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Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Last March, when we shifted physical gaming to digital spaces, the Online Region Venture-Officers wrote two guest blogs focused on their experiences using digital mediums such as Virtual Table Tops (VTTs) and Play-by-Post to keep our gaming communities connected. Their advice is as relevant today as it was last spring, so we’ve linked them here for reference.

Guest Blog: Online Region Resources part 1

Guest Blog: Online Region Resources part 2

Reading over those blogs will give a good overview of playing digital games, but there are a few other considerations to be aware of when signing up for games at PaizoCon.

  • Game listings in Warhorn include the platform the game will run on. Be sure to check this information when choosing games, as we have a variety of platforms being used. They include:
    • Roll20
    • Fantasy Grounds
    • Foundry
    • Play-by-Post
    • Google Slides
    • Discord
  • Download and install any platform files and create logins before the event. This will help discover and resolve any tech issues, so you don’t miss your game.
  • Double check the character sheet your GM is using if your VTT supports multiple sheets.
  • Build VTT copies of characters ahead of time so they’re ready for play. Ensure paper character sheets are up to date for PbP, Google Slides, and Discord games.
  • Connect to the Paizo Events Discord Server and accept the server rules in the #community_guidelines channel to make sure you’re ready to go. Bonus, you can join in some pre-convention chatter with other attendees, get personalized help with VTTs, and scope out channels to keep an eye on during the event.

Need more resources to help familiarize yourself with the various digital platforms? Check out Fantasy Grounds College Starfinder events for this month, or visit the #how-to-vtt and #how-to-play-by-post channel on the Paizo Events server, where community members can answer questions about the various digital platforms available.

At PaizoCon, there are a few other best practices that will help improve your event experience:

  • Fill out your GM’s sign-in sheet, and be sure to log into your gamespace 10 minutes before your game starts to check in.
  • On Discord, we’ve used adventure titles as game channel names. We recommend logging in 10 minutes before and confirming the GM is the one listed for your game. If you can’t find your game, visit the #help channel and an HQ volunteer will assist.
  • If you couldn’t pre-register for a game, visit the #looking-for-group channels for the RPG you want to play. HQ volunteers will start seating walkups 20 minutes before each session.
  • Provide a contact method to your GM so they can follow up if there are issues with chronicles or reporting.
  • After your game is over, advise your GM if you will need them to export a copy of your character sheet to use for your next event.

We hope to see you at PaizoCon Online 2021. If you haven’t pre-registered yet, you still have time! Pre-registration for games closes at 6:00 pm PDT May 24, 2021. After that players will be seated on a walk-up basis the day of the event.

Tonya Woldridge
Organized Play Manager

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If you’re interested in getting in some practice virtual table top games before PaizoCon, all are welcome in the Organized Play Online Region discord at where we have international Paizo society games year round!

One thing to note for roll20 players, particularly free-level players: if your GM is also free-level, there will be issues transferring your character from your Character Vault to the game. It's probably a good idea to check ahead of time to see if the GM is a free player - on the table page, check immediately under the table owner's name. If it says "Plus" or "Pro," you're fine. If not, you may want to contact someone in HQ (the afore-mentioned #help channel) a bit in advance of the ten minutes mentioned in the post.

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Piggy-backing off of Keldin - there are at least some HQ members who can help you with importing your characters to games, but the earlier we know, the easier it will be for us to arrange to do so.

Also, looking forward to seeing everyone who joins us! If you have any questions, please join the Paizo Online Events discord and ask them there - the community and Organizing Committee are always willing to do our best to help.


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