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Good morning,

I recently restarted my Starfinder AP subscription. I had the option of starting with volume 7 or 8, and I opted for 7, which shows as pending for me. However, when I received my shipment notice (With activated PDFs), it only included volume 8. I was hoping you might be able to push through 7 for me.


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I have my Kickstarter copy, and it is glorious!

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Sounds epic! Thanks for sharing this! It really makes me pumped to finally start playing the game. I've had it for a while, but haven't had a chance to actually start it up yet. Now, more than ever, I can't wait!

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I did a search and did not see an answer to this question, so I figured I'd try starting a thread on it.

The Witchguard Ranger archetype looks like a lot of fun, but the wording on the Defend Charge ability seems a bit off. It currently reads:

Defend Charge (Ex) At 4th level, a witchguard forms a bond with a spellcaster he has sworn to defend. Once per day, this bond allows the witchguard to spend a move action to grant an adjacent spellcaster a +2 dodge bonus to AC and a +2 circumstance bonus on concentration checks. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter, these bonuses increase by 2. The bonuses last for a number of rounds equal to the witchguard’s Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). At 4th level and every 3 levels thereafter, the witchguard can use this ability one additional time per day. This ability replaces hunter’s bond.

As written, it sounds like the ranger is actually intended to receive this ability at 1st, not 4th, level. Thoughts?

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As long as he's back to building NPCs for me to throw at my PCs, I will use them however he directs!

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Thank you once again for sharing! These blogs are among my very favorite things to read (and that is all inclusive)!

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I've found that I really enjoy using the item cards for my Jade Regent campaign. I also remember reading that JR is the first campaign that the items cards and campaign have been through a process to ensure they line up better than ever before.

With the coming of the RotR Anniversary Hardcover, I'm wondering just how tightly these cards are going to be tied into the AP. Just curious, as I'm planning to run this one for a separate group, and I'd love to adopt what I've been doing with the item cards in JR for the Runelords game

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I am pretty excited to be playing in this campaign, particularly as I am pretty much always the GM for my gaming groups. So, given the rare opportunity to actually be a player, I am going all in. As such, I've started a campaign journal for my character, Kaiden Varn.

Apologies that some of the entries, including this first one, might run a bit long. The truth is, this journal is serving 2 masters:

1. I'm just finding it really fun to get into this character's head and writing from his perspective. Hopefully that comes across.

2. I love to write, but sadly, have done very little of it in the years since I graduated from college with my English degree. I'm hoping that these journals get those juices flowing again, and get me back into practice.

I'll update this thread when I add an entry for those who are interested but don't regularly check the campaign journals forum.


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25 Pharast 4712: In which I find myself aboard the wrong ship…

Yesterday morning I awoke to find myself in the unenviable position of being in the hold of The Wormwood; a ship decidedly NOT the one I had arrived in Port Peril aboard, nor the one which I had intended to leave aboard either. The last thing I remembered from the night before was the enchanting scenery of the Formidably Maid, and by that of course, I mean the delightful serving wench arriving with yet another beverage to sate my greedy palette. Upon further reflection, I should have noticed a certain oddity which might have served to clue me into my imminent predicament: had this been any other evening in a pirate tavern for myself, said serving wench would have by then been sitting upon my lap. But hindsight, as they say…

The first thing I noticed upon waking was the odd aftertaste of an oily nutmeg, which a gruff elf nearby was quick to identify as oil of taggit. One mystery solved. The next thing I noticed, of course, was I was most certainly aboard a ship, and an unfamiliar one at that. The third thing I noticed was that I wasn’t alone. Also, it smelled something fierce.

It wasn’t long before an angry looking gentleman and some cronies most rudely thrust a lantern light unto our unadjusted eyes. The man, who I would come to know as the aptly named Master Scourge, then proceeded to unjustly shout at us, while being rather twitchy with the whip in his hands, to get on deck. It was quite a nice whip, and I told him so. For some reason, he did not appreciate the complement and barked at me to shut my mouth. Since the door to conversation had been opened, I seized the opportunity to inform Master Scourge that I appeared to have boarded the wrong ship in my drunken stupor over night. This was met with a most unhelpful admonishment and a crack of his whip across my back. I took the hint for the moment and followed along with my fellows.

We emerged from the bowels of the ship to find a deck populated by a mixture of Wormwood regulars and newcomers like myself. There appeared to be 8 or so of us fresh faces, some more appealing than others, and all of their attention was firmly on the imposing gentlemen looming over us, Captain Barnabus Harrigan and his first mate, Mr. Plugg. There have been many delightful people I have had the privilege of conversing with in my day, and upon first impression, I do not foresee either of these men making that list. The first reason being Captain Harrigan’s most unfriendly rule of “don’t speak to me.;” the other reason being that I have every intention of killing them both.

After a less than inspiring speech from the captain, Mr. Plugg set about “making pirates out of us.” His first instruction was to tell all 8 of us new recruits to climb to the crow’s nest. While most folks immediately did as they were told, I found the direction a bit peculiar. “Mr. Plugg,” I asked. “Does the ship really need so many lookouts?” His response to this reasonable inquiry was to immediately strike me with Besmara’s Fingers, and then to once more emphatically tell me to “GO!!!” Which I did.

I made a decent attempt at the race, but was ultimately overcome by a rather homely looking creature that calls herself Indranna. I would come to find out that she is, in fact, a tiefling whose fiendish blood runs particularly strong in her veins. To be honest, I find her fascination with things that poke and stab to be rather off-putting, but I foresee her being of some use in the schemes which are already taking form in my mind…

Duties were then assigned, apparently based on Mr. Plugg’s highly scientific assessments, and I soon found myself in the galley alongside the loveable Mr. Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop. Mr. Fishguts is an affable enough drunk, and I was happy to do my best at aiding him in procuring the missing ingredient for his turtle stew: turtle. Alas, I was not apparently born for such a task, despite the numerous targets which presented themselves. At the end of the workday, with no deceased turtles at my side, Master Scourge approached and asked what I had been doing all day. I explained that I had been attempting to harpoon turtles on behalf of Mr. Fishguts, but had ultimately found the slippery beasts to be quite wily. He proceeded to inform me that I would be relegated to the bilges on the morrow, took the harpoon from my hand, and smote a turtle forthwith. I named said turtle Frumpy.

While Mr. Fishguts was less than enthusiastic about having only Frumpy to work with, in the end he took my suggestion of simply padding the stew with extra boiling water. While we worked, the cook and I struck up conversation and I found myself rather taking to the man. When he asked, “So what’s your story,” I allowed that he should be the first to know that I am going to become the captain of this ship. He promptly started and informed me that such talk would be best left unspoken. Probably not unwise advice at the time, and so I let the subject drop.

The Bloody Hour lived up to its inauspicious title that first night, as we witnessed the keelhauling of one Jakes Magpie. Poor Mr. Magpie had apparently been caught engaging in thievery within the quartermaster’s store and his punishment was to serve as an example to us new recruits. I was struck, however, with the memory of Captain Harrigan’s speech from earlier in the day when he mentioned the Wormwood being low on crewmen. Keelhauling one of the few fully trained members of the crew seemed to me counterintuitive. I moved to say as much to Mr. Plugg when I felt the heavy hand of the cook upon my shoulder. He simply should his head and whispered, “Let it go, lad.” And so, with great effort, I held my tongue and agreeably learned my lesson with the others.

That night, I decided that it would be most prudent to begin sowing the seeds for my plans sooner rather than later. As such, I gathered within the lower hold as big an audience as I could, comprised of those aboard who I felt could eventually be persuaded to my cause. Basing this off of only one day of observations, I acknowledge there was a certain amount of risk. But then, I am a pirate…

My little gathering consisted primarily of the ship’s newest faces, but also held a smattering of the regular crew, including Mr. Fishguts and Mistress Grok, the quartermaster. I told them a story that I have told many times. It is a story which must be told well and sincerely; for it is imperative that any who sail with me know exactly what it means to be sailing with me. That story, shortened here for the sake of brevity, is thus:

“It’s the story of a baby born aboard ship just before reaching The Holy Isle at Besmara’s Throne. Born to a devout priestess of The Pirate Queen on her pilgrimage to the isle, the child bore the goddess’ mark on its right forearm. It was brought before Laharra Seaspray, the high priestess of the isle’s temple, upon the ship’s landing. After communing with the goddess, Seaspray became wracked with visions which brought her to her knees. In the aftermath, the priestess refused to reveal the contents of her visions, but only told the young mother that her Holy Labor would be the most difficult that Seaspray had ever assigned. The mother must fully offer her defenseless, infant child to the Pirate Queen. It must be placed into a boat, all alone, and set adrift for The Black Lady to do with what she would.

And so it was that a freshly born babe was washed ashore by the docks of Quent nearly 22 years ago.”

And with a dramatic flourish I rolled up my right sleeve, revealing The Black Lady’s Skull & Crossbones upon my forearm. All gasped, oohed, and aahed in all the right places. It reminded me how much I do enjoy the center of attention. To be honest, it all went over far better than I could have hoped, and the prospects for altering the destiny of the Wormwood took a decidedly positive step in my favor.

My first day aboard the Wormwood ended with one more positive surprise as one of my fellow recruits, a half-elf by the name of Braahm, gifted me with my beloved rapier. He had apparently received it and some other items from another of us relative newcomers, a priestess of Besmara named Sandara Quinn. I look foreword to getting to know her better…

As we settled in for the night, the gruff elf from earlier (whose name, I believe, is Melia), called into question some elements of my behavior from earlier in the day. I explained to him that it is important to me to find out where the proverbial line is, and then to not be afraid of putting a foot over it on occasion, knowing how to hold that second foot back.

“And what happens when you slip?” he asked.

“Well,” I responded. “That’ll be interesting, won’t it?”

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Hey guys, just an FYI:

When using the links at the bottom of the product pages to bounce around upcoming Campaign Setting subscription releases I noticed a little bug.

Giants Revisited skips over Lost Kingdoms and links directly to the Skull & Shackles Poster Map Folio.

And likewise, when going back:

Lost Kingdoms skips over Giants Revisited and links directly to Isles of the Shackles.

I assume this probably happened when the dates were moving around and Giants Revisited got bumped to the same month of release as Lost Kingdoms.

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This is possibly my favorite Paizo blog entry that I've read over the past couple years. Thank you so much, Mr. Mona, for the insight, background, and willingness to share. Here's hoping your plans for Nex shake out!

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And now this is my new wallpaper. I think this is my favorite design so far on the new wallpapers. Really nice overall composition! And a fantastic book!

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I was just curious as to the reasoning behind increasing the Wizard's "spells known" (i.e. spells in spellbook)at 1st level (4 words + Int mod) and just leaving the Sorcerer at its standard progression. I'm on the fence as to which way either class should swing in this instance (Sorcerer up to match the Wizard or just also have the Wizard get his usual 3 + int), but I don't understand why the Wizard seemed to get a slight boost where the Sorcerer did not.

Also, I do understand that Wizard already has the capability to add knew "spells known" to his spellbook at pretty much any time where the Sorcerer does not, so this added "boon" is really not a whole lot. I'm just wondering why the differentiation was felt to be needed to begin with.