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Fantastic thanks a ton

Thank you

Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
Now Available from Paizo Downloads, The latest in the Kobold Ninja Random List Series. 3 brand new lists that add flavor (no pun intended) to your potions, extracts and elixirs.

And a good way to lose a buck for nothing!

Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
Now available at Paizo Downloads.

And don't waste your money

I'm so confused? But I'm going to follow your link and see if that helps to clarify things.

Thank You!

Thank you

What order are you following. Our Cavalier is of the Lion, which fits well.

Thanks for the input.

The laboratory thing is also I am sort of stuck on. I can see doing potions and scrolls maybe on the road, though possible doubling the time to craft it as per the rules. But crafting items beyond what I perceive as simple items I think really would need a working area, shrine or lab. I can certainly see hand waving things once they get a few towns going and the like. Just like in a regular campaign, but I wanted to emphasis the uncivilized land of the Greenbelt and the need for hardiness of pioneer spirit to survive out here.

I'll see what my players think and get some input from them. If they really hate the idea even once I explained my position I may end up hand waving it but I'd rather not but I also want my players to have a good time. Hard balance some times.


Well were running into a similar issue with our King Maker game.

Our Alchemist has been making potions left right and center but they have only Olegs, and only been there less then a week. Where is he getting the dross from to make these potions?

Still not sure how I am going to run it though I have gone through several 3.0 and 3.5 supplements to get some ideas. Like using Survival to gather the material.

I don't want to hand wave it as part of the theme of the King Maker is out in no mans land for the first while. Yes Oleg will be able to bring in supplies as well.

I also like the idea if they find some treasure that is specific, like 200 gp with of scribe scroll material in the form of inks, quills and some very good scroll paper. Do something similar with potions as well. Find a crate filled with alchemical supplies that the bandits stole but had no use for and give it a monetary value.

Just some thoughts and looking for others?

These are great. I am just starting up my campaign I hope that the other modules will get notice as well as they would be a great addition to the first two I have bought. Again great work and i sure hope there are more coming.

That's fantastic. I making up a little lore book prop for the players and that will so work once I print it out on some parchment paper and crinkle it a bit. Just enough details with breaking or giving away too much. Thanks!

Thank you so much!

I really like these ideas. It allows me to add in a few skill points here and there based on character actions that are more role playing focused. I had a player who role played a lot of talking up the ladies but didn't have too many points in Diplomacy.

Ladies man. Seduce 20 ladies and gain +2 Diplomacy Rolls involving seduction. I think he'd have liked having something like that. And maybe if he gets 10 ranks in Diplomacy up the bonus to +4 with the ladies.

Thanks for getting my brain moving this lazy Friday before a long weekend.

I was thinking of scanning them and using a Fog of War effect for my on line game, maybe even using a semi-transparent layer for the areas around. For my table top group I run on a different day I'm not sure but I would really like to put them to good use.

These are all so neat. I hadn't thought of making these changes as were still several months from playing it but these are great.

Thank you all

Thank you for all the great work, ideas and web sites.

Fantastic simply Fantastic. Thanks a lot, my players will be so greatful for this. Great job.

I simple think they are fantastic!

I plan on printing them out and actually posting them on a bulletin board for the players. Then add them as the game plays out. Even taking down ones that they let go for too long and have other adventurers solve those problems. Keep them coming.


So very Kewl, I can't wait to see it.!

That is fantastic! I would really enjoy giving that out to my players. I will often hand draw something but this is so much better. More please!

Yes please expand on this. I keep my campaign focused in Varisia and adapt the modules to places there where possible. Anything that expands on these lands makes my day.



Is this really needed?

Did anyone find where this is clarified in the rules. I hadn't even realized that the bonus languages have to come from your racial ones. We had just let people take what ever but the Racial ones makes at least a little sense. I can suspend my disbelief so the how isn't as important as sticking to the rules that are fair and balanced.


I really like this item. It so fits the game I am running right now but instead of a necklace I'll turn it into a lantern as we just ran the Everflame adventure and the monk in our party has it and already tried some meditation with it. This just make it even neater. Thanks a bunch!

Good luck in the rest of it.

What is you all so like about this item. I get it uses a rule that is new and all. But really it just seems silly. Players will use it for silly things, just cause they can and will. A free action also seems a little too much, but I am weak on the rules. The description from James Martin, about the 1/2 sunken temple saves it a bit but as written I'd not use this item. Just doesn't fit my style or feel at all.

But good luck to you, obviously some people like it as the other comments show.

I don't know the whole mechanics thing, but I really like this item. My party will really enjoy this item. I have a player who is a fighter who is dedicated to Sarenrae. He took Traits that we tied into a religious context and plays them well. I can totally see him adoring this item, and lots of role playing potential. It might be an item he gets gifted to him from the local church but I like the idea that it's a religious item that is stolen or missing and he needs to quest for it. It isn't super powerful but just adds a neat flavour. I can so easily find a picture of this and print out and give to the player as well as we use the spell cards. I just like it a lot.

Thanks a bunch and good luck

Thanks for the input you saved me $1.00. I also have the Campaign planner from them and yup the page at the back will work just fine.

I really like this idea. I'm going to pull up my books and take a look at what I can see and how that works for my campaign. But the concept is neat. Thanks for the idea.

More on the Ancient peoples

Thessilonian, Shory, Azlanti.

Delves into ancient ruins, archeology, and pseudoscience of ancient peoples. I am eagerly awaiting the Orsirion series as it also feeds this need but would like more on the others as well. Perhaps even just somethign expanding on the Linnorm Kingdoms?

Thanks for all the great fun.

Also to seek this in is the arcane bond magical. Logic suggests it but not stated. Could a wizard "Shatter" the bond and thus neuter the wizard till he has time to make/buy/rebond? I ask because I did that to a player and once done the logic of it boggled us and Pissed him off.

We have decided it is magical and house ruled it that way till we hear otherwise.

Your thoughts?

The world itself didn't interest me but the magic has alot of potential.

I have added the spell templates to my spells that are in Thassilonian. I never felt they were "special" enough to be these rare, not heard of spells with a -10 on the roll, but end up being a normal spell in all other respects. I wanted the players to feel that the magic of these ancient people was powerful and different then what is available now. The templates really help with that. Plus the spells that are castable at three different power levels also makes for just added neatness. Why use your magic missile when you have flaming missiles of Kakatal. I added Fire, Runic, Eldritch to the spell, just to give it some fun. It does take some time to make them up and get the exact feel you want but it adds something really neat and my players seem to enjoy it, esp the Wizards.

I had a great surprise this morning before I went to work. Several of my books and other items I had ordered came with my morning mail. I signed for them and dug into them before I went to work.

Your service has been great and I just wanted to say again Thanks alot for the great service. It is just so nice to get everything flat and unbroken and undamaged. I have gotten other items from other places and they have arrived but often, not always, they have been bent in the mail. Arrive damaged in some way and just little annoying things like that. None of these things has happened with anything I have gotten from you guys. Thanks a bunch.

the game stuff is also great but this is about the actual service which has excelled. Even when a couple of items didn't get to me they very quickly sent replacements. So very nice and courteous and the emails have alwasy been so very professional and helpfull.

Again Thanks and have a great Day



I like that idea that the undead have so embraced their undeadness they become even more resistent to the positive energies of Clerics and Paladins. Sure this could be bonus to saves but I am more thinking of Damage Resistence versus Channel Energy. Only an uber Vamp or undead Lich or the like or maybe an undead Cleric. Perhaps with an undead Cleric it can use it's own power to counter the Positive energy as a free action if it has this "feat" to allow that. I like that idea! I think I'll use it on my party soon.

Thank you

I always can use another map, esp ones that have this much flvour to them. Again thanks a bunch.

I have just noticed the same thing. I had some missing items, but then sent me a nice email saying those are coming so I headed over to the pathfinder site to see what was new in the blog and bloards and noticed all the items I have sitting in my cart are no longer marked down with my Pathfinder Advantage? I too have been here since issue #2 and I subscribe to most everything. Me and my players really enjoy the world.

Whats up?

have you thought of something simple like a ribbon that dissolves if any violence is done by these people. Worn in a very open space like finger or wrist. Yes it doesn't stop the use of these powers but if the challenge is to do the adventure with out violence or to find a way to fake that they still have these on. Maybe they only fail if spells are cast. Possible changes colour like litmus paper and when people leave they are checked to see if they have and how much and possible what type and fined/charged accordingly. Players certainly can get get around this and simple skip town but law abiding players might actually keep to this. Its a thought?

Has anyone added their own pathfinder journal entries. I made one that I wanted to use with my party. It is campaign specific but inthe Golarian world. I put a couple puzzles in it so as to give players who want to do it something to when they aren't active in the game. I was also thinking of writing up one with just some campaign stuff but run into what does the avarage person know? It would seem everyone has heard of the Pathfinder Organization, bits of their journals are out there for everyone to read. But someone born in Sandpoint, what do they know of the world?

Well I thought to give it to players as a hand out so that they could work on it while we played the main game. Often someone has some time out when the rest of the party is doing there own things in Sandpoint. Were off to the deal with the goblins next session but I wanted to put some possible future adventures out there, but not simple a "here there be treasure" but something requiring a little more thought from them. I think several of my players will like the mind challenge but in contexts of the world were playing in. They have been to Artfell forest and were the ones mentioned in the journal which I also thought would give them a little rise as they are trying to get famous, one wants to be a full fledged Pathfinder, our rogue Ethan.

But thanks for letting me know someone took a look at it.


Right now our wizard, who was born in Sandpoint but has spent the last 7 years or so out in school has been wooing Ameiko. It seems a mixture of attraction and greed as he is tied to the Ship owner family and sees her as a way into the Glassworks. Little did he know that she would soon be inheriting them. He did rescue her from her brother and he was the main player to say capture and not kill him. Even though they all fear he'll escape and prove a problem later the wizard seemed to have won them over.

I don't think I'll have him escape but actually play out a trial to better connect the party to the town as they will be called to give their eye witness testimony. I am sure I'll be able to keep him alive and maybe bring him back with the scribbler possessing him or some other wacky idea. I know Nulai would barely blink an eye from everything I have read, he was just a cute tool, useful to her cause but nothing more. Maybe I have the players have to guard him as he is taken to jail as maybe some of her allies want him dead in case he reveals something. Now that could be fun. He is still a pain but not as a villian but someone they have to keep alive. I like that.

I have adpated a couple of logic puzzles and made them fit as best I can with the world of Golarian, written in an a Pathfinder form. Is this where we put such ideas? Or else where. My original post has sat unnoticed, possible my title is wrong. I just have gotten such great stuff from this community I wanted to pay back with some of my own work.


I'm not sure this is the right place for this but as I'll be using it in my ROTRL adventures I figured it would work.

Basically I have written a pathfinder journal entry for the players, drawing upon what they have done and opening up the possibility of further adventures in the same adventure area. It based on Into the haunted Forest which I used as a side adventure that someone else proposed and though I didn't uses all their ideas they were a great starting point. I also wanted to tie it into ROTRL. I found a couple of logic puzzles in my tonnes of loose sheets and adapted them to the world of Glorian as best as I could in an evening. I am hoping to write some more and will post them again if people like them. Just looking to see if anyone else has done the same or something similar. These boards have given me so much I felt I needed to add something back myself.

So here goes:

Pathfinder journal Entry #107

Recent Activity around the Artfell forest has brought light to several previous unpublished Pathfinder activities. These adventures were both unsuccessful and not deemed useful to be published at the time of their occurrence. But in light of recent discoveries from several adventures in the Artfell forest these past forays merit greater consideration.

The people in question, a band of adventures out of Sandpoint, were tracking down a group of items referred to as the Panoply of Narven. This group of relics was scattered through out a small region of the woods near the Travelers Stop Inn. Though they were hired only to retrieve two of these items, a spear and ring, they discovered there was in fact 9 items and they had been used in some sort of ritual gone wrong. The items had been placed based on in specific places in an attempt to do something, but what exactly is unclear at this time. The ritual seems to have been done wrong in some way, with the caster, a person known as Willowroot, perishing in the attempt. The items that did reach us, and were examined are what brought us much conjecture.

The items seemed to have been charged with anger, annoyance, and quite simple were teed off. They didn’t possess any sentience, just an over all mad rage lingering, perceptible by any skill wizard. This has led our investigators to examine the area in more detail, looking into past events and other clues that the adventuring party uncovered on their exploits in the Artfell forest.

One most unusual point of significance is a speculation by a young Pathfinder that the placement of the items, when view on a mp from above form a symbol and that the symbol is Thassilonian in origin. While we have our doubts about this being relevant, further investigation has led to finding records of a similar rune. The closet one that seems to match up with various factors is an ancient magical symbol for evocation magic, but which dates back to before that of the Age of Darkness. Little is known of this time other then powerful beings known as Runelords ruled then and this does seem to be one of their infamous runes. What Willowroot was attempting is unknown but speculation abounds.

The other, less disturbing item of note is that several of these items showed to have been constructed of Shory aeromancer techniques. A tome of considerable length has been shedding some very interesting illumination upon other documents in our possession. Several of the items also show to contain material and marking of known Shory workmanship.

Speculation is that the Narven people either were long descendants of a Shory city or were in possession of other Shory technology. If this is the case there may be a hidden city somewhere beneath the trees of the Artfell forest, or a cache of items or other rare and important artifacts of the Shory people. When the Narven people were destroyed several centuries ago no record of any store house of magical treasure was noted. Our investigation into what was recovered, and looted has so far revealed that the invaders from the moors failed to see the true value that the Narven people had to offer. But also since the Narven people were felled it would suggest that they too had lost the knowledge, or most of it, and thus were unable to defend themselves. Many questions are still needed to be answered but it raises many possibilities.

One of these possibilities is a castle ruins in the Artfell forest. It has been explored on the upper level many times and even the lower donjon has been explored. A funeral area has also been found but a complex puzzle riddle and three powerful specters guard the route. Till this time nothing warranted exploring this tomb, but as this was a castle in the Artfell forest, and which has become overgrown long before we had anyone investigating it would suggest it had some times to the Narven people. This is possible an ancient stronghold of theirs before they embraced a more arboreal lifestyle.

The story of the castle is that the Queen Yanne is buried in the tomb below that of her four daughters. These girls were each buried after their mothers’ death, when they died. So protective of her they now reside as spirits who block the way. But there is a legend and a cryptic puzzle to gain access to the tomb beyond. Each daughter had a favorite thing they would get for their birthdays. Something she loved so much it is said that when they see it they will ignore any trespassers, to simple enjoy being in the presence of their most favorite thing. It is said that if four such items are brought to the tombs of the four sisters, one for each of them that passage will be granted. But the puzzle is a bit more complex. We have collected what clues we could and have provided them here for your use and hope that you will past beyond the 4 sisters and into Queen Yannes’ tomb below the castle. These clues seem rather odd to us but they are what we have been able to find and are accurate and deemed valuable by our researchers. The puzzle seems to have been set when the girls were very young, thus making it harder to decipher by those who were possible present when the tombs were made.

All four sisters celebrate birthdays on different days but in the same week. Provide the sister with the right gift in the right order by the day of the week. The four sisters are JoYanne, Mary, Polly, and Susan. They were born on Toilday, Wealday, Oathday, and Firday. They are 6, 7, 8, 9. The four items are a book of bed time stories, a painting of her patron diety Desna, slippers of velvet, and a violin.

1. JoYanne’s birthday is the day before that of the girl who will get a painting, but the day after that of the eight year-old.
2. The sister who will receive the book is two years older then the one who celebrates her birthday on Wealday.
3. The seven-year-old will be receiving a pair of velvet slippers. Her birthday is earlier in the week than that of the oldest girl, but later in the week then Polly’s birthday.
4. Mary isn’t the youngest of the four sisters.

We hope that these clues will illuminate and allow you passage into the tomb beyond. We anticipate great things reside beneath that ruins.

Other conundrums have also been unearthed which we believe would be useful in other parts of the tomb beyond the four sister guardians.

There is said to be a special merchants scale but instead of two scales to compare weight this one has five scales. The right amounts need to be put on each scale and only then will the passage be revealed. There are a total of ten weights and each scale must have two on it. Also which stone is placed on the scale first is of importance. The puzzle revolves around a group of adventures eating at an Inn and wanting to sample the fine fair but each wanting to have their own unique dinner. There are five different meals and five different desserts.

The meals are Beef curry, Chicken pie, Lamb’s liver, Lasagna, and Venison. The five desserts are Apple pie, Cheesecake, Ice cream, Pavlova, and Tiramisu. The five adventures are David a wizard, Fergus a fighter, Rosie a cleric of Sarenrae, Sarah is a ranger, and Timothy is a rogue.

1. Fergus isn’t the man who ate both chicken pie and strawberry pavlova.
2. Rosie is the sister of the person who chose a juicy venison steak followed by lemon cheesecake.
3. The person who tucked into tiramisu didn’t choose lasagna as a first course.
4. Sarah ate a mild beef curry, but not tiramisu.
5. David chose the apple pie.

Place the stones with the corresponding marking on to the proper scales to open the doorway.

I like some of your ideas there. Especially the hand wraps adding special properties to a monks hth damage.

I am right now wondering how to make the monks of the Pathfinder world different and unique. They all seem to end up being pretty mush the same with equipment having to be used I find to make them distinctive, and even then most of the gear out there is pretty boring.

I want to make the Monks and other classes more connected to the campaign world, and not just the costume they wear but there very abilities. Domains do a great job of this as does the Sorcerer abilities. A little was done for the Wizard and other classes but nothing really seemed there for the monk who seems to be a primary class in this Pathfinder world they have created and I enjoy playing in.

There is mention of various groups, the recent past of the Clexian Monks being tied to barded and Chain devils sounds cool but is that just the "clothes" the wear or do they have different abilites only available to them because of their devotion to these forces. I hope so but I have my doubts?

These are just great.

Last night both the Broken and the grappled issues came up and I was able to just pull out the card and see here you go, these are the rules in Pathfinder. Then move on with the game. What a great time saver.

Had you thought of making the Template downloadable so that others can make their own cards? How easy is it to make them? They print off so well with 9 on a page and fit so nice. I'd like to do some of my own for often used spells and for other refernece issues like characters abilities.

Thanks for the great work!

These are great

The 9 per page works great as I have a card book I have been using with some other cards I bought, and others I made, but none as fun as yours!

Some spells like Web, Entangle, or ones that have odd or complex rules so there handy for the players and gm. I keep them in a little book that was meant more for Yu-gi-oh or Magic cards and these fit just fine and are always ready and at hand so I don't have to keep looking up often used or confused rules.

Thanks and please keep up the great work!

That is great map, thanks a ton. I am printing if off right now then going to laminate it and give it to my player thats a pathfinder in Training.

Again Please do more! So good!



Two different parties

Elf Fighter
Elf Rogue
Elf Wizard Evoker
Elf Cleric if Sarenrae
Elf Cleric of Erastil
Elf Wizard Generalist

Human Varasian Wizard Evoker
Human Chelish Wizard Generalist
Human Shoanti Barbarian
Human Vararian Cleric
Human Chelish/Shoanti Rogue
Human Chelish Fighter
Human Shoanti Druid

They seem to have their bases covered and both Rogues are into the whole Pathfinder gig, which is a good hook to move the campaign along.

I agree

Too many times, and not just for weapons, but for any equiment you end up flipping from one page to another. Charts should pool all the useful information in one place. Then use footnotes to check out extra data.

I hope they do somethign like this. The Dc for Craft would also be a great addition.


Well I like the rage points and when we play this week our Barbarian Girl will I think pick it up fast and enjoy immensly the options given to her as a Barbarian with Rage points. If she doesn't I'll let you know. But were all having fun so far with Alpha

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