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Nope. Hash browns.

Breakfast rolls

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Speaking of Breakfast, Eggs, BACON, and pastries.

Eat and be healthy in the new year.

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Treppa wrote:
So, we learned this morning that oven-fresh sweet rolls make me sick. No eggs in them. Good to know. TMYK!

I have fresh Christmas cinnamon bagels for everyone. Take two, please.

I have breakfast toast, coffee, cinnamon rolls, strudel, orange juice, and anything else for a healthy morning.

Celestial Healer wrote:

I made blueberry-zucchini bread.

Let the envy commence.

Meh. I know nothing of envy

That's right. I'm puffy and fluffy and I'm good with butter.

The poster likes toast but hasn't told us why.

While you fight over smelly demonic hand socks, I bake morning pastries for the win

Stay alive from me.

Even if I move on film or with the help of CGI, dry stiff clay is dry stiff clay. Don't let my super-speed fool you.

The next poster will explain to benefits of hydration

I am anything I want to be and that include eating breakfast.

I'm having breakfast with bacon thus I win.

Not being glutein free. OKay it's on.

Spanky the Leprechaun is banned for being out of fashion and out of color in the fall season.

Spanky the Leprechaun is banned for wrecking Lucky Charms. Cereal, milk, bowl and spoon.

Anyone want a breakfast roll?

Everybody likes a good breakfast.

Capt Wombat wrote:
Jam Vs Jelly?

Ah, The Eternal Dilemma.

Someone call?

Free breakfast for everyone.

Gay watch? I'm bring morally wholesome goodness in the form of breakfast pastries. If I were on a gay watch I would no about it.


Does it have a bacon flavored color?

Oh, I just want to say that breakfast rolls go good with bacon.

I have Breakfast almost ready.

Preps breakfast for the regualrs of the Deep 6 FaWtLy thread

Hands Lynora an extra-large cup of superbean java

Pitches the bacon-n-cheese super-roll special to CH

Morning everyone, I'm serving a nutritious wholesome breakfast.


Barista Homunculus wrote:
Coffee is good with said pastries.

I have pastries.


If not, there's always Hungry Jack.

I'll gave the Wednesday special pastries ready for everyone in the early morning.

Plus hot coffee.

Morning everyone. I have pancakes and syrup for those parents and hungry children on their first day of school.

Remember, school speed zones are in effect. Let's get them to school and home safely.

Morning everyone, who wants a Saturday breakfast? I have cheerios, raisin brand, scrambled eggs, toast, and sausage links all ready for a wholesome morning.

Breakfast anyone? I'm taking orders plus I have an ample supply of HungyMan breakfast goods.

Prepping lunch and taking orders. Okay, who's hungry?

Paizo just authorized by order for Ultimate Magic. I should get my order in a few days.

I am one happy pile of dough.

Time to celebrate! Doughnuts and pastries for All.

:::pushes in a donut and beverage:::

I got your donuts and drinks right here. Step right up!

Eye Sea



I See.

Devlyn, the Dalesman wrote:
And a slightly out-of-focus 'good morning' to all. Hope everybody made through All Hallow's Eve in one piece... (O.o)

My sanity will never be the same. Did the graveyard shift at the store last night and had one male patron come in dressed as a stripper wearing a simple g-string with a artificial phallic. It was the comedic has his phallic extended down to his knees, had testicles the size of oranges and was plated like a disco-ball. But he had an ass hairier than a woolly mammoth.

I really mustn't go on like this. After my shift ended and the day's money counted, I purchased a large bottle of Jack Daniels. I going to kill as many brains cells before I go to bed for the morning and pray that, in my best effort after I awaken, that I won't remember anything about last night.

Then again, there's the store security cameras. If corporate was watching and sent e-mail to boss, I am going to catch Hell, and ridicule tomorrow.

This is how spell D-O-O-M.

Relkor wrote:
zylphryx is banned for not smelling Charles Scholz's mental images...don't you know it the new biggest thing?

Relkor is banned for not knowing the new biggest thing is economy-sized breakfast pastries served at breakfast.

Devlyn, the Dalesman wrote:

[Stumbles through thread, looking for Red Bull]


Mornin' all.

Hands Devlyn a Red Bull and icy cinnamon pastry.

Here ya go. To get your morning started.

Looks at the other FAWTLHOUSE members.

Anyone want anything. I have a assorted of breakfast pastries and drinks at the coffee bar.

Preps up the front counter with an assortment of flavored coffees, chilled teas, cool milk, and orange juice. Puts out the cream cheese and begins baking the bagels, whole wheat donuts, cinnamon rolls, and assorted pastries. Puts out a jar of pickled brains for Aberzombie and fresh raisins for Taig.

Gentlemen of FAWTLy, breakfast will be served at 6:00 PM PST. See you there.

Aberzombie wrote:
I have zombie dreams all the time! It's like I'm running on a treadmill, and the humans are always getting away from me!

Brains and breakfast pastries sir?

Hands amberzombie a plate

Good morning FAWLTy house. I have cinnamon rolls, buttered toast, sprinkled donuts, and an assortment of whole oat cereals. I also came with bottles of cool milk, orange juice and herbal teas. All healthy, nutritious, and rich with vitamins.

Nothing gets the morning off right like a good breakfast.

...and for Aberzombie, one fresh brain in a jar. Can't beat a Monday like this.

Morning everyone! I have breakfast rolls for one and all. Anyone hungry?

Butter Patrick wrote:
Puffy the Breakfast Roll wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Dang, Puffy, it's been a while.
I know. Been trying to resurrect my brother Puffy the Dinner Roll. The upcoming holidays have the dough and yeast gods nervous.
Why is it dinner rolls are targeted for violence more often than breakfast rolls?

Americans consume more bread rolls at dinner, especially during the holidays than breakfast. But, in the defense of Dinner Rolls, I think it has something to do with toast too.

I'm so glad I'm not flat bread.

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Dang, Puffy, it's been a while.

I know. Been trying to resurrect my brother Puffy the Dinner Roll. The upcoming holidays have the dough and yeast gods nervous.

Post on by tomorrow, I'll have breakfast rolls, butter, and jam for everyone. A nutritious breakfast is the right way to start the morning.

I'd like to join you in the fishbowl, but water, like milk makes me soggy.

Apple fritters?

Dinner Rolls. Dinner Rolls, Don't forget the Dinner Rolls this Labor Day Weekend. Oh, and Puffy's new beer. I almost forgot abou that one. Its cheap and gives lots of gas.

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