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Looks interesting, I'll look for this for the new toys if nothing else. I'm still hoping Ustalav or Numeria will get some love but that's me.

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Of the two hard cover books for general play we're getting this year this is the one I'm looking forward to the most. I'm interested in seeing what PC options come of this and if there will be any more monsters. I hope they will have material on the Dominion of the Black or the Dark Tapestry or both.

Aaron Shanks wrote:
Kodyax wrote:
I'm still waiting on my subscription copy of the larger hardcover. I will get paid the first of November. If I will be able to go out to my FLGS and buy this pocket version before the HC is delivered, given the postal service nowadays that's not guaranteed, I will be very disappointed.
As of Oct 19 we only had a few subs left to ship. Please email customer service if you believe there may be an issue with your order.

I just checked and it was shipped on October 5th. I'm even more concerned that it's taking over 20 days to get to me. But this is not Paizo's fault really. I checked UPS and got the message that it was not available for tracking which makes me wonder...

I'm still waiting on my subscription copy of the larger hardcover. I will get paid the first of November. If I will be able to go out to my FLGS and buy this pocket version before the HC is delivered, given the postal service nowadays that's not guaranteed, I will be very disappointed.

I got the free preview for the two classes that will be included in the book and the one gunslinger feat makes me wonder if it will be available to rangers as well as the feat in question is firearm ace and rangers already get crossbow ace. My apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to ask this

I love the Steampunk vibe I'm getting here. The automaton ancestry, firearms, the new classes this is a book I didn't think Paizo would ever make but I am glad to be a subscriber to the core rule line none the less because of this. I hope there will be clockwork options for alchemists and wizards as well. This book can't come soon enough as far as I am concerned. Plus the Alkenstar material will be very welcome to me.

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I am very excited by this. I hope the playtest for the new classes drops soon I am eager to see what they will be doing with all four in this new edition but especially the oracle and the witch.

This is definitely one of those books I am looking forward to next year along with the Game Mastery Guide and the Advanced Player's Guide among other things. I am also looking forward to the playtest of whateer they decide to share with us regarding the APG. I appreciated the advance from the GMG and with this new Bestiary I hope this trend of giving us monsters from the tales of H.P.Lovecraft continues. As a GM the sooner I get stats for Mi-Go and Nightgaunts the better.

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Woohoo! Now I can convert the monsters form the 1E Bestiasries! Especially my favorites, which include everything Lovecraft and along those lines just about every monster known to be associated with the Dominion of the Black.

Some very interesting discussions here and it has been getting my own thought process rolling to say the very least. One of the things I need to stress here is that I am a bit of a homebrewer and I almost never run things RAW unless I am so new to the rules set that I need to see how things work or not before I start tinkering around too much. I also like running things with the understanding that the tech level is either Age of Sail or Steampunk. For those unaware Age of Sail refers to the time period that includes the American and French Revolutions, the French and Indian wars, almost any pirate film you care to mention and anything based on the works of Alexander Dumas. But I also live in Philadelphia and the city has a rather keen interest collectively in the Age of Sail.

What I am thinking of regarding firearms in PF2 in what I am running is this: Gunpowder is the purview of Alchemy and thus all firearms are added to the list of what an alchemist can more or less safely use without too much risk of injuring themselves and others. Next I plan on having four different kinds of guns for both eras: Derringers (d4 P 20ft.); Pistols (d6 P 60 ft.), Shotguns (d8 P 80 ft.) and Rifles (d10 P 120 ft.). All of them get the Deadly (d10) property while Shotguns get Sweep. How readily their available depends on the era; before the Age of Sale they are advanced weapons, Age of Sail they are Martial and Steampunk they are Simple.

Definitely going to get this, I liked the hard cover. Sine I have it on some authority that the powers that be read this I wish to submit my sort of wish list of hard covers I hope and pray come out in soft cover like this sooner rather than later.

-Ultimate Wilderness
-Bestiary 6
-Occult Adventures
-Horror Adventures
-Pathfinder Unchained
-Mythic Adventures
-Monster Codex
-Villain Codex

Not necessarily in that order but these are the books that for me will be a must buy as soon as they drop.

I am more interested in Ranger and Druid options which I can probably safely assume this will include. I am waiting with baited breath for the UW paperback edition to come out as I love the hardcover and often refer to it or the pdf for campaign ideas. I am another that is of the opinion that UW was the best hard cover Paizo produced for PF1. I am going to keep an eye on when this releases as well as the soft cover of Ultimate Intrigue as I enjoyed that book quite bit as well.

Got the pdf now, thank you to the folks at Paizo I am not eagerly awaiting my copy to make its way through the mail to my grubby paws. I think the stat adjustment on Intelligence and Wisdom should be reversed for PCs but otherwise I would love to play an uplifted bear, especially in Stafinder Society. I was also pleasantly surprised for the canine species I saw many moons ago on YouTube and that I also want to play as soon as I can in SFS. I do not wish to spoil anything for everyone but I am most satisfied with what I see so far. I have choice words for whomever gave this two stars but for the sake of civility I shan't speak them here.

Sounds like quite the toolbox and I can hardly wait to read it. Even if that means I have to make do with the PDF until I get the book in the mail.

Paizo now has their money so I should have the PDF soon enough and I greatly look forward to reading it. I love having options as a player and as a GM creating scenes for players both from terms of whatine they are and what they are facing. I am hoping the bear race will be something I can enjoy out of the box as well as any canine humanoids. Until fursuits are outlawed make mine Paizo.

Uplifted bears, that is music to my ears, I have the subscription for the hard covers and at this point you can't take my money fast enough to ensure I get this ASAP but I have a couple of questions/hopes. Please tell me the uplifted bears are going to something akin to Smokey, as in standing up right with opposable thumbs to make something close to true hands. And just as important how fast will they get greenlit to be usable as a PC race in SFS?

Not going to Gen Con but I will be at PAX unplugged. So if I am reading this right, my debit card will charged for Arsenal (or as I am hoping to call it, "The Toy Box") next Thursday, July 12th?

For what it's worth, in my one campaign setting there is an organization known as the Druid Council. They are the rulers of large tracts of lands and in those areas as well as the organization itself is organized into three main tiers. At the very top are the druids themselves who watch over the realms and act to preserve and cultivate the various environments, no matter what your specialty. Just below them are certain arcane spellcasters most notably witches and sorcerers of various nature oriented patrons and/or bloodlines. Below them are the more martial classes with rangers at the top of this pecking order followed closely by hunters, barbarians and other nature oriented specialty warriors as well as bards who act as lawyers in all legal matters where the Druid Council holds sway. Below them is everybody else. For anyone in the top three tiers Druidic is a bonus language, a kind of secret code based on Ogham which was a real world language that was a purely written code. The idea here is that between the different tiers, writing in druidic allows for the passage of secret messages back and forth.

Schoon wrote:

This could be even more simple if you just equate space = water and just run with it.

They're both restrictive environments.

On the other hand, if the details are fun for you to work out, go for it.

I was thinking along these lines for the most part. I mean our own astronauts go underwater as part of their training last time I checked. Definitely a good idea.

I putting this in homebrew because I am not sure where else it could go. I am starting to put together thoughts and plans to create a dieselpunk style campaign using Starfinder rules set underwater. Among other sources I am drawing inspiration for this from such programs as Seaquest DSV, Journey to the Bottom of the Sea, Aquaman, Tigersharks, Blue Submarine No. 6, Stingray, Marine Boy and other various underwater oriented adventure series. The idea here is that in order to survive and explore, the PCs need their armor and equipment to act as a buffer between the outside environment.

I am thinking that the filtered rebreather and thermostatic add ons to armor would be useful in such a campaign and am looking to see how easily one can adapt vehicles to work down there. Most weapons can be made adaptable to such an environment although I am envisioning cryo and sonic weapons working the best with the least necessary modifications. If you will excuse the pun, how far off the deep end am I going with this? Do you have any suggestion as far as media to look at for additional information?

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My birthday is the last day of July. I signed on for the main book subscription service. I do hope this means that by the time my birthday rolls around I will have more toys to include in the pre-gens I intend to make for the furry con I will be attending the weekend before Halloween as well as a few things for my ysoki solarion to dream about using in starfinder society.

First and foremost I wish for an entire AP where the villainous organization you have to deal with is the Dominion of the Black and ONLY the Dominion of the Black. I imagine they have enough range in the kinds of critters at their disposal you could go from 1st to 20th and beyond and still not kill them all.

Beyond that I would delve into old movies and cartoons like:

Flash Gordon
Buck Rogers
Commander Cody (Radar Men from the Moon, etc.)
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
Captain Future
Captain Harlock
Battle of the Planets (Super Scientific Ninja Team Gatchaman)
Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato)
Outlaw Star
Red Dwarf

Potentially stupid question but are races that are legal for play in PFS legal for play in SFS? I have Advanced Race Guide among other official books. Is it possible to create a kitsune solarion for SFS play?

Alright, I need to keep an eye on this so I can volunteer to GM this as soon as possible here in Philadelphia.

I get the sneaking suspicion that the folks at WizKids who are making minis for Pathfinder would make minis for Starfinder easily enough. Heck, I don't think I would be psychic if I say there were folks at WizKids that heard about the new games and said: "We're minis for you guys for this right?" I already know that there are people on the starfinder who want to announce organized play but the logistics for that is a nightmare that if they are even somewhat working on that it's on the sly. We will seeing more in the future to be sure and I know I will be supporting it as much as possible. I love space opera; it's one of my favorite sub-genres of Science Fiction and the idea that they want to make Starfinder to do for Space Opera what Shadowrun did for Cyberpunk is one I applaud.

I am liking what I am hearing in all this. Rat folk are going to be in the core, I think that has been confirmed. I would love to see kitsune, cat folk, vanaras and nagaji as well. There is a lot of potential here and for now I want to see what comes out within the first year of its existence before I go clamoring for [insert name of race here] to be made available. It's not even out yet folks. It's OK to get excited but let's not get too carried away shall we?

I am one of those that was suitably impressed by Dragonstar when it came out. I can see where the core classes can be ported over just fine as well as how some of the other classes might fit although in some cases depending on what the new classes bring to the table I would still want to look at concept before pigeon holing anyone into anything. When I play the game I usually play a ranger and that class can be rather ubiquitous in how I see can be played in medieval settings, modern settings or futuristic settings. But I am also content to adopt a wait and see attitude when it comes to this.

Gods I can't wait for August, is there anyway in the next few months I can start sending money to just outright buy books for this in advance? No lie, I just want the books because everything I have heard about this just has me excited and anxious to get the freaking books.

Hmmm, I may have to steal this idea if I get to run Strange Aeons. From what I can tell it would slot in perfectly with that AP

Hmmmm, I wonder how easy it will be to take the game's rules and what not but use our own solar system as the basis? Add in anthropomorphic animal races as something the people of Earth or some alien races is toying with, much like the Moreaus from d20 Modern, and go from there?

Interesting ideas, Proley, I am taking not of your suggestions. The main goal of the campaign is more exploration and selling their exploits to the public. There is also some cosmic horror thrown in here so the crew sometimes gets more than they bargained for. Although the Captain does his best to make sure that what should remain sunk stays sunk.

The campaign calls them pirates and the one nation certainly considers them pirates for taking the treasure they themselves sunk and planned on recovering. While I am not in favor of One Piece it is something I am looking at as an example since it focuses on piracy. Some players may revel in being called pirates but they are not really pirates; salvagers and explorers to be sure but not the sea robbers that are pirates.

I have this idea for a campaign that will include material from the Skull and Shackles AP, Freeport and Razor Coast among other things in a campaign world that takes inspiration principally from Waterworld (yes, the Kevin Costner PA movie), Pirates of the Caribbean and Pirates of Dark Water with this being the general theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zewxwc1SFeo

In this drowning world there was a cataclysm some 1K+ years before the start of the campaign that flooded the world and it hasn't dried out yet. There are plenty of island nations that are near constantly at war with one another over resources. But there are treasures waiting to be looted on the sea floor both from the remains of civilizations long, long ago and one of the nations has this idea in its collective noggin to sink its own ships and claim it was done by pirates or a rival nation as an excuse to hang the innocent mariners as pirates or go to war.

The PCs are part of the crew of a salvage guild ship specializing in looting all these wrecks. Although if some navy vessel decides they want to take them on suspicion of piracy they will defend themselves and in fact they have effectively raided several warships from the one nation that sinks its own ships that I mentioned above because ships from that navy decided to catch them to fill their quota for the week. Now, given all that information how justified would it be in calling the PCs pirates?

I never bought into 4E but I did look into 5E but always kept my main interest in Pathfinder. If they did more with 5E I'd have been more on board with it but the fact that they seem to want to stay in FR and not go off world annoyed me since I wanted Mystara content and ultimately SpellJammer. Starfinder is the next step in that evolution as far as I am concerned with Dragonstar having been the next step for the 3E period. We shall see, I look forward to running it in my area to be sure.

We already have numerous UFO lore references in Bestiary 5 which I would not mind seeing continue but I am hoping for original stuff as well. I too would love to see a line of humanoid, humanized animal species but that list could be exhaustive. I know from my own work and I concentrate only on mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Although that said I am supporting this as much as possible.

OK, as someone who loves psionics and psychic magic equally I am quite interested in seeing how much this plays into the game. Historically speaking psionic/psychic ability has been a part of science fiction for quite some time. Heck, the reason may who don't want this as part of [insert name of favorite fantasy RPG here] is because of the overall perception that is sci-fi and thus has no place in fantasy. I like to refer to psionic/psychic power as "Magic that likes to pretend it's science" as there have been fantasy stories to feature it and if we are doing science fantasy I think it really should be part of the game. But I understand there are those that might not agree with me. Still I do think it's the most "appropriate" kind of magic as in its a trope that is well establish and well accepted as being part of the overall space opera landscape, or would that be starscape?

OK, the pdf is in my shopping cart and next paycheck I buy that and Ultimate Intrigue. The HC is on pre-order which I paid for with a gift card from my birthday. So whenever Amazon gets their copies for sale one of them is flagged as mine.

New classes are nice but I also would like to see them take a page or two out of Dragonstar and adapt existing classes to outer space. The way they restructured pretty much everything favorably impressed me. I also expect them to extrapolate what they did to certain classes in Unchained and maybe take that same approach to rangers, paladins and other core classes.

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Sounds good, I am expecting a reprint of the Technology guide with all the gear from Iron Gods thrown in for good measure.

Unless I am playing in PFS I don't give much regard to Golarion anyway. So far I see what they are doing and am encouraged about what is coming. I may step up and GM if and when they put in organized play. But I also like science fantasy space opera quite a bit.

A lot of sci-fi games hand wave currency all together or use some intangible like credits. Revamping the whole credstick idea is interesting and very could work especially if the PCs are mercenary in any capacity.

This is going to be a science fantasy setting so the sky is the limit as far as pay loads go. Putting an explosive in an arrowhead is something most folks don't blink an eye at or question. Imagine adding magic to that, say as the delivery device of a fireball with so much damage it would make the bombs we dropped on Japan to end WW2 look like mere firecrackers. And yes that is a little extreme but in a game like this it could be par for the course. But I like going gonzo.

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I like how they are going to be putting an emphasis on alien races become playable. I did like Spelljammer but at the same time I also liked Dragonstar.

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Compound bows can be nice, you have pulleys that negate the whole calibration for strength thing and a few models have a small quiver built in. But I'm also a big fan of Green Arrow...

I would be very surprised if stuff we already have on the Dark Tapestry does not get at least mention and/or expanded. Somehow I can see them as major adversaries in this setting.

Well, we do have the strix and I for one have them show up in something like this as something akin to the hawk men from Flash Gordon.

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If we can get them sure, and for the children, the giff are a race of humanoid hippo folk from Spelljammer. I for one would be amused if they managed to get in.

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Sentient AI quest givers anyone?

I'd like to see consolidate skills, group skills or both; loyalties instead of alignment; automatic magic item progression. Well, those are my faves from Unchained.

I will have to look this weekend. A facebook page to increase hype and enthusiasm might actually be amusing.

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