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This groups Dungeon Master is Luke.

You've never played a RPG? Fine. We will teach you.

What do I bring? Nothing, just you.

What ages can come? 14 and up.

What does it cost? $5 per player per event

RSVP for this event quick!

As this takes a LOT of prep work, anyone who fails to attend after RSVP-ing twice will not be allowed to RSVP again.

*Depending on attendance, we may need to relocate players into different groups as needed.


Adventure: The Wounded Wisp

More than 400 years have transpired since the Pathfinder Society began in a humble tavern that has quietly weathered the centuries without incident. When a routine errand there uncovers a clue left behind by one of the founding Pathfinders, it’s up to the PCs to solve a puzzle whose pieces are scattered across Absalom—and whose prize dates back to the Society’s darkest years.

Character Details I will have pre-gen 1st level characters for those without PFS legal 1st level characters.

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