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The witch of course. I can't be the only one who would like to play a witch.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
Dragonborn3 wrote:
So it sounds like the highest score you can have is a 14 at level one, and even then only if you have an 8?

I would guess 16 if each step in the Ancestry, Background, and Class contributes up to +2 to a given stat.

Characters who start with their highest stat at 16 are perfectly viable in PF1, so that's fine.

Apparently, playtest Kyra has an 18 Wis and a whole bunch of other comfortable positives, so this whole stat panic is entirely misplaced. Also, you can assume the devs are aware of the kinds of stats needed to play their new game... ;o)

I'm assuming there's a fourth stage after class that allows you another free +2 to round off your character so allow for one 18 at 1st.

Mark Seifter wrote:
There is a skill feat that, depending on your current rank, lets you just succeed at tasks with your skill when they are below a certain threshold without even rolling. This is particularly useful if you are under stress, debuffed, or in bad circumstances, as you can just succeed at those tasks despite your penalties. It's not an especially giant threshold; it's mainly to help you auto-succeed at tasks that have become mundane for you by now, like you said.

Ah, nice. I'm assuming that doesn't work for weapons or armor, though? It would be weird to auto-succeed at hitting enemies...

Seriously, this «Morgan Champion» thing is creeping me out. My Paizo identity is «Catharsis». Something fishy is going on with the accounts.

I guess I must be the only person who managed to download it...

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Guy Humual wrote:
Not sure if any of this is related but the hyper links to access "Sign in", "My Account", and "Shopping Cart" aren't active on Firefox, the "Help/FAQ" is working though. Those links are working on Google Chrome, which is how I was able to log in and report this.

I have the same problem with Firefox. Incidentally those links are working on Pale Moon 27.0.6, which is what I'm currently using.

I'd like to play an exploiter wizard myself.

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Godzilla: Final Wars
The good: Godzilla fights most of his old enemies (plus he curbstomps Zilla), we have alien hybrids who fight the monsters using big guns and wuxia style martial arts plus wacky Japanese supersubs, Captain Gordon, evil cannibalistic aliens with matter transporters and human disguises, cosmic superbeings called Keizers, the Peanuts, Mothra fighting Gigan, plus Minya shrinking down to human size.
The bad: Godzilla is imprisoned in ice at the beginning of the film so its a good while before he is woken up, so his battles with his old foes are surprisingly brief (hell Hedorah gets less screentime than Zilla does, though I enjoyed Godzilla destroying both Zilla and the Sydney Opera House) the heroes are rather bland with the notable exception of Captain Gordon, especially when compared to the over-the-top evil Kaizer. Also Minya haters will still hate him.

So if retraining a standard wizard into an exploiter wizard would take at least 10 days (since the archetype changes two wizard class features?)

How about a Fighter/Mage hybrid whose spells mostly boost the caster? The class would be able to cast stoneskin and flight on himself, but not on others.
Or how about the Transformer, who specializes in transforming others>

I suggest you take a look at the Pathfinder Community website. Specifically the Arcane Masters I PDF, which has the white witch (a witch/paladin hybrid class).

How about a Paladin/Witch hybrid class?

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Delightful, your last sentence should read "I don't know [b]how[b] you Americans like your Libertarianism". Sorry to be a pendant, but i'm getting really tired of people missing or misspelling words in sentences.
And personally, as a fan of both Lois McMaster Bujold and Rumiko Takahashi, I [b]despise[b] Libertarianism. Any system that requires people to regularly sign contracts without being trained in contract law is a recipe for disaster.

SciShow did a video about this- I guess I'll have to take a look at it..
And the hybrid classes I want are as follows:
A spellsinger class based on Alan Dean Foster's Spellsinger series -basically a bard/wizard hybrid with 1/2 BAB and 9/9 spellcasting with all spells using verbal and somatic components and a musical instrument as a focus.
A wizard based on the wizard Derk- i.e. a wizard that specializes in changing living things. Would be able to heal almost as well as a cleric. Perhaps a wizard/druid hybrid class?

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Or anybody who's actually read Lovecraft's work...

JarithBloodstone wrote:

I've wracking my Brain over how to come about this.

Crystal Magic,... 1) use the Elemental sorcerer Bloodline Earth and change the disripter to Crystal.
2)Wizard(specialist=Elemental earth and change the disripter to Crystal.
3)Witch,use the patron earth but change the Discripter to Crystal.
I really need some help on this infinate idea.


That's "descriptor" and "infinite".

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How about reviving Arcana Evolved0's magister as a wizard archetype?
Or how about a spellsinger class? That is like the bard, but with 9th level spell casting?

1) Rogues and ninjas. Replace with the thief class, which would specialize in disappearing and stealing stuff.
2) The existing feat system, which would be replaced with my Trait Point system. Weak feats would either be gotten rid of or converted into Traits.
3)The dumb rule that prestige classes don't get the two free spells per level that wizard levels do.

I've been trying to log on again after I had to replace my computer's hard drive, but have been unable to do so. The site also doesn't recognize any of my email addresses.

I'd say that you can think of examples of Lawful Neutral and Chaotic Neutral characters. I'd say that Judge Dredd is Lawful Neutral, for example.
As for Chaotic Neutral characters, I'd say that they emphasize selfishness in most cases. I think that both Lina Inverse and Nick (who is from Deep Secret and The Merlin Conspiracy, both by Diana Wynne Jones) would be classed as Chaotic Neutral.

I'm with Naal.

Actually, I was working on making Traits and feats more compatible. In one of my GITP threads, I posited that all characters would have Trait points equal to their character level plus one. PCs would get an additional 2 Trait points at start plus extra Trait Points from bonus feats. Weak feats (e.g. Dodge, Weapon Focus) would be downgraded to Traits and cost one Trait point while standard feats would cost 2 points each. Characters could either save their Trait points to buy new feats or purchase a trait at one level, then upgrade it to a feat the next level.

The Tardis from Doctor Who
The Liberator from Blake's 7
and finally as a change of pace -the Tempest from the Outsider webcomic.

Can I nominate the Loroi (and their archfoes the LE Umiak) from Jim Francis's webcomic Outsider?

So if I took a wizard archetype that traded away Scribe Scroll, I could then take Scribe Scroll as my 1st-level feat?

You could take the Idealize discovery at 10th level, so if you cast a transmutation spell which provides an enhancement bonus to an ability score, that bonus is raised by a further +2 (or by +4 at 20th level).
And take the Werewolf Shape discovery at level 15.

Someone else who didn't like Childhood's End? Oh, I actually preferred Heinlein's juveniles to his more adult works.
And I did read a bit of Battlefield Earth. Definitely junk, but I've tried to read worse.

I couldn't get past page 2 of Dacre Stoker's & Ian Holt's supposed sequel to Dracula. Is it so much to ask that people actually READ the book they are trying to make a sequel to?
And as for Frederick Forsyth's Phantom book- I've lost all respect for him.
And I must be the only person willing to admit they hate Alan Moore's Watchmen and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?
Not only was Watchmen an insult to the "Architects of Fear", but it also became the "ultimate take on the superhero", much to its detriment. ( I preferred Marvel's first Squadron Supreme limited series, which I believe came out about the same time). I also have serious issues with Doctor Manhattan. Not the loss of humanity plotline. the story takes place in an alternate universe- yet if Doctor Manhattan's precognition works as described, there can be no alternate universes.
And as for LXG, I really hate the tendency most modern writers have for breaking up married couples. It's especially annoying when done prior to modern divorce laws. Not only does breaking up the Harkers wreck the novel's happy ending, its clearly an excuse to set Mina up with Quatermain. Has Moore actually READ Dracula?
(And Mina's injuries don't make sense. Granted, I haven't read the original comics in years, but from what I remember, if Lucy & Mina had received those sorts of injuries in Dracula, Lucy & Mina would both have bled out without medical aid).
And my version of Captain Nemo looks like Freddie Mercury, not some refugee from It Ain't Half Hot, Mum!

Actually, it's shown at the end of the film that the humans actually manged to rejuvenate the Earth.
And was the Axiom the only ship that Earth sent out? I thought that Earth actually sent out multiple ships. Or has the Axiom been doing to its sister ships what Wall-E was doing to his fellow robots- cannibalizing them for spare parts?

My favourite class is probably the magister from Arcana Unearthed. A wizard who casts spontaneously with customizable spell access? Yes please.
My second favourite class is wizard, followed by erudite with the Spell to Power archetype.
My fourth is the Pathfinder witch.

Not if your wizard takes The Precise Shot feat (which has Point Blank Shot as a prerequisite, so it's not normally available until 3rd level).

How about a Summoner?

This is why I decided to have corporeal undead's bonus hit points based on Strength. It makes Strength more important, and seems fairer and more plausible than basing bonus hit points on a mental or social attribute. (As well as my long experience with other game systems such as the pre-6th Hero System and Fourth Edition GURPS). I also developed a feat called "Strong Muscles" which when taken, enable the character to add his (or her) Strength bonus to each hit dice.

Corporeal undead use their Strength bonus to determine bonus hit points, instead of Charisma. Not only does it seem more plausible, but it avoids the "Zykon problem" - a sorceror lich shouldn't have much more HP than a wizard lich!

Isn't Use Magic Device a Charisma-based skill? You have it listed as an Int-based skill in the classes' skill list.

Lina Inverse.

If they do an Unchained Wizard, I'd have it a rule that you have to have a spell of the previous level in that school before learning a higher-level spell in that School -i.e. before your wizard can cast Invisiblity, he (or she) has to have both a Illusory cantrip and a 1st-level Illusion spell in his (or her) spellbook (or Spell Mastery).

"The Magister option" reminds me of the Magister class from Arcane Unearthed/Evolved. Someone should try to convert those classes to Pathfinder some day...

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Here is my version of your suggested archetype:
Mystic (Archetype)

Mystics are a breed apart among wizards, and are often mistaken for sorcerers, as they can learn spells without needing to add them to spell books. However,While Mystics do not need spell books, they still need to prepare spells as per any prepared caster.

Spell Memorization (Ex): When a Mystic learns a spell, he must memorize the new spell in a complex ritual.below). The mystic does not need a spell book, but instead stores and prepares his spell by spending the preparation time in a light trance. This ability replaces both arcane bond and the spell books class feature. Note: Spell Memorization does not remove the need to pay for the spell. Instead of using ink the mystic must spend an equal amount of gold pieces on rare incense.

Spell Swap (Ex): At 1st level, a Mystic may swap any prepared spell for another of the same level, provided the caster has all required spell components. This ability replaces Scribe Scroll.

Improved Spell Knowledge: A Mystic can select any spell from the witch spell list instead of the sorcerer/wizard spell list. This ability replaces bonus feats.

How is this?

You might want to look at an elementalist wizard then. (Otherwise, if you're playing a blaster wizard you should probably take the admixture school. I'd also recommend you check out the Guide to the Blockbuster Wizard in the Class Guide section of these message boards). I'd also suggest that the 18 stat be assigned to Int(or Cha if you go with the sorceror option), with the other two high stats assigned to Con & Dex. (Str should be your dump stat, regardless of whether you're playing a wizard or sorceror).
Also, assuming your new character is also 5th level, I'd suggest taking the wizard class. Otherwise your character will be casting flaming sphere instead of fireballs at least until he (or she) reaches 6th level. Also, wizards have an easier time learning new spells than sorcerors.

When I was building an exploiter wizard using the Tabletop Giant character creator, I could select the Extra Reservoir feat, but not the Extra Arcanist Exploit feat, which is what I wanted. Since the character generator is supposed to produce PFS legal characters, it seems that exploiter wizards are not allowed to take the /Extra Arcanist Exploit feat.

In fact considering this cult specializes in healing, they might have greenbonds in their ranks (an AU/AE class that gets their powers from the nature spirits around them).

Or they might be using the magic system from Arcana Unearthed/Evolved, which gives all casters some healing spells.

Of course, many of the combat feats are very weak...

I like wizards so my avatar picture tends to be of a wizard.
I use my real name on the Paizo boards.

Can I have an access code too?

EntrerisShadow wrote:

Oh, this isn't one that comes up a lot, but something that has always been a source of contention between my fellow players and me:

-Paladins don't gamble. They just don't, I'm sorry. If you're playing a Paladin and your GM allows it, fine, cool, whatever. I'll let it go. I hate it, though, and not one of my NPC Paladins would ever indulge. To be sure, in my world you'd definitely get some aside glances from the other Paladins if they caught you doing it. It's not "fall-worthy" (something that's just way too abused) but it's just a really terrible way for a champion of light to spend her time-it would be like if you eyed somebody eating from the bins at the grocery; not something you would turn someone into the authorities for, but distasteful and rude. If you win, you're taking money from poor saps having a run of bad luck. If you lose, you're throwing good coin away that could be put to better use vanquishing evil or helping the less fortunate. Since I am apparently the only person in the world who holds this opinion, I'll include it here.

Actually, it was a plot point in one episode of the original Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons that gambling is a sackable offense for Spectrum members.

Aloso I'd rather play in an Arcana Evolved game than Pathfinder as I'd rather play a magister instead of a sorceror or wizard.

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