Longarm Bracers and Enlarge Person Question

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Does Long-arm Bracers stack with the Enlarge person Spell?
I am looking to get the "best Reach " possible for my Brawler.

Under the Enlarge person spell it states "Multiple magical effects that increase size do not stack." But I do not see anywhere that the Long-arm Bracers increase a person's size.

I would say the two do stack

the reason i say that is Enlarge person is increasing your reach because you are increasing in size category while longarm bracers is saying your arms/you are stretching unnaturally in order to extend your threatened area for a short period of time

Yes, they stack. They are two different effects.

As a GM, I find this one to be particularly irritating - the players enlarge the barbarian and then lengthen his arms to knuckle-dragging proportions so that he can AoO everything that moves anywhere in most of our small (indoor, dungeon) battlefields. But it's a good strategy, it works very well.

The key for the GM's piece of mind, of course, is doing it back...

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