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I was really hoping that Paizo would avoid these rediculous Level-based DCs for things that should be easy. Why should putting out a fire or convincing a crowd to help be that much harder at level 17 than it is at level 1- especially when it's essentially the same exact people and the same exact tasks.

I will be using the DCs from book one.

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Here for questions and answers.

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The soft candlelight flickers over Imesah's face as she faces the group assembled before her. In it's waning glow, both kindness and concern reveal their presence on you're mentor's features. While some of you have met, and even worked together in the past, this is the first time the entirety of her menagerie has been gathered in one place. The weight of that fact weighs thickly in the air.

Imesah lets out a low, soft breath. "My friends, you have all proven yourself capable of more than I've dreamed. But I fear the time we've had for quiet contemplation and private studies is rapidly drawing to an end. I've no doubt you're up to the tasks ahead, yet readily admit my trepidation at putting you in such risk."

She pulls out a map of Magnimar. Laying down colored ribbons at various points, she continues. "The way I see it, the biggest threats to Magnimar are threefold. The Sczarni, The Nightscales, and the Skinsaw Men. The Gallowed are among the most violent of the Sczarni gangs, and they've a new leader pushing them to even more extreme means. The Nightscales have been stable for so long complacency with their presence is the biggest danger they present. The bloody Skinsaws are the deadliest, but also the best hidden threat."

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Aroden was only the first god to die….. Thus began the Age of Lost Magic.”

After the death of Aroden (and some say others), more than prophesy was lost to this World of Golarion. In 4625 AR, the gods sealed away the world from other planes, and left it adrift and abandoned, and bereft of the magic that helped define it. The elves, either sensing the impending doom, or perhaps tipped off in advance, fled once again to their own world. The gnomes, cut off from the leylines and any hope of the first world, almost entirely succumbed to despair and the bleaching. Worldwide panic, death, and disaster followed. The world became grimmer, darker.

This campaign is set in Magnimar, a darker, grittier Magnimar, where gangs vie for control of the Districts and a greedy mayor does his best to maintain profit and power while the city’s people suffer. It’s a city in need of heroes, even if they dare not show their faces.

This is a PF 2e Superhero campaign. While the world at large has little to no access to magic (No Bard, Cleric, Sorcerer, or Wizard classes or dedications allowed, no Ancestral or dedication abilities that give access to spellcasting or innate spellcasting or cantrips), the PCs will have been endowed with gifts from one of Magnimar’s 12 Monuments, These powers work essentially the same as spellcasting except where noted. Much like focus spells, Monument Powers are powered by a pool of points, automatically heightened, and recover over time. See Campaign tab for more details.

Characters will be created at 7th level, with the following restrictions:

Ancestry: Any, but may not gain access to any spells or cantrips through Ancestries or Ancestry Feats.
Background: Any not involving magic or magic academies
Class: Alchemist, Barbarian, Champion (see campaign tab for restrictions), Fighter, Monk (ki powers ok), Ranger, Rogue (no Minor Magic allowed)
Monument: see campaign tab

Wealth/Equipment: 720gp lump sum

Potency Runes are subsumed back into item quality; an expert crafter can make +1, master +2, and legendary +3 quality weapons or armor- cost remains same, and PCs may purchase whatever they can afford from “quality” Potency items.

Striking/Resilient: using a kind of Automatic Bonus Progression, PCs begin able to invest some of their personal power into a weapon to make it a striking weapon. Once PCs make 8th level, they will be able to do the same to make a set of armor resilient. Changing which weapon or armor gains this benefit is a 2 action activity.

Each Monument has an affiliated Property Rune and a PC can spend a Power Point to emblazon this Rune on an appropriate weapon or armor as a 3 action activity. Emblazoning the rune on a different item causes the rune to disappear from the previously imbued armor or weapon.

Other than that, no magic items, so Batman it up on alchemical and standard gear.

Campaign Assumptions

This is a “super-heroic” game, in which the PCs belongs to a secret society which has discovered that not all magic has left Golarion, and that somehow Magnimar’s Monuments seem to have become a storehouse for whatever magic remains in the city. The campaign features gang warfare, mystery cults, and overarching plots of protecting Magnimar’s Citizens and discovering the secrets of the monuments and their potential. This campaign will feature enemies that are mostly humanoid and mostly larger groups of lower level threats, with appropriately harder boss fights. Combat will be used to show the “badassery” of the PCs and push the storyline forward. Boss fights should require an additional push of teamwork and chutzpah. It will take place entirely in and around Magnimar.
I will be looking for at least one significant post per weekday, with notification of absences in advance as per standard courtesy. I would prefer players who are strongly motivated to explore their characters as we go, and be involved in the campaign’s mysteries.


Ironbriar looked over the potential recruits. Most of his kindred had fled through the aiudara almost a century ago. Living without access to his dark lord’s whispers, without the certainty they provided was almost as painful as living without the blessings they once bestowed. Still, without the risk of some errant diviner seeing into his soul, he had need only rely on the carefully crafted persona of the right honorable iron fisted judge to disguise his nocturnal ambitions. Tonight, one of these recruits would become one of the Skinsaw. The others would perish, a thought that filled the forlorn elf’s heart with warmth.

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I have not been receiving the PFS scenarios as I should be since the start of P2.
Thank you for looking into this.

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Twelve years ago, five children were kidnapped by the Truescale Kobold Tribe of Droskar’s Keep. They were….

THE CHILDREN (ripped straight from the pages of Crown of the Kobold King):
Kimi Eavewalker: Daughter of the famed elven ranger Idris and a beautiful seamstress named Kitani, Kimi has not seen her father in two years. The ranger is constantly away adventuring and tracking down relics for a mysterious patron. Kimi idolizes her dad and has grown into a fearless tomboy chomping at the bit to follow in her father’s adventurous footsteps as soon as she is old enough to wield a sword. Kimi is the protector of this band of friends, often scrapping with boys twice her age who try to bully the others. She usually wins these bouts, and many of the town’s children are afraid of her.

Hollin Hebbradan: Hollin is a freckly faced ten-year-old boy missing his two front teeth (from a bad spill off the waterwheel at the old mill). Hollin’s mother died in childbirth and his father was savaged by an owlbear two years ago. Now Hollin’s older sister, a beautiful young red-haired woman named Ralla, looks after him. The two have struggled to make ends meet and rumor has it Ralla works in one of the pleasure dens on Mud Street to keep food on the table. Hollin is a skilled woodcarver and he manages to earn a few copper pieces hawking his statuettes. The boy’s only aspiration
is to grow up faster and work the cutyards so his sister won’t have to set foot in a brothel ever again.

Mikra Jabbs:: The thirteen-year-old son of the town butcher, Colbrin Jabbs, Mikra’s difficult birth resulted in several mental deficiencies. He cannot read, is easily confused, and believes almost everything he is told. Mikra is well liked by everyone. While not incredibly bright, the boy possesses limitless kindness and his bright smile wins the hearts of almost anyone who meets him. Though the oldest of the bunch, Mikra is looked after by the others.

Jurin Kreed: Son of the wealthiest, most powerful, and evilest man in Falcon’s Hollow, Jurin Kreed is a boy of eleven torn between his family and friends. In public, Jurin behaves insufferably, snarling at the other children and threatening to have his dad’s bodyguards beat them if they don’t do everything he says. People wonder why the other children don’t simply avoid the spoiled bully, but Colbrin Jabbs knows the boy has a good heart deep down, and in private would do anything to help his friends. Jurin spends many hours at the Jabbs’s house reading to his son Mikra in the afternoons.

Savram Vade: Son of the mysterious wizard Sharvaros, Savram is a quiet, withdrawn nine-year-old boy, whose bright eyes betray intelligence far beyond his years. When he is old enough he will no doubt follow his father into the cryptic life of a wizard.

Helped by a captive halfling and elf, the children were subsequently split up and some recaptured. While Kimi and the halfling desperate fought off kobolds in an attempt to protect Mikra and Savram, Jurin, Hollin, and the elf were dragged off to face horrors of their own. Travelling heroes found the larger group and moved forward to recue those separated. Jurin had been given to an undead dwarven horror intent on stealing and sealing is soul within its chain, while Hollin was forced to witness the “practice run” of a ritual meant for him; the elf’s heart was ripped out by a sacrificial dagger in front of his eyes.

Rescued and with life returning to some semblance of normality (despite some of the dead in town rising and attacking other townsfolk), the children were happy to get the gang back together and visit the local fall carnival. Naturally, that put them smack in the middle of a Irissen-inspired invasion of fey. The twisted carnival further marked the children, leaving mental scars that still linger to tis day. The fallout between two ex-lovers further changed Jurin’s world, as the soul-restored but bitter and angry Tessa Kelrand pursued a relationship with his father- one that resulted in a new, cruel step-mother for the unfortunate whelp. The jilted half-elf Namdrin Quinn left his ruined carnival with a shattered heart and need that led him down a sinister criminal path and covert warfare against the Kreeds.

Now, over a decade later, these five children have grown into full adults, and find themselves reunited once again, this time for the funeral of Thuldrin and Tessa Kreed- murdered at long last by Namdrin Quin, whose life was taken in turn by Payden “Pay Day" Teedum. There to support their childhood friend much more than any sense of personal loss at the death of the evil town leaders, the band is about to find some horrors refuse to stay buried in the past….

This PF2E recruitment has a bit of a twist: potential players will pick one of the five children and create a first level PF2 character as an adult version of that person. Candidates should post their character submissions with all crunch laid out and a bit of story as to how the character was affected and what they have been up to lately.

Additionally, each of the former children gain bonus Feats as follows. They do not need to meet the requirements for the bonus Dedication feats gained at first level.

Kimi: may select from the Barbarian or Champion Dedication Feats.
Hollin: may select from the Rogue or Sorcerer Dedication Feats. Hollin starts with 10gp instead of 15.
Mikra: may select from the Druid or Ranger Dedication Feats. Mikra must use the voluntary flaws option to reduce Int and Wis although he can use other boosts to raise them after this to represent his growth with his friends' help; if he takes the Druid dedication, he gains a free boost to his Wisdom.
Jurin: may select from the Fighter or Monk Dedication Feats. Jurin starts with 30gp instead of 15.
Savram: may select from the Alchemist or Wizard Dedication Feats.

At fourth level and every even level thereafter, they gain an additional bonus Archetype feat, subject to the normal restrictions and prerequisites.

This is expected to be a pretty roleplay-heavy game, probably a 60/70-40/30 RP/Combat mix.

Player posting expected once or more per weekday and GM posting at a similar clip.

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Now that my late Aug package has been processed, I need to cancel some of my subscriptions starting next month.

Please Cancel:

Starfinder Roleplaying Game
Starfinder Adventure Path
Starfinder Maps
Starfinder Accessories
Starfinder Society
Pathfinder Accessories

Thank you.


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Welcome to this thread, intended to be a happy place to come when all the negativity in other threads has got you down.

Please only post happy thoughts about 2E here. You have the rest of these boards to air your complaints/suggestions/contrary positions.

My happy thought of the day.

My wife has said and I quote "This is the first time in over 20 years of gaming that I have enjoyed making a character."

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Drink, carous, brag, and find partners here.

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Alrighty, time to see how ast this dune buggy can go.

What you give: A fully statted 20th level 2E character, using the format on the campaign tab. A backstory including the elements of your ABCs. At least one significant post every weekday(M-F).

What you get: A GM who will make at least one significant post every weekday and most often more than one. A challenging encounter in a party-selected arena.

Where you start: Once you have a completed character, drop on by in alias to The Champion's Alehouse where you'll meet like-minded allies who just want to fight for glory in the arena.

What you do: Role-Play with the other Champions in the Alehouse and see if you can't parley your way into a group. Once you've got a four-member group, pick your arena and get ready for battle.

What the heck????!?? Ok, so, the idea here is that you will make 20th level 2E characters, role-play them in the Champion's Alehouse thread (available by invite once your character is done to my specifications and reviewed), and try to find other people who want to face the arena with your PC. At the very least, you'll have some chances to RP high level PCs.
If we can get 4 people who agree to play together there, they can pick out one of the available arenas to face their encounter in. PCs will be facing an Extreme Threat Encounter with all their resources available in a challenging environment.

I will either run this for the first three groups to get together or run an arena for the first two groups and then run a third one for PvP action if we have less recruits. I will likely stagger the start of each arena by a week to make sure we have things rolling in one before starting another. If we do the PvP, it will be after the other arena runs and people will have the opportunity to visit the Alehouse and retrain and also possibly switch partners among the other team.

I will be adding stuff to the campaign tab today and maybe tomorrow.

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Voss wrote:
Lucas Yew wrote:
Yes, judging by the Athletics sample, the DC problem was quite well salvaged! (dances)

Is it though? Proficiency incrementing by two for each tier while DC increments by 5 twice and 10 twice seems... mathematically problematic.

Especially when you consider if the stat involved is or isn't maxed out (for example, sorcerers will *never* have their arcane/divine/primal skill maxed out, so will always effectively be at -1 or higher on any check), and that at the level you get to the proficiency tier, each party member will have exactly one skill of that tier.


But let's show some work and look at the level you get each tier, assuming a maxed stat (level+ proficiency bonus + stat) (using the playtest numbers for when you get access to proficiency tiers)

Trained, level 1: (1+2+4)=+7 vs a DC of 15. 8+, or 65% chance of success. Fine.
And as you level this DC is completely irrelevant shockingly fast.

Expert, level 3: (3+4+4)=+11 vs a DC of 20. 9+, of 60% chance of success. Not bad...
But you're going to start seeing non-specialized characters at this level, as people go for locked skill feats or skills they feel are appropriate to their character. In particular sorcerers, rangers (survival and athletics come to mind) and others who want skills that don't match their class bonus are going to struggle a bit more.

Master, level 7: (7+6+4)=+17 vs a DC of 30. 13+, or 40% chance of success. Ouch.
That took a sudden turn, didn't it? Not even coin flip territory anymore, and non-specialists can drop down to 30% or even below!

Legendary, level 15: (15+8+5!)=+28 vs DC 40. 12+, or 45% chance.

The stat bump back at level 10 (or 15) really helped, as did the level requirement, and a stat item is also possible at this level, so you can drag your specialist up to 50% chance at a tier appropriate challenge. Non specialists will fall off, however, as dragging off-stats beyond 18 is questionable.

Master ironically seems like the real problem level, where you're significantly losing ground for gaining skill- it will take you three levels (to 10th, +3 and a stat bump) to get back the chance of success you had as a newly minted expert. Against tier appropriate challenges, I mean- obviously expert checks will now be completely, utterly trivial (3+).
The big problem with Master proficiency is its so close to expert (4 levels) and you still haven't gotten to the point where you can get a stat to 20. Attaining legendary requires 8 levels, adds the +2 and gets the stat bonus. So legend is adding +11 vs a DC increase of 10, rather than Master's +6 (4 levels and 2 from proficiency). There just aren't any optimization tricks you can apply: you've gained 4 points less than the DC increase, the end.
Not having the relevant stat maxed is a big deal in all cases.
So it isn't terrible, except for mastery. And the only solution is to grind out more levels with the knowledge that any Master based skill challenges put you at a significant disadvantage until level 10. And the DM will _want_ to throw Master checks at you- you'll be passing Expert checks on a 3+. 3+ vs 13+ is a big gap.

Part of the formulae for DCs, however is that you're adding your level, so yes, the first level where you gain access to doing Master level stuff is 7th, but it goes all the way to 14th before you're getting regular access to Legendary difficulties.

At level 14, with your math and not including any additional bonuses, you have 14+6+4 or +24 succeeding on a 6 or better (likely even better with your attribute bump at 10th.

With the increase of 5% chance per level, I'd say it looks like a pretty sweet spot of challenging across multiple levels. I'd expect during these levels, you'd be facing maybe 10% expert DCs, maybe 80% Master and 10% Legendary.

I think we may need to take a look at how a mid-way through the expected levels at a given proficiency expectation do vs. these numbers.

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Apply this resin to my wagon.

Paint this fence.

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How'd you get Keanu Reeves to be in your commercial?

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Recruiting for Converted “The Whispering Cairn”, potentially leading into the rest of the Age of Worms Adventure Path

Seeking 3-6 Players

The Whispering Cairn, written by Erik Mona, kicked off the Age of Worms in Dungeon Magazine #124. Along with its accompanying article on Diamond Lake in the same issue, this amazing adventure sends a group of novice explorers into a trap and monster filled crypt built by an ancient society and continues with a local mystery, thus involving the core high fantasy concepts of Combat-, Magic-, Prowess-, and Social -based encounters.

This adventure has been converted and altered for play with the Factor12 High Fantasy Role-Playing Game utilizing Fantasy Grounds VTT and Discord.

Factor12 is a High Fantasy Role-Playing Game currently in an early playtest phase. Converting the Whispering Cairn gives me an opportunity to illustrate and hone differences between the game and other Fantasy RPGS that have come before while testing mathematical, social, and gameplay experience expectations.

The Factor12 ruleset playtest version1.1 is available for free here.

I have the ultimate license for Fantasy Grounds, so players need only the demo version.

The Discord channel for both playtest feedback and (with separate sub-channel) the game is linked here.

I will be utilizing the MoreCore ruleset for Fantasy Grounds, utilizing the information I’ve loaded into the module here for character sheet and ability management. Note this module includes story templates designed for quick generation of semi-randomized characters. I’d prefer people make characters of their own, but this tool is there to help with inspiration.

Game will be run weekly from 7pm to 10 pm EST on a night determined by best availability of players. The initial game should take 4-6 sessions and may be expanded into a full run of the Age of Worms adventure path depending on interest and availability.

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Factor12 is homebrew high fantasy RPG currently in the playtest phase. Set in the world of Aerde, where an omnipresent energy source called the Nexus flows, Factor12 brings new twists to the fantasy genre of games.

Some of the game’s highlights:

1) Competency & Competency Dice: Most actions in Factor12 are resolved by a Skill Roll utilizing one of twelve Skills. Each Skill is assigned a Competency, which gives a static bonus as well as assigning a Competency Die. Whenever you roll a Skill Roll in Factor12, you roll 2d12 plus your Skill Total against a Difficulty Rating (DR). Competency Dice some in under four circumstances: (a) the acting creature spends a Nexus Point to roll it, (b) the acting creature has an ability to roll it without spending a Nexus Point under the circumstances of the Skill Roll, (c) in the case of a possible Deuce (fumble), or (d) when scoring an Ace (2 12’s on the 2d12). In the case of (a) or (b), the Competency Die may be substituted for one of the 2d12; the roller takes the highest two dice. In the case of a potential Deuce, the roller rolls the Competency Die and only fumbles if the die also rolls a 1. In the final case, an Ace, the Competency Die is added to the 24 and Skill Total. The result is that a creature with a higher Competency in a Skill fumbles less, gets better criticals, and can keep his dice rolls more consistent when it matters most.

2) Choices: Just in building a PC, players choose Species, Culture, Traits, Archetypes, Talents, Competencies, Skill Ranks, Signs, and Loci. With millions of possible combinations, building a character that piques your interests and is different from others you’ve played is easy and fun. More than that, however, the game attempt to avoid trap choices by making Talents and Loci scale up with your character; there are no “trees” of choices pigeonholing your choices. Factor12 wants players to make choices after the characters are created too, offering a variety of tactical options that matter.

3) Modularity: In making the choices during character creation, you are able to pull together a number of different resources in building your character without sacrificing usefulness in a variety of roles. Anyone can be the group’s healer, regardless of Archetype choice, for example. Any PC can be decent at fighting, talking, exploring, or using Nexus for magic. What if I want to suck at something? Yeah, that concept is possible too, even at high levels. Advancements also take place modularly, with new abilities coming in bite sized pieces and Levels coming every few Advancements. Adding a new Locus or Talent brings that ability in at a Level-appropriate version that allows you to be awesome at what you want to be awesome doing. Loci scale in cost with power level and Talents which allow you to make Loci more useful or powerful scale both in cost and power level with the character’s growth.

4) Universality and Consistency: Nexus Points universally power abilities requiring tracking. They’re designed to recover at a decent enough rate to avoid the 10 minute workday but limited enough to avoid the Nova every fight syndrome. Competencies, Talents, Skills, and Loci are designed to scale at appropriate times during character progression on a consistent and balanced basis. Attack and Defense scale with Skill level, and Damage never gets too far out of hand.

5) Taking the magic out of shops and putting it back into the hands of the adventurers. With the Nexus prevailing in different ways in different creatures, skilled adventurers are able to recover components of the creatures they face to create their own unique magic items. Gold, gems, and other treasures are there to hire your followers, invest in new gear, spread your fame, and build your strongholds.

Link to playtest version 1.1

Discord discussion link

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I have heard there was an issue getting set up for selling product at Origins, but didn't get any details. Looking at my account, I see I have not received any store credit for the sessions I ran. I can see how if this was all tech issues how the two might be related. If so, or if there is another issue causing widespread delay of the store credit which hasn't been sent out in an email to the Origins DM Team, could someone with knowledge of ETA on a fix please respond here.

If this is a "just me" issue, could someone move this thread to Customer Service and I'll wait there for a response.


-Stratton Liberty

PS-I had a blast running demos all weekend(even if it wiped me out), and received tons of positive feedback from my players, I hope I made a few converts (pretty sure I did.) If any of my new players are out there, welcome abaord!

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This order is still pending. I understand from the May shipping thread that should not be the case.

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Should have looked at shipping before hitting finalize.


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Bits and pieces and bits. Explains why Jason wasn't more involved in Starfinder's rollout.

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FG License: Ultimate, Players need only updated demo
Time Zone: Eastern (UTC-4)
Day, Frequency, and Time: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday Weekly (3 out of 4 weeks roughly), 6:30 PM until roughly 9:30 PM
Term: Long Term
Voice/Text: Text Only
Game System: Pathfinder (see Below)
Game System Experience: GMing Pathfinder since Paizo’s Alpha Playtest, basic understanding of Pathfinder system is all I require of players
Fantasy Grounds Experience: Moderate, maybe 2 years. Players should have passing familiarity with FG

About me: I have been a GM for going on 30 years, enjoy roleplaying and action in a good mix. Choosing to go text only to cut help intensify the roleplaying aspects. I’m looking to run one of the campaigns that FG has loaded into officially for Pathfinder. I am running Kingmaker on Thursdays, so looking at one of the others.
Choices for campaigns include: Rise of the Runelords, Strange Aeons, Mummy’s Mask, Carrion Crown, Hell’s Rebels, or Curse of the Crimson Throne.

I’d like to restrict the PCs to using official sources as well, so only Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, and Ultimate Magic for classes, feats, traits (except campaign traits), equipment, spells, etc. PC races from Bestiaries 2 and 4 have also been loaded in, so those will be ok too.

Fantasy Grounds Thread

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So, I'm thinking of running a game on Fantasy Grounds using a limited amount of resources and incorporating a modified version of "E6" which uses Mythic for advancement beyond 6th level. But before I begin that campaign, I want to see how tough the characters will grow to be.

To that end, I'm looking to run a short play by post game with PCs at the highest end of what I'm looking to run, against some high EL encounters to test how broken PCs can get under the following system/restrictions.

PCs built with 20 Point buy
Max HP per level
6th Level
Mythic Tier 10
WBL equivalent to 16th level (325,000 gp) crafting costs 75% of market cost in wbl, max of 200,000 gp in crafted goods per character, crafters may use feats to have crafted for anyone in the party (but you must have all prerequisites for each item.)

The PCs may only use the following as sources for races, classes, feats, archetypes, etc. Nothing on the sheet may be from any other source: Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's Guide, Ultimate Magic, Mythic Adventures with the exception that PC races from Bestiary 2 and 4 are allowed (the races as statted for players in those sources only; no variant racial traits.)

I would be looking for 4 players, and would be pitting them in "arena"style combats against reskinned big bads from a few APs or other high EL encounters -- probably 2-4 combats at most.

Any interest?

[Edit: I should note that I do not consider the Undetectable Legendary Item ability to protect against senses, just divination magic, as I know using it as complete protection is a common tactic.)

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I had a thought: what if pure martials/skill monkeys went on fast xp track, half casters/hybrids on medium, and full casters on slow? Harkening back to AD&D style xp. Now how to deal w/ multiclass?

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Generated a new sync code which is not recognized at Smiteworks after trying and trying to get the old one to auth/sync in CotCT, KM 5, MM 1

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This is a recruiting thread for a short-term Starfinder pbp game to take place after gen con. The recruitment will run through Aug 22nd, and gameplay will begin Aug 25th. 4-6 PCs will be accepted.

The PCs will be agents of the Azlanti Star Empire tasked with testing out a new prototype ship- using its experimental drive to enter Pact World space, engage in a series of battles with the Stewards, and kidnapping a member of each of the Pact World's major races (ie the Core Races) for study.

Character Creation:

Races: Azlanti Human (All Stats start at 12 instead of 10, medium size, bonus feat), Second-Class Race (we don't have these: you may use the ARG to create a 15 RP race), or Android Slave.

Classes: Starfinder Core only

Starting Level: 6th. Characters are unlikely to level during game.

WBL: 15,000, no more than 7000 on any one item.

Special: Aeon Stones may be imbedded rather than free floating.

Attributes: standard SF 10 point buy, no beginning Attribute above 18 @ first level, normal progression after that.

Alignment: LN, N, LE, NE

Background: keep it to 1-3 paragraphs

Personality/Appearance: Three physical characteristics, three mental characteristics, and two quirks minimum.

Ship Role: What role would your character be best at? What ones should she avoid unless the ship was going to blow up anyway?

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Sovyrian Must Die!

What's the next line of the scrall?

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In this thread, myself and three other people (two others from the Demo Team for Gen Con and one Starfinder Gen Con GM) have reported that we have yet to receive the NDA and corresponding pdf of the rules in order to be able to do the jobs we volunteered for 20 days from now.

Most of the other GMs running Starfinder for Gen Con received these documents almost two weeks ago. I reported the issue for myself with the Gen Con Leads via email on July 18th, and did not receive a response. I opened the thread linked above a few days later, in an effort to bring it to the Gen Con staff's attention another way. Two days after that, Thursty responded in the thread, and contacted Tonya, who was at PaizoCon UK, understandably busy.

It's now 5 days later, which I would think would be plenty of time to access electronic documents and send a few emails. I know the entire team is extremely busy and I realize that it is Paizo's generosity which gives us early access to the rules in the first place. However, as members of the Demo Team we are expected to demonstrate and talk about these rules with hundreds of people over the weekend. Having enough time to understand them and being able to answer these rules and questions that arise about them will be a critical part of any success at Gen Con for the Demo Team.

In the effort of making the show as big a success as I can, I am asking for some help in getting those NDAs and Pdfs out to the people who have reported the issue in that thread.

Thank you guys for all that you do, Paizo is awesome and we want to do a job that reflects that awesomeness.

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Hiya GenCon Leads and Team Members.

It seems "Mid-July" is turning into "late July" for some of the Starfinder Demo GMs (myself and Kate Baker that I know of.)

A few days ago, I sent an email to the gencon leads address, in case I was accidently dropped off the list. Then I posted a few "stress relief" inquiries/posts in the GM schedule thread to make sure I didn't go too crazy whilst waiting.

I haven't heard back from the leads, have not been sent an NDA, and haven't seen the rules I'm supposed to be demoing in a few short weeks (really short for me since I work a 50+ hour a week job.)

I'm not angry and I'm trying very hard to be patient, but, knowing that the team is very busy with hundreds of balls up in the air, I thought I'd post here asking that, if I was lost in the shuffle, the situation get addressed.

Meanwhile, if anyone else out there also feels like they may have been missed, maybe this could act as a gathering place for letting the leads know.

If this is inappropriate in any way, I apologize.

-Stratton Liberty aka Reckless

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15.39 for a 1 lb package containing 1 AP installment at 17.49? Methinks the estimate might have included everything removed from the order?

Sovereign Court

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Good to see Paths of the Righteous getting some attention for Society. ^_^

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Veneration given its due.

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“The land rush is on! Sent south by Brevoy, the heroes have the unenviable task of venturing into the infamous Stolen Lands and annexing the territory, facing down monsters, bandits, and worse. It's hard enough to conquer territory—but does a ragtag band of adventures have what it takes to found and defend a burgeoning kingdom from the terrors of the wild?
The Kingmaker Adventure Path takes the heroes from encounters with mysterious bandit lords and barbaric raiders through the trials and tribulations of developing and defending their new settlement in the notoriously lawless River Kingdoms. Yet when war comes to the Stolen Lands in earnest, it's up the heroes to take up a mystical blade and stand tall against the horrors of man, beast, and strange creatures more dangerous than either...”

GM: Stratton Liberty aka DMReckless (Fantasy Grounds License: Ultimate)

Players: Open recruitment for 4-6 PCs. To be considered, PCs must adhere to the Character Construction Guidelines below. Since the GM has Ultimate License, Players are not required to have Fantasy Ground License, but must download and install demo version.

Recruitment: Now through May 25th. Selections will be announced by the 27th.

Gameplay: Thursdays 6:30-9:30pm Eastern ST (some flexibility on starting time, ending is pretty hard set; have work early morning Fridays.) with a planned starting date of June 1st. This is a long-term campaign.

Game System: Pathfinder Official Releases

Campaign: Kingmaker Adventure Path

Player’s Guide: Link

Combat/Social: 40/60-ish Looking for players who enjoy intraparty interactions and can role-play amongst each other. This is also a very Sandbox and political campaign with lots of opportunities for players to craft their own subplots, diplomacy, negotiation, and even monologuing. If people wish to interact and/or collaborate in the recruiting thread, this will be looked upon as a positive sign during recruitment.

Materials: I will be using the officially released version of the Pathfinder Rules, including the campaign. Additionally, I will be supplementing with material from Legendary Games’ Cold Mountain and Horns of the Hunted. I plan on crafting some homebrew to interact with the plots and plans instigated by the players, as I want this to be a very “Sandboxy” game. That said, I wil also be using random encounters in the wilderness and knowing when to run could be a vital survival skill.

Fantasy Grounds (loud bard epic gate), Discord Channel Will consider teamspeak, skype or no-voice/chat only if there are stronger preferences among players.

Because there’s Kingdoms to conquer and brand new licenses to celebrate!

Plus, there’s a Kraken in them thar hills! (inside joke)

Character Construction:
This is kind of a celebration of the new licenses, so we are going to stick with what can be built with those vehicles.

Sources allowed: Core Rule Book, Advanced Players Guide, Kingmaker Player’s Guide. If it’s not in one of these books, you can’t use it to build your character. We will be using Hero Points and Traits from these sources. As Smiteworks adds more official content, I’ll be opening the campaign to those sources as well.

Attributes: Going Old School on attributes.15 point buy, no attribute below 8 after racial adjustments. Alternatively, you can roll 4d6-Lowest in order (first roll assigned to STR, next to DEX, etc.) (minimum point buy 20 for this method or reroll until you get at least a 20 point buy.) These rolls to be made in this recruitment thread.

Alignments: LG,NG, CG, or LN

Hit Points: Max at 1st, rolled with a minimum of ½ HD (3 on d6, 4 on d8, 5 on d10 6 on d12) after that.

Feats: At 3rd level and every 3 levels thereafter, PCs will gain a bonus Teamwork Feat. The one requirement is that at least 2 PCs must choose each Teamwork Feat gained. (For example, in a group of 6 PCs, 4 could go with 1 Feat and the other 2 with a different one.)

Additionally, every PC may choose 1 Feats at first level from among the following as a Bonus Feat (they must meet the prequisites): Arcane Talent, Breadth of Experience, Childlike, Deepsight, Deft Hands, Eagle Eyes, Eclectic, Elven Accuracy*, Fight On, Fleet, Great Fortitude, Improved Stonecunning, Iron Will, Ironguts, Ironhide, Keen Scent, Leaf Singer, Lightning Reflexes, Low Profile*, Lucky Halfling, Razortusk, Shared Insight, Sharp Senses, Steel Soul, Stone-Faced, Stone Singer, Well-Prepared.

Characters also gain one of the following Feats at first level: Acrobatic, Alertness, Athletic, Deceitful, Magical Aptitude, Persuasive, Self-Sufficient, Sociable, Stealthy. The skills associated with these Feats become Class Skills for the PC and she gains a free Rank in each of these skills each level.

Traits: Choose 1 campaign trait and 1 trait from the APG. These traits should be incorporated into the PC’s background story

Background: Write a 2+ paragraph of your character’s background. Use the Player’s Guide as a reference for this; anything you put into your background will probably be used as seeds for future plot points.

Personality: Describe three or more characterizing features of your character: at least a motivation, a quirk, and a weakness.
Appearance: Link a pic that can be used as a portrait/token for your character

Desired Kingdom Role: As we will be using Kingdom Building Rules (see the Player’s Guide) for this campaign, what Kingdom Role do you see your PC fulfilling?

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Initially for rolling, then for journals.

Sample roll:

STR 4d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 5, 5) = 18 14

DEX 4d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 4, 5) = 15 12

CON 4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 5, 1) = 15 12

INT 4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 1, 6) = 17 14

WIS 4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 5, 6) = 17 16

CHA 4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 6, 2) = 10 11

This set would be kept, since it works out to a 25 point buy.

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Sounds exciting!

Also, 5th and 6th paragraph are the almost the same/repeated.

EDIT:Oh, Irony, you cruel mistress.

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So excited!

Will these be up soon here on the Paizo store (with the discount for already owning the pdf)?

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Male Human (Extraplanaer Subtype) Expert 10


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Male Human (Extraplanaer Subtype) Expert 10

Atop a cloud floating in a lake of fire stands a silver citadel at the heart of a city carved from a glacier. At the apex of the citadel, the mighty meet to ascend the steps leading into the heavens.

From here, you enter the Mindscape of the Dreaming Dark, and begin an epic trial to appease the honor of the God. For you are the Chosen, the Icons of the Gods, and if you are worthy, you will succeed.

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This is the recruitment thread for Icons of the Gods

The Celestial Hosts sing the praises of the Gods! The Millennial Contest of Divine Icons is once more upon us! Pray, witness the prowess and bravery of the Gods’ Chosen as they enter the Mindscape of the Dreaming Dark and do battle with the Mythical Guardians. All who enter have been chosen to represent the mortal followers of their Deity as an Icon. The Gods have poured their blessings upon these mortals, but yet mortal they remain. Find out who survives and whose souls will pass on to the Boneyard for judgement.

Icons of the Gods is a dungeon-crawly, short-term campaign designed to last 3-4 months of play by post.
I am looking for up to 6 brave representatives of the Gods to test themselves- body, mind, and spirit- against the perils of the Mindscape of the Dreaming Dark.

PCs must be constructed with the following rules/guidelines:
Only the Core Rule Book]/b] and [b]Mythic Adventures as sourcebooks*(*Exception: each Character gains the Divine Herald Mythic Path Ability (From Divine Origins) for free, and must venerate the Deity granting it. The PCs, as Icons, have chosen their God and been Chosen in return.)
Gestalt, Level 9
Mythic Tier 3
Straight 15s before Racial Adjustments
Max HPs 1st lvl, 3/4 after that (d10s are 7.5, 7 at 2nd, 8 at 3rd, etc.)
75,000 gp

Crafting Feats provide 5000 gp (retail value) in crafted goods, for example, if you take craft wands, you get 5000 gp that may only be spent on wands (you could have over 5000 gp worth of wands by spending some of your other starting wealth.) They Mythic Path Ability which grants the ability to craft any magic items as if you had the proper Feats gives you 10000 gp worth of anything. An Upgradable Legendary Item may have its plus increased from +1 (up to +5) or be improved from a lesser version to a greater version for the base cost plus half the cost of the upgrade. Additional improvements of Legendary Items beyond these two specific cases are done at full price. If you go this route, you’ll need to show your math.
You may take a Prestige Class as half of the gestalt, BAB and saves still take the better of the two options (if the Prestige Class increases the character's BAB or Saving Throw and the other side does not, you get the increase.) However, I'm changing a few Prestige Requirements.
Arcane Trickster Spells must be able to cast mage hand and at least one arcane spell of 3rd level or higher
Mystic Theurge Spells must be able to cast 3rd level divine spells and 3rd level arcane spells.
No Traits

Characters should have a background which includes how they came by their faith and a few of the deeds that brought them to the attention of their sponsoring Deity.
Characters should also have a physical and social description.
And to borrow from Deadlands, you should list one thing your character is afraid of. Nothing to worry about, right?

Recruitment will go through March 15th, and the Chosen will be announced by St Patty’s Day.

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This is an interest check to see if people would be interested in a short-term campaign using ONLY the Core Rule Book and Mythic Adventures to create characters.

The creation guidelines would be

Core Rulebook and Mythic Adventures are the only sourcebooks allowed
Straight 15s before racial adjustments
Gestalt Characters Level 9
3rd Tier Mythic
Max HPs 1st lvl, 3/4 after that
75,000 gp
Crafting Feats provide 5000 gp (retail value) in crafted goods, for example, if you take craft wands, you get 5000 gp that may only be spent on wands (you could have over 5000 gp worth of wands by spending some of your other starting wealth.)

The game would be an arena/dungeon-crawl game facing some very tough mythic creatures. I would expect gameplay to last about three to four months to get through things.

I am thinking of one of three themes/house rule variants:

A) Avatars of Adventure

In this variant, the PCs are Avatars of the players: You've been transported to a virtual reality simulator where you can design your own hero and test yourself and your build through the dungeon. Your Avatar may possess skills and powers you can only dream of, but they have your knowledge and personality as you're inhabiting them in the VR world. Knowledge Skills are eliminated in this Variant, and rather than give a PC background, just tell me a bit about yourself.

B) Icons of the Gods

In this variant, the PCs are the Chosen of the Gods, participating in a contest of champions against other teams to the Glory of their sponsors.
PCs gain the Mortal Herald universal path ability as a free bonus path ability, must worship a specific Deity, and are the chosen of that god. PC backgrounds should include how the PC came to be chosen by the god and a few legendary deeds the PC has completed.

C) Architects of Evil

In this variant, all of the PCs are evil and each is seeking the chance to become a demon lord. The PCs enter the arena knowing they must cooperate to defeat it's challenges, but ultimately knowing that only one of them will emerge victorious. The game will have a specific point where PvP will become acceptable and expected. Each PC should have a prevalent Sin for which they are known, and be able to collect items related to their particular Sin during the game which should help them once the PvP begins.

If you are interested, please note which of the three themes interests you most, and your interest level in the other two.

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The pdf for Tome of Beasts is listed on sale at 17,99 but showed as 29.99 for this order.


I needed to get the book tonight, and I figured customer service wouldn't be around until the offices open back up, so I proceeded with the purchase. I'm hoping I can get a refund of the difference once someone is back at the helm.

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This thread is intended to recruit 4-5 players for a weekly game to play through the Curse of the Crimson Throne Hardcover Adventure Path utilizing Fantasy Grounds VTT and Skype voice chat/group call. I have the Ultimate License for Fantasy Grounds, so players only need the Demo version or better.

The Game will run from 6PM until approximately 9:30 PM on Saturday nights.

Before submitting a character please download and read the Original Player’s Guide.

Characters start at level 1.

Races allowed: Core Rule Book races (with alternate racial traits allowed, plus see spoiler below) or Tiefling (alternate heritages and alternate racial traits allowed.)

Modifications to Core Rulebook Races:

Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, and Half-Elves may add one alternate Racial Trait which would normally replace one Racial Trait without replacing the original.
Half-Orcs, Halflings, and Humans may add one alternate Racial Trait which would normally replace two Racial Traits, or two Racial Traits which would each replace a Racial Trait, without replacing the originals.

Classes Allowed: Aegis *UP, Alchemist, Bard, Brawler, Cleric, Fighter*, Inquisitor, Investigator, Kineticist, Magus, Marksman *UP, Monk (Unchained), Oracle, Paladin, Psychic Warrior *UP, Rogue (Unchained), Slayer, Soulknife *UP, Stalker *POW, Sorcerer, Swashbuckler, Warder *POW, Warpriest, Wizard
*Fighters get 4 skill points per level and add Acrobatics, Heal, Perception, and Stealth to their list of class skills. They may choose either Iron Will or Lightning Reflexes as an extra bonus Feat at 1st Level. They gain free access to Combat Stamina from Unchained.
*POW Path of War
*UP Ultimate Psionics
Archetypes published by Paizo or Dreamscarred Press for any of the above classes are allowed following the normal restrictions

Attributes: Choose one of the following arrays and modify for race: 17/15/14/13/12/10 OR 16/15/15/12/12/12 OR 14/14/14/14/14/14

Starting Wealth: 100 gp

Max Hit Points at level one, ½ HD +1 thereafter

Traits: Pick one Combat, Faith, or Magic Trait, one Family, Racial, Regional (must be appropriate for Korvosa), or Social Trait, and one Campaign Trait. The fluff for these traits should be incorporated into your character’s background write-up. Alternatively, you may roll on Ultimate Campaign’s Background Charts here in this thread and pick three of the Traits granted by said random background rolls plus the Campaign Trait (utilizing this option, you must use the rolls to detail your character’s background.)

Additional Unchained Rules Used: Background Skills, Dynamic Magic Item Creation, Disease and Poison, Craft and Profession

Submissions should consist of full crunch, a background which includes expansion of Campaign and other Traits fully integrated, a cluster of motivational and personality descriptors, a physical description of the character and/or link to an image, and a quote similar to the ones in the above linked CotCT Player’s Guide about why your character loves Korvosa. Korvosa and its fate are integral to the Campaign, and its survival should be well integrated into your character’s motivating factors.

Submissions must be completed by Friday, January 13th. My selections will be announced by Monday January 16th, and play will begin Saturday January 24th.

This campaign uses the fast experience track for levelling.

Expect the Epic!

Grand Lodge

This is a recruitment thread for Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Diceless RPG

A free preview of the game's setting is available HERE

The Shadow War

You've only recently been exposed to your true potential as a Lord or Lady of Gossamer, the truth behind the worlds you were born into revealed and the true potential of the Eidolon or the Umbra glimpsed at as you peaked behind the curtains of reality.

Your exposure came from an unusual Patron. This man, Reevard (that's him fighting some undead on the upper right picture in the Gallery), spoke of ancient Great Lords and Ladies, often mockingly referring to them as The Grand Terrace Council. Even with his ironic sense of detachment to their affairs, he spoke with a sense of reverence when describing how these Lords and Ladies defeated the Dwimmerlaik and drove them to the Shadows Between Worlds.

Reevard wasn't the greatest Patron, certainly not all you could have wished for. Between his sarcasm and his wandering ways, you might not have been taught all you could have been. Stuff that might have come in real handy, now, for instance, when a strange calling has transported you all to a dark and desolate corner of the Grand Stair overlooking a tear in the Stair's Reality, a breach, an imposition of Shadow upon the Grand Stair, a gaping hole of pure Nothingness and Unreality.

You might feel the need to question Reevard's method of teaching. Unfortunatly, it appears at least half of him was swallowed by that Great Nothingness. The other half still clings to an odd device, a metallic thing that holds Icons of each of you. Perhaps this device is what your former mentor used to call you all here.


The campaign will be run using the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Diceless Ruleset by Jason Durall and published by Rite Publishing.

PCs will be built with 110 points.

We will not have an Attribute Auction; rather you will PM me your Character Sheets, and post a Background, description, and personality summary here. The option on Page 10/11 of the Preview will be used for the Attribute Ladder. I highly recommend keeping your character sheets secret.

You may earn an extra 10 points by maintaining a Campaign Journal Thread of the game from your character's point of view. Embellishment with flashbacks, etc. is strongly encouraged for this. I expect one post a week minimum in this type of Journal.

If you are of an artistic bend, I would also consider original artwork related to the campaign as a contribution. This would also be expected at a 1-a-week rate. (10 points)

Lastly, the Fiction or Poetry contribution will also be allowed. (10 points.)

Players may only commit to one campaign contribution to start with. When we get to the point of Advancements, you may choose to spend 10 points of your Advancement to discontinue a contribution. You may earn an extra 10 points on your Advancement by picking up a (first or second)contribution (this means someone who has consistently contributed a Journal, for example, could pick up an extra 10 points by also doing a Fiction Contribution, or someone with no contribution could pick on up.)

If a player falls behind on a committed contribution, his or her PC will gain 1 point of Bad Stuff each week, to a maximum of 10 points of Bad Stuff. These will decrease at the same rate. So, if, for example, you commit to a Journal and miss three of writing the journal, you would have 3 points of Bad Stuff and it would take 3 weeks of faithfully writing the Journal to get back into balance(each week decreasing the amount of your Bad Stuff by 1.)

So who's ready to fight the Shadow War?

Recruitment will close Saturday Sept 17th

Discussion Thread

Roll 20 For Maps

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This is a recruitment thread for players interested in playing through the Legendary Planets AP by Legendary Games.

Player's Guide

The campaign will be starting with To Worlds Unknown, and, as such, the PCs will be starting at 2nd level with no equipment.

PC submissions:

2nd level, 25 point buy, background skills from Unchained, no equipment.

Other than that, I am not limiting things such as race*, class, alignment, etc. Third Party material is allowed, but must be linked if it's something I don't have (I pretty much have all of Dreamscarred Press material, as well as Spheres of Power by Drop Dead Studios.)

However, due to the nature of this AP, you will need to be able to get along with your fellow travelers and have reason to want to work together.

*Edit: You may use race builder with up to 15 points.

I am looking for 4-5 players, and am looking to close out recruitment by August 31st at the latest.

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Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Companion, Lost Omens, Pathfinder Accessories, Rulebook Subscriber

Thank you.

Grand Lodge


Map Notes:

DT= Difficult Terrain

Ceiling is 30' high from lowest point, 10' high from cliffsides.

Area marked with white in front of howling caves from 10' high to ceiling is whirling gale force winds. Treat as Tornado winds. Area in 10' under funnel treated as windstorm winds.

Anywhere within 30' of Howling Caves DC 40 Fort Save each round or be Deafened for 1 minute.
35-60' DC is 30 and duration 1/2 minute.
Blindsense range diminished by half within 60' of howling cave due to noise.
DC of sound-based perception checks within 60' of howling cave is +30.

Winds Rules:

The wind can create a stinging spray of sand or dust, fan a large fire, keel over a small boat, and blow gases or vapors away. If powerful enough, it can even knock characters down (see Table: Wind Effects), interfere with ranged attacks, or impose penalties on some skill checks.

Table: Wind Effects

Wind Force

Wind Speed

Ranged Attacks Normal/Siege Weapons1

Checked Size2

Blown Away Size

Fly Penalty

Light 0–10 mph —/— — — —
Moderate 11–20 mph —/— — — —
Strong 21–30 mph –2/— Tiny — –2
Severe 31–50 mph –4/— Small Tiny –4
Windstorm 51–74 mph Impossible/–4 Medium Small –8
Hurricane 75–174 mph Impossible/–8 Large Medium –12
Tornado 175–300 mph Impossible/impossible Huge Large –16

1 The siege weapon category includes ballista and catapult attacks as well as boulders tossed by giants.
2 Checked Size: Creatures of this size or smaller are unable to move forward against the force of the wind unless they succeed on a DC 10 Strength check (if on the ground) or a DC 20 Fly skill check if airborne.
3 Blown Away Size: Creatures on the ground are knocked prone and rolled 1d4 × 10 feet, taking 1d4 points of nonlethal damage per 10 feet, unless they make a DC 15 Strength check. Flying creatures are blown back 2d6 × 10 feet and take 2d6 points of nonlethal damage due to battering and buffeting, unless they succeed on a DC 25 Fly skill check.

Light Wind: A gentle breeze, having little or no game effect.

Moderate Wind: A steady wind with a 50% chance of extinguishing small, unprotected flames, such as candles.

Strong Wind: Gusts that automatically extinguish unprotected flames (candles, torches, and the like). Such gusts impose a –2 penalty on ranged attack rolls and on Perception checks.

Severe Wind: In addition to automatically extinguishing any unprotected flames, winds of this magnitude cause protected flames (such as those of lanterns) to dance wildly and have a 50% chance of extinguishing these lights. Ranged weapon attacks and Perception checks are at a –4 penalty. This is the velocity of wind produced by a gust of wind spell.

Windstorm: Powerful enough to bring down branches if not whole trees, windstorms automatically extinguish unprotected flames and have a 75% chance of blowing out protected flames, such as those of lanterns. Ranged weapon attacks are impossible, and even siege weapons have a –4 penalty on attack rolls. Perception checks that rely on sound are at a –8 penalty due to the howling of the wind.

Hurricane-Force Wind: All flames are extinguished. Ranged attacks are impossible (except with siege weapons, which have a –8 penalty on attack rolls). Perception checks based on sound are impossible: all characters can hear is the roaring of the wind. Hurricane-force winds often fell trees.

Tornado (CR 10): All flames are extinguished. All ranged attacks are impossible (even with siege weapons), as are sound-based Perception checks. Instead of being blown away (see Table: Wind Effects), characters in close proximity to a tornado who fail their Fortitude saves are sucked toward the tornado. Those who come in contact with the actual funnel cloud are picked up and whirled around for 1d10 rounds, taking 6d6 points of damage per round, before being violently expelled (falling damage might apply). While a tornado's rotational speed can be as great as 300 mph, the funnel itself moves forward at an average of 30 mph (roughly 250 feet per round). A tornado uproots trees, destroys buildings, and causes similar forms of major destruction.

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Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Companion, Lost Omens, Pathfinder Accessories, Rulebook Subscriber

Please cancel my AP subscription. 108 should have just shipped, do not want to continue with 109/August.

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Male Human (Extraplanaer Subtype) Expert 10

As you enter the Ziggurat of Infinity, your world is transformed. You are enveloped by a featureless fog and time seems meaningless. Whether you wander the fog or remain still, in some measure of heartbeats it lift, revealing the scene now before you.

In front of you lies a vast and immeasurably ancient cemetery. Sixty-five-foot tall menhirs mark the entries to the cemetery, except to the east where one has fallen, blocking the egress. Shattered remains of what must have once been a stone statue rising hundreds of feet in the air lie scattered throughout the site, each measuring over sixty feet themselves, and easily twice the width and breadth of the menhirs. Two mausoleums remain untouched by the ages, one aglow with pure white and the other swallowed by the deepest blackness. The base of the shattered statue also remains, a solid pillar rising some seventy feet high.

A voice rings out, echoing across the cemetery and into the core of your very being.

The test is rather simple. You must enter one of the mausoleums and defeat its guardians. These crypts may only be opened with the proper key, held by the Keeper, one below and one within. But the Keeper has guardians of its own.

As the voice ends its speech, the first of these guardians appears; an ape of tremendous size, its arms covered with immense adamantine spiked gauntlets.

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