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am i missing something, or do f6, f7, f10, f12, f13, and f14 just not have maps?

None of the Derelict Chade's weapons seem to have that property; but it's Shadeswarm ability implies that it has some way of teleporting itself.

How is the Derelict Shade supposed to Teleport?

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Agreed; they can fine tune the prices if they want, but it would be really helpful to fix some of my older characters

There's Uncanny Shooter, a 6th level operative exploit that makes small arms not provoke.

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There is the adventure finder page, but it looks like it just covers first edition scenarios.

You want Stand Still or Stunning Fist there may be other feats and class abilities that do this without magic, but these are the only ones i can think of right now.

I would like to see more about it

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Nah, you can get the game reported after you finished it.

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the trouble with SR is that it's not very useful if it doesn't scale; pick a race that gives it to you, or change your class to Untouchable Rager bloodrager(it trades away spells for SR while raging)

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Give him Dual Initiative, have him cast Ascension to make many of the adds mythic.

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I would like to request Ramiyels, Kayals, and SRO's

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Cayden Cailean: CG god of freedom, alchohol, and bravery
Milani: CG Godess of Hope, devotion, and uprisings
Ssila'meshnik: CN Protean Lord of fate, freedom, and paradox.

of these, Cayden is most directly abolitionist; however, you could probably make most chaotic good deities work for this concept.

I usually tweak the encounters, even if its just tweaking gear/optimizing spell lists.

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it depends on what you are looking for;
JR book 4 has a little info about Hongal, and Articles about the Kami and the various Ninja clans.
JR book 5 has a lot of info on Minkai, the entire book takes place there, and it includes an in depth article.
JR book 6 is mostly focused on Kasai, the capital of Minkai.
all in all these books are a good place for information about Minkai, but wont help you much with regards to adventures in the rest of the continent.

If you are an Elf, you can take the Ancient Lorekeeper Archetype, which allows you to pick your mystery spells.

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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
Ah, thank you for alerting me to that. Are there better crystals out there if incorporeal beasties aren't as much of a concern. As far as I know, vorthuuls aren't incorporeal...

Personally I'm a fan of the Tauon Crystals; Having the option to deal nonleathal damage if you need to can come in handy, and the Staggered Crit is powerful when it triggers.

I believe that being in a extradimensional space would block it; Teleportation normally only works on the same plane of existence.

SOLDIER-1st wrote:

This is awesome, what book is it from?

As far as I am aware, it was not printed in a book; the text is from the Paizocon 2016 Boon #10 Ley line Access; which is why I'm unsure of how cannon it is.

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There are 4 let lines references on a PFS 1e boon.

Boon text:

Grim Rictus: associated with darkness and Death magic, Accessable in nations bordering lake Encarthan
Janhelia's spine: associated with curse and fire magic, accessable in Osirion
The Runescarred Path: associated with language dependant and law magic, accessable in Varisia, located beneath the ruins of Xin-Haruka
Trail of Sun and shadow: associated with light and shadow magic, accessable in chaliax and nidal

Idk exactly how cannon this is, but I hope it helps.

You could also try to work in the Frozen Shadows/Five storms connection; that their true masters are in Minkai, and that they will keep coming until the PC's have been killed.

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Greylurker wrote:
I know I saw an Summoner archetype somewhere where your Eidolon is you instead of a monster. Just can't remember where

The Twinned Summoner; its from "Legacy of the First World" a Player Companion

there are a few revelations from GEM that do things when fully attuned.

First, there is the Divine Connection feat, which can be taken at any level; its not particularly strong, but still is an option.
However, in the case of a mid campaign crisis of faith/deific revelation, I would ley the player in question retrain into the desired architype/specialization for free at the appropriate moment.

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I have a player who wanted to play a centaur, so I trimmed down the ARG Centaur to something more in line with the other races.

While Solarians are fine on damage, they do suffer from a conspicuous lack of new class features at 5 and 15; however, IMO that Technomancers don't get meaningful class features at 9 or 15 (I don't consider +1 to 2 skills a meaningful class feature); Mystic misses out at 5, 8, 14, and 17; Witchwarper has nothing at 15, and weapon/armor mechanics have a few class feature that don't really work without an AI (namely Coordinated Assault, and Control net)
So I feel like its a bigger problem then just Solarian

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besides, as i understand it, most of the plots wee more "evil despot conquers the world" rather than 'Ancient god destroys the world"

Jonathanheimer wrote:
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Crexis wrote:

I'm new to starfinder, just started learning the system. I've read that if you attack with a melee weapon, you will get a bonus to both attack and damage via your str modifier. However if you use a ranged weapon you get a dex bonus on the ranged attack but no bonuses to ranged damage.

Is there anyway a character can add dex to BOTH attack AND damage?

Thanks for any help

No and frankly i think it's a good thing, Dex is already the god stat in Starfinder. Weapons damages scale on level now and adding dexterity on some weapon would completely invalidate strength.
How do weapons scale with level? my azumth laser rifle still shoots the same dmg.

At 3rd level, all classes get Weapon Specialization for free, which adds half their character level(for Small Arms and Operative melee weapons) or their whole character level(for other weapons) to damage.

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there's a T-rex in 5-10(its on the cover) generally speaking dinosaurs on golarion are found in the Mwangi expanse and the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, so scenarios set in those areas might be a good place to start looking.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Daniel Baker wrote:
If they had them activated...
Starfinders leave the ship without them?

Honestly, the only reason to ever turn off your Environmentals is to eat; since they last 1 day per level and can be recharged on your ship.

Super Zero wrote:

Constructs, as a rule, are immune to mind-affecting effects. For... some reason. That ability right there demonstrates it makes perfect sense for them to be affected.

SROs don’t get the full list of construct immunities, so they’re not immune in the first place. So you don’t need that.

Actually, as far as I can tell, there is nothing that says that SRO's don't get full construct immunities; although given the wording of robotic, it is fairly clear that they are not supposed to by RAI

it can also be used to stop ranged combatants from running away from your parties melee characters; also, by RAW, forced movement provokes, so you can use this to trigger Aoo's from your parties melee characters.

There are also a few things (Comprehend Languages and plane shift come to mind) that technology can't readily replicate and there is always the fact that magic, unlike gear is very hard to take away from you; but yeah this is a problem with magic in general in Starfinder.

9th level; permanent and long duration Spells can be cast during downtime, and so are effectively free. I would call it Perfect Invisibility, or Supreme Invisibility

Hat of Disguise can be worn as a magic item or as an armor upgrade; although that is also probably overkill

Have you considered the Phrenic Adept, or Instinctive Metaphysicist Archetypes? That might be a way to add some psychic abilities to your character.

Actually, I think that given the way PF2 ranks edicts/Anathamas, Urgathoa would want you to let sacrifice your life rather than destroy an undead.

Circlet of Persuasion(4,500GP, Head slot) Gives a +3 Competence bonus on all Charisma based checks.

How is the Barbarian doing Two-Weapon fighting with a two handed weapon? or was that a typo?

If you want to make a skills based character, I suggest multiclassing into operative; 10+Int Ranks per level is amazing.
For making a spellcaster a specialist, I usually pick 1-2 schools of magic to focus on, possible Divination, Enchantment or Illusion to go with the Psychic Theme.
Speaking of Psychic, have you considered archetypes? the Phrenic Adept is a psychic Themed archetype that might work for your concept. I believe there are also a few investigator style archetypes that might help flesh out the mechanical side of the character.

The big problem here is that spellcasters in Starfinder are not great, and the Witchwarper is IMO, the worst caster(I have one of each in SFS)

Overlapping Forms, pg. 63 as written this Paradigm shift never expires once used; this is likely not intended, since at 5th level you can apply in to other people.

Pantshandshake wrote:

Can you do ‘additional damage’ when your initial damage is 0? I’d probably classify Painful Injection as a rider that also doesn’t work if you didn’t do damage in the first place.

Also it being a rider and not damage from the weapon, I don’t think it would qualify to transmit further rider effects.

Sidenote: Does anyone take Painful Injection? Seems like it caps out at +9 damage when you max a stat, which doesn’t really seem worth it. I’ve never had a Biohacker in my group, though, it is very possible I just don’t know how good this theorem is.

I think RAI, Painful Injection would not work, but the Wraith sting rifle could deliver biohacks, because that just makes sense

RAW, however, disqualifies the Wraith sting rifle, but I don't see why you cant add things to zero; so there is definitely an argument to be made for Painful injection.

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if this is for a home game, just talk to your GM; it seems very reasonable to allow this weapon to function with biohacks despite not working by RAW. if it is for a society game, then make an FAQ request, and in the meantime use another Injection weapon or try and convince your table GM that it works by RAI.
The Painful Injection Theorum might be a way to deal damage, since it triggers when you Hit the target.

Hardness is meant for objects, to stop PC's from destroying all the furniture when they cast fireball; IMO it shouldn't be used on creatures.
every table I've ever played at has run adamantine weapons as bypassing hardness on constructs too.

So, I ran into this problem in a game I gmed, so I wrote up some higher level envoy improvisations; Mostly cribbed from PF abilities unfortunately; but what do you guys think?

lots of text:

10th; Improved Clever Attack: you may Spend 1 RP instead of 2 to use Expert Attack
10th; Expert Assistance: When you successfully Aid Another on a skill you have Expertise in, the character you assisted may gain the benefits of your expertise die.
12; Wounding Words: as a swift action, you may speak cutting words at an opponent within 30 feet, dealing damage equal to your expertise die+your envoy level. (Sonic, Mind affecting, Language dependant)
12; Dodging Panache: When you are attacked, as a Reaction, you may move 5 feet to gain a dodge bonus to your AC against that attack equal to your Cha mod.
14th; Mesmerizing Speech: The Envoy may begin a Mesmerizing speech as a full round action; all creatures they choose within 30 feet that can see and hear the envoy must make a will save (DC 10+Cha+ ½ envoy level) or be fascinated for as long as the envoy speaks(a full round action) and for 1 round after. After the effect ends, affected creatures have no memory of what transpired while they were fascinated, and don't realize what happened unless it is pointed out to them. Once a creature has saved against this ability, they are immune for the next 24 hours.
14th; Charmed Life: When you attempt a saving throw, you may spend 2 RP as a reaction, to gain the Benefits of Expertise on that save.
16; Crushing Words: When you use your Wounding Words Improvisation, you may choose to have it affect all enemies in range, OR to make the target Staggered for 1 round.
16; Mental Sanctum: Through long practice, you have managed to create a psychic refuge within your own mind. Whenever you Fail a Save against a mind affecting effect, you may Spend 1 RP to delay the effect until the end of your next turn, becoming stunned as you retreat into your own mind to fight off the effect, at the end of your turn, you can attempt another save to shake off the effect, if it is successful, the effect ends as though you had made you initial save. If this second save fails, you are affected, unless you spend 2 RP to repeat this process.
18th; Cheat Death: When you would die, you may spend all of your remaining RP to instead be reduced to 1 HP. You must have at least 1 RP remaining to use this Ability.
18th; Never tell me the odds: 1/D, before making an attack roll, skill check, or ability check, you may choose to get a result of 20 on the die.

CorvusMask wrote:
Nathan Monson wrote:

so... about Area A4

** spoiler omitted **
Because telling a player "Sorry your character just died to something you had no chance of detecting" is a good way to never see that player again.
Umm, don't all player armors have environmental protection by default that lasts days or at least hours?

Environmental protections only give a +4 bonus against that particular save.

so... about Area A4

area details:
Was this intended to be unavoidable instant death for low level characters? because Medium Radiation is a CON poison, and so it deals 7HP dmg/round whether of not the PC succeeds on the save. That's instant death for a 1st level Ysoki Technomancer, and the scenario gives no indication that its there before you hit it, so if a has to end their turn inside the area, they take 14 damage, which is enough to kill any level 1 character and most level 2's.

Because telling a player "Sorry your character just died to something you had no chance of detecting" is a good way to never see that player again.

AP 21, Huskworld contains Ramiyel's, but that's still only one Ophidian Race.

This has been addressedLINK[
"Edicts and Anathema in Society Play
Several characters, such as clerics or champions, must abide by the edicts and anathema of their deity to receive divine powers from that deity. To allow a wide variety of characters in Society play, the rules around edicts and anathema are slightly relaxed. It is generally assumed that all characters can participate in Pathfinder Society adventures without running afoul of their deity’s edicts and anathema—attempting to perform the primary objective of an official Pathfinder Society mission by itself will not cause a character to fall out of favor with their deity. For example, Pharasma prohibits robbing tombs, but a cleric of Pharasma can accept a Society mission to retrieve an artifact from a pyramid, confident that the Society has gone through the proper channels to secure the right to retrieve the artifact.
While edicts are valorous actions praised by a deity, a character does not need to perform their deity’s edicts to the exclusion of other activities, or if doing so would prevent the smooth progression of play at the table. When considering anathema, note that a character must actively and personally commit an anathemic act in Society play to incur consequences with their deity, and is not liable for the actions of their party members. For instance, a champion of Sarenrae could not personally lie to a guard when infiltrating a city, but they do not need to force the party’s rogue to tell the truth (though they might look on disapprovingly)
Remember that edicts and anathema exist to create roleplaying opportunities at the table for your character, and should not be used by the GM to pressure PCs, or by PCs to pressure other members of the table toward specific styles of play."

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