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What are your favorite classes, they can be 3rd party, prestige, multi-classed, anything. I would appreciate if you put the archetype(I any) that it used. Also if the class has like a something that you need to pick like bllodlines or orders I would also like to know them.

Personally, I have fallen in love with the Occultist. It is not any particular Archetype or school, but the massive versatility of the class that I love. Even with out archetypes there are a lot of good ways to build one.

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builds an ironclad fortress, impenetrable to any attack

I love Rogues
All Occult Adventures classes, like most people, I was dubious of Mediums, but I have one now that's one of my favorite characters.
Inquisitor (vampire hunter)
Sorcerer, fey bloodline is especially fun, but any bloodline will do.

My most played -
Magister - The Rogue Genius class that is a spontaneous caster that can cast from multiple spell lists; for those of us that want to be able to fireball the enemies to begin with then heal our friends after it's great. There are enough limitations that this isn't overpowered.. in my mind it's actually a little weak compared to other spontaneous casters. But I love my Arcane+Divine Casters.

If I don't play some sort of spell caster (which is my norm) I go Paladin or Monk. Although we use the Talented Monk from RGG again.

The Path of War classes look really cool, and I am trying one out now.

If I am going skill-monkey type I love the Archeologist Bard.

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Unchained Monk, Monk(Sohei, Tetori, Harrow Warden, Martial Artist), Unchained Rogue, Kineticist, Warpriest, Slayer, Bolt Ace Gunslinger, Swashbuckler and Fighter are my favorites to play. I like martials and half-casters without pets.

Alchemist, barbarian, bloodrager, wizard, duelist, shadow dancer, sorcerer, summoner (I really like synth)

I like playing either full power attacking raging brutes, full casters (mostly blasting), or lightly armoured duelist type characters.

Empericist Investigator.
It just does so many things so well.

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I love the summoner and I don't care who knows it.

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My favorite Classes are:

1). Inquisitor
2). Oracle
3). Cavalier

Pretty much classes with CHA being the main stat and that i can get a pet on.

So summoner is my fav of all (but dont offer me to play that horrid abomination that is the unchained)

After summoner things like the spiritualist (with the Fractured mind archetype) , sorcs (probably with a familiar capable of speaking from level 1) , bards (With an archetype to get a familiar from level 1)...

Always keeping a high CHA and performence checks.

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Wizard wizard wizard cleric cleric warpriest skald and then all the other caster classes, then all non casters then rogue

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Another vote for the empiricist investigator. So good and so much fun

Tied for second are unchained rogue, paladin, and inquisitor.

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In no particular order: Paladin(with a special love for the Redeemer archetype), Alchemist, uRogue, and Fighter.

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-Unchained Rogue
-Really been enjoying my kineticist lately

I've noticed I tend to not play beat-stick classes and every time I'm a front-line fighter, it's because of Weapon Finesse and Dex-y builds.

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So far, I have played barbarian, bloodrager, cleric, dragon disciple, investigator, magus, monk, oracle, paladin, rogue and wizard. I don't think I can pick a favorite.

Here's a short top 5 for me.

5. Cleric. A support monster for support player. Only reason it's this low on the list is that it's a prepared caster and I prefer spontaneous so much more.

4. Kinetisist. The only beatstick class on here and that's because it's CON based with plenty of tricks to pull out, especially at the later levels.

3. Investigator. I love extracts, and there's so many good support options. Plus free 1d6 bonus to my favorite skills (knowledge) and skill points aplenty! If it was a pure spontanious caster it would probably tie with number 2

2. Bard. Gives +1-4 to the entire party's damage and attack, great support spells, can frontline easily, bonus to knowledge skills, spontaneous casting, what's not to love?

1. Oracle. It's a spontaneous cleric that gets cure spells for free with millions of ways to play. It's really no contest.

Honorable mentions: Paladin, Witch, Alchemist, and Brawler.

Oracle. The focused, custom-build, spontaneous divine caster. The Curse/Mystery features are fun evolutions of bloodlines that introduces penalties that can be played for fluff/fun/subversion. Worship a deity/philosophy, or not, your Cleric-list spells are derived from your mystery.

EG: A Cloudy-Eyed Oracle studying the Heavens. 60' Darkvision and beyond is nothing. But, can always see the stars clearer than any folk, irrespective of weather or ambient lighting. Such flavor...

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Regular Wizard. Problem solving with knowledge and spellbook, or occasional order shouted to fighters and others. I'm used to playing prepared casters. Infernal binder would be an interesting Pathfinder specific version to try.

I would try a Sorcerer (Draconic most likely), or maybe even Cleric or Druid.

If I wanted to play a meele fighter, I would go with a Cleric or Dragon Disciple (with maybe a dip in Barbarian).

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I would have to say my favorites are Sorcerer, Monk(regular and unchained), Oracle, Swashbuckler, and kineticist.

Would be Oracle (Paizo), Swordmaster (Dreadfox), and Onmyoji (Interjection Games).

My favorite classes are:
-the Arcanist (their form of spellcasting is the only one that doesn't irritate me),
-the Summoner (especially Synthesist.),
-the Investigator (so useful and versatile. I like the Psychic Detective Archetype better than most psychic classes),
-the Magus (because I love gish characters),
-the Druid (because of the shapeshifting, my favorite power),
-the Kineticist (mostly flavor).

If I needed to choose only one it would be the Arcanist.

-Witch (LOVE the theme of patrons, familiars can be useful, and hexes make you feel like you’re not completely useless at lvl1)
-Magus (because combining weapons+magic is fun)
-Ranger (variety of combat styles makes for interesting builds, favored enemy can be fun, & Infiltrator archetype removes Favored Terrain which I don’t like and gives something useful/interesting in its place)
-Inquisitor (Conversion Inquisition lets you be social without Charisma, Judgemnt+Bane are great for combat while Detect Alignment+Discern Lies are great for social situations+RP)

Looking into + looks cool, but haven’t played enough yet to make a judgment on: Arcanist, Dragon Disciple, Investigator, Kinetisist, Oracle

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My friends, it has often been said that I like Summoners.

My friends, I like Summoners... No, friends, I love Summoners! I love standard action Summon Monster. I love discounted spells. I love Eidolons. I love casting, controlling, I love dominating fights, and preventing TPKs.

Summoners built for supporting, for disabling, for melee, for mounted combat, for archery, for teamwork feats, on the sea, in the air, I love every build of Summoner that can occur upon Golarion.

I love shredding the enemy to ribbons with Syhthesist Summoners that carve across the lines of battle. My heart leaps with joy whenever a soldier is tossed high into the air and cut to pieces by viscous pounces. And there is nothing like a Summoner using a Celestial Dire Tiger to destroy enemy Demons. And the feeling that comes when a goblin runs screaming from his fallen worg only to be mowed down by the Eidolon's attacks of opportunity, is such an exquisite feeling.

I like when Master Summoners send ranks of conjured Lantern Archons, brandishing their greatswords rushing into the enemy line. It moves me deep within my heart to watch a fresh recruit level one Summoner casting over and over into the panicked ranks of a long-defeated enemy.

The idea of Protean Eidolons made viable by the Morphic Savant archetype is an irresistible pleasure. And there is nothing more delicious than the proc made by their chaotic summoning, monsters screeching in rage as they're so numerous they might as well be a swarm!

Major rant aside:
I really love the creative possibilities with Eidolons in the APG version, and even Unchained rules give you some wiggle room if you're willing to fight for it. Roleplaying the relationship between the two half-characters is really fun and if nothing else the Eidolon is an excellent conversation piece to kick off interaction between player characters at the table.

The only thing I would love more than the Summoner would be Final Fantasy's Blue Mages, but I doubt this system will ever see that class come to light in first or third party.

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But would you, in a box with a Fox?

Rogue (my first D&D character)
Ranger (I love wilderness warriors)
Druid (Nature spell, wildshape, and frog domain!)
Hunter (especially Feral cHunter)


Because bards.

And the sleeper-powerhouse Shaman.

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5. I love playing a preachy obnoxious Paladin.

4. Kineticist-I've only played them at very low level so far, but I am digging the class flavor.

3. Monks-since AD&D, monks have been a favorite class of mine.

2. Alchemists-I'm a big fan of just about any role, mad bomber, Jeckell and Hyde, you name it.

1. Sorcerer-just about any bloodline. Hands down my favorite class.

Really hard to pick, especially since some classes look intriguing but I have little to no experience actually playing them just yet. But for now, in no particular order of preference...

(1) Oracles - So much variety with what you can do thanks to the different mysteries, curses, and revelations.

(2) Alchemists - I absolutely love the concept of this class, even if I've not had a chance to play one yet.

(3) Inquisitors - Another class with a lot of options and flavor depending on your deity and what sort of party role you want to fill.

(4) Sorcerors - Similar to the oracle, there's a lot of flavor to be had depending on which bloodline you want.

(5) Summoners - It's all about the eidolon for me and I actually don't mind the changes made to the class via Unchained.

Of course given that I enjoy the above classes so much (or the idea of them), it follows that I'm also a fan of the Shaman and the Spiritualist...

My favourite class is probably the magister from Arcana Unearthed. A wizard who casts spontaneously with customizable spell access? Yes please.
My second favourite class is wizard, followed by erudite with the Spell to Power archetype.
My fourth is the Pathfinder witch.

Occultist, Investigator, Magus, Alchemist, and occasionally Eldritch Knight and/or Arcane Archer builds. Gishy Int-based "casters" with at least 3/4 BAB.

Hi, Morgan Champion. Nice avatar. ;)

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