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Also having played in the open the above changes would help play experience a lot. Definitely knowing the requirements for attendance before the lottery as it seems to change year to year and makes a difference.

Thanks Vic!

Can we get an official card list for the new core set?
While I'm certain I've got all the cards I do like to double check.

ACG Open.

Husband and I participate and it is always an amazing experience win or loose. Really makes you look at the game a whole new way when your under a time crunch with some insane custom rules.

And also Sunday Star Sugar Heartlove. The chaos oh the glorious chaos!

For copper gate - Is the plan to play at the coffee shop or migrate to a room?

Cool chuck and Luke (me) are upstairs outside the evergreens

Hey anyone know where the copper gate game is running?

Are these events supposed to be in the lottery system or will they be available to sign up after the lottery is finished? Currently you can't sign up for them.

Ezren - Where is a link to your deck handler? I seem to have missed it I'd like to pull in your scripts.

PACG question. Can we add one of the ultimate decks to our pool of cards for upgrades later in the adventure run? Assuming we haven't already added another ultimate deck?

Here are my details.

Timezone: I'm est. I will be available to chat most of the day but won't have any of my cards with me (and may suddenly stop responding due to work). I will be available to run my turn from 5pm to 10pm.

Character: Radovan
PFS ID: 48026 - 1004

I have sent the verification image for my deck.

Deck Tracker is done but I do have 2 questions.
1) Is sideboard where I'd put the 3 demon form cards I pick one from at the start of game?
2) The Adv.Deck column in the 'Don't Look' tab. That the deck? So B for the starting characters?

Radovan wrote:


Deck: 15 Discard: 0 Buried: 0
Sideboard cards:

Skills and Powers:

Strength d8 [ ]+1 [ ]+2 [ ]+3 [ ]+4
Dexterity d8 [ ]+1 [ ]+2 [ ]+3 [ ]+4
Disable: Dexterity +2
Stealth: Dexterity +2
Constitution d8 [ ] +1 [ ] +2 [ ] +3
Intelligence d4 [ ] +1
Wisdom d6 [ ] +1
Charisma d8 [ ] +1 [ ] +2
Diplomacy: Charisma +2

Favored Card: Ally
Hand Size 5 [ ] 6
Proficient with: Light Armos Weapons
At the start of the scenario, display and 1 devil form ( [ ] or 2 devil forms). Once per turn when a character at your location is dealt damage by a bane, display a monster from the box next to a displayed devil form.
Add 1d4 ( [ ] 1d6) to your combat check taht does not have the 2-Handed trait, add an additional 1d4 if you did not play a weapon.
Reduce Fire, Poison, or Ranged Combat damage dealt to you ([ ] or to a character at your location) by 1.

Deck List:

Blessing of the Ancients
Blessing of the Elements
Blessing of the Gods 1
Blessing of the Gods 2
Acadamae Student
Sage's Journal
Thieves' Tools
Red Leathers

In character I could always say. "Nah the Boss. Really wants me to do this. And he is so annoying when he dosen't get his way."

Hey. I'll post my deck list in a moment. I'm going to try out Radovan.

Hey thanks for holding a slot.
I'm here sorry about the delay and thank you for not having a problem with a complete newbie to playing the ACG online. (I've got all 3 base sets and husband and I have played through runelords and now mummy's mask so I know the game.)

I think I'd like to play Radovan from the tales line as I really like that character from the novels. He is listed as a rogue.

BR Mork wrote:
I'm away this weekend, but I'll check in here again Sunday or Monday. I'll definitely help out anyone who wants to give it a try!

I'm up for it.

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I've never played any Play By Post at all. I love the card game though and so would like to give this a try.

I'm good to play any of the APs except for plundered tombs as I'm playing through that one in a home game.

I will need some help understanding how to play the game in the post format.


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What about gms who don't get to play or go to conventions? I personally don't get to play as much I'm too busy running for my venue.

Please Cancel Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscription.

The store I organize for is going to be supplying me the modules
so I don't need to double buy them.


It would be great to see it this week as I have
a kickoff starfinder society event I'm running at a game store this Sunday.

Initial estimates say 20ish players over the course of the day (which is huge for the store.)


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Has anyone made a form fallible character sheet yet?

Any questions let me know!

Now that the majority of the books are out I'm curious if
anyone has any thoghts on integrating the Milia system and surival actions?

I did see at the end of the books they mention leaders for the teams, but I haven't seen anything about it integrating any more into the game.

Also what about the survivors? Are they members of the milita as well do they get both the team actions and the survail actions?

Thank you!

Anyone built up a good random encounter table for
the forest in book 1?

The book has one for the plains which isn't the forest, and the bestiary has one but it's averaging around CR5 which is a bit high.


I know the artist at drivethru who worked hard on making sure the backs matched as close as she could get it. I know she always appreciates the kind words.

One of team Strikeforce here the other being my husband.
It was a blast and the end total was very close. A die roll diffrent for either team and it would have been diffrent.

Gary Pepper wrote:
huntsfromshadow wrote:
Hey where is everyone meeting for Perils of the Pirate Pack at 6:30 (now read as 7:30)?
Hey hunts. We're meeting in evergreen 2. Second level.


We are down at the coffe shop we'll head up when we get closer to 7:30

Put this on the pre-con event thread.
Do we know where we are meeting up?

Right now I'm sitting outside the coffe shop.

I did see it has been moved to 7:30

Hey where is everyone meeting for Perils of the Pirate Pack at 6:30 (now read as 7:30)?

Gary Pepper wrote:
Woran wrote:
W E Ray wrote:

I sure hope so, Khelreddin. I hope more games get posted on Warhorn.

I want to join a PFS game Thursday evening, hopefully high level. And I want to join a PFS game Monday afternoon (also high level). I don't fly back to Florida until Tuesday afternoon.

(I'm taking my name off of any Thursday morning potential game; I've extended my stay in Vegas through Wednesday night and will be flying in to Seattle Thursday morning, arriving at 10:15.)

I could run something on monday afternoon/evening. But it would need to be somthing Ive already run once.

If we have enough people I could see what I could do
huntsfromshadow wrote:
+1 for Monday evening.
I'd pay for the upgrade to +2

Actually with my husband it's a +3.

I will say we don't have anything above lvl 6.

+1 for Monday evening.

Curious if anyone is looking at running any other evening games (or afternoon from 3pm on ) on Thrusday?

Husband and I can't make the 1pm to 6pm as we will be still traveling,
and we don't have characters in range for Dustpawn (and would rather not play pregens).

Question so we just need to bring a class deck?
We don't need to bring Card guild characters?

I'll second putting everything in Warhorn.
It will help with organizing and planning and seeing what slots
still have open seats.

What are the hours on the above games?

Husband and I should be at the hotel around 3ish so we may be intrested.
I'll have to double check with him.

Will this spoil any of Strange Aeons book 1.
I am in a group that is only about a 1/4 through the book.

So first timer.

What is the situation with food on site and around the hotel?

Has anyone gotten a good feel for how to integrate the milita system
into the book?


I'm curious if anyone has an idea of when Kingmaker may be sanctioned?

If paizo is still doing the reverse order plan then it should be next.

So starting the prep work to run the AP and have encountered some questions about the AP and Milita system.

1 - When does the system come available? I would assume that it would come on after you get Mishome as recruiting teams does not make that much sense if you don't have a plce to house them.

2 - I know it's early, but does it add anything to the AP? It dosen't seem to connect with the promtoion system laid out in the first book, and doesn't seem really integrated at all into the AP.

Created a PFS session for my game shop
and I put in the wrong date.

While the edit screen shows the correct date
the view page and the calander of events still shows it as on the 22nd.

The event is: 93362
Heroic Gaming - 4/23 - Tide of Morning


Registration at:

This groups Dungeon Master is Luke.

You've never played a RPG? Fine. We will teach you.

What do I bring? Nothing, just you.

What ages can come? 14 and up.

What does it cost? $5 per player per event

RSVP for this event quick!

As this takes a LOT of prep work, anyone who fails to attend after RSVP-ing twice will not be allowed to RSVP again.

*Depending on attendance, we may need to relocate players into different groups as needed.


Adventure: The Wounded Wisp

More than 400 years have transpired since the Pathfinder Society began in a humble tavern that has quietly weathered the centuries without incident. When a routine errand there uncovers a clue left behind by one of the founding Pathfinders, it’s up to the PCs to solve a puzzle whose pieces are scattered across Absalom—and whose prize dates back to the Society’s darkest years.

Character Details I will have pre-gen 1st level characters for those without PFS legal 1st level characters.



I placed an order on 1/9/2016 for a digital item and a physical item.

I picked shipping rather than adding the product to my future scheduled shipping as I was hoping to have it in my hands as close to the end of this week as possible.

I am curious why it is still in pending and hasn't been shipped out yet a week later?


Cool thanks all.
Sounds like we need to fly in Thursday and fly out either Monday night or Tuesday morning.

What is the airport normally like on that Monday as it's a holiday?


Just purchased a badge for PaizoCon.
I did purchase the banquet ticket and the badge.
I thought I should have gotten a $10 off promotion?

Did I miss something or did I not do something right?

Hello all.

So husband and I are going to attend PaizoCon after years
of talking about it. We have the badge but now need to look
at booking room and flight from the east coast.

I know the schedule isn't up but how busy traditionally is Friday and Monday? Lots of Friday morning games or late Monday games?

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