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Deadmanwalking wrote:
Soldier is always an excellent dip if dipping, I'm just always skeptical of dipping on spellcasters.

Ya I get that, I did it with my Majus (Bladebound/Kensi) took one level of Samurai(Kensi)for flavor more than anything else... but that reroll on failed Will/Fort saves saved my butt more than once.

True but look at what I get 1 level =

1) Heavy armor proficiency
2) Long Arm Proficiency
3) Sniper Weapon Proficiency
4) Heavy Weapon Proficiency

Take Rapid Respons +4 Init and +10 Movement (cancels out heavy armor movement penalty), Opening Volley, or Snipers Aim

looks like a solid trade...

Xenocrat wrote:
Nunspa wrote:

Have I missed something or can a technomancer cast spells in heavy armor?

There are no more verbal or somatic components (or thought or emotion). There are very rarely material components, but you can always cast in any armor, even power armor if you blew the feats.

Feats? I'm thinking multi-class one level of Soldier...

Have I missed something or can a technomancer cast spells in heavy armor?

Xenocrat wrote:
You need to spend the two feats, it will eventually be worth is. The specialization feat can wait until 5th if you have to. It's not as painful for a human.

Ya but I was looking at Andriod to start with high dex and int.

and I kind of waste a class ability (weapon specialization in all the weapons granted by my class)

So I'm really giving up three feats...

I also just noticed I'm kind of shoe horned into small arms with the Technomage.

Small arms and Simple Weapons, unless I want to use up a 2 to feats is a bad way to go.

I'm stuck with "hand-cannons" unless I'm missing something

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Well, a Technomancer who goes Dex 18, Int 16 (on one of the several races that allow that) and grabs Longarm Proficiency and later Specialization, plus eventually Weapon Focus winds up a pretty solid ranged combatant. They're not quite Soldier level without using their spells and are -1 Save DC behind other Technomancers on spells, but they do a pretty good job of mixing gunplay and magic.

but how bad are all your other stats, sounds very glass cannon :P

Xenocrat wrote:
There is a two feat chain hat allows you to either shoot or cast on the run, if that's what you want. You'd need three feats to do both, but it let's you duck in and out of cover if they don't ready an action to shoot you while exposed.

Ya 6 feats is a long track to get good at one thing... maybe speed three and just suck up the exposed spell casting (which fits the way the warlock plays aways, use nova bomb and you're totally exposed)

Torbyne wrote:
Keep in mind that the handguns in Starfinder start out slightly behind rifles in power and then drop off sharply so dont expect anything like the hand canons from Destiny. You'll be between 1/3 and 1/2 the damage per shot and only shooting half as many times unless you are burning resources every round.

Ya I didn't expect to use a hand-cannon (which is a shame) I was thinking more like an Auto-Rifle or the like (maybe energy to copy a weapon like the ice breaker or hard-light)

Xenocrat wrote:

You can covert spell slots (with a hack) into a bonus to hit and damage. It's not a great idea until later levels, but between that and weapon focus you can keep close the full BAB soldier in single shot hit percentage. That boost stacks with the AOE spell hack, but you'll burn slots pretty fast.

Another nice hack let's you create a short lived gun if any type and you gain temporary proficiency with it, so if you need a heavy weapon with particular energy type/special ability or a sniper but you only carry a longarm you can whip up a solution.

Relying on single hit percentage is not quite what I had in mind, that's more of a "sniper from the back" than a "run-and-gun" front line tactical fighter type.

I can totally see the sniper work with the class...(one shot make it count)but it falls short of what a guardian is like.

but I'm starting to feel that, without the option of multi-classing (why oh why did you take that out of the game), there is just no way to make it work.

Xenocrat wrote:
Technomancer does that. With magic hacks you can attach a touch spell to a grenade or fire a shot that carries an AOE spell.

Are they any good with just gun play or are they like a magus which is totally reliant on spell charged melee attacks.

Ok so,

for those of you that play Destiny... (everyone else may feel a little bit lost)

Is there a way to build something like a warlock (maybe void walker) in Starfinder? in other words good at gun play but able to drop AOE spells when needed with some bad ass grenade like spell abilities?

LMPjr007 wrote:
Just to get everyone on the same page, we would be looking to build a "similar type of system" to what Paradigm Concepts created with their Living Arcanis (2001–2009) system. Their system proved to be quite well thought out and developed to handle many of the issues that are being brought up here. As I can't reveal all the things we have planned I can inform you that we would like to build a "generic campaign setting" and then let 3PP add their specific campaign setting focused/based adventures to this. Thanks for your feedback on this.

You make it sound like Living Arcanis ended..

The campaign kept going under Legends of Arcanis using our own system..

Now we are re-starting Living Arcanis under 5e rules at Origins

we are going to be giving away a 50-60 page pdf called the Arcanis Primer that gives players a good overview of the world, how to use 5e core rules in Arcanis and a ton of new races, a new class, and more.

We also have a campaign guide which covers all the rules for the campaign itself.

When we kick off the 5e campaign at origins it will start with 15 adventures ready to play... which we are giving away for free.

At Origins if you show up you start at 4th level, we have 3 adventures, a BI, and a LARP.

We didn't go anywhere… and everyone is welcome to come on board ::winks::

that will be active once we go live!!

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Arutema wrote:
So I know it's not optimal, as there is no Dex-to-damage option, but I was looking at creating a Vudrani-themed swashbuckler using an urumi. Am I correct in reading Slashing Grace that it will allow me to use all swashbuckler class features with the urumi?

Correct, but you would need Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Urumi first.

While I love the idea of Slashing Grace, I hate that its essentially aSwashbuckler-only feat that is little more than a feat tax. What's worse, it only applies to one weapon at a time. I can understand the restriction for things like Weapon Focus or Weapon Specialization, but Slashing Grace is not a strong option currently.

why would you ever take slashing grace when you can take Dervish and get dex to damage on top of making the scimitar finesse and count as piercing???

Swashbucklersdc wrote:

I wouldn't mind a change like this to Charmed Life:

Charmed Life (Ex): At 2nd level, the swashbuckler gains
a knack for getting out of trouble. Three times per day, as a Free Action before attempting a saving throw, she can add her Charisma bonus to the result of the save. She must choose to do this before the roll is made, and may only apply one use of charmed life on a given save. She can do the same as an Immediate Action if she applies the bonus after the save, but this cannot be combined on the same save. At 6th level and every four levels thereaf ter, the number of times she can do this per day increases by one(to a maximum of 7 at 18th level).

That way, if you use the ability before your save, it is free, allowing you to use your Swift Action in the same round, but if you wait to after the save, you must spend that Swift to use the ability.

I was about to come on here and comment about Charmed Life....

the action economy of this class as something to be desired....

and I'll toss my name into the "dex for damage" hat... as things stand now I would never build a swashbuckler with anything but a Scimitar... and that sucks...

VargrBoartusk wrote:

The other group wants a dex based melee class that they can use to emulate the umpteen billion styles of combat where finesse is more valid then brawn. The knife fighter, stick fighter the unarmored iaijutsu duelist that there really is no support for under the current ruleset. this character *IS* Dexterous <note the different enunciation>. This character class could be a swashbuckler or any one of a dozen other things.

One of my hopes.. above.. in bold

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Minor adjustment: the swashbuckler of all people really should be able to use the gloves of dueling.

Hell's yes

1) Duel Weapon Swashbuckler, rapier/dagger and later Rapier/Rapier amazing at taking on muti-opponents at once.

2) a "Kensai" style swashbuckler using a Katana, think the character from Ninja Scroll... make it work with a Katina or the Aldori dueling sword.. kill two birds with one stone.

3) Cloak/Rapier Swashbuckler.

From the blog: We are investigating ways for the class to get Weapon Finesse at an appropriate level and to work with Combat Expertise. In addition, we are looking at adding some deeds and increase the swashbucklers mobility during battle, allowing them to stand up without provoking an attack and charge without having to move in a straight line. We are still working on how those play with existing deeds and what changes would need to happen to get them to fit into the advancement scheme.

Anyone else disappointed?

Lord_Malkov wrote:

I think that the best reason to avoid an immediate action is that it will give yet another reason to go Strength instead of Dex.


at that point I'm making a strength swashbuckler, like whats the point!

Stephen Radney-MacFarland wrote:
Lord_Malkov wrote:
Well, I think that the Parry/Riposte combo needs to change.
Ayep. I entirely agree. My quick fix is to make riposte and immediate action instead of taking an attack of opportunity. I'm still thinking about the panache cost and looking through playtests.

No! No! No!

Stephen this is far worse.. riposte should be rap'd into Perry.. something like if you defeat your opponent's attack roll by 5 or more it triggers your riposte.

Another thing you can do is give the swashbuckler a modified version of the magus Kensai ability.

"At 11th level, kensai can make a number of attacks of opportunity in a round equal to his Intelligence modifier (minimum 1). This effect stacks with the Combat Reflexes feat."

heck call it the same thing "Superior Reflexes (Ex)"

you have no idea how badly I want to pull off that seen from Princes Bride where indgo kills the 4 guards that charged at him!!!

Googleshng wrote:
Nunspa wrote:
Grey Lensman wrote:
I'd remove precision, change it to either dex or cha to damage (with a cap equal to level) and add support for the classic rapier/daggar and sword/buckler styles. The big thing people don't seem to get about fencing is that the off-hand is supposed to be doing something, swatting the sword away, or holding something to defend yourself with (and possibly attack!).


Swashbucklers should not be limited to "one weapon, one handed"

Rapier/ Main-gauche or fighting case (duel rapiers) should be an option...

of course they could end up becoming unique Archetypes

Swashbucklers, as it stands, are not at all limited to a single one-handed weapon. If you read carefully, you will notice that every single ability they get works just fine with two handed fighting, with the sole exception of one deed whose sole purpose is to compensate for damage being given up by someone who chooses to fight with a one-handed weapon (and buckler).

You're not "missing out" on precise strike if you go all rapier-and-dagger with it, you're just not getting to have your cake and eat it too is all.

you understand if you work up the math.. without Precise Strike (or at least some dex to damage mechanic)you completely fall behind the damage curb unless you build a strength build.. and at that point you suffer in the AC department unless you get heavy armor...

Precise Strike is there to level out the damage per round... you are a fighter type, you are expected to deal XX damage...

now if they add a "dex to damage" mechanic, I would be 100% ok with losing Precise Strike....

Grey Lensman wrote:
I'd remove precision, change it to either dex or cha to damage (with a cap equal to level) and add support for the classic rapier/daggar and sword/buckler styles. The big thing people don't seem to get about fencing is that the off-hand is supposed to be doing something, swatting the sword away, or holding something to defend yourself with (and possibly attack!).


Swashbucklers should not be limited to "one weapon, one handed"

Rapier/ Main-gauche or fighting case (duel rapiers) should be an option...

of course they could end up becoming unique Archetypes

You all think Blade Dash is crazy in a magus's hands

read greater dash and add boots of speed....

1) Spell combat cast
2) Move 30' getting attacks on all adjacent targets and the last target, at at +Int to hit (Good chance to use power attack)
3) Click boots of speed
4) Full Attacks + Speed Attack.

I agree though it should be treated like a move, though I would argue it allows you to ignore difficult Ter.

and yes you can use the spell before or after you take a move action, so I can see someone take a 5' step to line up the attack... cast the spell, and do the rest.

Can you upgrade a composit bow +1 (str +2) to a higher strengh bonus? Or do i need to sell it and buy a new one?

I see they posted some of the rules changes..

good stuff.

seems like the refined the system quite a bit.

TimD wrote:

Very disappointed at the loss of Shadow Lodge.

It was one of the things that actually made me start playing in PFS a few months ago.


I have to agree, I like playing those who watch the watchers..

to be honest my Ninja's entire reason for being in the pathfinders is now shot.

I wish there was a REAL way to be unaligned

Pontificor the Great wrote:

*in a sing songy mock voice "do not lower your self".

Seems kinda coin-si-dental tah me. What do you have against dancers? You hate the arts and people shorter than you!?

Oh no I'm a great fan of the arts (you note my character is a samurai)for example I own a wide array of kaboki masks and I'm a accomplished cartographer.

and I enjoy the company of little ones such as your self...

It is your... profession.. reminds me too much of what we call the Yakuza.. but they have their own code of honor. Unlike gaijin, such as yourself..

Parody wrote:

As far as the actual announcements: I think that the wealth changes are likely to make forming tables harder, especially in sessions where they're only going to have a couple tables. That's the bad side of discouraging playing out of...

For sure.. I will, for one, simply never play up... like ever.

of course that means I will face-roll over adventures (I walk though equal tier adventures with little or no fear at this point, which has nothing to do with items I own, all to do with how I built my character)

Mike Bramnik wrote:
Remember folks, that the Lantern Lodge and the Shadow Lodge will have good story reasons for going away, *and* once they do go, characters who were part of LL/SL will still have their in-game backstories and experiences, and will have something that will be unique to them and *only* them as the campaign moves forward.

well except, as far as shadow lodge goes, anyone who liked playing the "watchers who watch the watchers" have no place else to go.

as things stand, none of the groups are "watching" the leaders..

for someone who liked playing the "internal affairs" route.. they got nothing..

heck my Ninja is totally toast.. he joined the pathfinder's because his mother and father where killed (he thought) by pathfinders. He joined the shadow lodge because they where the only ones who dared look inward for corruption.

I should just make all my characters like my Inquisitor, a Big Game hunter..

Sadly I have noticed, the deeper the character background, the less you get out of the campaign.

In did not insult your lack of hight, but your profession

That is a...... disonerable path alain.... do not lower your self to such a path

Sadly i then find myself without a home.....

I wish to hold the pathfinders responsable for there own actions... who now watches the watchers?

All i see are puppets, blind followers of those who, if they fall to corruption, shall be free to reck havoc.

Where do we go now? Where can we, those who guard from the shadows, stand?

Alain Falaviel wrote:

Alain sighed as he lit the torches in the empty hall. It was a sad, sad day indeed that his beloved Shadow Lodge was ending. Ensuring mutual survival - what could be a more noble goal? Still, one had to move on. That was why he had organized this.

He set out the placards for the 8 remaining factions, each on their own table. He had invited his colleagues to attend, as well as the members of the Lantern Lodge. After double-checking that Qadira was far away from Taldor, he unlocked the door and waited for the representatives of the 8 factions to put up their displays, hand out some pamphlets and make their case.

This is a thread for members of the other 8 factions to pitch to the now-factionless members of the Shadow and Lantern Lodges. Please feel free to have some fun with it.

where was the news posted?

Touc wrote:

I'm planning ahead to the next campaign, and in it I hope to bring the spirit of the game closer to its roots using "the most important rule": THIS IS YOUR GAME. My singular criticism of Pathfinder is not novel: system mastery is superior. Players who master the system have a superior advantage for in-game contribution (combat, skills, solving problems using abilities) over those who do not OR choose to build characters based on concept.

Given that 1/2 my players can recall 1st/2nd edition, and 1/2 have no clue, I'm looking for those magic words to convey (remind?) my players that it's the teamwork, the player ingenuity, and the story that matters, not how mechanically well-built a character can be. I'm tired of seeing everyone have the Trait "reactionary," the feat "improved initiative," and no one ever dreaming of taking an archetype or style that doesn't have a distinct combat benefit. I feel my game has lost its flavor, that we don't have characters in a great story contributing to a fantastic fictional experience but rather walking stat blocks.

I don't feel "burned out," but I want to "cure" where I think we've strayed from what could be an amazing experience. What do I say?

Look up Dragon Age from Green Ronin

you will not be disappointed

Bigtuna wrote:

Well I love and hate this thread. Had a build with PA and furious Focus - were PA became the standard. But now i start to think i should consider when to use PA and when not to...

With a low level magus there's 1handed spellcombat attacks, 2handed single attacks... So i get confused - what is best? Shouold I just drop PA?
But then we get a nice little post with angry dwarf and an angry viking... Just be a brute! I like...

I would drop the Furious Focus as most of the time you will be using spell combat...

But keep it, you have class abilities and buff spells which allow you to get close to full BAB numbers.

For example, Greater Magic Weapon + Arcane Point Weapon Enchant allows you to get to +5 Hit and Damage a lot faster then any other class.

Also remember your Magus Arcana... Arcane Accuracy's bonus to attack gets converted to damage though power attack.

Also get into flanking positions, suddenly that +2 to hit becomes +4 damage instead.

Never mind that with the rights summons a summoner can heal, deal ranged dps, or scout.

A good summoner not only looks at a summoned creatures capabilities in combat but what they can do out of combat.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


I don't know about you... but just last week my Tremere took a magical dagger from another Tremere I had killed.

I know your pain,

I have been looking through the books and it really depends on if you are going Magus or wizard/fighter... as some items will work for one and not the other (gloves of dueling for example)

Also what Archetypes (if any) are you looking at...

again a Blade bound/Kensai would require different gear then a Hexcaster..

Heck on my Magus it's "always on unless I state otherwise"

even combat states are written as if I'm using power attack at -2 all the time....

Ashe wrote:
I realy like the knock a chicken out, CDG, cook it. The party will like you alot as you have chicken most nights. Now you just need a cart with some cages and a mule. Hope no hungry goblins or anything comes along and steal your chickens while your down in the dungeon :)

too cheesy....

But I'm totally for the rope of entanglement + club to the head = power ups....

beej67 wrote:

This was the other thread

The conclusion was that yes, it is an auto-confirmed critical so the wyroot does activate, but it's not infinite charges because the wyroot entry was semi-officially "reinterpreted" to mean that it does no EXTRA damage on crits, not that it does ZERO damage on crits. So you still probably only get one (maybe two) wyroot charges out of the CDG.

here is the link to the James Jacobs wyroot clarification

His clarification is about as clear as mud too, but the wording in wyroot is also pretty muddy, so the interpretation of "normal damage instead of x2 damage, and a ki point" is what my group is using.

here is a question... can you Coup de Grace for non-lethal damage (go for a KO instead of a kill?)

Thinking my Magus/Kensai, Bladebound may start to carry a "scabbard.. aka club" made of this stuff...

Stome wrote:

Required? Not at all. Str magus is more then viable. The problem is the low lvls.

Since they can not use med or heavy armor until much later a str magus has a pretty bad AC at low lvls where one is already pretty prone to being one hit killed by a crit. So it can be rough going.

What Magus needs is an archetype focused on what a STR magus needs. Med armor at lvl 1 and heavy at 7 for instance. Ohh and that does not give up spell combat like way to many archetypes do.

Heck I'm playing a Samurai 1 / Magus 4 (Kensai/Blade Bound) and I'm strength based... yes I'm going to be a few points behind in damage but it's doable..

paladinguy wrote:

Mr. Dice Guy, wasn't Flurry "clarified" to not work with bows?

Also, if furry of blows is a full round action, how could you use both it + rapid shot (another full round action) in the same round?

They recounted that you can now flurry with a single weapon again

KillerGlitch wrote:
Hawktitan wrote:

You will need 4 levels of summoner. I suspect you knew that, but your math needs tweaking - Ninja 1 - Summoner 2-5 -> Ninja 6-7 -> Arcane Trickster.

I think sorcerer would be better since a summoner is one of the classes most hurt by multiclassing. Going Arcane Trickster wouldn't progress the Eidolon or your sla summoning (by RAW, of course you can get your GM to say that it can so make sure to clear it with him first if that is your intent).

God, MY bad. I Meant Sorcerer. I'm helping a friend come up with his character, and he's thinking of doing a summoner/samurai halfling. using his eidolon as a extreme bad...

Sorcerer and Ninja! and I'll make sure to get Sorcerer till 5.

So, Ninja -1 , Sorcerer 2-5, back to ninja till 7 (possibly 8).

he is right don't go summoner... sorc is the way to go...

or Magus ::winks::

SpellStrike (Shocking Grasp) + Ki Strike + Normal Attacks from Improved Invisibility = omg you did what?

and remember the enchantment bonus from Arcane weapon stacks with any arcane bonus on your main weapon..

man I'm making this character for PFS

Hawktitan wrote:
Nunspa wrote:
Hawktitan wrote:

I'd consider getting the 4th level of Ninja - you'd get an extra ninja trick, an extra ki point, and don't lose a level of BaB for doing so.

I'd level thusly

Ninja 1
Sorc 4
Back to ninja for 2-3 levels
Arcane Trickster

Hummmm you want something fun?

Magus (Kensai) 4/Ninja 4/Arcane Trickster X

Yes it's a little MAD but fun!

you can get 2 extra attacks with sneak and mess someone up!

Spell Strike + Arcane Strike + Ki Attack = 2 attacks at -2 and 1 at your full attack bonus.

You are looking at some impressive damage when you add sneak and spell strike (never mind the fact that you can add and enchantment to your weapon such as keen)

He said he is already playing a magus and didn't feel like doing another one.

Also, you can't arcane strike while using ki attack as both are swift actions.

I meant Spellstrike not Arcane Strike...

FallofCamelot wrote:

I have a query about this sentence:

"Whenever the samurai defeats the target of his challenge, he regains one daily use of his resolve, up to his maximum number of uses per day."

What constitutes defeating the target of my challenge? Do I have to make the killing blow or can it be part of a group effort?


We always run it as part of the group, also defeat is not always kill or K.O. if the target surrenders or is captured.. it counts

Tryn wrote:

Easy: Know the rules. Most "broken builds" are broken because someone misread/didn't know the rules.

Thats why I always ask my players to really read all rules related to their characters (e.g you want to create a brawler? Read and understand the grapple rules) and then have a small talk with them about it.
Also it is good to know what kind of character they want to play, so you can familiarize yourself with the related rules.

No I'm sure the Zen Archer is broken with a side of Strong Sauce...

Come on now...

As an aside...

How can they create a sword which YELLS Magus (Kensai) or Samurai (Sword-Saint)and make it WORTHLESS for either one...


Matthew Morris wrote:
Nunspa wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:
You could Flurry with it with the Crusader's Flurry feat.
Which god has a Katana as a favored weapon?
Shizuru (Dex is an inquisitor of her, that's how I know)

Starts thinking of a 1 Cleric/2 Monk/X Inquisitor build

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