Double Checking Reporting Rules

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So going to run Rose Street Revenge Saturday at a game store.

Just want to confirm how to report this.
It is as simple as adding a row to the player tracking sheet and explaining that they need to bring it with them when they playtest? Also, tell them to go fill out the survey online?

There is no secondary tracking on the site or requirement for the player to have a pfs#?

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Yes, you need to report the Playtest adventures. Hopefully reporting will be available once the scenarios are released tomorrow.

The tracking sheet is NOT the official Playtest Point record. John detailed this in his The linked blog. The details are in the “Reporting” section. d-Playtest

If your players do not have/want PFS numbers, there are dummy numbers available to use. But they will not be able to claim rewards later.

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Cool that helps.

Nah I have a ton of new PFS #s. I'm a VA so I carry around a ton of them in my store kit.

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