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I don't see it but is there a devastation ark subforum yet?

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I'm afraid I need to cancel out my subscriptions.
Household is consolidating subscriptions.

The pathfinder subscription please cancel.

The Starfinder subscription if I read it right I should be good for the operations manual? Or do I need to keep the subscription until that is shipped?

Can we get an official card list for the new core set?
While I'm certain I've got all the cards I do like to double check.

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Will this work like previous years where the winners of lvl 1 move on to 2 and so forth? Will we need to get tickets for all 3 levels or just level one but be ready to attend lvl 2 and 3 should our team win the round?

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So this is an observation and proposal about Chronicle AP and PFS Levels.

First off I VA a store where we have a good SFS presence but there are currently 2 AP runs of Dead Suns, and 1 of Aeon Throne about to start.

We are trying to pull those players to also come to SFS and give it a try, but we are hitting an issue. While this is an issue with SFS as both PFS and SFS uses the same leveling system it is the same issue.

It is a disconnect for them why their AP characters are so underleveled if I award them the AP sheets.

They are fine with the no house rules and equipment restrictions. It is just the level.

For example they have finished Book 1 and Book 2. By the AP books they are level 5. If I give them Chron sheet 1 and 2 they are only level 2 with a sheet that can't be applied yet.

I understand that there are some thorny issues with characters going back and forth, but if the big plan is to use APs to help attract people to org play this disconnect is jarring.

This could be as simple as adjusting the level ranges on the AP chronicle sheets to match what is given out in the books.

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I'm trying to figure out why my venture agent tag isn't showing up on my forum posts (As well as my gm stars etc).

Example post -

Previously it just did when I picked the profile.

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So going to run Rose Street Revenge Saturday at a game store.

Just want to confirm how to report this.
It is as simple as adding a row to the player tracking sheet and explaining that they need to bring it with them when they playtest? Also, tell them to go fill out the survey online?

There is no secondary tracking on the site or requirement for the player to have a pfs#?

Please Cancel Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscription.

The store I organize for is going to be supplying me the modules
so I don't need to double buy them.

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Has anyone made a form fallible character sheet yet?

Any questions let me know!

Now that the majority of the books are out I'm curious if
anyone has any thoghts on integrating the Milia system and surival actions?

I did see at the end of the books they mention leaders for the teams, but I haven't seen anything about it integrating any more into the game.

Also what about the survivors? Are they members of the milita as well do they get both the team actions and the survail actions?

Anyone built up a good random encounter table for
the forest in book 1?

The book has one for the plains which isn't the forest, and the bestiary has one but it's averaging around CR5 which is a bit high.

Question so we just need to bring a class deck?
We don't need to bring Card guild characters?

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I'm curious if anyone has an idea of when Kingmaker may be sanctioned?

If paizo is still doing the reverse order plan then it should be next.

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Hey All!

Tide of Morning the next Pathfinder Society game at Heroic Gaming LLC is happening Sunday April 23rd! We have an open table ready for players so click 'going' and play Pathfinder with us. No experience required and no characters required.

Details and signup at:


So starting the prep work to run the AP and have encountered some questions about the AP and Milita system.

1 - When does the system come available? I would assume that it would come on after you get Mishome as recruiting teams does not make that much sense if you don't have a plce to house them.

2 - I know it's early, but does it add anything to the AP? It dosen't seem to connect with the promtoion system laid out in the first book, and doesn't seem really integrated at all into the AP.

Created a PFS session for my game shop
and I put in the wrong date.

While the edit screen shows the correct date
the view page and the calander of events still shows it as on the 22nd.

The event is: 93362
Heroic Gaming - 4/23 - Tide of Morning

2/5 5/5 *

Registration at:

This groups Dungeon Master is Luke.

You've never played a RPG? Fine. We will teach you.

What do I bring? Nothing, just you.

What ages can come? 14 and up.

What does it cost? $5 per player per event

RSVP for this event quick!

As this takes a LOT of prep work, anyone who fails to attend after RSVP-ing twice will not be allowed to RSVP again.

*Depending on attendance, we may need to relocate players into different groups as needed.


Adventure: The Wounded Wisp

More than 400 years have transpired since the Pathfinder Society began in a humble tavern that has quietly weathered the centuries without incident. When a routine errand there uncovers a clue left behind by one of the founding Pathfinders, it’s up to the PCs to solve a puzzle whose pieces are scattered across Absalom—and whose prize dates back to the Society’s darkest years.

Character Details I will have pre-gen 1st level characters for those without PFS legal 1st level characters.


I placed an order on 1/9/2016 for a digital item and a physical item.

I picked shipping rather than adding the product to my future scheduled shipping as I was hoping to have it in my hands as close to the end of this week as possible.

I am curious why it is still in pending and hasn't been shipped out yet a week later?


Just purchased a badge for PaizoCon.
I did purchase the banquet ticket and the badge.
I thought I should have gotten a $10 off promotion?

Did I miss something or did I not do something right?

Hello all.

So husband and I are going to attend PaizoCon after years
of talking about it. We have the badge but now need to look
at booking room and flight from the east coast.

I know the schedule isn't up but how busy traditionally is Friday and Monday? Lots of Friday morning games or late Monday games?

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Is their a summary list of the rule changes for the new season?

Hello for some reason my subscription order for pathfinder legend CDs got doubled.

While I very much enjoy the legend series I don't think I need 2. ;-)

Please fix and refund the extra amount if my card had already been hit.


On the March shipping thread you mentioned that if we'd like to
have the strategy guide shipped to let you know.

Yes I'd like to go ahead and have the strategy guide shipped.


Can I please cancel my adventure card game subscription with Wrath of the Righteous?
I still want the final order of Skull and shackles to happen.

I love the game but we have yet to finish Runelords
or even really start Skull and Shackles so I can't justify
getting wrath of the righteous.


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Tonight my players completed the last segment of the Jade Regent AP, defeating the Jade Regent and placing Ameiko on the throne of Minkai.

Took us 33 sessions over 19th months.

I thought I'd write up a summary review, thoughts, and changes I ended up making for those interested in running the AP.

TLDR: Great campaign overall. Had some issues with each of the book but the overall campaign they loved.

First our characters were:
* Varisian Magus
* Chelish Bard (Archivist)
* Mwangi Alchemist (Chirurgeon)
* Ulfen Summoner

I will say while this wasn't my first rpg campaign, it was my first pathfinder campaign.

Wall of Text going through each book:

Book 1 - Brinewall Legacy

The characters began their journey with Ameiko and the other NPCs to discover their fate.

The players very quickly built relationships with the primary NPCs, and I kept the whole major plot arc a secret for the players. They knew it was going to be a journey to the east, but the whole reveal about Ameiko and their role as Scions took them by surprise.

Overall this book ran as normal, but very quickly we discovered that
1 - The Caravan Combat Rules did not work so well, though the players loved the tracking the resources and upgrading the caravan.

I ended up scraping the combat system and instead running caravan encounters as normal party encounters just rescaled.

2 - They did not prefer the relationship system, feeling it got in the way of real RP with the character, and instead focused more on finding them gifts and rolling dice.

Book 2 - Night of Frozen Shadows

The characters enjoyed exploring Karlsgard, but I had to come up with ways to explain why the Frozen Shadows didn't just attack them outright. I ended up saying that the frozen shadows was not sure exactly which caravan arriving in town was the Scions so were playing cool.

The only other major change I made in this one was to remove the archon. I instead used a combination of the Varisian mafia to give them a data dump about the public face of the frozen shadows, and used Suishen to convey the rest of the information.

This was the beginning though of the running gag of the campaign. That the party wished the bad guys would leave a journal so they know how exactly they were tied into the Oni.

Book 3 - Hungry Storm

I will admit to being wary about this book. I was planning on either fast forward past it, or do the highlights. After reading the authors discussion on it though here on the forms I gave it a shot.

I am happy I did as my players loved this book. I ended up using the random encounter tables and slowing down the caravan to make them spend more time over the crown. This gave the players the feeling of trudging along this inhospitable and dangerous landscape.

The only complaint they had was the plot wasn't tied to the overall campaign. This cause confusion until they realized it, continually assuming that the black towers were tied to an oni plan.

I did end up changing around the Yeti cave scene. The players at this point were getting a little tired of 'home invasions', and that really was what the yeti did. I ended up reworking it where the encounter was saving the yetis rather than slaughtering them.

Book 4 - Forest of Spirits

This book had some highs and lows. The party enjoyed the time with Prince Balthasar, but the Forest of spirits was kind of a low. The reveal scene with the Kami was good but beyond that it wasn't as interesting to them.

Not wanting to do another very long dungeon crawl I ended up swapping out the Ruby Phoenix tournament with the House of Withered blossoms. The NPCs delved the dungeon while the PCs went to recover a weapon from the tournament.

This worked out well as the party loved the tournament and enjoyed it as a change.

In retrospect though this book was odd. For dealing with the Golarian equivalent of the Mongols their was no interaction with the horse lords. And the forest of spirits, was just another dungeon crawl.

If I were to rerun the campaign I'd probably rework this book and do part one as dealing with the nomadic horse lords one on one, and the second as an adventure in the forest itself dealing with Kami.

Book 5 - Tide of Honor

Getting to this book the party was overjoyed they had finally reached Minkai.

The players enjoyed wheeling and dealing and taking care of problems, and building an army to go after the Jade Regent.

This book ran as written except for minor flavor here and there.

Book 6 - The Empty Throne

Ready to take back the throne the party headed into Kasai. Most of this book ran as written except for the party's crazy plans.

The only issue I really had was the rebellion point system. While overall it worked I had to remove the penalty of a point per day. The party was much more interested in inciting rebellion, spreading propaganda, than doing a rush on the imperial palace itself. Such plans took in game weeks to plan and execute, meaning they could never catch up due to the loss in rebellion points. Removing the penalty gave them time to plan and work.

I will comment that my players came up with an an insane plan that worked. Using teleport spells and gathering detailed descriptions of the throne room through their contact network, they teleported into the throne room, and stole the jade throne. They took the throne to a public park where citizens were gathered and defeated the jade regent and his companions in public. While I could have just said the throne couldn't be teleported the plan was interesting and fits their style. This did let them circumvent the entire palace dungeon crawl, but this felt more in their style.

In summary through the AP was great.
The things we loved.

  • The core NPCs from book one, and the NPCs they met in book 2.
  • Book 3 was a great success.
  • The whole overarching storyline was great.
  • The epic feel of the journey across the world.

The only big complaints I had running it.

  • Way too many NPCs, and no one wanted to leave them on the sidelines as they had all developed deep attachments to them. I would have liked a way for the NPCs to be in combat in some sort of abstract way besides being in the battle.
  • Book 4 was high and low and felt disjoined.
  • Tracking systems that felt like they were rushed.
  • The Five Storms really came off as stupid. The AP as written has them sitting on their hands till the party finally arrives in Minkai, but knowing where the party is when the seal is used. It would have been nice to have a way for the Five storms to appear dangerous not incompetent.

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Hey All,

I'm does anyone know if their going to be any PFS at OryCon in Portland?


I am curious about my subscription order #3226789

In a previous request post the shipping was delayed Till the 15th (due
to everyone in my household being at gencon).

It is now coming up on almost 2 weeks and their is still no update
on shipping status.

The shipping issue is frustrating as this weekend I put an order in for spell templates and that order has already been shipped, yet I'm still waiting on my subscription order.

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Does anyone know a way to get the the old Organized Play Document with the shadow lodge traits?

Getting files together for GenCon and saw my Former Shadow Lodge character has a trait that is no longer in the Organized Play book.


Hello I just got the auth email for arg subscription order. #3226789

I am curious when it will ship because while I am attending gencon I did not choose to do pickup at gencon (as it is way to much to fly back).

I would hate for the package to arrive while I'm out of town and sit on our front door step.

Hey All,

So I've decided to swap out the Pinnacle dungeon crawl in Forest of Spirits for
the ruby phoenix tournament. I'm going to have the NPCs crawl the dungeon while the party goes to the tournament to recover another heirloom weapon.

So has anyone created a cool one for their game? Or any advice? I wanting another Asian weapon, and thinking that something other than a sword would feel right (as they already have Suishen).

Any suggestions?

Working on getting a game ready for this weekend and
hit a snag.

I'm trying to apply the Young Template to the Frost Worm, and trying to do it using the rebuild rules (as an attempt to better understand templates).

I'm good until I get to the

*Attacks decrease damage dice by 1 step*

What exactly does this mean?
Does this mean I take the Forstworm's bite 4d10 down to 4d8 and it's cold damage 4d4? Tied to that what about the +15 add on the bite damage does that get tweaked?


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I know part of costing a Wondrous Item is more art than science,
but are their any good guidelines or examples?

Specifically I'm trying to reverse engineer the Expedition Pavilion ( dition-pavilion) so I can modify it for my game.


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For an upcoming game I'm trying to apply the Skeletal Champion Template to a NPC Lvl 3 Human Ranger (as part of an adventuring crew that got on the wrong side of an NPC Mage).

I've been using the Skeletal Champion - Lvl 1 Warrior in the Bestiary as a guide, as well as using HeroLab.

I think I have the basics, but confused on a couple of things that aren't syncing with herolab. Trying to understand if HeroLab is giving me the right numbers and my understanding is wrong, or if herolab is wrong and my understanding is right.

Here are my questions.
1 - Am I calculating the following saves correctly. The HD I'm assuming is the 2 Racial HD the Skeletal Champion template says to give if their are no racial HD.
Fort - [Template 1/3 HD * 2HD (+2/3)] + [Class (+3)] + [Attribute Con NA] = +3 (with rounding)

Ref - [Template 1/3 HD * 2HD (+2/3)] + [Class (+3)] + [Attribute Dex 19 (+4)] = +8 (with rounding)

Will - [Template 1/2 HD * 2HD + 2 (3)] + [Class (+1)] + [Attribute Wis 13 (+1)] = +5

2 - On CR if I'm figuring this right it should be CR 3 with rounding.
Racial HD (1) - CR 1/3
Skeletal Champion Template - CR +1
Class Levels (Lvl 3 with NPC Gear) - CR 2

3 - Finally (and it's a stupid question) on the Skeleton Champion Warrior example from bestiary, can someone explain where the +3 in the Hit points calculation come from and how they got 2d8 + 1d10 + 3 to come out to 17? I know it has something to do with the average value of the dice.

Thanks for the help.

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I'm trying to create a PFS Event with the Jade Regent Adventure Path but while we have chronicle sheets we the website won't let me create an event with Jade Regent.

Any estimate on when the system will be able to create events with Jade Regent?


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Hey All.

Does anyone know if their is a more in game map of Lands of the Linnorm kings similar to the great in game map from the player companion Varisia birthplace of legends?

While I can give my players the map from Lands of the Linnorm Kings I'd rather to give them something more in game.

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I'm looking at the Gunslinger Pregen as a basis for building
a gunslinger and have a question.

It looks like to me that the pregen has over the 150gp
starting equipment.

Am I wrong here or is their a cost break I don't understand?

alchemist’s fire - 20gp
studded leather - 25gp
longsword - 15gp
pistol - Free with Class
30 bullets - 30 @ 1gp = 30gp
backpack - 2gp
dagger - 2gp
gunsmith’s kit - 15gp
hemp rope - 1gp
5 paper cartridges - 5 @ 12gp = 60gp
power horn - 3gp
10 doses of black powder - 10 @ 10gp =100gp
2 sunrods - 2 @ 2gp = 4gp
waterskin - 1gp

Total 297gp.

So I am totaling something wrong here?

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So it looks like I'm going to be helping some new players into PFS at a home game.

I could run First Steps, but was looking for other options for those first 3 scenarios.

Was thinking Crypt of the Eternal Flame but have seen some posts on the forums that it is a very tough module for 1st level characters.

Any suggestions from the experienced GMs would be appreciated.