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Thanks in advance for all the help guys!

Also I think I will go with Aasimar for the race.


I have been away from gaming for a year because of loss in the family and commitments with school and work.

I friend kindly invited me to join their Giants game next week when they start at level 1.

Any suggestions for these adventures? I am greatly leaning towards either a Wizard (not a Sorcerer) or Alchemist (70/20% respectively), maybe taking a look at the Swashbuckler as well (10%), my friend said they need a strong spellcaster or ranged attacks.

The GM is very dangerous per my friend and pulls no punches, he has said we can make any PC we want from any of the rulebooks and the whole group are very optimized, are about 20 years older than me, and play together as a group for years, so I want to pull my weight with the boys.

My friend told me to go with Summoner but I really don't like the feel of the class. Not my cup of tea.

Any suggestions? Will a Wizard be useful?

Also I plan to pick up a copy or PDF of Occult Adventures, is there a class that is really strong in that book? Is there a class that does mind control and can take over opponents and monsters like an Enchanter?

Actually Judge if you want or feel the need to continue this please use PM I don't want the others to have to wade through this.

On the very top of this new page I suggested how we can reconcile your issues, did you read it? I offered a way to fix the problem. Please read it.

I am sorry that something I did upset you, not sure what it was, basically because I wanted to cast Fly on Edmin then me, but really this is just a little bit much over who gets which spell.

Anyways I just read the gameplay and it seems Grumblejack is better suited.

Take it in context the last three rolls I made 17, 16, 15 were Perception, Initiative and straight Knowledge, what did get me? Princess Monk stars to the face because I saw her then she won Initiative and Knowledge that I should burn the cute horsies! And when I PM'd you you said don't attack the horses they are a red herring and I listened to you![spoiler]

Think of use as your other kids!

Can we set aside some time to discuss our allowance?

No Dren, I am DM's biggest fan, please understand I am not questioning DM for the mere sake of questioning him.

I love DM's game, I really do, he crafts an amazing plot for us to unravel. I would pay to be in DM's game and spend any free time I had on DM's game that I could, I check five to six times a day for posts, I read every posts you all make, I RE read posts from all of you, I TAKE NOTES. I am a big fan of DM and a fan of you guys as well.

But we plan for certain circumstances based on what DM tells us about the world around us and if we plan thoroughly enough and intelligently enough and if luck stays with us just a little long enough I think we can ask about a ruling as well.

I got a PM a reader when Nimpy took off with the items on the ship saying it was a very tough hit on us but I defended DM, I then said 'well serves us (the group) right for not being wary of the halfling', I drew a card that would have boosted INT +2 and DEX +2 but DM said I waited a day extra to post, neither those times or others that I saw we had more than some wiggle room to argue our case did I pipe up.

But in this case I was planning this since we knew there was a magister and a cleric MONTHS AGO, which was to draw the magister and the cleric out of the fort.

I came head on with Xen because he wanted to enact his plan, and that bruised our relationship, which to me was hurtful as I really get along with the player, then I had to convince the group over nearly a week to back up the plan because now the fort was on alert.

When I saw there was a danger in using Bref's head you and I cautioned against it but DM ruled otherwise. Do you know how painful and quite draining it feels to have one or two posts ruin months of planning, reading and re rereading posts to look for clues or motivations behind npcs and then being given ashes as a reward?

Regarding the golem, him striking at us would defeat the purpose of our coming, the golem is NOT all knowing, what is the harm in asking for the reasoning behind DM's ruling?

I don't question DM, its his game, but if we plan and at least keep ourselves intelligent, then we should not be rewarded by setback after setback and I was just voicing my opinion. I'm sorry if it offended you that was not my intent.

Kate_C wrote:
DM I started this thread for you.

There were some anwers on the thread DM.

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:

Good luck, Kate!

Doug M.

DM I started this thread for you.

Hope you beat the stomach bug soon DM.

Beautiful song.

That's beautiful artwork.

James this is a super dated question but I have free time and wanted to finish some games I began sometimes a few years back

In the original Dragon Age Origins what was your favorite class and race.

I think I saw you like being an Elf rogue. I had an Elf mage that never finished but was considering trying something else.

I heard the Dwarf backstory was great too.

Edmin Al'Roth wrote:
The knight looks at the door, making sure the guards are not coming, before holding up the veil and shrugging his massive shoulders before speaking quietly, "I ask for a sword and she gives me her squirrel covers."


Hi guys.

Sorry I had work most of the weekend, as I do on the weekends and I just got home after moving my apartment back after I had to relocate because the hurricane blew through and plunged the lower half of New York in darkness.

I actually fell asleep in a movie theater today (that's how drained I was) but I'll do my best to catch up, I have over 70 posts to read in the game thread and 35 to read in the discussion thread, so sorry and here goes ...

Oh, what I saw of Wreck it Ralph was great! Don't think my dozing off was a critique of the movie.

edit: WHOA! I'm over 150 posts behind!


Lot to catch up with.

I was thinking that a human or the changeling (hag race) would be best suited in flavor for a Baba Yaga descendant, but I also like the idea of a fallen part celestial scion.

Are there any Asimar races that lend itself to being a Wizard?

Since I only saw this thread six minutes ago and my Russian is a little rusty I am RPing with the name Cуровую зиму pronounced Surovuyu Zimu which means Bitter Winter in Russian.

Hi Douglas

I've been looking for a second pbp campaign and would really like to try 'an evil' campaign. My first (literally and only) pbp is a 2nd Ed Temple of Elemental Evil that is grand but slow moving.

I wanted to play a great grand daughter of Baba Yaga trying to strike out for herself, or maybe secretly manipulated by Baba Yaga to be 'her own woman' but is just setting up her progeny for rulership later.

I would like to play an arcs sit if there is an opening.

I have another character in mind but would like to see if this one works.

I role-play more than roll play, and I would not even know how to min and max.

I can post twice daily on weekdays, but work (an partying) may prevent the weekends allotment of posting.

Please let me know if there is any room left and good luck to all those who do make it into the game.

I am interested in playing a Wizard type, perhaps a double agent who is set in place within the Tyrant's elite by powers in Cheliax.

Thank you bookrat.

Anetra wrote:
Does the player have access to any electronic aides for their gaming, such as a laptop, tablet, etc?

Yes she has an iPad and we have the rulebooks available at the ready.

: )

Hi all, my younger sister has never played a table top RPG before and asked to come in on a game "just to see how it goes" - she likes WoW and Skyrim but this is a first for her.

She kind of likes the Wizrad/Arcane types and since Sumoners are not allowed in our game table other players turned her onto the traditional Conjurer and she likes the idea, especially the versatility of what she can summon later on and the Dimensional steps power at a higher level.

I think she will use a Harrow Deck as an in game focus, drawing cards and "summoning creatures" that closely match the cards, our GM cleared that as long as it's legal, certain Summoned creatures can be called forth and they look like (with no in game change) as certain cards.

We as a party are at 4th level and I am not familiar with the possible summoned creatures but what are you suggestions for Summon Monster I to say VII?

Thanks for your time and help gang!