opportune parry and riposte reach question

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Sorry I'm pretty new to official rules, the group that brought me in and taught me pathfinder play a little loosey goosey.

So if I have long arm cast, and someone comes through my threatend square to approach me in melee i get an AOO right?

After that's settled than they still can approach me and attack me which is fine.

However, if I have opportune parry and riposte I can use a panache to use one of my AOO's to block the attack and than strike.

Is this legal? Can I use TWO AOO's in one round against the same PC? Obviously I have combat reflexes.

Thanks for the help!


yes you can.

the only time you cant use more than 1 AoO on an opponent is if its the same action that is causing the AoO for example if a single move brings an opponent through more than 1 of your threatened squares.

in your example you are getting an AoO for him moving through a threatened square, and then a second for him attacking and you attempting to parry

and technically parry isn't even an official AoO it just costs you 1 use for the round when used

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