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For an upcoming game I'm trying to apply the Skeletal Champion Template to a NPC Lvl 3 Human Ranger (as part of an adventuring crew that got on the wrong side of an NPC Mage).

I've been using the Skeletal Champion - Lvl 1 Warrior in the Bestiary as a guide, as well as using HeroLab.

I think I have the basics, but confused on a couple of things that aren't syncing with herolab. Trying to understand if HeroLab is giving me the right numbers and my understanding is wrong, or if herolab is wrong and my understanding is right.

Here are my questions.
1 - Am I calculating the following saves correctly. The HD I'm assuming is the 2 Racial HD the Skeletal Champion template says to give if their are no racial HD.
Fort - [Template 1/3 HD * 2HD (+2/3)] + [Class (+3)] + [Attribute Con NA] = +3 (with rounding)

Ref - [Template 1/3 HD * 2HD (+2/3)] + [Class (+3)] + [Attribute Dex 19 (+4)] = +8 (with rounding)

Will - [Template 1/2 HD * 2HD + 2 (3)] + [Class (+1)] + [Attribute Wis 13 (+1)] = +5

2 - On CR if I'm figuring this right it should be CR 3 with rounding.
Racial HD (1) - CR 1/3
Skeletal Champion Template - CR +1
Class Levels (Lvl 3 with NPC Gear) - CR 2

3 - Finally (and it's a stupid question) on the Skeleton Champion Warrior example from bestiary, can someone explain where the +3 in the Hit points calculation come from and how they got 2d8 + 1d10 + 3 to come out to 17? I know it has something to do with the average value of the dice.

Thanks for the help.

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