My favorite thing I said or heard today was...

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Me- "I'm not mean. I'm efficient."

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Scintillae: That's a band name, right there.
Orthos: ...Mithral fishhooks?
Scintillae: I would give them a listen with a name like that.

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"You protect the common folk so that you have people to fawn over you, pick your fruit, shine your boots and prepare your meals.

"I on the other hand make no bones about the common folk's proper place: fawning over me, picking my fruit, shining my boots and preparing my meals.

"What's the difference - ah, that's right. The means, it's always about the means. You and your fellow murder hobos can sod off, I don't buy your justification for invading my home and slaughtering my slaves as 'my being evil'."

This conversation is giving me cramps. ~ Me (a guy)

"Coffee's ready."

"I apologize for our rude way of summoning you, I don't have a request, I just wanted to meet a real woman."
~ Maqej, Ifrit Psion played by my brother. To Queen Mab, moments before being turned into a firesicle. Note that three of his four party members were female.

"Go back to bed."

"You made a flesh golem cry."

"Come back to bed."

Scintillae: I'm telling the Scrabble gods on you.

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"I want a glass of chicken. With gas" - Me at a peruvian eatery today

I wanted to ask for mineral water, but Brain Department didn't get the proper memo.

On the other hand, it was a really good peruvian eatery.

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"You're dual booting Fedora with Fedora... How is this possible?!?"

"I am either more competent at computers than I thought, or my incompetence has looped back around on itself."

"Sorry you're not feeling well. I'll do your shopping for you."

{zombie voice]*uuuuhhhhh.....cccoofffeee"[/zombie voice] *shambles down the hall to the kitchen*
-Me waking up for work

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