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So I attempted looking this up but can't seem to find anything on this subject in either direction.

If a Warpriest is wielding a +2 weapon and uses sacred weapon to add +2 to the enhancement bonus. does this count as a +4 weapon and therefor overcomes Adamantine DR?

Thank you in advance for any responses.

So my friend just pointed out to me that Sorcerers take a full round action to cast using a metamagic rod while Wizards don't take that increase in casting time.

This doesn't make any sense to me mechanically.

I understand why with metamagic feats taken by the player the wizard gets the advantage in casting time because they have to decide at the start of the day they want that "maximized fireball", but why when using a rod of maximize does that make a difference. either class is spontaneously adding a metamagic feat to the spell they are using, so either all rods should cause the spell to be full round casting time, or both should get it as a standard action there is no logic for the discrepancy because the mechanics of how the metamagic is being added is exactly the same.

If someone could explain the difference and why it is this way i would appreciate it because honestly it makes no sense to me.

(Also if this is the wrong section I apologize)

and just in general how would that interact with rage powers and bloodcasting and such?

So using spell combat a lvl 2 magus can make 2 attacks 1 with his weapon and one "casting his spell"

using spell strike does he get two weapon attacks? or just one with the spell attached

So my question is whose action is used when the Tumor Familiar attaches /detaches

Does it take my action as the PC leaving the familiar with a full round to act?

or does it use the familiars standard action leaving it with a move on the round it attaches/detaches

As the title suggests I am currently playing a Sword and Board Fighter in one of my games we just hit level 6 and I was looking to plan out my feats for the rest of the game, and noticed 4 different feats all come online at level 11

Shield Master, Bashing Finish, Greater Two Weapon Fighting, and Two Weapon Rend

So how do you handle that? do you retrain earlier feats to get more of them at level 11? do you prioritize some over others?

Curious to hear others opinions so let me know

Just started a new campaign and we reached level 2 in our first session

Party is currently 4-6 Players, and 2 NPCs
I am Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) / Alchemist (Beast Morph/ Vivesectionist)
We have an Alchemist/Witch
Magus/ (Rogue/Arcanist)
and 2 players undecided

So my question is with this party makeup with any non 3rd party content allowed what do i take as my 2nd level rage power and Discovery?

and in general what is the "right time" to take certain powers/discoveries?

also I am two handing my weapon should i be using my feats on extra rage powers/discoveries? or are their better uses?

I am about to start a level one home game, and trying to pick a race.

I am having the discussion/argument with my friend that aasimar was +1 LA in 3.5 and is a pretty standard playable race is Pathfinder (even if its on the upper end of power)

so i went into the 3.5 arena to find something that would fit my character a little better and thought of the Draconic Template which is also +1 LA in 3.5

My friends argument is that its not an even transition because Draconic is a template that i can put on human for example while aasimar is limited to itself.

so my question is putting your GM's Cap on would you say they were both +1 LA from 3.5 so are equal for character creation or because of pathfinder race points and everything else they should not be considered equal.

(also I am sorry if this is in the wrong section i couldnt really tell where this belonged)

As the title alludes to, my question here is why would (especially before unchained) a Zen Archer Monk take rapid and manyshot (since they are on his bonus feat list) instead of simply flurrying every time his BAB goes up he saves two feats and at the end of the day he ends up with 2 extra attacks on a full attack so what gives?

FOB ends up with 7 attacks RMS ends up with 5 it makes no sense why any ZA would take them so why are they there?

thinking of combinations for a new gestalt game i am going to be joining (level 1)

Was looking at Rondelero/Buckler Duelist fighter archetype, and pairing that with Swashbuckler using Slashing Grace.

so my question is at level 5 fighter gets Strong Swing which is an untyped +1 to attack and damage when wielding a falcata, and buckler

swashbuckler weapon training gives a +1 untyped bonus to attack and damage when using a swashbuckler available weapon which would now include falcata because of slashing grace

so in this situation because they are different abilities and different untyped bonuses would they stack?

Starting a lvl 9 gestalt standard wbl stats are 18,17,17,16,13,10 (rolled really well)

I am making a swashbuckler/inquisitor 9/9 using the Daring Infiltrator Archetype for Swashbuckler to get rid of charmed life since it doesn't stack with Divine Protection as far as I know.

So my questions

What do I spend my money on?
Currently without worrying about the idea of spending a % of your wealth on a single item I have
Weapon: +1 Falcata, with Effortless Lace
Armor: Celestial Armor, Comfort
Shield: +1 Buckler
Wayfinder + Ioun Stone that gives weapon familiarity and weapon Focus
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier
+1 Con Belt
+1/+1 Wis, Cha Headband
Swordmaster's Flair Blue Scarf (the reach one)

Does Broken Wing Gambit allow me as the activator the AoO

Does Fortuitous in any way work with Opportune Parry and Riposte

Does Daring Infiltrator Grant 3 Bonus Feats at 2 10 and 18 in addition to the bluff bonus in exchange for charmed life

I think that's all the things I've come across at this point if I think of/find any other questions will ask you guys are always very helpful so thanks in advance

If you have a lvl 10 caster wizard with an empowered fireball it was my understanding they roll 15d6

so is that how it works or is it 10d6x1.5?

thanks in advance

So about to get into a lvl 9 campaign and a friend of mine is looking to play Shield Champion Brawler

at lvl 11 they receive shield master as a bonus feat, but only if they meat the prerequisites

as part of brawlers flurry (which they can use with their thrown shields) they receive the feat two weapon fighting when flurrying

so my question is by raw and by rai does my friend have to take two weapon fighting again? to qualify for the free shield master or does the one from brawler's flurry accomplish that for him?

So I am 99% sure the answer to this is going to be a big fat no but i have to ask anyways

invulnerable rager barbarian replaces trap sense with elemental resistances

human favored class bonus is +1/2 of trap sense or 1/3rd of superstitious

am i allowed to add to the replaced class feature using the favored class bonus

Starting a game next week and are going to be lvl 9 gestalt standard WBL, minimal if no 3rd party and no hybrid classes

with that said i really don't feel like playing a caster i have never really been good at them. would maybe consider a magus with a fighter shell or something so that my casting is built into my attacks

stats are 17 17 17 16 15 10 before racial (i rolled really well)

my old character was a slayer so with the no hybrid rule kinda threw me off and i'm not sure i want to keep the ranged build.

any ideas/advice/combos are welcome

my first thought was mutation warrior/barbarian for double STR bonuses

As the title states I want to take the -3 Check Penalty, +6 Max Dex Bonus, and 15% arcane spell failure reduction from Celestial Armor and put that alone on a different piece of equipment

If we use the Chain-mail version total cost 22400:
5400 for 1/day on command fly
9000 for +3
which leaves 8000 over for the armor stat changes

Normal Mithral is 4000 for medium armor so can i say Celestial costs double Mithral as a material and put it on a chain shirt from there?

or would you say there is a different cost to it?

So I have been playing a bunch of different characters lately, and have a friend playing a Wizard in a home brew campaign at level 5 and he is feeling out-shined by the other players.

which got me to thinking would campaigns starting at different levels 1-20 make a difference on what class/build you chose.

For Example i would love to start a mid to high level warpriest or inquisitor (like level 8 plus) as their abilities come online favored class bonuses start meaning stuff, and they have enough spells to be useful, but im not too keen on running them through the lean levels early on to get them there.

assume 25 point buy and any race up to aasimar minimal 3rd party resources (obviously not for pfs)

Immediately wondering how long before this becomes "level x+ full caster no questions"

So I am starting a game in a couple of hours and the only thing i know is my character has to be a psychopath, and really good at sneaking

the stats i have to work with (rolled) are 18,18,17,14,14,10

currently thinking of playing a twf ninja dual weilding estocs (my dm is letting me trade my katana proficiency for estoc because its finesse-able)

any ideas on race class concepts that i could use to go with the original concept?

3rd party stuff is allowed starting lvl 4 any race up to 15rp

Hi all,

couldn't find a satisfactory answer online if I for example wanted to wield a large Falcata as a medium creature 2 handed can I do that? do I suffer a -2 Penalty for inappropriately sized weapons?

and I guess most importantly is there a weapon that already exists that mimics a Greatsword as an exotic weapon with 19-20x3 crit?

So I apologize if this ends up being a stupid question, but I am about to get to level 7 in a campaign soon with the choice of getting my first mutation discovery.

I assumed that these things would only be active while under the effects of the Mutagen but I noticed nowhere in Vestigial Arm does it say that.

So my question is when I take the Vestigial Arm discovery do I always have the 3rd (and eventually 4th) arm or only while under the effects of the mutagen?

Also side question same topic was there ever anything official if Mutation Warrior could take extra discovery just for the ones off their limited list? My DM already approved since it makes logical sense but just curious if there was an actual ruling.

Thanks in advance

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So I just started playing a Archery Slayer, and I have been reading all the threads discussing ranged flanking and why it can't be done, and that Snapshot only gives the flanking bonus to your ally if you are in the proper position.

My question is why? One of my major understandings of Pathfinder is that Specifics overrule general, and that the reason you do not flank with a ranged weapon is because it has a range of 0ft in melee and therefor does not threaten opponents in that sense.

So why then when snapshot gives you that 5ft and then 15ft of threatened range are you not considered flanking? all this ruling seems to accomplish is further gank sneak attack which is a highly situational class feature anyways.

Has there ever been an official FAQ answering this?

To me this just feels like more rogue hate.

If anyone has any answers that aren't simply "it just doesn't work that way" I would love to hear them.

So in my group one of the players has been the group note taker, and in an attempt to make an in game way that all the pc's would know the information he knows we were thinking of creating a set of books that would be able to copy the information written in the others using a command word.

we were thinking of using message in order to do this, but i was curious if anything similar already existed, or if anyone had ever made items like this before and how they handled it.

I recently bought the new every-man gaming Swashbuckler addition and I have a question on whether their archetype will get better DPR than an Inspired Blade that i am currently playing.

The only piece of the add on that is relevant to my question is in regards to the two weapon fighting archetype specifically the change to precise strike which they made a two weapon rend once per round ability.

So here is my build with all relevant feats/items for DPR and Defense at level 20 assume all the same items for the two except replace the buckler from the IB to another Rapier for the TWF

Stats 10 STR 31 Dex 18 Con 24 Int 8 Wis 24 Cha
Weapon Swashbuckler Rapier +5 Fortuitous Courageous (insert an additional 3 abilities)
Armor Celestial Armor + 5
Buckler + 5
AM Nat Armor +5
Ring Protection +5
Gloves of Dueling (my dm is letting me use one/making an equivalent that i can use)
Boots of the Battle Herald (the ones from ACG with Greater Heroism)
WF, GWF, Wspec GWspec
Total 19 Panache

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head the only assumed spell from my party is Haste

So AB 20 + 10 Dex + 7 GHeroism +6 RTraining +1 Haste +7 Enhance (bane) +2 Feats +7 Inspired Strike so total of +60 to attack so full attack is 60/60/55/50/45

Damage is 3d6 + 10 Dex + 7 GHeroism +7 RTraining +5 Enhance +4 Feats +20 Precise Strike 14-20/x3 Crit with the ability to spend a panache to auto crit so total damage is 3d6+ 53 (only d6 +33 multiplies)

AC of 10 + 8 Dex + 11 Armor + 6 Buckler + 5 Nat + 5 Defl +5 dodge = 50 Total

TWF using all the same numbers minus Inspired Strike and -2 for TWF so 51/51/51/46/46/41/41/36 to hit

and damage is -1 because normal weapon training and crit range is only 15-20/3 so 3d6 + 32 up to 8 times and an additional one time 20 rend damage and 6 Less AC from not being able to use a buckler

I am pretty sure as I type this out that I have pretty much gotten my answer and Inspired Blade is the vastly superior option but I curious if someone could help with the calculations since i don't know the formula.

Thanks in advance for the help

also if i am missing anything simple to add to the build for better attack damage or armor let me know

So I stumbled across the Mutagen Warrior Archetype last night, and it got me into a discussion with my friend, of how high possibly a player could raise their Strength on a base race character (lets say human for arguments sake) also level 20

I don't pretend to know a quarter of what pathfinder has to offer which is why I consider this site a godsend to bounce ideas off other players.

So this is what I came up with (and I don't know the answer of using magic items to get the stats to qualify for feats, or what happens if you take a temporary stat penalty that drops you below the prereq)

Base STR as high as possible, and 15 Cha those are the only 2 required stats, and again that is different based on the answers to the questions above.

So lets say you are able to get 17 STR in this build, 2 from Race, 8 from Grand Mutagen, 6 insight from Orc bloodline eldritch heritage, 10 morale from having a lvl 20 skald buddy using raging song while wielding a +5 furious courageous bane greatsword, and have your wizard buddy cast giant form 2 in a ring of spell storing major for 8 size bonus giving a grand total of 62 Strength (obviously putting all 5 points into Str, and a belt of physical perfection 6)

So My question comes in are there any other/better ways of boosting Strength outside of what I have mentioned here? Are there other ways of boosting an enhancement bonus on a weapon to get a better courageous boost? (i know this answer is probably no) but does it help at all to dual wield courageous weapons, and finally are there any ways to get crazy bonuses like these to other stats (specifically dex)

If anyone has seen my recent posts has guessed/knows I have just started a campaign as a Swashbuckler, and my Gm has already said he is willing to create items that offer similar effects for other classes but for a Swashbuckler to use.

For example a Warpriest's Sacred weapon scales (i believe) the same as a monk's unarmed damage so we had discussed making a warpriest belt that raised the damage by 5 levels like a monks belt.

One item in particular i know i already want to make something of is Gloves of Dueling, but my question is are there any other class specific items that quicken ability growth, or possibly even grant abilities from other classes (really looking for something similar to fighter armor training) that could be modified for use by a swashbuckler?

As the title says I am wondering if there are rules for improving things like class items that gives standard bonuses in addition to other things.

For example the Cape of Daring Deeds gives a +2 resistance bonus to saves, modifies Derring Do, and raises the resistance bonus to +4 when using charmed life, and the price is 9000

So first of are there rules to modify this item to bring the resistance bonus to a base of +5, if so how much, and how would that interact with the extra +2 granted when using charmed life, and would the fact that it possibly goes to a +7 resistance bonus have other price implications?

As the title says I am about to start campaign on Sunday and I am torn on what class to play.

I am going to be one of two front line fighters the rest of the party is a Dragon Rider/Hunter, Wizard (Crafting), Witch, Magus, and Investigator.

I am stuck between Swashbuckler, and War Priest.

Some of the campaign rules stats are all starting 10's and 24 points to put wherever we want can be all 14's or 3 18's 3 10's before racial, and one stat can be dropped to an 8 but nothing lower than that starting.

Also Magic is a little funky, and there is going to be a feat tax to in order to successfully cast transmutation, and conjuration spells and (not that this is a big deal) but I am limited to Human to be able to accomplish this.

Another little twist is shield bonuses are 1 higher except for buckler, and apply to touch AC, and Reflex Saves (just want to put everything i can think of on the table)

Also my DM is making his own gods and I don't have the list yet so I don't know what possible favored weapons I have available.

We are starting at level 4, and are probably going to get to lvl 18 if not 20+ I have 7200 gold, and access to 1 additional item up to 5k thats supposed to be more for roleplaying than straight combat purposes

I have the swashbuckler completely made at this point because I didn't want to deal with the spell casting misfire chance, but now that I know as a Human I can avoid that I kind of want to play a Spell Caster because I never have before.

So with all that said advice on which i should go with, and which meshes better with the party

So apologies in advance if this is posted somewhere but i have been trying for a few days and can't find anything.

are there are items/feats/spells/classes/PrC's in pathfinder that give you extra AoO's per round outside of just combat reflexes?

if there is anything in 3.5 i am interested as well but the campaign im about to get into is going to be minimal 3.5 so i don't want to rely on that

i did see the one set of bracers from MiC for 2300 that give 2/day but thats about it

So I am about to start a new campaign with my group it is theoretically going to be a low money rough magic campaign where divination magic does not exist, Transmutation, and Conjuration are severely nerfed, and magic items using those two schools are 3x book price. Starting at 4th level, and using all 10's with 24 points to put in as you wish nothing starting higher than 18 before racial boosts.

With that said I had a character concept that I thought would be kinda neat.

So the concept is as the title it would end up 15 levels of Swashbuckler, 4 levels of sacred fist to get access to channel energy for crusaders flurry, and divine protection, and 1 level of master of many styles for early access to pummeling charge

my question is this a viable character build/idea or am I trying to hard to fix my saves/get pounce.

Side note my DM has already told me as a Swashbuckler I will have a good fort save along with the good reflex

and using the inspired blade archetype to get the free rapier weapon focus since this build is extremely feat dependent to about lvl 11 or 13 (campaign will hit capstone at 20)

all critiques and thoughts are welcome thanks everyone in advance