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Jeff Alvarez wrote:

I popped back and redacted Jinteki42 's name and I apologize if that caused them any stress or grief. As far as I can remember, those are the only times I've done this and they both occurred in this thread.

I honestly had no idea that this was such a big deal and I apologize for my behavior.

Thank you for doing that, though for me personally I didn’t think it was necessary but I do appreciate it none the less.

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This is not the first time Jeff has done this. He did it to me last year. To be honest at the time I didn’t really care but I did think it was offside a bit. He clearly took offence to my comment which I’ll admit was a bit snarky.
I think at the time I commented about him finally showing up to the forums.

And now we are here, with months of Paizo no show and a little dissatisfaction from customers and he handles it the same way.

Classic Paizo? Maybe...trending that way it seems.

Got excited...saw lots of action here. Thought Paizo might have had something to add but see that nothing’s changed.
Will go back to regularly scheduled disappointment in them along with ND.

Kulko wrote:
I believe it is only defined in case certain cards need a danger to be defined. I didnt find one in the locations but there is at least one barrier stating encounter the danger.

Thank you for the quick reply. This helps a lot and I really appreciate it.


I’m a bit lost here and looking for help.
The set up says in the column beside “Dangers” “Each time you encounter the danger, randomly choose a new Undead story bane”

My lack of understanding comes from the fact that it doesn’t list what the danger is, so don’t know how I can encounter it.

Is the Danger the villain or henchman proxy cards?

When I look at the quick start guide it says “Prepare the story banes: these consist of the danger ......, the villain......and the henchmen....” which implies to me that the danger is not the villain or henchmen. Sorry for the .... I just didn’t want to write the whole text.

Any help would be appreciated.

Longshot11 wrote:
Jinteki42 wrote:

In addition, I need to do a better job of searching topics in the future.

Again thank you, I do appreciate the response.

NP ^_^ Didn't mean it in a "get better at search fu" way, just didn't have much time and wanted to get you faster to your answer :)

No worries, I didn’t take offence in anyway. Needed a quick response as we were locked and loaded to start so this was great.


Longshot11 wrote:


Thank you. I must be having an off day as I first checked the FAQ, then searched the forums for this topic. Both came up empty for me.

After your reply, I checked the FAQ again and sure enough it was there.

In addition, I need to do a better job of searching topics in the future.

Again thank you, I do appreciate the response.

Looking for some help on set-up.
Playing with 3 players, so 4 locations in play. The 4 henchman get added in (one per location) and according to the storybook, the 4th henchman is the Homunculus.
However, according to the random Eldritch story bane, this might be one of the dangers that gets pulled.
So are we supposed to use a proxy in the location deck, even though it's not listed as a proxy card?

Thanks in advance...I'm sure I'm just missing something.

Jim Butler wrote:

I've heard back from Archon Studio, and they're working on the Wave 3 announcement now. They estimate it will be a few days before they can release all the details.


Appreciate you digging into it for us.

Hoping Michal or anyone from Archon can give us a bit of an update on the next wave of miniatures.

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It sure would be nice to get some kind of progress update.
Hello Paizo...are you there?
Archon folks, we know you visit these forums, do you have any update?
Ninja Division? Just kidding, we know you have nothing to add.

Yes, thanks Jim. Again, looking at this I should have tried to get more clarification before posting, so hopefully I've not create unnecessary anxiety with us KS backers.

So the comment was found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/StarfinderRPG/1239888602888663/

See the first set of comments.

Not sure this impacts the fleets, details are not all there and perhaps I should have asked for more clarification before posting to this forum.
From what I can tell, for example the Skittermander is being releasd as a solo.

Also for what it's worth Jarek did see they would look to see what they could do for future waves.

So unfortunately Archon has confirmed that for the encounter packs, we will only see one miniature.
This is obviously disappointing as I was hoping a gang of Space Goblins infesting my gaming table would motivate my group to give Starfinder a second chance, not to mention getting what I backed.
I don't blame Archon and appreciate the fact that they are st least communicating with us regularly on Facebook.

For those that have received their minis from Archon how is the size compared to the original ND minis...assuming you received some from ND when they first started shipping them.
Thanks in advance.

Sorry if I missed it somewhere but do we have a rough guess as to when North American backers can expect to see the first wave.
I know that it needs to go to ND first (shudder) but I'm hoping that since people that have purchased Zo! are seeing shipping notices, that it means we might see something soon.

I'm getting increasingly more worried about ND shipping my KS order.
Their first attempt was such a disaster that I already had little faith in them as it was.
I really hope Paizo and Archon stay engaged with ND during this, even if it's just to keep the pressure on ND.

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Yoshua wrote:

As for the people who jump to the defense I am learning to ignore them. They alienate people who have legitimate questions and gripes and distract from the topic without actually providing information. Technarken has legitimate questions that get overshadowed.

Yeah, I totally agree. They are not helping the situation and in my opinion causing additional frustration.

I want to thank Technarken and the others that keep this post alive...I know for me it's getting harder to keep my interest in this Paizo/ND disaster and I'm close to just writing this off as a total loss.

If it's a war of attrition I'm close to tapping out.

Ghost725 wrote:
Summersnow wrote:
Ghost725 wrote:
68 days since we last heard from Ninja Division.

ND isn't going to post here...

So if your going to do a countdown hows about you include one for a meaningful Paizo response?

Well I figured paizo should know how crappy of a job thier partner is doing under the brand name of starfinder...plus we could start a betting pool and see if they break how long they went dark last time...

It has been sometime since Paizo added anything of value to this thread. I know I posted a direct question to them over two weeks ago and though I'm not sure that I'll get a response, I'm a little surprised they've not been here at all.

Must be due to Pathfinder 2.0 and/or GenCon.
Of course it's possible that folks are on vacation.

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To the Paizo folks, has there been any conversation with ND by your team in recent weeks (say last 4 for good measure) with respect to communication to backers.
I know some people believe that when there is nothing new to share, why bother communicating but my experience is this is poor customer service.
Thanks in advance.

This is bittersweet news to be sure (in my opinion).
I am glad for Paizo and Starfinder fans that the game has enough momentum to get Wizkids on board.

Sara, thank you for being professional and coming here to give us the heads up about the announcement...I personally appreciate it.

***Edited my post: I think my cynical side kicked in so I removed some content.

Jeff Alvarez wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:
Silas Stadatilas wrote:
I asked before but I never got an answer about the license returning to Paizo or if Ninja Division still retains it.

It’s not exactly what you asked, Silas, but related to the question about the license “returning to Paizo”:

I believe (though can’t find a link) that Paizo have a long running, general policy that the licenses they grant aren’t exclusive. I believe that has been affirmed in this case publicly (but can’t for the life of me remember by who or where).

As such, the ND deal doesn’t preclude SF minis being made elsewhere, though the individual sculpts are probably off the table (meaning any future licensee would need to work off different art).

Hey Steve,

you are mostly correct. As a general rule, we try not to issue exclusive contracts for anything but from time to time we do grant them. The ND license is non-exclusive and would not prohibit another company from producing miniatures for the line.

Jeff, so nice of you to drop by.

Just curious as to how you feel about your comments "We have complete faith in Ninja Division - Soda Pop to follow through with their promises in the Kickstarter or we would not have partnered with them." I believe this was in September 2017

Regrets? Maybe you still have that complete faith.

I know I am coming off snarky but its due to yours and Eric's ongoing silence, though hats off to Sara for holding us off as long as possible.

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kadance wrote:

Looks like IDW dropped Ninja Division after some fans warned them...


I emailed IDW and told them that I would not purchase any games from them that was associated with ND.

Sounds like I wasn't the only one.

Summersnow wrote:

Follow up question, would you consider them as good as the pathfinder mini's done by wizkids?

I haven't seen any myself but I know the pathfinder sets I've gotten have ranged from really nice for a low cost prepainted mini to really bad, but I've assumed that was due to sloppy paint obscuring details and never really considered just how good the molded figure was, pre-paint.

Comparing them to the pre-painted ones is a challenge as I have the same impression in that the paint makes the mini on the pre-painted ones; good or bad.

If I was to compare them with the primed, unpainted models, I would say that those from Wizkids have been consistent and usually very nice. The ND models, the good ones are on par. However, the consistency is missing and quite a few of them are defiantly not as good a Wizkids. In fact I would say more do not meet the Wizkids quality, then meet or exceed.

Summersnow wrote:
One question I have from people who have actually gotten stuff. Are the minis high enough quality, I've heard many are lumpy, bad, that you'd want a broke ND & paizo to finish them or another company to be brought in, presumably a better company, to finish?

The mini's I have received have been ok, a couple were shiny but with primer and paint they seem ok. One or two had some poor details/flaws and the rest were ok.

If ND was committed to addressing the ones with flaws, I would be ok with them continuing but realistically this does not seem like an option.

I come from playing Warmachine and Warhammer, I never expected them to be as good as those models.

Jinteki42 wrote:

I wonder what ND's responses are when Paizo encourages them to communicate to their backers.

Does ND say they will or do they flat out tell Paizo that they have nothing to say.

As there has been a request for us to ask specfic questions in order to get answers, I went back to look to see why this question was not answered from my post on Jan 23rd.

However, it appears I did not post it in the form of a question so let me do that now.

What is ND's response when Paizo encourages them to communicate to their backers?

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Sabirwolf wrote:

I just want to ask can we all stop, take a deep breath, and step away for a bit?

I've been going through the latest posts, and while I'm just as eager as many of you are to hear SOME news about this, us attacking each other, playing arm chair lawyers, and performing other assorted shenanigans isn't going to get any of us anywhere.

Paizo, through Sara Marie, is keeping us informed as best as they are able. I'm sure they need to tread carefully due to legal ramifications as some have suggested, and they don't want to mislead us by spilling any and every breadcrumb they are able to get a hold of just to appease our craving for info. If we're all patient, this situation will eventually be resolved (hopefully to a happy end). Though it doesn't seem like much, this is, frankly, far more info than Ninja Division has given us, and given ND's track record for communicating, I wouldn't be surprised if they're not doing much talking to Paizo either.

I respectfully disagree with the idea of stepping away. No offence to Sara and Paizo in general, but I feel (at least in my opinion) that their efforts to keep us updated is due to the traction this post was getting.

I agree we are starting to get a little heated amongst ourselves at that's not going to help but let's keep the heat on I say. This includes all sources of touch points, such as Facebook or Twitter. Keep reminding Paizo that this is damaging their brand and ensure they keep the foot on the neck that is ND.

Summersnow wrote:
Jinteki42 wrote:

I wonder what ND's responses are when Paizo encourages them to communicate to their backers.

Does ND say they will or do they flat out tell Paizo that they have nothing to say.

I think its a pretty big assumption that ND is even responding to Paizo.

What could Paizo do to them?

Pull the license?

Then ND has an excuse to bail on the KS and stop trying to produce anything.

I could be wrong but I believe that Paizo has on more than one occasion indicated they are in talks with ND and have encouraged ND to communicate to their backers.

I wonder what ND's responses are when Paizo encourages them to communicate to their backers.
Does ND say they will or do they flat out tell Paizo that they have nothing to say.

I believe the deleted post in question was mine and it was pointed out to me that I may have breached some rules. I was looking into it to see if I had and was planning on deleting my post, so I am not offended with the action to delete.

As part of that original post I had indicated I was going to email companies over my dissatisfaction with their decision to enter into partnership with ND despite all the evidence that this was a terrible idea. I don't believe that crosses any lines, so I am reiterating this and to say I have sent those emails to various companies voicing my concern and advising that I will not support any of their products that are associated with ND moving forward.

This is not a complete boycott of the companies as a whole, at least not yet.

As for Paizo, I see no point in emailing as these forums should be sufficient.

Every day I check this forum and the Kickstarter page and every day I get angry and frustrate to the point where I'm tempted to go in and highjack every post on the Paizo forums using some creative wording that ties it into the Kickstarter.
Something along the lines of:

"Oh you want to discuss Pathfinder 2.0, well how about Starfinder miniatures 2.0 since 1.0 was such a bloody disaster"

But then I breath and relax a little and it passes...but it's getting harder and harder to contain myself.

Please Paizo...step up! Don't make me become Old Man Jinteki42.

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Perhaps Paizo needs to start thinking about how it can step in and salvage their brand/image for the 2000+ backers of this Kickstarter.

I think many, like myself recognise that it was at our risk and that it was a Ninja Division Kickstarter but at the same time felt with Paizo being involved we had a sense of security due to Paizo's reputation.

I'm a realist and I know that Paizo is not going to offer me a $500 credit in their store, but something would be better than nothing.