marked this as a favorite.

    A lot of melee characters and divine casters. This feels like a good party for a wizard or druid focused on damage/battlefield control, or maybe a ranged fighter/ranger for solid ranged damage.

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    Midnightoker wrote:

    For me, the big balance concern is using Eldritch Blast as an unarmed strike. I get what it's going for, so it can use standard weapon runes, work criticals the same, faster proficiency progression, etc.

    BUT I really think given how it works it should just be reworked as a 1-action cantrip. If it were reworked like that, I would see a LOT more potential to add Patron-specific riders and other flavors on top of that.

    BUT, for a 2-page supplement that gets the feeling damn close right out of the gate, well done for sure!

    I'm not concerned about the overall balance, just that it seems to use the "balanced on a knife" approach where it could be exploited in certain places.

    The earliest versions I wrote did have it be a one-action cantrip, but the main issue I came across is what you mentioned about proficiency. Giving a spellcaster a spammable one-action spell attack is not worth the loss of spell slots at lower levels but would nearly turn the witch into a fighter at the highest levels. The proficiency curve for spellcasters feels very weird to me compared to martials, and it makes tackling things like this difficult to do in a way that will be balanced at all levels of play.

    I hear you on the patron-specific changes though, and if I ever decide to expand the archetype I'll look into that! Thanks for the critique and compliments!

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    Megistone wrote:

    I was curious and read about your Warlock. That's really nice, there are only two things that concern me from a balance perspective:

    - Mobile Blast is basically a free step and +2 to hit; it looks too powerful too me.
    - Shatter Mind seems too good against bosses; maybe it should get the Incapacitation trait.

    Both of those feats are based of existing Fighter feats, Parting Shot and Debilitating Shot, with the latter being stunned instead of slowed to match the flavor. In fact, a lot of these feats are retooled feats from the Archer archetype, since the Warlock was meant to be balanced against a longbow using martial (minus any special class features such as a ranger's Edge).

    That said, I know Fighters are generally considered to be on the more powerful side of the game, so if these feats are still too strong to be on a more martial witch I will definitely do another pass.

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    Grankless wrote:
    Genuinely, your warlock archetype, simple as it is, manages to blow most other attempts at a full class I've seen out of the water. Great job, and glad to see your work extends beyond Old Hunter!

    Thank you for the praise, it genuinely means a lot!

    Also, created a Mercy Stance and accompanying feat for Monk based on the 5e subclass.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    A small update, I've added a 10th level feat for the Dueling Dragons Hybrid Study, Wild Rush Spellstrike. Modeled after the Dual-Weapon Blitz feat, it allows you to Spellstrike while moving.

    Second, I've added a house rule that allows Way of the Vanguard gunslingers to add their Strength mod to damage with two-handed firearms as long as the target is within 10 feet of you.

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