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Sounds like good news for anyone that hasn't played it.

I found it a little disappointing when I ran it for our group that Treading History's Folly and Heart of the Foe were in the 3-6 range AFTER Honorbound Emissary was in the 7-10 range. It literally made it impossible for a single group to play through it in order (without being stuck running in a leveled down, less credit manner).

We took our saved Scoured Stars Veterans we saved and sent them on part 7 and 8 so that we could follow the level range. Still, making it designed for a single party will improve the experience.

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I'm actually excited for this. I always said that I would rather have hardcover compilations for most adventures anyway. I'm still playing through a backlog of material, but one thing that would make me nervous about starting an AP before it is completed is the customary lack of foreshadowing for the final boss in APs. Releasing them all as one hardcover fixes that handily.

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