You Know You're Playing in a Redneck Game when...

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Scarab Sages

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...the party spends the entire first half of the session making jokes about how cowardly Galtans are, and the entire second half literally blubbering about wanting "their Andoran back" after a Half-Elf becomes Supreme Elect.

...the players keep threatening to cornhole captives.

....if being stuck in the winderness sparks a serious discussion on how to ration your chaw, snuff, or both.

....if every game session begins with your friends showing up with a case of PBR each and ends with a fist fight.

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...your barbarian's battle cry is "GET-R-DONE!"

Ruick wrote:
...the players keep threatening to cornhole captives.

Lemme hear ya squeal like a pig, boy!

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...All the PC's have 2 first names....Billy Bob...Mary Sue...etc.

Shadow Lodge

the wizard has a pig familiar and wears a straw hat... and gains a bonus to diplomacy because of it

Scarab Sages

One of the players is a Dwarf Barbarian/Fighter who won't shut up about how much he hates Elves...and he seems a little bit too sincere, like it's coming more from the player than the character....

I was actually in a game with this guy once. It was the sort of thing where he'd no doubt have been asked to leave the store we were playing in if you replaced instances of the word "Elf/Elves/Elven" with "Jew/Jews/Jewish" or something like that. Unnerving.

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When the player's battle cry is "Roll Tide!"

Grand Lodge

All character names are based off of country singers or their cousins/siblings/lovers (each of these sets are not mutually exclusive)

You play in a game with a character whose honest-to-God name is Boon Clansman. Happened to me.

The PCs climb into their '77 Dodge Charger through the windows because the doors are welded shut.

Shadow Lodge

The wizard can't read his own spell book

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder PF Special Edition, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The six siders you use hang from your car's mirror.

When you go to buy horses, your Ranger asks if they have a HEMI.

You hang Truck Nutz from your armor's codpiece.

Your saddlebags have a silver nude wench silhouette.

The Paladin has a "What Would Iomedae Do?" rumpersticker on his mount.

The magic banner is a flag of the confederacy.

The temple of Iomedae has a spittoon next to the altar.

You know you're playing with rednecks if...
You use a red solo cup in place of a normal cup for everything. Including dice rolling.
You're playing at a waffle house.
You're playing in the bed of someone's truck in a WalMart parking lot.
Your dad's character and your sister's character are romantically involved.
Any of the characters gain a deflection bonus to their ac because of their beard.
The party's alchemist got everyone addicted to meth.
Control weather spells always result in tornadoes.

Crimson Jester wrote:
Part of the game is to protect your sisters honor. From the half ogre.

Your protecting the ogre from your sister, and your mother....

Cuchulainn wrote:
The campaign is called The War of Astral Aggression, and puts the party in the middle of an ongoing battle between the githyanki and the gith-rebels.

At first, I was :-|

But then I was :-D


- When your coin pouch is on a chain, and your animal companion isn't.
- If you've mowed your lawn and found a dragon's lair.
- If Goblins say you smell bad.
- You can open a beer bottle with your pointed ears. Five different ways.
- Your Alchemist extracts are in chaw form.
- Your bardic preformance involves crushing beer cans on your forehead.
- You cast fireballs by lighting your farts.

Dark Archive

- You have a carriage on blocks in your front yard.
- You think over the shoulder boulder holders actually protect you from harm.
- You've ever called a chainmail bikini an over the shoulder boulder holder.

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At least one players gear is composed of mostly 'as seen on tv' items.

You buy Iron Rations with food stamps.
Owlbear liver squeezins is 100 proof and heals 1-4 damage. It's made in a still from any monster's liver.

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The witch class has a pre-requisite of: "Must be a mother-in-law"

.... You're at Captain Yesterdays place, hope Y'all like Homemade Rut Beer and Bratwurst cause we are gone git it done!

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When wizards got all that fancy book lernin' and use a gold piece word when a copper piece word would do!

You know you're playing a in a redneck game when....

Your horse gets repo'd.
Your donkey also got repo'd.
Tinker Gnomes make magical scooters for overweight NPC's. And PC's.
At least one player can drink a clan of dwarves under the table.
Moomoo's count as light armor.
Your players don't understand why slavery is considered evil.

..... There's never enough Milwaukee's Best for everyone
..... You have to chase the poultry out of the Barn before you can play
..... The Poultry chase you out of the Barn
..... "Nobody's playing a G~*!$*n thing till yer chores are done!" is yelled before every game

For figures you use beer caps, live rats, dead chiggers, and mispainted hummels.

Dark Archive

- Your sister deciding to become a priestess of Calistria makes you jealous.
- You decide to become a priest of Calistria to try to make her jealous.
- It works.

The magic 8 ball is a legitimate skill roll.....

Fuzzy dice are stained and used as well....

darth_borehd wrote:
Your best skill is Craft (Moonshine).

And it's somehow twice your own level.

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The Ranger's Favored Enemies are "Varmints" and "Humanoid: Gub'mint Man".

An artifact is the tent of glory wherein a charismatic priest can raise the dead in front of 100 witnesses.

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The Eliminster of the game is a gent in a white robes and has a pillow case with eye hoes cut out as his raiment of power.

There are actual feral children you can cite as just have to call them in from the yard.

The PC's have five horses that don't move, and one longhouse on wheels that does.

White lightnin is a spell component for casting lightning bolt.

All crossbows fire buck shot, even though there is no such things as a "buck shot quarrel."

Every last missile weapon in the game is somehow pump action.

The PC's refer to anyone with more than two skill points as "high faluttin' yanks"

The party cavalier's banner is a flag with a snake on it, which reads "Don't Tread on Me"

The GM allows players to make attacks of opportunity by spitting tobacco juice at ones foes.

They have no problem with making non Oracles proceed at half the level if similarly cursed. They keep saying "Jim Crow is Back!" when making these rulings.

Crazy Cooter is a Player, an NPC, a monster, and a crazy girlfriend.... In the same game!!!

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