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I'm curious if anyone has an idea of when Kingmaker may be sanctioned?

If paizo is still doing the reverse order plan then it should be next.

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John Compton last posted about it last year.

Sounds like sooner rather than later.

It may have been mentioned in a more recent Blog, as well.

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Sanctioning seems to happen on a... sporadic basis, depending on when John Compton has enough "free" time to read an AP? I know my fingers are crossed that it will be happening soon, but I wouldn't have any expectations about it if I were you.

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It seems that September through November is when sanctioning of alternate content typically happens. Spring is lead up to all the convention stuff and their normal monthly scenario production. Paizo Con and Gen Con take up more development time than any other time of the year due to all the extra stuff they produce for those two conventions.

I would not expect to see any sanctioning happen until September 2017 at the earliest.

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