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Game Master Elton

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This is the formal thread for a second recruitment thread.

Okay, your party will play off the other. Do not be afraid to contact the other players on how your characters might be connected. The first party hasn't named themselves, but you guys can come up with a company name. The thread is here.

The Premise:

Phaeselis, the City of Psionics, is a living city that has a burgeoning population. There can be more than one adventuring party in the city, and these are the tales of a second adventuring party.

the Theme:

Fantasy Psionics Adventure in a Hellenistic city, based of the world of Alexander the Great.

The Twist:

In a city where people can read minds, move objects through the air, and create things seemingly out of thin air you might have an Utopia. But even Utopias hide things in the Shadows.

PCs will concurrently adventure with the other Player Party. Pretty soon their exploits will be known to one party and vice versa. Again, this will deal with city adventuring and dungeoneering. However, you will face different threats than the first party.

1. Read the Wiki.

2. no cartoon characters or slapstick comedy characters.

3. no dragonriders or gunslingers.

4. You can choose any class to play. As long as you know you will be facing psionic foes. If this is a deal breaker, you can bow out. As for dragonriders, see point 2.

5. Game Statistics
a. 20 point buy
b. After creating your character, find a picture of someone famous who you think can play your character.
c. Post your character on the Wiki as well as here, on Paizo. Paizo. Player characters good enough through this campaign will be counted as official characters and added to the main section of the wiki. You can make a Wiki Page about your character.
d. you can have 2 traits (I thought this is nearly universally assumed).

Check the wiki for races.

One last thing: Since I'm approaching this from the angle of a T.V. Show, I will need a picture of an actor that can portray your character. :) If you want to also include a drawing of what your character might look like, that would be cool too.

Slots available:

O now this is more my kind of game,
Élan would be nice, thinking Telepath, investigator
Played by david o'hara.

Work in progress. Starting gold 5d4 ⇒ (4, 1, 4, 4, 1) = 14X10= 140

GM Capt Wombat here
Here is Uorllain Hexqin - Elan Psion [Telepath], investigator.

Note also a Work in Progress.

Andrew Scott actor 1
Andrew Scott actor 2

gold 3d4 ⇒ (2, 4, 4) = 10x10 100gp



Working up a Duergar Cryptic.

Starting Gold: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 4) = 16
So 160 starting gold. Can't complain about that.

Good luck to all of you.

Silver Crusade

Yeah. :)

So far, they all look pretty good. :)

I'd like to join as a Maenad Wilder.

Alias for Pelagios Inkskin, Duergar Cryptic. I'll get the description and background in today or tomorrow.

Actor: Donald Sutherland

Silver Crusade

Orelius Lionpaw wrote:
I'd like to join as a Maenad Wilder.

I see nothing wrong with that. :)

Do I have to post an actor? I know literally nothing about actors or their names or anything. I just like movies.

Silver Crusade

Just choose a pretty face or a drawing of your character that you'd like to represent him or her as.

Ok I have tried 4 times now to post my PC on the Wiki and each time the Wiki spam filter blocks it. So I am stopping now. I have made a PC if any one would like to copy it to the Wiki feel free but I'm not wasting any more time on it tying to.

I got some up and a link to the Paizo site, sorry GM could not get more in, just did not like the code.

I have been think how Elan's may work,

I want to say that the Elan counsel a very secretive group of powerful Elan's make new ones and offer them up to city states for Civic jobs.
Like 'Investigators' The subjects that have been made into Elans may have been slaves or free but there old lives are mind wiped. They remember nothing just fleeting bits. Once made they are then tasked to such rolls given to them by the Elan counsel etc.

So how dos the Elan counsel keep its secrets, from job to job.

Simple, they take the Memory's from each mission/job/task and hold then in mimetic Crystals, re-mind wiping the Edan each time.
That way if a more powerful Psion reads an Edans mind it can only find out that has been placed there for that one mission/job/task.

Each Edan know then that its true mind is held by the Elan counsel, that all it knows is what it has been allowed to know. Buy its true self and the Elan counsel. A very odd way of thinking.

"I am not all me, me full me is not here, I do not know what my full me is like. Please read my mind, you will find there only that which has been placed there. This me knows nothing more."

Also with Psicystals to them are backups of there minds, another layer. Should others try to Herd-mind the Eden. The Psicytal having the ability to shunt [Knock out] the Eden if someone dos try and take over there mind.

This also means Elens make good careers of messages, a privet massage can be placed in there mind and the wiped after.

my thinking is that then such Edens live very spartan lives, they do not eat and rest like others.

They are genderless, so seen as Its not he or shes, seen as Items and beings. Like say Drones in starwars.

But they are not slaved. The Elan counsel will not allow ownership of Edens by any others but themselves if that has any meaning.
No you hire them from the Elan counsel yes, but tamper with one and the Elan counsel will hunt you down, for you may be seeking to know the Elan counsels secrets. They also means Edens that go rouge are also hunted down.

So I see Elens as a kind of respected Holly Psionic monks, but then also Miss-trusted in a way.

Silver Crusade

GM_Capt_Wombat wrote:
Ok I have tried 4 times now to post my PC on the Wiki and each time the Wiki spam filter blocks it. So I am stopping now. I have made a PC if any one would like to copy it to the Wiki feel free but I'm not wasting any more time on it tying to.

I'll do it for you.


Thanks GM
Hes just about done.

well this slowed fast

It's been a couple days, two of which had the boards eating posts. Give it a few days.

BTW just need another trait and some fine tuning.

Done as well and posted to the site.

waiting on the GM for setting Traits :)

fine tuning, what did I miss :)

Like the PC,

High Dex, Mind Blade Finesse build, very popular and a good hard hitter.

Silver Crusade

Setting traits should be in the document, are they not?

arr K got it thanks.

If still Open I was thinking of a Protean Inquisitor of Zeus, potentially of the arch type sin eater

Silver Crusade

Inquisitors are very, very rare. But we can try it out.

If you can conflict with the Cryptic, it might add some interesting party dynamic.

*growls menacingly at Grimir*

Will get that info in today. Last two days have been busier than anticipated.

Silver Crusade

so, anyone else?

Trait done,

Could I ask for a roll call see who's still here


Me. Just dragging my feet on the full background/description

I'm here

So three, GM dos that make a party for team 2 or would we join team 1

Silver Crusade

Uhm . . .

Well, if Grimir still is in, we can have 4.

Sorry Work and things kept me busy and I haven't got to Flesh out my background story and such will get on that now

Some of the best games I have been in on here have had 4 players,

The Exchange

If you want a 5th I had a spearman archetype marksman that I was thinking about for another psionic game. I hadn't landed on a race or full background but with the campaign materials in hand I would be happy to throw my hat in the ring if you want another. Would probably be 24 hours give or take for me to post a mostly finished/completely character...

Yes no 5 cool

The Exchange

Indeed. Didn't want to spam the board, and didn't want to do the polish work if it was a no go. Just let me know...

Silver Crusade

Good, good.

Got background story up will work in finishing him p tommorw



If you have room left I can adapt this fellow to the campaign. I am thinking Intercepter path. Possibly as a house guard. I need to dig deeper into the wiki to see what makes the most sense.

Edit Ok I am obviously not going to be able to take a shortcut here given the race limitation. I will see if I can make something else work on a reasonable timescale.

Money!: 5d4 ⇒ (3, 3, 3, 3, 4) = 16

160 Staters....okee.

OOkkkayyy. I think everything is in order. If anyone sees something that looks strange let me know.

Key to Greek Coins

d = Drachma = 6 obols
o = obols = 4 tetartemorions
t = tetartemorions

so to simply

1gp = 1 Drachma
1sp = 2 obols
1cp = 2 tetartemorions

Give or take.
Well that what I did,

Urollain Hexqin wrote:

Key to Greek Coins

d = Drachma = 6 obols
o = obols = 4 tetartemorions
t = tetartemorions

so to simply

1gp = 1 Drachma
1sp = 2 obols
1cp = 2 tetartemorions

Give or take.
Well that what I did,

Hmm I used the wiki coin breakdown which had Staters as GP, Drachma as SP, Obols as CP.

I'll need to recalculate based on what Elton wants me to do...

nope that works just as well, may be better, its just the level of similarity the gm wants

simple is always good if not better

Also my PC is done,
ready to go.

Cash: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 2, 1) = 9 * 10 is 90 Poor inquisitor, tho it fits his backstory

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