Is this Wizard / Witch Hybrid Class Balanced?


Here's the idea:
-A basic wizard with access to the witch spell list in addition to the sorcerer/wizard spell list.
-Same BAB and Saves.
-Simple Weapons.
-No armor proficiencies.
-NO wizard or witch class features. Just the spells. No hexes, arcane bond, familiars, bonus feats, etc. Just spells and "dead levels".
-Skill list is all skills of both classes.

That's not a hybrid class, that's more of an archetype to get a slightly expanded spell list. What's more, its kinda the opposite of what every hybrid class goes for. Compare the shaman, the existing hybrid with full casting. A reduced spell list, not a combined one, and at least a dip into the class features of both sides. What you propose is actually more specialised and hyper-focused than the base classes, as opposed to something combining elements of both.

I'd check out similiar content:

* Some witch patrons: A few wizard spells for the witch, at the expense of not getting other spells
* Wizard 17 + witch 3: Level 2 witch spells, two hexes (qualifying for Extra Hex), at the expense of 3 CL and school power progression
* Mystic Theurge: Prestige class, advancing two caster classes at once, two own class features, at the expense of base classes' other features
* Variant Multiclassing: Getting a few basic features of the other class (mostly excluding spells), at the expense of 5 feats
* Unsanctified Knowledge: Paladin feat, adds a level 1 to 4 spell each to spell list, at the expense of a feat
* Favored Class Bonus (e.g. Human wizard): +1 known spell from regular spell list, 1 level below your highest, at the expense of hit / skill points
* Wands / rods etc.: Access to a few additional spells, at the expense of upgrading Use Magic Device and some money

My gut feeling is: Sacrifice two wizard class features for the improved potential spell list, e.g. arcane school and Scribe Scroll, and don't get any witch class features (beside the familiar). Combining both spell lists is not that powerful - it doesn't allow you to cast more per round or more per day. And the wizard spell list covers pretty much everything already.

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Thank you both for your feedback.

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Here is my version of your suggested archetype:
Mystic (Archetype)

Mystics are a breed apart among wizards, and are often mistaken for sorcerers, as they can learn spells without needing to add them to spell books. However,While Mystics do not need spell books, they still need to prepare spells as per any prepared caster.

Spell Memorization (Ex): When a Mystic learns a spell, he must memorize the new spell in a complex ritual.below). The mystic does not need a spell book, but instead stores and prepares his spell by spending the preparation time in a light trance. This ability replaces both arcane bond and the spell books class feature. Note: Spell Memorization does not remove the need to pay for the spell. Instead of using ink the mystic must spend an equal amount of gold pieces on rare incense.

Spell Swap (Ex): At 1st level, a Mystic may swap any prepared spell for another of the same level, provided the caster has all required spell components. This ability replaces Scribe Scroll.

Improved Spell Knowledge: A Mystic can select any spell from the witch spell list instead of the sorcerer/wizard spell list. This ability replaces bonus feats.

How is this?

I really dig it, Morgan Champion! Well done!

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