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Hi there folks I am Playing a Inquisitor of Ashava with the Redemption Inquisition. which grants her the following ability.

"At 4th level, any weapon you wield gains the merciful magic weapon special ability. The weapon immediately reverts to its original abilities when you cease to wield it."

And Inquisitors can grant 1 weapon the following bane weapon ability which is this (bane attuned to species of choice):

"A bane weapon excels against certain foes. Against a designated foe, the weapon's enhancement bonus is +2 better than its actual bonus. It also deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against such foes."

Now when i presented this combination to my DM in combat non the less to say my Weapon is Statically always merciful unless its not being wielded or i turn it off that i wanted to bane my weapon to enhance my chances of hitting and non lethally knocking out a enemy (that i wish to interogate), which just stabbed me in the gut as a sneak attack for who knows what reason. My DM started having a ruling feud with me on how bane weapon enhancement is meant to kill and slay that particular creature and thus should not be non lethally capable.

When my argument was that the Bane ability in pathfinder is not meant to be a outright killing enhancement, but meant as a way to excel against that enemy in combat ( to be the bane of their existence per-say? ) and that my intention was to excel in taking down that particular enemy non lethally for those that i think may have information or preferably a capability to be redeemed for their actions vs purging them from this existance.

anyway it became a heated back and forth argument that became really tense. so im trying to get some input on it.

Here is an easy answer for you

Show your DM the Merciful Bane feat which specifically works with Inquisitor

Yeah we explained that to him he's just a bit firm that he believes the intent of bane is you just outright slay/kill. There for cant be used non lethality. Even though I'm trying to explain that is intent is to excel greatly against that appropriate enemy.

Your combination works. Nowhere in bane does it say that the damage it causes cannot be modified by outside sources, such as feats or magic items.

Hell if you take a simple -4 to hit all that damage would be non lethal anyways.

Your GM is wrong RAW.

I think it's more wrong in his mind and a combination ofmy persistence to explain and him not wanting to argue or carry on the subject from interrupting his game which has plenty of side tracks from others, but just wanted to get the community boards o outlook on it ty

You are right by rules. However, it looks like you have run into one of this GM's bugbear issues. With some people you get to the point where further argument is pointless. At that point you just note it as a house rule and go on.

Well that comes to an issue of your DM telling you he is homeruling something doesnt work at which point i would come to him and say you want to redo your character because two of the mechanics you should be allowed to combine he isnt allowing

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