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willuwontu wrote:

It overcomes DR as appropriate for an enhancement bonus of that amount.


i appreciate the optimism, but i need something official otherwise DM ruling is going with the GMW wording

Scott Wilhelm wrote:
Koshimo wrote:

So I attempted looking this up but can't seem to find anything on this subject in either direction.

If a Warpriest is wielding a +2 weapon and uses sacred weapon to add +2 to the enhancement bonus. does this count as a +4 weapon and therefor overcomes Adamantine DR?

Thank you in advance for any responses.

I found it. It stacks. Enhancement bonuses don't normally stack with each other, but in the case of Warpriest Sacred Weapon, it does.

Sacred Weapon wrote:
At 4th level, the warpriest gains the ability to enhance one of his sacred weapons with divine power as a swift action. This power grants the weapon a +1 enhancement bonus. For every 4 levels beyond 4th, this bonus increases... These bonuses stack with any existing bonuses the weapon might have, to a maximum of +5.

i am sorry if i wasn't clear in my question i know the bonus stacks im trying to figure out the DR aspect, because Greater Magic Weapon Specifically says that enhancement bonus doesnt overcome DR (besides magic) as a permanent enhancement would. So I am trying to figure out if Sacred Weapon is treated the same way as the spell.

So I attempted looking this up but can't seem to find anything on this subject in either direction.

If a Warpriest is wielding a +2 weapon and uses sacred weapon to add +2 to the enhancement bonus. does this count as a +4 weapon and therefor overcomes Adamantine DR?

Thank you in advance for any responses.

i think that is what OP is saying get rid of invulnerable rager make DR on every odd level don't get rid of anything and then your Barbarian has a ton more flavorful options since it no longer has to worry about mixing archetypes

well your first problem is vestigial arms don't grant extra attack.

to answer your question assuming it was legal yes only one arm gets an extra attack with haste and it would be the one you add your full str bonus too most likely for damage

it would still be a +1 yes, because again it only works on a charge where static flaming works on every attack regardless and can be combined with a full attack for 3/4d6 in one round where this is only 1d6 unless you have a pounce ability

why not an unchained ninja/rogue? cocky fighter doesnt mean full bab

if you are set on medium armor maybe a warpriest? or Slayer if you really want the full bab, possibly a bard as well

20 Levels of Invulnerable Rager Barbarian + 20 Levels of Synthesis Summoner +10 Levels Frenzied Berserker = The Hulk

i hear what you are saying, but what is the difference between what the sorc is doing and what the wizard is doing for the situation of a rod? they are both spontaneously adding the metamagic to their spell

So my friend just pointed out to me that Sorcerers take a full round action to cast using a metamagic rod while Wizards don't take that increase in casting time.

This doesn't make any sense to me mechanically.

I understand why with metamagic feats taken by the player the wizard gets the advantage in casting time because they have to decide at the start of the day they want that "maximized fireball", but why when using a rod of maximize does that make a difference. either class is spontaneously adding a metamagic feat to the spell they are using, so either all rods should cause the spell to be full round casting time, or both should get it as a standard action there is no logic for the discrepancy because the mechanics of how the metamagic is being added is exactly the same.

If someone could explain the difference and why it is this way i would appreciate it because honestly it makes no sense to me.

(Also if this is the wrong section I apologize)

also question are you allowed to use 3rd party material?

if so you should use a feat Charmed Panache

It adds your charmed life bonus to all saves for 1 round or until next failed save as long as you have 1 panache point

you wouldnt be able to in PFS

but considering directly in inspired blade swashbuckler you cant combine signature deed with their lvl 11 deed you see right there RAI signature deed is designed to work with swashbuckler and since this is a home game i dont see any reason why it would be a problem

if rogue gets 1.5 dex when using a finessable weapon (like an estoc) two handed why wouldn't they get the benefit of double slice

unless you are saying they get full dex to damage to off hand attacks without double slice?

Magus, Slayer, Ranger etc.

you need something with alot of skills so inquisitor is good too

maybe unchained rogue with some cha for UMD or using pragmatic activator so you can put the points in int i mean quite simply you arent going to fill all the rolls with two characters so you want something as versatile as possible

if you want summons and 9th level casting id recommend the occultist arcanist since they get standard action minute per level summons so they will be much more helpful to you in the long run.

i would definitely recommend something more midline/arcane caster.

is your DM giving you anything above standard to make up for only a 2 person party? NPCS higher stats mythic gestalt? etc?

I would say the two do stack

the reason i say that is Enlarge person is increasing your reach because you are increasing in size category while longarm bracers is saying your arms/you are stretching unnaturally in order to extend your threatened area for a short period of time

Anzyr wrote:

Good Prestige classes oh how I miss you. I can count all the good ones in PF on one hand. Especially after the 2nd SLA FAQ.

Good Magic Weapon and Armor enchantments. Seriously the number of good magic weapon and armor enhancements in PF is vanishingly small. Even more so now that Courageous is garbage. It seriously depresses me when it comes time to buy new magic weapons and armor.

Really those two are the big things.

why is courageous garbage now?

why does it get fighter weapon training when the 3rd level ability already replicates it? also it was always only a +1 at 5th lvl but scaled every 4 levels? also is it necessary for it to be 1/2 level for counting for feats? Swashbuckler and Warpriest both count as full level for their abilities?

IIB was a good idea made bad by the fact that the original item needed to cost as much as the new bonus.

what really needed to be done was "you can buy a big 6 item and put a second enchantment on it without the usual 50% markup for 2 items in one" and that would have taken care of the problem

yes you can.

the only time you cant use more than 1 AoO on an opponent is if its the same action that is causing the AoO for example if a single move brings an opponent through more than 1 of your threatened squares.

in your example you are getting an AoO for him moving through a threatened square, and then a second for him attacking and you attempting to parry

and technically parry isn't even an official AoO it just costs you 1 use for the round when used

Jodokai wrote:
HyperMissingno wrote:

There's a feat that the name escapes me that allows you to add your CHA to all saves. It's not PFS legal, but if you aren't playing PFS...

i think you are talking about Divine Protection, which swashbuckler doesnt qualify for, and from what i have heard from different people wouldnt stack with charmed life anyways

Rylar wrote:

Swashbuckler (not really a DPR kind of char, I think.)

Swashbuckler can get pretty decent DPR i am level 6 playing one in my current game i am now doing 1d6+18 per hit +24 if i double precise strike damage 22 dex for 6 damage, 6 precise strike, 2 from weapon specialization, 2 from rapier training, and 2 from Greater Magic Weapon .

i am by far the biggest damage dealer in the party and definitely largest per hit damage

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wouldnt it be 14-20x4? where does the last 1 extension come from?

ok so that idea is worthless fantastic :)

well it was an interesting thought while it lasted thanks guys

lets say you got to lvl 4 as a primalist bloodrager/barbarian so you now have 4 rage powers do all 4 activate during the one rage?

and just in general how would that interact with rage powers and bloodcasting and such?

Tajic wrote:

I have gone on a journey through the internet and no where can I find an official ruling for this. Can a swashbuckler take the signature deed feat. The rules have never been clarified as far as I can tell and I have spoken with my GM about this and he says no until a dev comes along and says otherwise and it's hurting me on the build I set out for.

I would be deeply thankful if this question could finally be answered.

honestly i would show your DM the inspired blade 11th level ability that specifically calls out signature deed not being able to be taken with that ability that should be enough to show that it is RAI that signature deed works with swashbuckler

since its all optional rules anyways i would say its up to your DM i am currently playing in a game where the answer is yes

a player at my table is convinced he gets 2 weapon attacks one with the spell and then a second without

So using spell combat a lvl 2 magus can make 2 attacks 1 with his weapon and one "casting his spell"

using spell strike does he get two weapon attacks? or just one with the spell attached

so the size increase chart i am reading

Dim - Tiny: +2 Str - 2 Dex
Tiny - Small: +4 Str - 2 Dex
Small - Med: +4 Str - 2 Dex +2 Con

total mods for your bat before familiar and ability

+10 Str - 6 Dex and +2 Con

So my question is whose action is used when the Tumor Familiar attaches /detaches

Does it take my action as the PC leaving the familiar with a full round to act?

or does it use the familiars standard action leaving it with a move on the round it attaches/detaches

could also simply ask your DM to allow the 3.5 full blade does the same damage as the large bastard sword suggestion with the imagery and without the -2 penalty

I agree with Hogey

If you have already established that players aren't going to get EXP at the same rate and their is potential for players to level at different times then (again as mentioned minus summons depending on which those were) the rest of the party gets full xp for the first 3 Vrocks and last 2 and give solo xp to the oracle for the 3 he killed himself

my gm recently allowed the idea of magic weapons with enchantments without the +1

Well that comes to an issue of your DM telling you he is homeruling something doesnt work at which point i would come to him and say you want to redo your character because two of the mechanics you should be allowed to combine he isnt allowing

Here is an easy answer for you

Show your DM the Merciful Bane feat which specifically works with Inquisitor


Gwen Smith wrote:
Gregory Connolly wrote:

It is expensive to retrain your character feats, but you can use your fighter class feature to retrain one of the bonus feats at 4th, 8th, 12th, etc as long as it isn't used as a prerequisite.

Greater Two Weapon Fighting isn't that good anyway (the extra attack is at -10)

So that leaves you to pick up one at 11th and the other two at 12th.

These feats are competing with things like Bleeding Critical and Greater Weapon Specialization so consider them carefully.

You can also use the Manual of War to change out a bonus feat each day.

I hate that item so much. if it was permanent essentially you are paying more upfront for retraining capabilities and it would be worth it but that it changes back is dumb because you cant take the rest of the feat chain with that feat

I completely agree with you

I can't stand playing casters because i always am worried about running out of resources where as a fighter i can stand there and hack all day as long as i have HP

right now personally i have improved init and possibly shield focus to retrain, as well as having no idea what i am taking from lvl 7 -10 although i do need to get improved twf (which i dont qualify for yet need 1 more dex) and weapon specialization probably in those 4 feats

Dekalinder wrote:
You can't retrain to get them, your new choice when retraining must be valid for the level you did them the first time. You simply have to make priorities and take them one at a time. Shield master is obviusly the better one in there. Bashing finish is pretty good, Rend is OK, GTW is kinda meh but still worth it.

Thats not what it reads at all you need to qualify for the feat at the level you currently are not what you were when taking said feat.

thats why a barbarian/alchemist/rogue/slayer etc can take "improved init" at first level and retrain it to take extra "class feature" at second

Secret Wizard wrote:
I will restate my previous advice.

#1 this would still be human error because it wasnt clearly stated in this direction either

but why does it always have to be (not just you but all over the place on these forums) a huge case of "we can't have nice things" and the "human error" always is against the player not for

My argument on daring infiltrator is that they are replacing Charmed Life with a bonus to bluff a major downgrade IMO

but it mentions bonus feats at the levels you would normally get uses of charmed life

i think it was meant to give the player bonus feats at those levels in addition to the bonus to bluff in place of charmed life

As the title suggests I am currently playing a Sword and Board Fighter in one of my games we just hit level 6 and I was looking to plan out my feats for the rest of the game, and noticed 4 different feats all come online at level 11

Shield Master, Bashing Finish, Greater Two Weapon Fighting, and Two Weapon Rend

So how do you handle that? do you retrain earlier feats to get more of them at level 11? do you prioritize some over others?

Curious to hear others opinions so let me know

they get them all, and choose what to use the panache on

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Offensive Defense is no longer legal if you play unchained rogue. Every rogue can now get a similar bonus via debilitating injury...

why doesnt offensive defense work anymore? i don't see anything in unchained rogue tricks that talks about it so whats the problem?

Thank you for the answers :)

Potion Glutton will work for my extracts, we actually just had this discussion with the accelerated drinker trait, and they are letting quick draw work for potions so i can draw and drink as a swift with that.

i need to get to power attack, but most likely will not end up with furious focus my attack will be high enough with this combination as is

which totem if any is really the hard decision for me, and i want to stay away from superstition, as we do have an npc buff wizard in the party, and i think my saves will be high enough without it (right now at second level im at 8,8,3 before rageing)

I agree with you about taking extra discoveries it does seem better to just wait. since there arent enough of them to really make it worth it

i think for now im between infusion, preserve organs, and vestigial arm

and may take accurate stance from unchained as my rage power

Just started a new campaign and we reached level 2 in our first session

Party is currently 4-6 Players, and 2 NPCs
I am Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) / Alchemist (Beast Morph/ Vivesectionist)
We have an Alchemist/Witch
Magus/ (Rogue/Arcanist)
and 2 players undecided

So my question is with this party makeup with any non 3rd party content allowed what do i take as my 2nd level rage power and Discovery?

and in general what is the "right time" to take certain powers/discoveries?

also I am two handing my weapon should i be using my feats on extra rage powers/discoveries? or are their better uses?

is this for PFS or a home game?

if PFS must be song

if home game talk to your DM about allowing some leniency to fit the character concept as long as you have 10 ranks in a perform auditory skill

Snorb wrote:

Characters who take wizard as their variant multiclass can cast spells just as well as a wizard can for twenty levels.

Characters who take fighter as their variant multiclass get a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls with their preferred choice of weapon by twentieth level.

I don't want to say there's a small issue of parity here, but there's a small issue of parity here.

they also get better armor, and the ability to move freely in medium armor. and the vmc opens them up for gloves of dueling so +4 to attack and Damage

also i don't see how the wizard one is that great it doesnt actually grant spell casting ability

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