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I'm already 30 meters in pure chaos and katamari!!

The next poster will share some words of wisdom with us.

Don't work a Vegas cab on a Tuesday morning.

The next poster will give us better driving instructions.

Turn signals. Use them. Please.

The next poster is miraculously patient in traffic.

When the signal never gives you "walk", eventually, your best bet is just to put up a sunchair and let the morning rush calm down.

The next poster has a deeply held conviction regarding short animated movies.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

They are short and animated, anything else is NOT!

The next poster was once animated but is now claymation.

Even if I move on film or with the help of CGI, dry stiff clay is dry stiff clay. Don't let my super-speed fool you.

The next poster will explain to benefits of hydration

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

Water Helps Prevent Dry Mouth, Water Promotes Cardiovascular Health, Water Keeps Your Body Cool, Water Helps Muscles and Joints Work Better, Water Keeps Skin Supple, Water Cleanses Toxins from Your Body, & most important: Water beats Wood in Battle Beasts!

The next poster collects obscure Japanese action figures that we have never heard of.

Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I wouldn't call Metal Gear Solid, Slayers, Genesis of Aquarion, Evangelion, and Guilty Gear obscure but I can understand never hearing of them.

The next poster wants to play with my action figures.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

Do you have a monkey....I want to touch your monkey.

The next poster thinks this is now the time we dance.

All together !

The next poster is gung-ho !

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

Gung-Ho? That's Gunnery Sargent to you recruit! You Eye balling ME? I knock you to next week, I guaranty!

The next poster is a cajun soap star.

Uh, there's actually such a thing as genuine Cajun soap? As in, produced exclusively by Cajuns? Where do I buy some?

The next poster has had to listen to the holiday music tape at work all day, and will go stark raving bonkers the next time s/he hears "Jingle Bells".

*nnng* *twitch* *grinds teeth* oh what fun.. what fun... OH WHAT FUN IT IS TO DIE IN A ONE HORSE-PISTOL OPEN SLAYINGININNINING AIEEEE!

The next poster wants to tell the rest of the support group about the wind beneath their wings.

Pulg wrote:
*nnng* *twitch* *grinds teeth* oh what fun.. what fun... OH WHAT FUN IT IS TO DIE IN A ONE HORSE-PISTOL OPEN SLAYINGININNINING AIEEEE!

There, now, doesn't that feel better?

Pulg wrote:
The next poster wants to tell the rest of the support group about the wind beneath their wings.

No. I don't. I'm very private about stuff like that. Besides, I don't have wings. Fur, yes. Wings, no.

The next poster gets a headbonk. *Headbonk*

Ug !

You feral cat !

The next poster gets a smoldering scolding !

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

Red Dragon Mama's keep you in line.

The next poster loved to be punished for some bizarre and peculiar reason that they will share with us now even though it will make most of us slightly uncomfortable.



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I ate hot dogs at 7-11 because I had less than 5 dollars on me. The clerk wounldn't even let me eat his brain.

The next poster will reveal a shocking secret and why it was kept a secret.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

Fizban is actually Santa Claus, at least that is what he thinks might be true and it was kept secret because he wasn't even aware of it until this post.

The next poster keeps a Kender in their kitchen and doesn't remember why, but now has to explain it to the authorities somehow.

I left the window open for some fresh air; it must have sneaked in here.

The next poster has a mini that s/he is very proud of.

Crushed velvet and mother of pearl... The exquisite adamantine threads cunningly woven into the ensemble match the delicate hairs on my ivory thighs perfectly... A bare quarter of an inch above the minimum length, so I can still wear it when out on patrol with the Parachute Regiment!

The next poster has found a use for all those extra toes.

I cook them with garlic and parsley and feed them to the halflings I keep chained in my basement.

The nex poster still believes in Santa Claus.

Most of the saints were once living people. I see no reason to disbelieve them.

The next poster had an unexpected stomach problem.


Ah, much better....

The next poster will need a mop and a bucket. Several of them as a matter of fact.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

How else am I going to clean up this mess while the sorcerer is that's a catchy tune.

The next poster prefers the original Der Zauberlehrling and will now try not to bore us while explaining why.

Because he's way COOLER than more recent ones, that's why !

The nex poster eats dragon sammiches for breakfast.

Silver Crusade

*Fine Animal Gorilla Koko Very Strong*

*Give New Face Now Give Foot For Foot*

My foot, I say !

The next poster is no gorilla.

Of course darling, I'm the Demon Queen of Ruin and Dispair.

The next poster will know where I put the whips and chains I use on Thanksgiving.

Oh, for the love of little green apples, haven't you straightened this room out yet? It's a mess in here! You clean this up right now, young lady, or you'll be eating Brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving!

The next poster has an old family recipe that s/he will be using this Thanksgiving.

Silver Crusade

*Go Get Leaves And Wood And Flowers Put On Floor Make Soft Bed Eat Apples Persimmons Nuts Corn-on-the-cob Then Go To Sleep*

*Give New Face Now Is Scary Secret Eyeball Man From Cold Place Far Away*

They're on to get me ! I don't sleep, I don't even eat anymore ! It's why I live there, you see: under the sea, where their multipronged probes can't reach me.

Who knows I'm there ? Nobody: that's who !

Wait... How did you know to find me there ? How did you even get to here ?

No ! No ! The face with no lips ! The blank glass stare ! LEAVE ME ! LEAVE ME ALONE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD !

The next poster used to be a king.

...and now I'm a god. I like going up in the world and melting glass ceilings at the same time.

The next poster is jealous of my divine status.

Yeah... I wish I could have horns like SG... an udder like SG... give milk like SG...

...crap, you said DIvine status. Sowwies.

The next poster is also jealous of SG's statues.

The only statues ever made should be statues of me ! How come this light-headed character has all those erected statues in his likeness ?

I suspect a Gnarl Slipperwold plan to deny my divinity !

The nex poster knows what to do !

Activates a pneumatic-powered Jack Hammer and redueces Lisp's satuery into piles of rubble and powder.

and that, they say, is that.

The next poster in giving a broom, dust pan, and one large dumpster.

Here ya go. Have fun!

The next poster is having a minor difficulty with statutes.



Scarab Sages

Here's a great, big, um, extra-dark chocolate malt ball, just for you! Just swallow it whole, don't worry about the slowly burning fuse...I mean birthday candle!

The next poster just found a weird wooden mask floating in the bay....

I'm gonna put it on ! I deserve nice things for I do good.



The next poster is no stranger to Bugs Bunny.

Yeah... you'd think he'd at least call sometimes, right? Phew, men these days...

The next poster just CAN'T STOP!!!

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

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The world I love
The tears I drop
To be part of
The wave can't stop
Ever wonder if it's all for you
The world I love
The trains I hop
To be part of
The wave can't stop

The next poster will

Come and tell me when it's time to

...Answer the next riddle which I will provide.

"What is the sound of one hand clapping?"

The next poster must answer correctly or face The Roc.

It is cold. It is yummy. It is an ice cream koan.

The next poster is feeling very zen about the holidays.


swings red-n-green lightsaber katanna vigorously

The next poster had better duck.

Then I had superior goose.

Then superb chaffinch

Then amazing Great Crested Grebe.

Then the RSPB caught up with me.

The next poster has a novel strategy for protecting their eggs.

Never bothered to lay any; the slaadlings just popped right out. They did post about it, but it's hardly a novel.

The next poster will have an unexpected addition to the holiday shopping list.

I was just adopted! I finally get Christmas presents!

The next poster had better not put coal in my long stocking. I know I've been a good boy this year.

You look like a girl ! And not a pretty one !


And now you're crying ! Drat ! I'm never gonna understand girls... hu, boys, I mean. Boys that cry like little girls.

[*suddenly snatches stocking and runs away giggling madly with the long sock trailing and bouncing after him*]

He he he he ! I'm ebiiiiiiil !


Why are you looking at me like that ? It's not my fault if holidays just bring out the worst in me !

I'm a gnome anyway, and a self-proclaimed adversary of Garl Littergold. I don't have to justify myself to you... but the next poster will !

sticks his tongue out at Lisp

The next poster will know how to punt gnomes.

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