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Great Audio Drama


Listening to this going to and from work and it makes me want to stay in the car longer.

Great voice actors and great production quality.
Really enjoying.

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Neat ideas and some usefull rules


So just got this in and had a chance to read it.

From what I've seen it is a neat mix of ideas. Some of them I'm not a big fan of (the action economy system), but other I like (scaling magic items).

That all being said it is nice to see some optional rules that alter how the core concepts of the game operate.

Hopefully we will see Paizo using this type of format to try to tweak other parts of the game.

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Excelent but requires prep


Disclaimer: I have played this and prepared the scenario, but have not run it yet.

This is not your typical PFS scenario.

Rather than the typical beat things up style PFS a scenario,
this presents a very well thought out Murder mystery.

The catch with this module is it requires a good amount of prep as each of the suspects have various responses and the responses depend on which factions are present.

Also I would not give this to a new GM that dosen't already have a background in non combat RPGs. Much of this adventure is talking to NPCs and getting the clues from them, or examining the locations on the ship for clues. A GM that knows only combat rules will find this scenario hard to run.

This scenario would get 5 stars, but a hint sheet with all the various responses is needed, and would have been great if they had included that in the packet. Without such a sheet the GM spends a lot of time flipping around the scenario.