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I have been away from gaming for a year because of loss in the family and commitments with school and work.

I friend kindly invited me to join their Giants game next week when they start at level 1.

Any suggestions for these adventures? I am greatly leaning towards either a Wizard (not a Sorcerer) or Alchemist (70/20% respectively), maybe taking a look at the Swashbuckler as well (10%), my friend said they need a strong spellcaster or ranged attacks.

The GM is very dangerous per my friend and pulls no punches, he has said we can make any PC we want from any of the rulebooks and the whole group are very optimized, are about 20 years older than me, and play together as a group for years, so I want to pull my weight with the boys.

My friend told me to go with Summoner but I really don't like the feel of the class. Not my cup of tea.

Any suggestions? Will a Wizard be useful?

Also I plan to pick up a copy or PDF of Occult Adventures, is there a class that is really strong in that book? Is there a class that does mind control and can take over opponents and monsters like an Enchanter?

Thanks in advance for all the help guys!

Also I think I will go with Aasimar for the race.

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I don't know if it's a particularly powerful class optimization wise but going by the last line of your post I would go with Mesmerist from Occult Adventures. They get all the fancy charm, domination, coercion spells you're looking for as well as the ability to use yourself or one of your comrades as a hypnosis dummy who debuffs enemies.

Charm is a pretty good choice as well because Giants (and Orcs not spoiling since the campaign is in Belkzen) are notoriously weak on will saves. Giants are also considered humanoid so things like hold spells work on them as well.

Charm becomes less viable once you start fighting your Cloud / Storm / Rune Giants but that is very late game.

If I were to play Giantslayer I would play one... or a Lawful Neutral Cavalier Hellknight of the Order of the Nail... Because.

Kate_C wrote:

Thanks in advance for all the help guys!

Also I think I will go with Aasimar for the race.

If you're set on Aasimar, I'll suggest a Bard, actually. If you're newish to the game, going for a support role will be useful. Plus social skills can be useful in the town.

Go for a ranged spec, archery or reach weapons. And be ready for a LOT of combat in the first module.

Alchemist may have other benefits for this module so I won't gainsay it. Just make sure you have a way to deal with lots of combat. Spells/etc will run out.

If you want to play a Wizard, go for an Enchantment specialist. Just, again, be sure you have combat ability to survive the first three or four levels, they will be rough.

A dwarven ranger, archer or reach weapon specialist, might be the 'best' way to go.

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Another note on the Alchemist front, and I speak from experience with RotRL (may your DM forgive me), all of their bombs are made against touch AC. Giants and Dragons (once again implied by the Guide since I haven't read the entire adventure) have TERRIBLE touch AC's. Spell Resistance doesn't work against Alchemist bombs so they have, with the right talents and feats, the chance to do insane damage against creatures with a low touch AC.

I wouldn't, for instance, play one in Skull and Shackles but in this path they will probably do well.

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