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So, a question. We'll probably be finishing up book 5 of Fly Free or Die around when this playtest goes live. Will there be any 'suggestions' for how to play 1e content within 2e playtest?

Right. Second Seekers (Sarmak) added to character tracking template. :)

Taja the Barbarian wrote:
Maybe there was an actual 'multiple archetype' rule that was cut from the final versions of Starfinder Enhanced? Otherwise, that portion of the sidebar makes no sense at all...

Or, as someone suggested in the conversation that started this, someone has been mixing in PF2 rules (which will eventually concur in SF2) a couple years too early. You can have multiple archetypes in PF2.

There is an archetype (Exalted Champion) that has a prerequisite of another archetype (Divine Champion). But it seems to be the exception rather than the rule. (Also, it only has an ability at 9th level, and Divine Champion does not have one at that level.)

The text of the prerequisite for Exalted Champion is 'You must already have the divine champion (Starfinder Pact Worlds 184) archetype to take this archetype.' It doesn't specify that you have to have it in the same class, though, so you could technically take it, but you would only gain its ability (Exalted Focus) when you hit 9th in that class, and you'd only gain Divine Champion abilities in the original, so it doesn't make logical sense, really.

So, I'm clearly missing something.

The text at the top of page 92 of Starfinder Enhanced states (bolded passages mine):
Archetypes are a powerful way to enhance virtually any character, trading your standard class features for a focused set of skills that tell a more nuanced story about your character's interests and proficiencies. The nine archetypes presented here offer a wide array of new options.

The archetypes in this section follow the rules for archetypes on page 126 of the Core Rulebook. Also note the free archetype variant on page 184 of this book.


Note that it's possible to gain multiple archetypes that grant class features at the same level; in this case, you should typically choose only one to gain per level. If your game is using the free archetype variant (page 184), the GM might rule that you can gain two of the class features available to you at that level (whether alternate or replaced).

You all can probably guess where my confusion lies. The rules for Archetypes from the Core Rulebook read as follows:
You also cannot add more than one archetype to a specific class. For example, once you have added the Starfinder forerunner archetype to the envoy class, you cannot add any other archetype to that class. If you multiclass and gain a level in a new class, you can add a new archetype to that class when you reach the appropriate level.
I thought this might be a reference to if you have multiple classes with archetypes, taking the archetype at level 2 (or whatever the first level is), but that's not really what it says here. It's implying that you can... take multiple archetypes for the same class. Which seems to be directly counter to what the actual rules seem to say?

So... what did I miss?

Kishmo wrote:
Assuming you already know, but just in case: from what I've seen, Magical Breakthrough has only been offered as a charity boon - the people who've won it are unlikely to trade it. I mean, maybe you'll get lucky, but I wouldn't hold my breath, if I were you.

I'm aware. I've tried to get it at multiple conventions and been outbid each time, sometimes by what to me, at least, is a ridiculous amount. I'm not holding my breath, as it were, just looking for other potential sources.

Keldin wrote:

Convention #5 Tune-Bot 2000 (Ally Boon)

Convention #1 Possessed Augmentation (Personal Boon)

Sorry, I screwed up. These two are not available (and I can't seem to find a way to either delete or edit the post).

I *do* have the following PFS1 boons:

Convention Boon #8: Professional Reputation
RSP 2020 #6: Hang In There (the Breath of Life one).

EDIT: Funnily enough, THIS post has a way to edit or delete it, but the other one still doesn't. What the heck...

RSP 2020 #2 Relaxation Suit Expansion Bay (Starship Boon)
Convention #5 Tune-Bot 2000 (Ally Boon)
Convention #1 Possessed Augmentation (Personal Boon)

Magical Breakthrough (Slotless Boon)

Ravien999 wrote:

Transferrence of all the "simple" charity/GM boons from the paper boon days over into ACP.

I'm talking 0-level scaling, among others. Which tbh should just be a standard rule or low cost, since its actually undertuned and doesn't unbalance the game, but all those old boons in general.

This, so much this. Though perhaps this should only happen once those boons are "retired?" (From what I understand/recall, Paizo does tend to change those boons on occasion.) I know 0-level scaling is currently active as a charity boon.

Thaine Hepler wrote:
Is this going to be openly repeatable, or have restrictions (say once 1-4 and once 5-8)?

I asked this on OPO today, and Alex responded:

Alex Speidel (OPC; he/him) — Today at 3:15 PM
the product page says "Repeatable," not "Repeatable (limited)." It's fully repeatable.

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Tomppa wrote:

They used to scale, but it was removed and some options were taken out. Probably because an automatically heightened scroll of your choice is pretty much better than any other comparable consumable that the other lists offer.

My Monk/Wizard is sad for nothing having an extra fireball, but I don't see heightening coming back - who would pick a healing potion if you could just hand the party caster a scroll of soothe or Heal?

Maybe make a qualifier requiring it to be lower level. At 5-6, take any previous scroll heightened to 2nd level. At 7-8, take any previous scroll heightened to 3rd level. And so on and so forth.

Other than that, +1 on Dispel at every level.

Not that it's important (unlike in PF2), but two of the pregens don't list their level, which I'm expecting is 3rd like the other two.

Dang it! The character I played the Stumbling Society series with is 10th level, very much beyond the level range (1-8) of this one.

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Er, you guys are aware that the date on this blog post is listing as 2022, right?

Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
1) Better Retraining

Oh, heck yeah. I have characters that were created under the original rules that would work much better with some of the alternate racial abilities that came out later. I'd love to transition my Soldier to be an Assimilated Curious Skittermander instead of the standard one, but he passed the level for retraining ages ago.

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Do I feel kinda sorry for WotC? I guess I do, yeah. I was there for many years. I played Living Greyhawk with Jason Buhlman in the Highfolk region. I've played games with Ed Greenwood - a classic-style in which I was killed a couple of hours in, and the man kept the character around as a ghost just so I could play. I still have the d20 that Frank Mentzer gave at his tables the one time I played with him at GenCon (though, as you might expect, I can't really read the numbers without picking up the die or bending down to look and the edges have kind of dulled, which means it rolls... and rolls... and rolls.... and rolls...).

Do I feel sorry for Hasbro, who I'm thinking are the source of this?

Not. At. All.

Buh-bye, D&D. I'll stick here with Paizo, a company that seems much more interested in serving their audience.

Considering my character's interactions with him, I'm not sure the word "friend" is applicable. Nuisance? Sure. Idiot? Yep. Friend? No, not really.

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Following up on what Michael and Sebastian said, before PaizoCon was online, I never had a chance to attend at all. I'd have to cross half the country, which means flying (I can, at least, drive to GenCon), pay for a hotel, pack food (diabetic kosher food can be hard to find in a place you don't know), and probably pay for travel between the hotel and where the convention is. Altogether, it makes for an expensive trip. While I enjoy being part of premieres, I'm not that inclined to spend that much on it.

That aside, playing online has given me a chance to play with people across the world. I've even developed something of a fascination with other accents.

COVID is something of an afterthought at this point, but it's still a thought. I hate wearing facemasks; I never feel like I'm getting enough oxygen (though I know this is untrue). I probably won't attend a face-to-face convention until I don't have to wear one. I don't know if that'll be next year or next decade.

No response necessary here. I'm just venting, pretty much.
I can't honestly say I'm happy with the idea of Skeleton characters. (And yes, I played 4-02 when it premiered.) No problem with it being 'costly' or anything like that. And yes, I saw the comment about Pharasma, but when a Goddess considers something a perversion, it's quite likely that her clerics are going to as well. I recognize that her anathema is 'creating undead' and that doesn't really apply here (though desecrating a corpse might). It just feels wrong. (Probably be a great source of conflict-oriented roleplay, though.)

That aside, it also means that healing clerics (not just Pharasmins) cannot use a three-action Heal within 30 feet of any Skeletal characters without running hard up against the no PVP rules or pretty much being required to take Selective Energy as early as possible. That seems like it's placing another restriction on the class; all the Skeleton player has to do is reject being willing to take the damage (though, granted, most would not do that, pretty much expecting to have to be self-sufficient) to prevent the most efficient use of that cleric ability. And yes, it's hardly the only thing that triggers that, but it may be the only one that triggers on a major class ability. On the other hand, it might give the Bad Touch cleric the novel experience of being the healer!

With other characters whose raison d'être is healing (like my Forensic Medicine Investigator), it requires the player to own a book and select a particular feat (Stitch Flesh, which the above character already has, mostly because I was running out of Medicine feats to take), which is another restriction. Again, this makes me mildly uncomfortable.

I know I'm not expressing myself well. Basically, all I can really say is that the concept makes me cringe to have to deal with as both a player who likes playing healers (at least 1/3rd of all of my characters are primary or secondary healers) and as a GM.

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Third warning: they give 0.25xp. If you don't want to deal with fractional XP on your character pretty much forever, do four at once. :)

Alex Speidel wrote:
I encourage anybody with issues to email in; the fix is literally two button clicks and I would hate for people to neglect emailing me just to avoid being a bother. I want to fix these problems, please let me!

So, let me ask: what if we can't tell? I mean, as far as I can see, I didn't get it, but I don't track those numbers that carefully since I only look at/use them when I find a character concept that appeals to me. Is there an entry on the Sessions list that we can look for, for example? Or, for that matter, if it HAS been added and you click those two buttons... what happens?

I am a Kickstarter backer who got screwed over by Ninja Division in the first place. Now you want additional money for something I already paid for, and it's for ones I have to put together now?

How about offering the option of canceling the order and returning my money instead for a campaign that's over four years old at this point? I've *tried* doing the same on Kickstarter proper (or at least CHANGING the order to compensate for buying things that I had ordered but not gotten), but *shock* got no response whatsoever.

Is there any official errata on what the Oliphant (3) is supposed to be?

PMSchulz wrote:
I wonder if there will be options to convert Fame over. Probably not.

As I understand it, Fame is gone in Starfinder Society. I'm guessing you meant converting reputation from already-played games? You're probably right when you say probably not. If nothing else, it would mangle Paizo's tracking information. However, since there's no longer a "cost" to champion a particular faction anymore, just starting to play for one of the new factions shouldn't be an issue.

The previous blog post said there would be three new factions. This one says two. Is there a miscommunication somewhere, or is the third just Manifold Host or something like that?

(EDIT: Alex said on Discord that the other two are the Cognates and Manifold Host.)

As for the advocates themselves, hm, this sounds like the perfect faction for my -701. Granted, he's 13th level, so he's probably not going to get a whole lot of play anyway...

Hm. So, the Aspis Consortium is making a comeback, are they? :)

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When I saw this, the first thing I thought was to point out Discord-based resources like Org Play Online (which can be found at http://pfschat.com/). Or point out the previous online guest blogs? (Part 1 and Part 2)

Took a while to find my way back to this (I was looking on the Roll20 forums, which have the advantage of notifying you when there are updates).

I have a recommendation, but it's probably not implementable.

See... the output from Starfinder Simple is, in a word, spammy. If you've got a spell that has a lot to it, it can cover the entire chat screen and then some.

The Roll20 PF2 sheet has an option that limits this and places a scroll bar in the area. I'm hoping for something similar to that. I just don't know how practical it might be with the background.

Will this be a one-time pass? To go along with the above comment, there are a number of sessions that I have that never got reported. I've been trying to get this resolved by connecting with the relevant GMs roughly since lockdown started (yes, over 1.5 years), but there are still a lot of issues.

If some of those issues are fixed, will there be extra AcP for them if the fix occurs after the 12th?

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It's been more than a year since my last post, so this is just a bump to get it back in circulation.

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Alex Speidel wrote:


MY NEW PC is evolving!

Is it a Ysoki wearing yellow refractor suit that has the dirindi electrical affinity graft, doesn't speak, but can make some sounds that sound vaguely like a word that starts with 'p' and ends with 'u'? *innocent grin*

Dang it. Now I want to make that character.

Just noting that Intro: Year of Shattered Sanctuaries is a 1-4, since Intros 1 and 2 specified as being for 1st and 2nd level characters. (I mean, I figured that was the case, following the example of SFS, but others might not.)

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Poor Hioba. Even if some believe him, there will always be others who think he had a fever dream.

You mean the single page version, Jared? Or something else I'm missing (as usual)?

So, with fame going away and day jobs rolled by players, I'm guessing chronicles will be undergoing a change similar to that for PF2. If so, can I make a request? Please leave a space for credits gained and a space for day job, not just one big space for credits gained. If there could be space ABOVE and BELOW those, even better. I still like to track starting and ending gold on my chronicles. Makes things easier for me, at least.

Eh, only if you're using projectiles, really. For everything else, just buy an extra battery and switch out if it starts to get really low.

I mean... I can't really think of one time when I've HAD to switch out my battery in anything but an AP, but it probably happens some time or another!

One thing to note for roll20 players, particularly free-level players: if your GM is also free-level, there will be issues transferring your character from your Character Vault to the game. It's probably a good idea to check ahead of time to see if the GM is a free player - on the table page, check immediately under the table owner's name. If it says "Plus" or "Pro," you're fine. If not, you may want to contact someone in HQ (the afore-mentioned #help channel) a bit in advance of the ten minutes mentioned in the post.

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I always find 'Consultant' a good catch-all. Consulting on art? Art Consultant. Genre consultant. Worldbuilding consultant.

See, it always works. :)

I think this may have already been asked and answered, but the sets of Achievement Points are/will be separate pools? (That is what I understand it to be.) However, having one pool would make it easier for players new to either campaign to get interesting/uncommon/rare bonuses in the other. Practical example: an android is a common race (and I really hope you're not going the whole ancestry thing in SFS) in Starfinder. With androids now available in PFS2, maybe a player who has been exclusively SFS for a while might be tempted to play "an early version of your SFS character, not that it would apply to anything -- it'd just be 'history in your head'."

Secondarily, what about people who GM'd Starfinder in the past? Yes, they get fame for their characters (though only the first time for non-repeatables). Maybe they should get something too? Maybe part of the whole conversion thing? You already track people who have run games, so it probably wouldn't be too difficult to do either.

Sorry. It's just a discord link to someone saying that it applies in general, but that someone is a regular player like me (as far as I know), which is why I asked. The actual text is included in the first paragraph of my post.

As is, it appears to be part of the Barathu's mutable anatomy in the original module, so chances are that it will be restricted to that race. But hope springs eternal, as they say.

As was pointed out on OPO, the latest update to Additional Resources includes the following: "Alternate Racial Traits: You can spend your downtime after a scenario to retrain your racial traits. The barathu alternate racial traits are legal for play except for mineral exoskeleton. The attack granted by the internal chemistry trait cannot benefit from Improved Unarmed Strike."

As pointed out, as written it applies in general, but I figured I'd come here and get an 'official' call -- does this apply only to Early Stage Barathu or any race? 'cause if it's the latter, my Skittermander is going Curious as soon as possible.

But, if you stick them into an engine control pod, do you end up going to alternate universes, that's what we really want to know?

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So, how will these interact with Starfinder Society, some people would like to know. :)

As far as I know this is NOT possible, but I figure I should ask and be sure. Spoilers because, well, spoilers.

Is there any way to add a +1 to the Mighty Fists side of the Amulet of Armored Fists?

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It really depends on the situation, I think. Sure, it's okay to presume finishing up a chronicle within an hour (and that's the standard most apply online these days), but there can be reasons. Some as simple as "it's 3am my time, I need sleep before I can fill these out." Some as complicated as one this past weekend: "My router went kablooey, it's gonna take me a bit of time to replace it." (In this time of lockdown, not everyone has backup Internet connections.)

Generally speaking, I've found GMs are fairly open to this issue. If you don't have the chronicle, you don't fill out the relevant information... but you also don't have any other rewards either, including access to magic items ahead of time.

Belarias wrote:
Thank you, I have follow-ups what if some of the main perpetrators for this are the Venture-Officers in an area?

You escalate. If the people who haven't filled out your chronicles after a certain amount of time -- and you should consider that time on the longer side than the shorter -- are venture agents, go to the venture lieutenant. If it's that person that's the issue, you move on to the venture captain of the area. If THAT doesn't work, you go to your RVC. And if that doesn't work, you go to the top and start talking to people like Tonya. But I highly doubt it will get that far. (If it does, you can likely just expect it's not going to get done.)

Thomas Keller wrote:
I know that a few times I've waited over a week to receive chronicles.

I usually don't start getting antsy if it's a character I'll be playing unless it's been a week or so since the game and I haven't heard anything from the GM. I have (am currently) waited on chronicles for over a month, but those are generally for characters in inactive campaigns (PFS1, in short) and I have other characters I can play in the meantime.

Armor Slot Basic Mod wrote:
Your drone gains an armor upgrade slot for an armor upgrade (see page 204). If you do not already have an armor upgrade to install, you must purchase one separately. You can install the armor upgrade only if your drone has enough open upgrade slots to meet the upgrade’s requirements. You can select this mod up to four times, each time adding an additional slot.
Pet Carrier Armor Upgrade wrote:
The pet carrier armor upgrade takes one upgrade slot and provides space for one Tiny, two Diminutive, or four Fine creatures to take refuge in your armor. You can open or close a pet carrier as a move action. A creature of appropriate size can enter or exit a pet carrier by using 5 feet of movement to do so. While inside the pet carrier, a creature benefits from total cover and your armor’s environmental protections, but it can’t take any physical actions other than to leave an open carrier.

Does this work in SFS? What are the advantages and disadvantages to it? Can the mechanic see out of the pet carrier armor slot? (It doesn't actually say they can't -- and hard surfaces that are see-through exist even now.)

Was there ever an answer to this one? Because I'm curious too.

I'm having the same problems as supervillain above, though for me, it's just error while loading profile (which also means I can't report anything I've played) and error loading characters. As far as I can tell, it's been doing this for weeks if not longer.

Also, the link on the top of the changelog goes to the previous thread. Might be worthwhile changing that.

EDIT: And, of course because that's the way my luck runs, immediately after I post, it starts working again.

EDIT 2: Nope, luck ran out. Now I'm back getting errors on getting played info.

Um... how do I create a header in one of these messages (as I mentioned, new to playing on Paizo's fora)?

Rakisan wrote:
Ohhh I haven't played this character in a while. Still got 118K to spend..

Yeah. Setting up for this, I had credits from 2-00 and the last Dead Suns chronicle. Let's just say I got him down to... around 15,000 credits left.

Killk wrote:
I have about 28k of credits free to spend and no idea what to buy. Gear is the thing I always struggle with in SFS so happy to take any suggestions.

Oh god, do I know that feeling.

That said, since I spent a good portion of yesterday doing just that for my mystic, the first thing that comes to mind with 28K, if you don't already have one (and I don't - I ran out of credits) is an Pearly White Spindle Aeon Stone, which increases your caster level by one for numerical effects (i.e. not spells/day or spells known). If you've already got something like that, you could try and update armor or a weapon, or something like a Mk2 Mindlink Circuit, which allows you to communicate telepathically with anything you share a language with (and mystics tend to speak lots of languages) within 100 feet.

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