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I totally agree on the Designer thing, but I never played 5E, and all I know on that is the Find Familiar spell which is brought back from 1E and 2E AD&D. I'll go do some research and come back with my findings.

Yeah, but they might be replaced by something else, like find familiar spell from D&D 1E,2E, and 5E, or no Animal Companion due to Druids being strong casters, or wild shape's power, or Rangers focusing on their combat style more.

I understand this thread may be way too early, but I'd love to know if these will be in PF2, and if so how they'll function.

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That's something, though, it doesn't really make the class much stronger than base Summoner. Weaker spell list, 11 less Evolution points on the Eidolon, less Evolutions to choose from, the subtype restrictions on which Evolutions can be chosen for the Eidolon, and the alignment of the Eidolon not shifting with the Summoner's all make the UC Summoner weaker. I will agree the UC Eidolons are more fun to use and more thematic, but they're weaker for the lack of choice.

More powerful? Care to elaborate on that? Otherwise, it's in a good spot and could benefit from getting a little more support, especially on the Eidolon and Evolution front(s).

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the stance change causes you to lose the benefits of the previous style, ala ultimate combat

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Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
stuff in regard to pathfinder and golarion

He's talking D&D 1E, A1, and A2. stuff was super stringent back then, like; Barbarians had to destroy a lot magic items they found until they were super high level and realized, "oh hey this makes me hit even harder;" Paladins had to kill most evil and/or chaos on sight, tithe (pay 10% of all wealth earned to the church), had a hard limit on how many magic items they could have based on the kind they were, and they couldn't do anything non-good/non-lawful or risk/lose paladinhood (which was gone forever); Cavaliers had to be haughty dicks, goody two-shoes, and total bros all at once without stopping being any of the others or lose knighthood, their horse, and all but the weapon abilities of their class; and all three of the aforementioned classes seemed stupider than retarded newborns that had been dropped on their heads, cause they had to, HAD TO, HAD TO!!! charge head long into any fight they saw happening, even if they didn't know who the other combatants were, why it was happening, or if they had the capacity to take a hit or let alone if their party was near enough to or even knew this was happening... except for the fact that Paladins can detect evil (which also, in how it worked in the Complete book of paladins, detected chaos or non-lawful good-ness overall), they'd fight whoever was less good/lawful first and then the other, unless they were both lawful good.

And yes those are all class features from AD&D 1E, if you were wondering. Be glad that at worst the Paladin has an actual conscience now. Ooooooo, Scary... We have to make a choice whether or not to kill those baby goblins, orcs, kobolds, gnolls, etc. or whether or not to allow a chaotic good person to ally with you.

I see where I messed up. If I'm not mistaken (as I was) there's a feat or two that allow for Bull rush to knock people down. Either way keeping melee focused enemies away is also quite helpful for surviving.

I think going Toughness over Cleave would help with your survival issue. Improved Bull Rush can help knock people off their feet so they can't hit you, though Intimidating Prowess is nice for getting Dazzling Display to work and demoralizing your foes is nice.

The Str you get by 20th level is +16 due to the +8 from Mighty Bloodrage, the +6 from Abyssal Bloodrage, and the +2 size bonus from Demonic Bulk. And the DR gets up to 5/-.
Adamantine armor grants DR/-; light = 1, medium = 2, heavy = 3. Resinous skin also grants DR 5/piercing, and is a Bloodrager spell.
Otherwise, you may want to invest in a high HP pool, ending fights quickly, temporary HP, or a healer. I also like to recommend, potions of Deadly Juggernaut, which grants a stacking DR 2/- (up to DR 10/-), and a stacking +1 to hit (up to +5 to hit), for each thing you kill of at least your HD-4.

on that shrinking discussion... pup shape from UC would work

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Balkoth wrote:
Rysky wrote:
No they benefit, they can use their own bonuses without spending their rage rounds


"However, inspired rage does not allow the ally to activate abilities dependent on other rage class abilities, such as rage powers, blood casting, or bloodrager bloodlines; the ally must activate her own rage class ability in order to use these features."

Uuuuuuuh... Rysky's right though.

Inspired Rage wrote:
If an ally has her own rage class ability (such as barbarian’s rage, bloodrager’s bloodrage, or skald’s inspired rage), she may use the Strength, Constitution, and Will saving throw bonuses, as well as AC penalties, based on her own ability and level instead of those from the skald (still suffering no fatigue afterward).

on the feinting discussion: Vexing Daredevil is a pretty nice archetype if you wanna be more of a threat on the battlefield.


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Hey guys,

I made an Alchemist Archetype inspired by the Synthesist Summoner. As you'll easily find in it, I used the Mutagen an Unchained Eidolon as the bases for the Archetype.If you have any suggestions or find any balance issues, please leave them in the thread, I will take all of them into consideration, and may modify the Archetype to fit more in line with the standards set by you, the community, and my personal ideas for this Archetype. In a word: Playtest.

The Evolutionist is made to bring out some of the innate versatility of the Alchemist and mix it with the ever expanding versatility of the Unchained Summoner's Eidolon. With it's use of the Evogen (a modified Mutagen) to enhance its utility in and out of combat, the Evolutionist Alchemist Archetype is set to be a strong addition to your party.

Here is the Archetype as described: The Evolutionist Alchemist Archtype

Where's fireflume rage from, and what does it do?

Otherwise, the other two are pretty good setups.

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Does anyone use the age modifiers? They can be pretty nice for any caster.

The Iomedaen Enforcer Archetype is what you're looking for. 'Tis the LAWFUL good archetype, makes you highly enabled to combat CHAOS rather than evil. Thus; though the code isn't actually changed, nor is the divine bond; this is the Paladin that would more likely fall due to CHAOS more so than evil. Otherwise, as others have stated the code has some parts that essentially say: "follow the rules or stop being a paladin."

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Nonlethal damage is HP damage that can just doesn't kill the target therefore, power attack works for merciful weapons, normally nonlethal weapons, and blunt weapons effected by the bludgeoner feat, as does piranha strike for light weapons under the same circumstances.

I've role'd pretty much everything possible to both the delight and horror of my fellow players. still can't get over their reactions to my summoner.:P At least I wasn't the "worst" at that point. >.> (looks to former druid buddy[still buddy though]) that was a very poorly executed campaign, wasn't even all that fun... just kinda stupid. 'n'

Kobolds have an alternate racial trait that gives them a bite attack in place of their +1 natural armor. At 1 BAB you can grab Tail Terror. Once you obtain Skill Focus(Fly), 13 STR, 8BAB, and Draconic Glide, you'll be able to grab Powerful Wings, which grants you 2 wing attacks. As for class selection, Alchemists, Barbarians, Bloodragers, Druids, Hunters, Rangers, Skalds, Slayers, Summoners, Vigilantes, and Warpriests all make good choices, though almost any class can grant some form of natural weapon.

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Rust monsters, anyone?

bards, mesmerist, calistrian hunter fighter, calistia faithful ranger style, huntmaster cavalier, spellscar drifter cavalier, warlord fighter, jungle lord ranger, hangman vigilante, cleric, warpriest, inquisitor, or zealot vigilante with deity that favors whips.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Critical hits have been changed to a natural 20 is always a critical (no confirmation roll, and no threat ranges beyond 20), and on a critical all damage (yes ALL DAMAGE -- no exceptions) is doubled.

Does this include spells?

*grumble* After this and some more scouring of the message boards, I am sad. Oh well, at least I still get a cool little guy to help me wreak havoc upon my foes. Thanks Ya'll for the rules help.

So wait... I understood the use of my ranks, but RAW states:

Skills wrote:
For each skill in which either the master or the familiar has ranks, use either the normal skill ranks for an animal of that type or the master's skill ranks, whichever is better.

and it has 1HD & 6INT, so shouldn't it get 1 rank at that point, due to how skill rank/INT rules work normally?

I was looking for a familiar for a character I'm putting together for a friend's campaign, when I found this:

Greensting Scorpion: size:tiny Str:3 dex:16 con:10 int:0(now 6) wis:10 cha:2 skills: +7 climb, +4 perception, +15 stealth
And it struck me that the scorpion doesn't have skill ranks in any skills normally. Does that mean I get to assign the 1 should've gotten in the first place, or does just not get it at all?

You can! And the feat Snap Shot and its improved and greater versions help with this.

With the fact that you're going to use a glaive, you may want the feat: Bladed Brush and maybe with that Slashing Grace.

There is and it's in the back of Ultimate Magic. you can also find it under the free downloads page as the "companion sheet."

81. Give actual advise on this kinda forum.
82. Give poor advise on this kinda forum.
83. Get conflicted on this type of issue.

Going back to the OP's Q?, bucklers don't use the hand, so the combo should work out for ya.

The Hell Pup, a Young Hellhound for level 7/8+ casters. It doesn't jut give you a pet dog, but also a nice RP experience.

Empiricist Investigator w/ INT+DEX maxed is nice enough I suppose

Other than Powerful Wings, Improved Natural Attack and Multiattack also really help in this endevour.

"Esoteric" Magus Archtype is the closest I can think of that'd help you.

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LegitName wrote:
Or an adamantine shovel?

That's pretty good for giant gruel.

17. Don't eat Giant's gruel.

Hey there, I was just wondering how a Young Hell Hound would fare as an improved familiar for 7th level compared to others. I was going to see about catching one for the purpose. Also, if not 7th level, maybe 5th.

I've played a bit of Gestalt, and my favorite build I've donw so far was a Wyveran Divine Huntsman/Rogue W/ a Deinonychus. They both took precise strike, and on top of that I had the juicy bits from Inq. Oh what a magically horrendous, yet fun time that was.
EDIT: I would dual wield keen kukris, so crit fishing all the way man. XP

avr wrote:
Hexes don't use any kind of attack roll.

Healing hex acts like Cure L/M Wounds, so yes it'd need an attack roll against an undead or creature with negative energy affinity.

As Limp Bizkit once said: "Just keep rollin', rollin', rollin'."

I think the use of the potions to be used on the monk's unarmed strikes is the intention here. Heck that's the only way this'd work out in any way.

Don't awaken the Tarrasque, He'll usually be hungry for heroes/villains; that's usually you.

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quibblemuch wrote:
Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate...

Abandon all hope, you who enter here...

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No, the INT item can't become a lich, it's a construct, not a living thing. The same goes for any other construct.

Jader7777 wrote:

Commoner boy who for some reason has exotic weapon proficiency: katana. Eventually meets up with an aristocat woman but they get seperated due to a weird accident, luckily he has a gun slinger friend who comes to help him along with a grippli paladin.

One high int ranger makes his way to an island along with some commoners. They all flee from huge monsters way above their CR before escaping.

Is this from Chrono Trigger? If so, Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Frog.

EDIT: Is the Ranger Magus?

In this case, You'd use only your wizard levels

Kasatha Alchemist natural attacker:
10 attacks in melee/round + mutagen/enlarge person/bull's strength
lot's of melee damage

No, they don't count as their mount, they just replace the need for mounts and replace ride stuff with acrobatics stuff.

Hunter or Ranger for class, but over all you got it down pat. For feats, just go for the basic ranged combat feats: Point blank shot, precise shot, weapon focus (x), etc. and if you feel like adding a few more attacks to your bird, evolved companion.

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