Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We try to mix up what we do on the inside covers of Pathfinder from Adventure Path to Adventure Path. Those interior pages are prime real estate, after all, what with being the first thing you see when you open the book, their extra sturdiness, and what not. There's precedent for leaving these pages blank or just putting in some design—like we sort of did in Rise of the Runelords—but that's boring. On the other hand, we could do what the Modules and Companions do, and chock these pages full of charts, tables, cover art, and standard maps. But you know what? Pathfinder Adventure Path has more class than all that. So we tend to err on the artsy side. We've done tales from the marid storyteller Shazathared, we've done illustrative maps, we've done cast lists and power charts. This time around, for Kingmaker, we're doing wanted posters. With the often-comic illustrations of Peter Lazarski launching these side quests, every volume of Kingmaker includes eight optional missions, hunts, and errands. As these are meant to be wanted posters, and with a few folks already making their own, we thought it'd be cool to slip a few more of these out into world.

However, we live every day in paralyzing terror of saying or showing something on here that might be interpreted as a spoiler. Therefore, so as not to cripple any of the AP's upcoming encounters, I've only attached character headshots here. Who are they? Well, your GM knows (or soon will), all you sneaky players, so you'll just have to wait and find out!

Illustrations by Peter Lazarski

That said, if folks chime in and want the monsters too, maybe, just maybe, we can be convinced to take a short jaunt on the wild side and release some of those too.

Wes Schneider

Managing Editor

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Egads yes man!

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Do it.

The Exchange

Lumberjack = Paul Bunyan?

Liberty's Edge

I dislike the idea. Would rather have bigger versions of interior maps, quick references for look up, equipment, etc.

If you HAVE to do "wanted posters" (and it is not a prop I really care about or want, since you asked) drop the cute/comic art and give me a GOOD, in world, prop to copy and hand to the players.


Translucent [or see-through] pictures would be better so we can mount them on parchment background to make posters.


And as others have said:

DOO EET!!! (Please.)

I enjoy the wanted posters idea. The Tavern Wench is awesome.

Is it just me or do a few of these sketches look like Paizo staff?

RPG Superstar 2011 Top 4

Aww, missing my favorite :(


I simple think they are fantastic!

I plan on printing them out and actually posting them on a bulletin board for the players. Then add them as the game plays out. Even taking down ones that they let go for too long and have other adventurers solve those problems. Keep them coming.


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