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Aroden was only the first god to die….. Thus began the Age of Lost Magic.”

After the death of Aroden (and some say others), more than prophesy was lost to this World of Golarion. In 4625 AR, the gods sealed away the world from other planes, and left it adrift and abandoned, and bereft of the magic that helped define it. The elves, either sensing the impending doom, or perhaps tipped off in advance, fled once again to their own world. The gnomes, cut off from the leylines and any hope of the first world, almost entirely succumbed to despair and the bleaching. Worldwide panic, death, and disaster followed. The world became grimmer, darker.

This campaign is set in Magnimar, a darker, grittier Magnimar, where gangs vie for control of the Districts and a greedy mayor does his best to maintain profit and power while the city’s people suffer. It’s a city in need of heroes, even if they dare not show their faces.

This is a PF 2e Superhero campaign. While the world at large has little to no access to magic (No Bard, Cleric, Sorcerer, or Wizard classes or dedications allowed, no Ancestral or dedication abilities that give access to spellcasting or innate spellcasting or cantrips), the PCs will have been endowed with gifts from one of Magnimar’s 12 Monuments, These powers work essentially the same as spellcasting except where noted. Much like focus spells, Monument Powers are powered by a pool of points, automatically heightened, and recover over time. See Campaign tab for more details.

Characters will be created at 7th level, with the following restrictions:

Ancestry: Any, but may not gain access to any spells or cantrips through Ancestries or Ancestry Feats.
Background: Any not involving magic or magic academies
Class: Alchemist, Barbarian, Champion (see campaign tab for restrictions), Fighter, Monk (ki powers ok), Ranger, Rogue (no Minor Magic allowed)
Monument: see campaign tab

Wealth/Equipment: 720gp lump sum

Potency Runes are subsumed back into item quality; an expert crafter can make +1, master +2, and legendary +3 quality weapons or armor- cost remains same, and PCs may purchase whatever they can afford from “quality” Potency items.

Striking/Resilient: using a kind of Automatic Bonus Progression, PCs begin able to invest some of their personal power into a weapon to make it a striking weapon. Once PCs make 8th level, they will be able to do the same to make a set of armor resilient. Changing which weapon or armor gains this benefit is a 2 action activity.

Each Monument has an affiliated Property Rune and a PC can spend a Power Point to emblazon this Rune on an appropriate weapon or armor as a 3 action activity. Emblazoning the rune on a different item causes the rune to disappear from the previously imbued armor or weapon.

Other than that, no magic items, so Batman it up on alchemical and standard gear.

Campaign Assumptions

This is a “super-heroic” game, in which the PCs belongs to a secret society which has discovered that not all magic has left Golarion, and that somehow Magnimar’s Monuments seem to have become a storehouse for whatever magic remains in the city. The campaign features gang warfare, mystery cults, and overarching plots of protecting Magnimar’s Citizens and discovering the secrets of the monuments and their potential. This campaign will feature enemies that are mostly humanoid and mostly larger groups of lower level threats, with appropriately harder boss fights. Combat will be used to show the “badassery” of the PCs and push the storyline forward. Boss fights should require an additional push of teamwork and chutzpah. It will take place entirely in and around Magnimar.
I will be looking for at least one significant post per weekday, with notification of absences in advance as per standard courtesy. I would prefer players who are strongly motivated to explore their characters as we go, and be involved in the campaign’s mysteries.


Ironbriar looked over the potential recruits. Most of his kindred had fled through the aiudara almost a century ago. Living without access to his dark lord’s whispers, without the certainty they provided was almost as painful as living without the blessings they once bestowed. Still, without the risk of some errant diviner seeing into his soul, he had need only rely on the carefully crafted persona of the right honorable iron fisted judge to disguise his nocturnal ambitions. Tonight, one of these recruits would become one of the Skinsaw. The others would perish, a thought that filled the forlorn elf’s heart with warmth.

Interesting....really, really cool too.

So, question: are all of the monuments' spells available to you immediately, or are you meant to pick and choose from the list with gaining more over time?

Also, just to make sure, we're using the basic stat system right?

Finally, are character options from the lost omens books allowed?

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Heya Vrog.

All the powers are the ones available at your current level. If you examine them closely, you may notice there is one cantrip and two spells of each level 1-4. I have the power sets mapped out so that at 9th level, you'll add 2 5th level spells and at 11th a capstone 6th level spell (should we reach those levels.) In your backstory, if you've had your powers for a few levels, you would have gained the higher level powers later in your development/training.

So that plus powers heightening as you level and gaining more of a power pool will mean you will increase in versatility and power while the game moves on.

We are using the basic stat system, yes.

Yes, materials from Lost Omens Books are allowed with the caveated the restrictions about magic.

Dot. Thinking Half-Orc Barbarian with the Dragon Instinct

Hmmm... I think I remember the first incarnation of this idea. ;)

I'll have to debate if I'm ready to learn 2E yet. XD

Really interesting concept. I am working on a street urchin turned surgeon's apprentice (halfling rogue 7) that decides they can't sit idly back and need to make a difference.

I'm still working on the backstory, but here's my character's crunch. I took Handwraps of mighty blows (since I'm a monk and they fill the unarmed weapon enchantment slot). If you would prefer it be handled a different way, let me know.


NG Half-Elf Monk 7
Background: Merchant
Monument: Mistress of The Angels

str 14
dex 18
con 12
int 14
wis 14
cha 14

HP 85
AC (10 base +4 dex +11 proficiency +x status +x circumstance)
Perception (E) +13
Fort (E) +12
Ref (E) +15
Will (M) +15

Speed 50'

1) Unarmed Strike: +15 to hit; 2d6+3 damage; Agile, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed

2) Fire Talon Strike: +15 to hit; 2d4+3 damage; Agile, Finesse, Fire, Nonlethal, Unarmed

Acrobatics (T) +13
Athletics (T) +11
Deception (T) +11
Diplomacy (T) +11
Intimidation (M) +11
Lore (Mercantile; T) +11
Society (T) +11
Stealth (E) +13
Thievery (T) +13

Simple Weapons (E)
Unarmed Strike (E)

Unarmored Defense (E)


Monk Class Features:
Monk DC (T): 13

Expert Strikes
Flurry of Blows
Incredible Movement +15'
Mystic Strikes
Path to Perfection (Will)
Powerful Fist
Weapon Specialization (+2)

Rogue Class Features:
Rogue DC (T): 13

Sneak Attack +1d6
Surprise Attack

Focus Spells:
Focus Points: 2

- Ki Rush
- Wholeness of Body

- Clever Improvisation
- Elf Atavism (Ancient Elf)
- Nimble Elf

- Basic Trickery (You're Next)
- Ki Rush
- Rogue Dedication
- Sneak Attacker
- Wholeness of Body

- Ancestral Paragon
- Fleet

- Bargain Hunter
- Cat Fall
- Intimidating Glare
- Quick Jump
- Untrained Improvisation

Monument (Mistress of Angels):
Power Points: 7
Key Ability: Dex
Power DC: 13
Property Rune: Holy

- Mage Hand

*Other Powers:
- Dimension Door
- Freedom of Movement
- Haste, Heroism
- Jump
- Longstrider
- See Invisibility
- Spider Climb

+1 striking Holy Handwraps of Mighty Blows -100g
Thieve's Tools (Infiltrator) -50g
Disguise Kit (Elite) -40g
Vigilante costume (Basically a ninja body suit with a dark cloak; Explorer's Clothes) x10 -1g
Fine Clothing x5 -10g
High-Fashing Fine Clothing x2 -110g
Winter Clothing x5 -2g

Lesser Darkvision Elixir x10 -60g
Lesser Smokestick x10 -30g
Minor Elixir of Life x5 -15g
Infiltrator's Elixir x10 -60g
Lesser Antidote x5 -15g
Lesser Antiplague x5 -15g
Lesser Comprehension Elixir x5 -35g

177 gp

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Handwraps are appropriate. I'll dig deeper into the rest soon.

This sounds interesting. I'm thinking either a fighter or a rogue. Turning the classic Ulfen Barbarian mercenary on its head by making him use kukris and poisons and stealth to show his superiority by not even allowing his opponents to strike back.

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Sounds like fun!! I will try to get something up ASAP!!!

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As the GM of this campaign, I am happy to announce that the playtest classes of Investigator and Swashbuckler are also available. I wasn't sure they'd have the APG playtest out in time. But they do!!

Okay, after reading the investigator, I'm going to withdraw my previous entry and submit one of them. Expect it up tonight or tomorrow.

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Thought you'd like that one :)

Okay, here's my new submission, including his backstory:

Dr. Quinton Butler:

NG Versatile Human Investigator 7
Background: Detective

str 10
dex 16
con 14
int 19
wis 16
cha 10

HP 78
AC 23 (10 base +9 Proficiency +3 dex +1 armor)
Perception (M) +16
Fort (T) +12
Ref (E) +15
Will (E) +15

Speed 30'

1) Rapier: +14 to hit; 1d6+2 damage; Deadly d8, Disarm, Finesse

2) Hand Crossbow: +14 to hit; 1d6+2 damage

3) Fist: +14 to hit; 1d4+2 damage

4) Spell Attack: +13 to hit

Acrobatics (T) +12
Athletics (T) +9
Crafting (T) +13
Deception (T) +9
Diplomacy (T) +9
Intimidation (T) +9
Lore (Anatomy; E) +15/16 (recall knowledge)
Lore (Genealogy; T) +11
Lore (Underworld; T) +11
Medicine (M) +16
Nature (E) +14
Performance (T) +9
Society (E) +15
Stealth (T) +12
Survival (T) +12
Thievery (E) +14

Investigator Weapons (Rapier, Sap, Shortbow, Shortsword, Sword Cane; E)
Simple Weapons (E)
Unarmed Strike (E)

Light Armor (T)
Unarmored Defense (T)


Class Features:
Class DC (T): 13

Keen Recollection
Methodology (Forensic Medicine)
On The Case (Take the Case, Clued In)
Study Suspect
Studied Strike +2d6
Vigilant Senses
Weapon Acumen
Weapon Specialization

Monument: Mapstone Monument
Power Points: 7
Spell DC (T): 13
Telekinetic Projectile (4d6+4 damage)

Earthbind (Drag down flying creatures)
Mage Armor (+1 item bonus to AC and saves for 24 hours)
Paralyze (Hold Monster effectively)
Resilient Sphere (1 min bubble that traps or protects a target)
Resist Energy (resist 10 acid, cold, elec, fire, or sonic for 2 creatures for 10 min)
Stoneskin (resist 5 physical for 20 min)
Telekinetic Maneuver (disarm, shove, or trip with a spell attack roll)
True Strike (Gain advantage on your next attack roll)

Haughty Obstinacy
Natural Ambition (Lore: Genealogy; Lore: Anatomy)

Flexible Studies
Scalpel's Point
Thorough Research
Trap Finder

Breath Control
Expeditious Search

Battle Medicine
Biographical Eye
Forensic Acumen
Robust Recovery
Underground Network
Urban Pursuit
Ward Medic

Expanded Healer's Tools
Explorer's Clothing x10
Fine Clothing x5
Hand Crossbow
High-Fashion Fine Clothing
Infiltrator Thieve's Tools
Scholarly Journal Compendium (Anatomy)
Winter Clothing x5

Lesser Antidote x10
Lesser Antiplague x10
Lesser Comprehension Elixir x10
Lesser Darkvision Elixir x5
Lesser Smokestick x10
Sunrod x10

297 gp


Quinton Butler was born to successful merchants from the city of Magnimar. His talent for medicine showed itself early and so his parents sent him to the finest schools, where is natural talent was honed to a razor edge.

Quinton was the youngest doctor on staff at one of the prestigious hospitals in the Naos district, mainly one that serviced wealthy merchants and adventurers.

It was during this time that Quinton developed his abilities. He found that he could move things with his mind, move quickly, and jump long distances. He didn't know what to make of these abilities, but they didn't really impact his life.

What DID impact his life, however, was the afternoon a merchant brought in his ill son. Quinton began treating him, but quickly realized that that the boy had been effected by Mummy Rot, which was a death sentence.

The merchant, however, refused to accept that his son was going to die a slow, painful death. He blamed everyone in the hospital, but especially focused on Quinton. The merchant burned a great deal of money ruining Quinton's career, insuring that no hospital would ever hire him.

Being unable to find work as a doctor, Quinton tried several different jobs but nothing stuck. Eventually he took work for a private detective, identifying the cause of death of bodies that were found. In exchange, he learned how to interrogate a witness, how to build a network of criminal contacts, and how to read a crime scene to identify what is out of place.

Quinton was working as a detective for several years before he was contacted by Imesah, who explained his ability to use magic and began training him in it's use. Imesah's training forced Quinton's magical talents to blossom, allowing him a great deal of movement options.

Now Quiton is prepared to begin yet another career, this time as the protector of the city itself.

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Hey, you think Dr. Butler might need a companion who is beefy and strong, but maybe not the sharpest knife in the drawer for those times when intellect might not work and Brute Force and Ignorance are called for??? Just a thought for a tie in with your character...


And they inevitably needed someone to patch them back together after one or two incidents involving sharpened knives...

Crunch and background to follow shortly.

Hmmm... lizardfolk are a playable ancestry in 2E, right? I'm trying to remember if there's anything in the setting books about lizardfolk in the Mushfens... if so I may have an idea, but I'll have to learn to play 2E. XD

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Ok, here is some of the crunch for my submission. Will get the fluff up soon!

Mr. Armiture:

Mr. Horatio Armature
Male half-orc monk 7
Common, N, Medium, Human, Humanoid, Orc
Perception +12; low-light vision
Languages Common, Orcish
Skills Acrobatics +11, Athletics +15, Gladiatorial Lore +9, Intimidation +14 (+15 when you physically menace the target of your Coerce or Demoralize attempt.), Performance +10, Society +9, Stealth +11, Thievery +11
Str 19 (+4), Dex 14 (+2), Con 18 (+4), Int 10 (+0), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 12 (+1)
Other Items explorer’s clothing, unarmored defense, clan dagger, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, [i]handwraps of mighty blows (striking, +1)[/i], [i]owlbear claw[/i], waterskin, purse (616 gp; 9 sp; 10 cp)
AC 23; Fort +15; Ref +13; Will +14 (Treat success as critical success)
HP 106 Hero Points 1
Speed 40 feet
Melee [1] clan dagger +15 (versatile B, agile, dwarf, parry), Damage 1d4+6 bludgeoning/piercing
Melee [1] fist +16 (nonlethal, agile, finesse), Damage 2d6+6 bludgeoning
Feats Basic Trickery, Brawling Focus, Fast Recovery, Impressive Performance, Intimidating Glare, Intimidating Prowess, Lasting Coercion, Natural Ambition, Orc Ferocity, Quick Coercion, Rogue Dedication, Sneak Attacker, Titan Wrestler, Twin Feint, Wolf Stance
Other Abilities flurry of blows, mystic strikes, path to perfection, powerful fist, sneak attack, surprise attack

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Which Monument were you going for with Mr. Armature? I'm sure that clan dagger is going to have an interesting part in your backstory, right?

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I am holding recruitment open until Friday 11/15, and anyone applying by then will have until noon EST Monday 11/18 to finish up their submissions. I will make my selections that day(11/18) and we'll start then as well.

Haha, damn Vrog, you went full on medical genius. Hmm, I was building my urchin-turned-slum-medic that way, but in his story, he was apprenticed to a highly skilled doctor through strange circumstances. Perhaps that doctor is you, and I still have some medicine (doubling up on healing seems wise) but expand my more nefarious abilties? If you are up for another pre-application tie in, that is?

I don't mind. I am more than happy to be tied into ALL THE BACKSTORIES!

seriously though, it's totally cool.

This is Wanderer82's submission, Adegard Underhill (known as Aden Blackfoot or Wisp).

The fluff is complete and reposted here for easy review. I still need to transpose the crunch from the app I used to build him.

The Tale of Aden:

To those he meets, Aden is typically a glib-tongued lighthearted fool, always good for a laugh and some shenanigans, accompanied by a tasty drink. Yet within his close circle, his friends know him to be far more complicated. Though the darkness of vengeance is long past, Aden holds a bright fire for the downtrodden of Magnimar. Too many suffer under another's heel. He has simple tastes, having grown up on the street, and has little need for the finer things in life. Part of his earnings always makes its way into a number of charities that help the needy of the city (and each has been thoroughly vetted by him). He has connections throughout the Dockway, Underbridge, and Beacon's Point, cultivated over a lifetime on the street.

Everyone knows that in and around Rag's End, all who live there pay 'tribute' to Rassimeri Jaijarko. Barigrin Underhill, owner of Barigrin's Barley Brews, paid his protection like the other merchants in the area. Bari's beer was well liked throughout the city, even in the better districts of Magnimar, so he was never short to pay. And he provided Jaijarko's men with plentiful ale to keep them friendly. But a strange set of circumstances would ultimately lead to folly for the Underhill family.

Kurtrali Mettani, one of Jaijarko's strong-arm lieutenants, god heavily intoxicated on Bari's Brews before pulling a job he had been assigned to. The incident was a disaster, the thug's mission utterly failed, three of Jaijarko's men were lost, and the underlord of Rag's End was publicly embarrassed by the affair. He was furious. He took Mettani's left hand and right eye as punishment. Mettani, shamed because of the halfling's wicked concoctions, blamed Barigrin and impaled him on a spear before torching the family's brewery, with the whole family trapped inside.

Except Adegard. The young halfling had a rebellious streak even before his teens, and had slipped out of the house after 'going to bed' to take in the sights and sounds of the City of Monuments. And so, he returned to find his home engulfed in flames and his father dead before it, left as a macabre warning that the young lad did not understand. Though locals tried to put out the fire, it was fruitless, and the dawn revealed only the burnt remains of a once-vibrant brewery. In the chaos, no one noticed the diminutive boy crying in an alley nearby.

Some time later, Seeshah Raccas, proprietor of the Shucked Oyster, a notorious den of ill repute, was negotiating with a vendor behind her establishment when she heard a strange noise coming from the refuse bin. Having one of her muscle investigate, he lifted a tiny, scrawny lad from the bin, who was busily stuffing his face full of food. At first thinking it a truly young human child of 7 or 8, she quickly realized the boy was a halfling, and likely reaching into his teens. Of course, halflings develop a bit slower than humans, but the child had a brightness to his eyes despite the traumatized state he seemed to be in. Seeshah brought him inside and left him in the care of a couple of her girls, who nursed him back to a semblance of health. Eventually, the boy spoke, and gave his name as "Aden", the nickname his mother used for him. He shared little of his past, and eventually the girls gave him the moniker of Blackfoot, on account of how filthy his feet were when they found him.

So Aden Blackfoot became a friend and sometime employee of the Shucked Oyster. Though he had a place to stay there (a cot inside an old shipping container in a back storage room), he more often crashed with the myriad other street urchins that inhabited Dockway and Underbridge nearby. He learned the craft of a beggar and grifter. In addition, he ran errands for Lady Raccas and her girls, whether to procure goods from the Bazaar of Sails or deliver messages to frequent guests. As he got older and worked the travelers of the city more, he managed to befriend the Princess of the Market herself, Sabriyya Kalmeralm, who was amused by the con the young halfling pulled on a Chelaxian merchant. Along the way, one of the girls taught him how to mend the wounds that the girls occasionally ended up with from bad clientele. In turn, he used these skills to treat the malnourished and beat up urchins he ran with.

And so it was that he met 'The Doctor'. Aden still had rather little to his name, and much of it was spent helping his fellow urchins. As was there way he supplemented his needs with the skills of his fingers. He had made his way to a hospital in the Naos district, managed to get inside and into one of their supply rooms when a talented young doctor finishing his daily duties happened upon him. Caught offguard, Aden tripped over a box and tumbled, the bag of supplies sent scattering across the floor. Initially thinking the lad a ruffian stealing narcotics or goods to hock, the young doctor looked down and noticed the collection of bandages, antiseptic, and suturing equipment upon the floor. Holding a scalpel at the ready, he interrogated the would-be thief. Aden, totally caught, strangely opted to tell the truth rather than to spin a skillful lie. Dr. Butler, as he learned his name later, was surprised by the lad's honesty, and, to Aden's shock, helped bag up the supplies. Dr. Butler knew there were countless in need who could not afford the high-prices services of the hospital, and if a street urchin was trying to help his fellow downtrodden, why should he stop him. From that night grew an unlikely friendship that would see both benefit in times of need, which continues to this day.

Over the years, Aden eventually opened up to the girls of the Oyster about his past. One of them recalled a loudmouthed braggart telling a tale that matched the one Aden shared. Aden, now into his tweens, found the fire of vengeance burning within him. Turning to his friend Dr. Butler (who had now gone through his own troubles and worked as an investigator), the pair managed to track down the identity of Kurtrali Mettani. He stalked Mettani for days in multiple guises, intent that his family be avenged. As he did, he realized how many others were hurt and oppressed by Mettani, and his quest for vengeance evolved into a mission to protect those who could not be protected. One night, as he closed in on his quarry, he knelt before one of the monuments of the city. Offering an oath of justice for such people, he went forth to end it. Aden knew it would be dangerous, and he could likely loose his life. Yet as his plan unfolded, he found himself able to do things he'd never been able to. Some had spoken of the magic lost with the disappearance of the gods, and what he did that night seemed akin to that. In the morning, Mettani was dead, and Aden Blackfoot now had a new purpose, to help those of the City of Monuments who could not help themselves.

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Keep them coming :)

I am crunching through my gear slowly (having to read everything in detail in the new edition). Does anyone have any specific recommendations given the nonmagical nature of this game?

Also, its a ways down my character sheet, but my first choice for monument is "Mistress of Angels". I could also work with "Battle of Charda", "Fifth Wind" or possibly "Founder's Honor". Would you allow a little tweaking of the spell lists to match concept?

I'd recommend some alchemical items. Here are the ones that I'm going with:

Lesser Antidote, Lesser Antiplague, Lesser Comprehension Elixir, Lesser Darkvision Elixir, Lesser Smokestick, Sunrod.

the lesser elixirs are all pretty cheap, and should you want to, you could take alchemist dedication to get training in alchemical bombs to give you an alternate attack source as well.

Well, I've had to admit to myself that I don't have the time right now to learn 2e just to play this game. Have fun all!

I'm hankering to make a spiked chain-using Nidalese swashbuckler. Are you fine with me using a spiked chain even though they're uncommon?

If not... nunchuk barbarian or swash....

Spiked chain swashbuckler... Nunchuck barbarian? Damn, those both just sound cool!

Oh man, on that subject... Most of the barbarian instincts are pretty overtly magical/supernatural. Are you alright with those, GM, or should I be sticking to Fury?

This sounds like a neat take on a dark, gritty golarion. I am thinking an alchemist built as a tinkerer/mad scientist. Not sure on race or archetype(?), digging through the rules now.

I am just returning to the boards after a really rough interaction about three years ago and hoping the community is more friendly this time. I've been gaming for almost twenty years, but this would be my first attempt at PF2E, hope that's okay.

Forget all the barbarian stuff. I'm making a Nidalese swash whether you like it or not. :P

I'm writing up a backstory right now and looking at everyone else's wondering how I might involve my guy... Anyone have any good reasons an elf who was in prison in Nidal for almost a century for smuggling slaves out of the country might be an acquaintance?

Varisia is just northwest of Nidal across a large bay. You could've been smuggling escaped slaves via ship to Magnimar. Now out of prison, and perhaps jaded on your battle in Nidal, you've followed the only course before you and ended up in the docks of Magnimar. My proposed character is a grifter who makes his way among the docks, could've met there somehow.

Ooh, good one. I shall implement that... And yeah, proximity is the best reason this works out, haha.

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Grankless wrote:
Oh man, on that subject... Most of the barbarian instincts are pretty overtly magical/supernatural. Are you alright with those, GM, or should I be sticking to Fury?

I'm ok with any kind of barbarians. While they have supernatural abilities, they don't use spells. I'm primarily concerned with spell, item, and ritual magic not working (I may have other supernatural elements in the campaign as well.)

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Grankless wrote:

I'm hankering to make a spiked chain-using Nidalese swashbuckler. Are you fine with me using a spiked chain even though they're uncommon?


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Tara Ravenheart wrote:
…. but this would be my first attempt at PF2E, hope that's okay.

It's perfectly fine, and probably true for many players.

Grattfaulk Half-Orc Barbarian:

CN Male Human (Half orc)
Monument - The Guardians
Perception (E): 13 [low light vision]
Languages: Common
Stats: 19 16 16 10 14 10
Trained in light and medium armor, and unarmored defense
AC: 25; Fort(M): +17 Ref(T): +12 Will(E): +13
HP: 120
Speed: 20 (25 base)
Expert in simple and martial weapons, and unarmed attacks
+1 Greataxe +16 (2d12+6)
+1 Comp Shortbow +15 (1d6+4)

Trained in Class DC
Equipment (Starting: 720gp): +1 Greataxe (35gp), +1 Breastplate (160gp), Artisan's Tools (Sterling) (50gp), Repair Kit (Superb) (25gp), Climbing Kit (Extreme) (40gp), Swim Fins (5gp), Adventurer's Pack (7sp), Pup tent (8sp), 5 Elixir of Life (Lesser) (150gp), 5 Cheetah's Elixir (Moderate) (125gp), 2 Antidote (Moderate) (70gp), 2 Antiplague (Moderate) (70gp), 3 Tanglefoot Bag (Moderate) (30gp), +1 Comp Short bow (35gp), 20 arrows (2sp), Dagger (2sp)
[Remaining: 23 gp 1 sp]

Skills: Acrobatics (E) +14, Athletics (E) +15, Craft (E) +11, Survival (T) +11, Stealth (T) +12, Tanning Lore (T) +11

Feats: Survey Wildlife, Orc Ferocity, Sudden Change, Shake It Off, Swipe, Dragon’s Rage Breath, Quick Jump, Cat Fall, Specialty Crafting (Blacksmithing), Incredible Initiative, Toughness, Victorious Vigor

Abilities: Instinct - Dragon, Deny advantage, Rage, Brutality, Juggernaut, Weapon Specialization

The Guardians
District Found: Naos District
Cantrip: Shield
Powers: Disrupting Weapon, Magic Weapon, Dispel Magic, Spiritual Weapon, Ghostly Weapon, Glyph of Warding, Spell Immunity, Weapon Storm
Key Ability: Str
Property Rune: Ghost Touch


When the gods went silent the Orcs of the Hold of Belkzen seemed largely unaffected, save for the Burning Sun tribe, the orc followers of Sarenrae. Mahja Firehair was able to maintain control for a time but without divine guidance her numerous enemies in the Hold eventually upended her leadership. As magic faded from the world the orc tribes grew bolder in their raiding, but the orcs of the Burning Sun now sought a new way to gain power. The tribe began hunting monsters, magical creatures, and other game of legendary proportions believing that consuming the creatures would make them stronger. And indeed some of the tribe would be imbued with gifts as a result,

During the height of summer the Burning Sun tribe would try to claim the greatest of all predators as their prey, a dragon. Many years they would come up empty handed and on a few occasions the tribe was nearly decimated. The tribe rebuilt their numbers by interbreeding with humans. Humans and half-orcs were treated fairly, as fair as things can be in an orc tribe, and as long as member pulled their weight there were few issues related to ancestry in the tribe.

Grattfaulk was born to an orc father and human mother, and they raised him in much the same manner as every other child. During a child’s 10th summer is when they joined the hunt for largest game, if no dragon could be found giants, and other abominations would suffice. When Grattfaulk and the others of his year joined the hunt they were lucky (or unlucky) enough to spot a blue dragon. Following and stalking the beast for weeks. The causalities were heavy but the dragon was slain and as was custom the survivors were bathed in the dragon’s blood in hopes it would bestow great might on the hunters.

After the hunt Grattfaulk began to have dreams of soaring over the Dirt Sea and flying through thunderstorms as bolts of lightning danced around him. He went on to be a great hunter for the tribe but after 6 years of chasing and hunting he began to feel like he was rapidly outgrowing the tribe and wanted to set out on his own. And so he struck out, adventuring and exploring the world beyond the Hold of Belkzen. He sought out skills and training to enhance his natural abilities. Eventually Grattfaulk made his way to the City of Monuments, Magnimar, after hearing of rumors that the monuments of the city possess magic still.

So, coming out with a Nidalese swashbuckler. I figured I'd gun for something a little unique given the setting - an elf, even though most of them left Golarion. Also, forgive me for taking some vague liberties with Nidal - if this backstory conflicts with any plans for it post-Lost Magic, just say the word. Mostly the governmental discord.

Attica Kastromo:

A million years ago (okay, a little less), in 4568, Nidal was doing its thing. Slavery, Zon-Kuthon worship, the works - everything we know and love about Nidal. Attica here, an elf who was already getting on in years - about 200 - was not a fan. He'd had to settle down in the country for too long, in a past life as a jeweler. Oh, how he hated Nidal, how he hated Nisroch - but he decided he could make a difference. A knocked out guard here, a slave slipped on to a merchant ship sailing away to Varisia - it wasn't hard to try his best to get back at the Nidalese government. But unfortunately, not everyone can avoid the authorities forever, and he found himself captured one night. His sentence was imprisonment and, of course, torture - and a an elf, they had to make the duration of his sentence proportional to his life span!

So for 80 years, he was kept in a dismal cell in the deepest reaches of Pangolais, and tortured - for a long time by velstracs, then after some time just humans, and after even longer more humans who didn't seem to have the knack. He had no contact with the outside world during this time, so when they finally released him, it was to a brand new world - a world without the magic he'd grown up with. He'd sent letters to family in Kyonin only to find that the country had been all but abandoned - that elves all over Golarion had fled the entire planet. As far as Attica knew, he was the only elf still in Avistan - though he's probably run in to at least one or two who stuck around in the intervening decades.

With the death of the Black Triune - shortly after the loss of magic and the death of Aroden, the 9000 year old beings had all but disintegrated - Nidal had fallen in to a bit of a succession crisis. It wasn't hard to just slip away after his release, sailing away to a new life across Conqueror Bay - to Magnimar.

And there he has spent nearly a century, a relic of a forgotten Age, his skills atrophied from so long without use - now merely a clerk in a jewelry store. Sometimes he spends his evenings at the Shucked Oyster, drinking and mourning the world he'll never see again.

I've got his actual sheet... mostly done. Gear is always a big mess for me so I've got to look closer at most things.

I still need to work out the crunch, but below is the fluff for my character, Lina Ashenval. She is a human alchemist, and is attuned to the monument for the Battle of Charda.

Background & Fluff:

Lina Ashenval
Female Human (Tinkerer) Alchemist 7
CG Medium Humanoid (human)

Personality Lina is an enigma wrapped up in a conundrum. She was blessed with a youth of wealth and privilege, but desires nothing which comes with that life. Lina is utterly brilliant and hyper focused on her work, to the point that she can become oblivious to the world around her. Though her devil may care attitude for the niceties of society can give off an aristocratic apathy, those close to her describe her as akin to a hummingbird when she's excited about a topic. She has always abhorred cruelty and greed, and has taken well to her newfound duties as a protector of Magnimar.

Appearance At a glance Lina physically matches the expectation of a noble woman - petite, lithe, pale skinned, with long, flowing dark hair, angular features, and large eyes. Yet just as Lina has little time for the pomp and circumstance of noble life, she puts minimal effort into matching the world's expectations for her. Lina avoids the frills of high society, tending instead to dress in utilitarian, functional clothing. Her only attempt at grooming is binding her mien of dark hair up in a strange bun or loose ponytail. He clothes usually bear some form of scar from her many experiments and creations, whether an accidental burn or an obvious stain. She most commonly goes about the city in a dark leather longcoat, which offers protection from both the elements and the occasional altercation. She carries few weapons, but always has a satchel full of her experiments.

Background Lina was born the second daughter of a minor country noble family, distant relatives of House Vanderale of Magnimar. Their eldest two children showed little promise, but in Lina, her vibrant mind promising appearance gave her parents pause. She was sent to Magnimar to be raised among her cousins, with the hope she could get married off and bring her parents fortune. Sadly, they knew nothing of their daughter's nature.

While her cousins spent hours perfecting their posture and etiquette, Lina's time was spent with the academic tutors the Vanderale family employed. They were impressed by her passion for learning, as she absorbed topic after topic. The head tutor recommended she be brought into assist with the family business, but her uncle didn't want her involved. As she aged into her teenage years, her focus lead her deep in the sciences, specifically alchemy and tinkering. These dominated her every waking moment, leading her to ultimately have a few failed launches as 'a lady of society'.

Not that it bothered her, but after that, Lina's was relegated to the background of the Vanderale family. Her parents back in the country disowned her, but her aunt was actually quite impressed with the skills and talent her niece exhibited. Having near limitless resources, she set Lina up in one of the family's properties in Lowcleft, complete with an extensive lab for her to pursue her work. In exchange, she supplies her kinsmen with their alchemical needs.

In one of her recent experiments, she tried to utilize the monument to the Battle of Charda to harness a lightning storm's power. Though the experiment failed and she nearly died (and was left with a bold white swath of her hair), she also found a strange gift of powers manifesting within her. Recently blessed, she seeks out others like her.

Just dotting in to say Aden is complete, gear and all. I kept about 100 gold as cash, you never know when you will need a good bribe. As mentioned in my profile, my preferred monument is Mistress of Angels, but I have some backup choices if necessary.

Best of luck to all! Excited to see what this game could become.

This is Tara Ravenheart, checking in with my alias and saying that all my abilities and backstory are selected. I am still wrapping my head around some of them. I hope I chose right. I am still spending my gold. Question, am I able to pre-game craft alchemical items myself at a better cost?

Hope that is enough for your consideration - I had a crazy weekend at work.

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All righty everyone. Y'all have really submitted some interesting ideas here, and I'd like to see them all bear out.

Dr Quinton Butler
Mr. Armiture
Adegard “Aden” Underhill
Attica Kastromo
Lina Ashenval

You are all invited to join in. I've started a gameplay thread, but would like to take the next day or two making sure everything is buttoned down with your characters, so the start is going to focus on character introductions and some roleplay. The discussion thread will be important over the next couple of days whole we iron things out.

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