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Based on the evolving conversation on the blog post regarding AI art, I wondered if we could collect an unofficial list of stock art sources artists to support.

It seems like it could be a solid resource for the community at large, and timely. So far people mentioned:

Paizo Community Use
Goblin Games
Dean Spencer

I'm sure there are others. Please post here if you can think of anyone.

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There's lots of stock art for Infinite creators on Infinite here.

Silver Crusade

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The Game Raccoon also does some very neat Golarion-specific artwork for products on PFinfinite ^^

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Slight derailment, I hope you don't mind, for people just dipping their toes into potentially-future 3p publishing and looking to commission some work from artists/authors, does anyone know a good resource for stock contracts (I know there's always some your mileage may vary, consult a lawyer, etc)

Shadow Lodge

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A good start would be updating the community-use holy symbols to second edition.

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Bandit Camp has two free Stock Art Packages that are both Creative Common BY 4.0 (so you can use them in any way with credit).

100 Fantasy Characters
128 Fantasy Monsters

Emphasis once again that they are FREE.

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Some generalized free stock sites. Good for backgrounds, items. Finding good figures take some time, but it's fun to browse when you have a few free minutes

Dean is the best.

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