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I have been away from gaming for a year because of loss in the family and commitments with school and work.

I friend kindly invited me to join their Giants game next week when they start at level 1.

Any suggestions for these adventures? I am greatly leaning towards either a Wizard (not a Sorcerer) or Alchemist (70/20% respectively), maybe taking a look at the Swashbuckler as well (10%), my friend said they need a strong spellcaster or ranged attacks.

The GM is very dangerous per my friend and pulls no punches, he has said we can make any PC we want from any of the rulebooks and the whole group are very optimized, are about 20 years older than me, and play together as a group for years, so I want to pull my weight with the boys.

My friend told me to go with Summoner but I really don't like the feel of the class. Not my cup of tea.

Any suggestions? Will a Wizard be useful?

Also I plan to pick up a copy or PDF of Occult Adventures, is there a class that is really strong in that book? Is there a class that does mind control and can take over opponents and monsters like an Enchanter?

Hi guys,

I need advice and help on a high level build for the culmination of a campaign that started about a year ago.

Spoilered bec of length


I was playing Shattered Star up to level 11 then I needed to take a break because of school and work load.

I had a Wiz 11, and there was a point in the game where it was logical my character was able to leave, with a piece of an artifact no less.

I can rejoin that game now and the group is more or less Level 15.

We had a DM for the first four adventures, all in all from level 1 to 11 there were only two party deaths.

Then I had to take a break, at the same time one of the other players became DM for the last two adventures and the former DM is now a player.

In the combat with the Big Bad Guy at the end (an Elder Wyrm Blue Dragon),

These were the fatalities,

Inquisitor, Grey Gardener level 14 (died 3x in the same combat)
Fighter, HellKnight level 13 (died 2x in the same combat)
Ranger/Rogue, level 13 (died in combat)
Fighter, Grey Maiden, Level 11 Cohort of the Inquisitor, (brought to -5 or worse, almost died)


Cleric of Serenrea level 13
Wizard with good aligned PrC, 14
Dwarf Automaton, with Monk Level (we think 11) the Ranger's 'butler' (ineffective in final combat)
Advance Clay Golem (ineffective in final combat)

I think the party used a Limited Wish and three Breath of Life's and they barely made it.

Here is the what i need help with, I am rejoining the group and the DM said he will up the combat.

I have a level 11 Wiz about to level up to 15 and have feats and magic I can buy, what suggestions do you have?

Feats like Wand Like Staff are great.


Wizard Level 15 Admixture Evoker

Has Craft Wondrous as a Feat

Has these items and has gold to burn!!

Headband Int +6
Rod Quicken (Lesser)
Rod Empower
Rod Selective

Amulet of Natural Armor +3
Cloak of the Mountbank/Resistance +3

One of the Seven Shards of an Artifact

Several Scrolls

234,100 gp to spend on Magical Items!

As in the animal not the birthmark.

I am creating my first Dwarf who may or may not be a loner and need a name for a mole companion.

Either male or female, something distinct.

Happy New Year All!

This game looks cute and possibly for some younger players.

Has anyone tried it?

Hi gang, about to level up to level 5 and have extra money and need some good 2nd level spells to add to my spell book. (I have already picked my 3rd level spells)

What solid 2nd level spells can you recommend from Advanced Players and Ultimate Magic?

Please suggest two.

My current spell list is

Bear's Endurance, Blood Transcription, Bull's Strength, Darkness, Flaming Sphere, Fox's Cunning, Frigid Touch, Invisibility, Levitate, Mirror Image, Mount, Communal, Pyrotechnics, Scorching Ray, Web


Hi gang.

If I have an Aasimar, Wizard, Int 19, Linguistics 8, how many languages would I have been allowed at 1st level?

Hi all. We have a gifted GM looking for a game to run in Kosovo.

Who is the Venture Captain there or who organizes weekly games?

Crossing fingers :)

Hi. Got a question everyone -

In our Shattered Star campaign, a PC Elias wishes to buy mithrial Hellknight plate armor.

The problem is - the armor costs 2,000 while the mithrial price for heavy armor is 9,000 for a total of 11,000gp.

If Elias took the craft skill could he make the armor himself for half of the 11,000 total price? Or would the skill only cut the base 2,000gp price of the armor?

I've checked the Core Rulebook but I haven't been able to find anything. I believe that because I'm crafting the armor myself then I should be able to cut the total 11,000 price in halve but I'm not sure. I need help with a ruling please.

"Among the members of House of Braebant can be found ambitious warlords and simpering court fops, masterful diplomats and calculating lords. But each and every true Braebant is tied to the family in line by this simple fact: In one form or another, every Braebant is irrevocably insane."

I am planning to try my hand in GMing in the spring and wanted to build a game worlds continent from the ground up. I know having a 'mad king' or deranged family is pretty much cliche but, its a fantasy trope for a reason!

The House of Braebant controls a (Grand) Duchy that formed a coalition with three other poweful noble magnates and has broken away from a larger and more powerful Imperium, however after the long wars for independency, they themselves turned against their allies and broke off to be their own nation.

I am looking for quirks, eccentricities, behavior and mania's to pepper the members of the house with. I am looing for any and all suggestions 'on madness'.

Here's a sample of one I am already using:


The young Grand Duke insists on the freshest grapes and berries on his supper table each night, so pieces of fruit are tied to the legs of messenger pigeons from the fields to be delivered to the Grand Dukes kitchens. The Grand Duke insists on butchering the 'slowest' of these birds and feeds him to his hunting dogs or (at times feels generous) his favored servants. Except since the pigeons all leave the fields at different times its not the slowest of the birds that arrive late to the larder ... and the pigeons can not breed as fast as they are being devoured.

This is the right place to post this right?

Hi all, my younger sister has never played a table top RPG before and asked to come in on a game "just to see how it goes" - she likes WoW and Skyrim but this is a first for her.

She kind of likes the Wizrad/Arcane types and since Sumoners are not allowed in our game table other players turned her onto the traditional Conjurer and she likes the idea, especially the versatility of what she can summon later on and the Dimensional steps power at a higher level.

I think she will use a Harrow Deck as an in game focus, drawing cards and "summoning creatures" that closely match the cards, our GM cleared that as long as it's legal, certain Summoned creatures can be called forth and they look like (with no in game change) as certain cards.

We as a party are at 4th level and I am not familiar with the possible summoned creatures but what are you suggestions for Summon Monster I to say VII?

Thanks for your time and help gang!