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As was pointed out on OPO, the latest update to Additional Resources includes the following: "Alternate Racial Traits: You can spend your downtime after a scenario to retrain your racial traits. The barathu alternate racial traits are legal for play except for mineral exoskeleton. The attack granted by the internal chemistry trait cannot benefit from Improved Unarmed Strike."

As pointed out, as written it applies in general, but I figured I'd come here and get an 'official' call -- does this apply only to Early Stage Barathu or any race? 'cause if it's the latter, my Skittermander is going Curious as soon as possible.

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This has some really... interesting interactions with Xenometric android if it's a general rule.

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That link doesn't work for me.

Sorry. It's just a discord link to someone saying that it applies in general, but that someone is a regular player like me (as far as I know), which is why I asked. The actual text is included in the first paragraph of my post.

As is, it appears to be part of the Barathu's mutable anatomy in the original module, so chances are that it will be restricted to that race. But hope springs eternal, as they say.

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The way it is worded, it will apply to all racial traits listed within the AP. Which is only Barathu racial traits.

In fact when you look at the traits listed in the book it says: "Unlike most other species, barathu modification continues throughout their lives; a barathu character who spends a week using the retrain downtime activity can retrain their racial traits..."

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