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I am also uninterested in a card game. When I saw "Obsidian is making a PFRPG video game!" I was excited then I saw it was a card game and was disappointed.

Tacticslion said wrote:
the problem, of course, is that PF-style rules don't work nearly as well with FFT-style gameplay.

I seem to remember back when Goblinworks was announcing PFO it was stated more than once that they could not use the PFRPG rules and mechanics in a video game as that is a breach of the OGL.

So more than likely Obsidian would have to come up with a new set of mechanics (or use pillars of eternity's) but set in the Pathfinder world.

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How about Geena Davis she was awesome in "The Long Kiss Goodnight" and "Cutthroat Island"

I bought it during the steam summer sale. It is pretty awesome.

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There are hundreds of games over the years that I have thought were awesome and sank alot of time into but below are the ones that I find myself re-installing or finding the disk/cartrage for over and over.

Final Fantasy 4 SNES version (FF2 in the US): first RPG I ever played.

Mass Effect: entire trilogy awesome story, great characters, lots of re-playability.

Skyrim: took what I loved about oblivion and made in 10x more awesome.

Fallout 3 and New Vegas: took what I loved about oblivion and added guns, mutants, ghouls, and a post apocalyptic earth.

Castlevania SOTN: Timeless gameplay and hidden endings. Father of the Metrovania genre need I say more.

Diablo II: this game ate a few years of my life lol.

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sissyl quoted wrote:

1: What's that you're eating?

2: (Looks at what's in his hand for a little while) No idea.

Stargate? When they are eating with the natives.

Goblin Squad Member

The only time that I have a problem with multi-boxing is ISO boxing. Meaning using a third party program where you control 1 character and the program mimics your controls for the others. Im pretty sure that is against the EULA but you see it from time to time in EVE online.

"What just happened?"

....if being stuck in the winderness sparks a serious discussion on how to ration your chaw, snuff, or both.

....if every game session begins with your friends showing up with a case of PBR each and ends with a fist fight.

...the players keep threatening to cornhole captives.

CON....if your dead then none of the other stats matter.

Goblin Squad Member

I consider myself a lurker in the PFO forums but I have posted a few times. I tend to post more in the other paizo forums.

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"And you haven't even been out of jail for 24 hours. He's habitual, Hershey. Automatic 5 year sentence. How do you plead? "

"Not guilty? "

"I knew you'd say that. "

"5 years? No! No! I had no choice! They were killing each other in there! "

"You could have gone out the window. "

"40 floors? It would have been suicide! "

"Maybe, but it's legal. "

"Judge Dread" with Stallone. Every time I see a character with a LN in the alinment block or hear a referance to hellknights I hear "I AM THE LAW!" in the signature Stallone voice lol.


Ok Hint number 3. Wow either this is a tough one or I am the only one who liked this movie.

"Before I was the Thumbprint Killer, Mr. Smith, I killed a lot of people in a lot of different ways. "

Hint: One of the characters is just in the mind of the main character.
Hint: Kevin Costner is in it.
Hint: Willaim Hurt played the afore mentioned imaginary character

If im not mistaken the title is just "Mr. Smith" the one where Kevin Costner is a serial killer.

EDIT: it is Mr. Brooks

2 Widgets

4 Whosiewhatsits

3 Thingymajigs

To answer your questions: 1) 10 years old , 2) c (depends on what I have captured and what character I am playing)

I find that if the baddie has harmed or endangered a child my group skips straight to A though. Might have something to do with 5 of 6 of them being parents. Infact this made GMing Reign of Winter intresting to say the least, I can't think of one group that my players hate more than the winter witches.

I loved that Felicity told Ollie what she knew about Thea so quickly. For a moment there I thought they were going to hold that over head for a while with lots of scenes of her struggleing not to tell him.

Also I concur Rynjin, Laural=bad person Skye=bad character....infact IMO the team on AoS is 4/6 bad characters...which is sad I really want that show to be good.

Overall I like it, the voice commands work well and it even understands my wife (philipina accent). But I mostly only use them for netflix and to switch between TV, netflix, and game lol.

I have it kooed up to my satelite box (dish net) and while i messed around with using the built in guide (and voice commands) and changing channels ect. But I find that using the normal remote and guide is alot faster. That being said it is worth it to have the TV box hooked up to the Xbox if for no other reason than to be able to switch back and forth quickly (no changeing imputs or moving cables and you can tell it to switch)

So far I have played AC: black flag, CoD: ghosts, Ryse, and Halo:spartan assualt.

AC: BF is good because pirates but looks like a 360 game. CoD is decent and looks slightly better than a 360 game. Ryse is frikkin beautiful but has lackluster repetitive gameplay, and Halo:SA is a pretty decent top down shooter.

My only real complaint is the lack of launch titles but that was a problem with both then new gen consoles IMO.

Carnivorous sheep....

{zombie voice]*uuuuhhhhh.....cccoofffeee"[/zombie voice] *shambles down the hall to the kitchen*
-Me waking up for work

Wait....huh? Bacon + anything = awesome, last I checked.

drunken nomad wrote:
1 Send more cops...

Like Aux said return of the living dead...cheesy 80' horror FTW!

But isn't the line "send... more... paramedics."

OK thats it. I have been converted. To celebrate my new outlook on pancakes and waffles on a single plate I will be opening a new resturant dedicated to them.

International Waffle House of Pancakes. Now I have to find a way to keep the customers from having pleasure overload.

Waffles and pancakes on the same plate?!.....This is heresy...sweet delicious heresy...but heresy none the less. The mixing of the syrup covered pastries is an abomination!.

Since your using drones make sure they are set to aggressive (its in the little box in the upper left corner of the drone window). If they are on aggressive and the drones are out (of course) they will auto-attack anything that shoots at you even if you dont have it locked. (90% of the time they can be a little odd).

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Demands that Obvious Troll use the term fanperson since fanboy is clearly sexist.

At work...still trying to avoid working...

goldedition42 said wrote:
All he needs to complete his crew is a bear animal companion, a talking-pig barbarian consort, some sort of bastardized Tengu with a chicken fetish, and piano playing bard-dog with a drinking problem.

and now the next group I GM are getting pregens.....

Yeah I could see how that could be bad looks like you only real option, as you said, is contract everything cheap then take the pod express back.

Myself when I left hi-sec I left everything there in the event I had to go back lol.

ack didn't see the topic change.

Well I find that atleast for males the correct technique for growing a beard is simply stop shaving..

Perhaps positive thinking might help? more duck dynasty?...miracle grow facial rub?....Grizzly Adams marathon?

mark hoover said wrote:
For my money White Castle is the only place to get breakfast. Who doesn't want 8k calories worth of double sliders w/cheese, chicken rings and crinkly fries first thing? Great day in the mornin...

and you get explosive diarrhea as an added bonus...woohoo!

I agree with the rest of the posters that how much system mastery is required is determined by the GM. But I also think that the ammount of system mastery that the other players in your group have used is also a determining factor (assuming that your GM scales to you group).

I don't think that anyone wants to play ineffective (but interesting) character amongst the DPR olympics champions...nor do you want to be superman and steal the spotlight from the rest of the players.

**also a huge +1 to everything Dr deth said above.

I still play when I have out in null atm (EMP) but i might be moving back to hi-sec I haven't had alot of time to play so im not contributing as much as i should in our current deployment.




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lucky 7 wrote:
"Whenever a man gets that drunk, he's either going to kiss a girl or kill a man. Which is it?"

Abe Lincoln: vampire hunter...

wrong john silver wrote:

"What's that?!"

"This, my friend, is a pint."

"It comes in pints?!"


"I'm getting one."

LOTR Merry to Pippin (i think) in the tavern where they meet Strider/Aragorn.

It seems now it should be....Cleric, fighter, wizard, and whatever class does the rogues job better than the rogue...

Too many classes/archetypes steal the rogues kool-aid for it to be iconic.

Count me in!

The Gov needs the guns, ammo,gear, and food from the guardsmen but dosen't need any new mouths to feed in Woodsbury. It seems that this is not the first time this happened. Im guessing that in his mind it is survival of the fittest.


Was a toss up between Arrow, GoT, and The Walking Dead. But I've just about had my fill of zombies and I can always re-read the GoT books.

james jacobs said wrote:

Q: What does the Kitsune say?

Still haven't watched that video, and still don't intend to.

Good I hear the first time you watch it you have to make a DC 20 fort save or take 2 points of INT and WIS drain. I'm not sure how good your saves are but we need you at your best so no taking chances...

Explains how copyrights perpetuate the idea of badwrongfun. Contines to violate Legion's copyright.

Because the gods wont allow it. Or because it dosent fit into the aboleth's (sp?) plans.

[Accuses other posters of putting words in his mouth. Begins to explain his point of view that contradicts everything he has posted previously.]

Meh I like the new 52 DC universe...most likely because I never read anything before it lol.

Take a look at d20 modern im pretty sure they had stats for one there. Might be good for ideas at least.

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@toz: I recommend the google nexus 7. Cheap reliable and the screen is just large enough to view PDFs on without squinting.

Yeah its not snowing here (KY) but it is single digits cold for the 3rd week in a row. Thank god lol when it snows in KY people lose their minds.

hama said wrote:
I had a greatsword that magically transformed into two, perfectly weighed longswords. The greatsword was +4 undead bane, and every longsword was a +2 undead bane. Paid a LOT of gold for that one.

Awesome weapon hama reminds me of the warrior epic weapon from old school everquest.

Thats right boycott Apple!!

I haven't used the windows phone but I have a friend with a windows tablet he has no complaints. I have a google nexus phone and nexus 7 FHD tablet and they are both awesome.

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If you can find a copy of the Hackmaster 4th ed. players guide has and entire chapter on dice ediqute and mojo/luck/superstition. Complete with various ways of testing new dice, blessing new dice, removing curses, and a list of circumstances that a die should be thrown away and the proper disposal procedure.

The chapter also has various rules about where to place dice when not being rolled and "fame rubs" signatures of various TT gaming superstars like Gygax that you rub your dice on for luck.

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