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So using spell combat a lvl 2 magus can make 2 attacks 1 with his weapon and one "casting his spell"

using spell strike does he get two weapon attacks? or just one with the spell attached

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One with spell attached

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Assuming of course the spell is a touch attack spell.

a player at my table is convinced he gets 2 weapon attacks one with the spell and then a second without

To fully break it down.

Level 2 Magus has one attack when taking a full attack action.

Thus with Spell Combat, he casts a spell and gets one attack (or vice versa; attack then spell).

If any character casts a touch spell, he gets a free action touch attack to deliver that spell within the same round. Spellstrike allows you to replace that touch attack (which any character has) with a weapon attack. Thus you would get two weapon attacks (one with the spell as a rider), instead of one weapon attack and one touch attack.

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It's like Two Weapon Fighting.

The Magus gets two attacks.

For those without experience playing a Magus, I highly recommend Grick's Guide.

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Spellstrike doesn't grant any attacks. It just lets you use a weapon to deliver touch attacks that you already could make.

To understand Spell Combat and Spellstrike, I highly recommend Grick's Guide to Touch Spells, Spellstrike, and Spell Combat.

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