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Hi folks!

I'm preparing for my End Game fights, for a high powered party, and I'm not satisfied with how my Karzoug is turning out. Any suggestions would be appreciated

My party is level 22, mythic 2, and while I can temporarily drop a player here or there, and scare the party occasionally, this is after more than a few hours of heavy upgrading and customization.

I've been running this game for ... several years, and want the end fight to be suitably epic. There has been mention of a 20/mr10 Karzoug off and on over the years, but I haven't been able to find one. Mostly at this point I'm looking for suggestions for spells/mythic abilities. Things I'm allowing myself. Yes. I'm mostly familiar with Dreamscarred Press's work, as I make heavy use of Psionics, and have started making light use of Path of War.

As it might prompt some ideas:
My Party:
1/2 Giant Psychic Warrior 20, Vitalist 2, Overmind 2 (BIG, tanky, Garvok)
Human Dread 20, Wilder 2, Overmind 2 (Heavy Mythos inspiration, heavy intimidate/Lockdown)
Assimar Swashbuckler 20, Chevalier 2, Champion 2 (Minimal use of class abilities, high crit threat, Baraket)
Assimar Oracle (Wrecker, Apocalypses), Warpriest, Evangelist, Hierophant (Healer, MAD, won't be useful in melee, Shin-Tari)
Catfolk Rogue 20, Slayer 1, Trickster 2 (Joined late, surprised at how effective she is, has Transfer Magic)

Major party weakness: No real access to dispel magic.
Major party strength: Well oiled killing machines, with overpowered stats/saves/attacks/items. 3 awakened blades, all have dominant weapons.

Other Optional Rules in effect that might change things: Automatic Bonus Progression, Skill Unlocks. Budget? Out the window.

We've established that we won't be meeting again this month, due to scheduling conflicts (This is why it's been ... something like 6? 8? years since we've started this AP, and we're finally right outside the last door)

Due to things the party has done, I fully intend to one up this fight, with a Mhar fight, so I'll need to redo THOSE stats later as well, and haven't even started looking at them.

Stat wise, I can handle fiddling to make DC's, Attack Bonuses, AC/Saves etc, but nothing I've tetrised in for spells/mythic abilities seems to fit my needs, other than Mythic Timestop, and Wall of Suppression.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

How by-the-book do you want to be? If you are happy throwing the rules out the window and giving Karzoug abilities you think will work well, it will be easier.

One thing I did for the Runelords in my non-Mythic level 20 campaign was give them all free metamagics, like Quickened spells, maximized, enlarged, bypassing certain resistances/immunities, etc.

Free metamagics? Say, from a Throne forged from hundreds of Greater Metamagic Rods that's tied to the demiplane that will implode when Special K & the Soul Lens finally drop? Sounds excellent to me!

A Rules legal option is best, even if the tie is tenuous. Like, SURE, Special K, as the pinnacle of Avarice, and therefore has a perfect stat array of base 18's, before Racial Mods, so 20 across the board is an excellent place to start.

I'll find rules legal, or at least adjacent means to massage the raw numbers up to the right balance, or at least close enough that it'll work.

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Give him Dual Initiative, have him cast Ascension to make many of the adds mythic.

Thank you Nathan! I had tentatively decided that the mooks (CR 20), that the party waded through during the Shalaria level, should be Mythic 1, and Ascension makes that easier/logical.

I think that Dual Initiative, and having a 20 Init roll, followed by Mythic Timestop, while the party walks through a Wall of Suppression, are also in the cards.

(This post was SUPPOSED to go up Thursday, but somehow never went through)

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