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Hello everyone!

Enter the following info:

Player Name:
Character Name:
PFS ID and character number:
Day Job Roll (or Say "None"):

Once you have entered that in, I'll be handpicking the party based on party composition and personal preference.

I intend to start in a week's time.


Sovereign Court

Since it is a module, would we necessarily need to use our PFS character as they are now or just how they will be in the future? Would we be able to apply the credit to a lower level character once they are high enough?

Scarab Sages

Captain Brother Rabbit here (Not leveled up on the website currently, I'm taking care of my Outpost characters now)

Player Name: Knight of Rust
Character Name: Captain Brother Rabbit
PFS ID and character number: 50826-2
Faction: Scarab Sages
Day Job Roll (Sailor): Captain check: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (4) + 13 = 17

Captain Brother Rabbit, captain of the Voracious, is a level 12 Flowing Qinnong Monk 12/Fighter (Brawler) 3 focusing on tripping, repositioning, and having really high AC, saves, and Dex+Wis stuff. I'll have his character updated on the site by end of day Sunday.

Jack Blakros wrote:
Since it is a module, would we necessarily need to use our PFS character as they are now or just how they will be in the future? Would we be able to apply the credit to a lower level character once they are high enough?

Unfortunately you will need a level 13-15 legal PFS character for this.

Sovereign Court

It would be nice to play the module before running it after Gencon. I can use GM credit from Ruby Phoenix Tournament next weekend to make this level 13, but I'd need to know if I have a spot so I don't lock up the character in Outpost on Monday.

Player Name: GM GK
Character Name: Senator Jack Blakros
PFS ID and character number: 83318-4
Faction: Sov Court
Day Job Roll (Senator): Knowledge Nobility, auto 40.

Senator Jack Blakros, first of his name, is (potentially) a level 13 Jack Of All Trades, taking a different class every level. DEX/CHA Aldori duelist and griffon rider.

If you have signed up for Outpost I would advise you proceed with that table. I will not guarantee seats as this is open recruitment under OSP.

If this wasn't during Outpost I'd jump on it. Keep me in mind if you run this again some day.

This is the second time I run this, the first time being several years ago. I am burning a replay for it, so I doubt the opportunity will come again.

Player Name: Mage of the Wyrmkin
Character Name: Mage of the Wyrmkin (This is my signature character)
PFS ID and character number:115226-3
Faction:Dark Archives
Day Job Roll (or Say "None"):Take 10 for 75 gold

He is a 15th level Exploiter Wizard.

Note to all who are applying: I will require your stats written under your alias in the following format. Thank you.

@GM PDK - I will migrate my character to digital form sometime this weekend, Monday at the latest including the header stats.

I was planning on leaving him as one of my off-line characters but then life happened. Who is playing in person anymore?

Early bird gets the worm and all. :)

Silver Crusade

Player Name:GM Aarvid
Character Name: Dora D'Asplora
PFS ID and character number: 9884-4
Faction: Silver Crusade
Day Job Roll: Perform oratory1d20 + 14 ⇒ (10) + 14 = 24

13th Level Battle Herald (Mutt)

OK, I have two possible characters I can bring.

I have a level 14 merfolk spirit guide oracle or a level 15 cold focused witch specialising in freezing people to death with massive cone of colds.

Grand Lodge

Player Name: Thralleon
Character Name: Thrag
PFS ID and character number: 146509-2
Faction: Grand Lodge
Day Job Roll (or Say "None"): Profession: Sailor 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14

The Exchange

Player Name: David Bross
Character Name: Mal
PFS ID and character number: 54527-9
Faction: Exchange
Day Job Roll (or Say "None"): None

Mal just won the Ruby Phoenix Tournament along with other dedicated agents on behalf of the society. He is a Toragian who always takes the frontline. He also has the trapfinder trait Paizocon 2014 GM boon and can disable magical traps.

I leveled him, need to make some purchases before starting the module.

Scarab Sages

Hmm... was keeping an eye out for a single XP adventure, to push me to 15...
But this would do even better. Seems a shame to let it pass.

So sure, will apply. Though inside cramped tombs is not his Forte...

Player Aaron
PC Teriq Ashfall
PFS# 84637-2
Faction Scarab Sages
Day Job Perform (dance): 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (10) + 10 = 20

14th level archery focused flame oracle

The Exchange

Player Name: AndrewW
Character Name: Lilliandra de Saavedra
PFS ID and character number: 44523-37
Faction: The Exchange
Day Job Roll (or Say "None"): Perform Sing: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (12) + 19 = 31

Scarab Sages

Captain Brother Rabbit is up to speed in the manner of which you requested (with some additions to the end for notable items and feats)


1- Lilly
2- Cap Brother Rabbit
3- Mal 001
4- Thrag
5- Dora
6- Teriq

--> please go ahead and dot/delete the Gameplay thread; thx for providing clear stats under your alias.

@Teriq and Lilly: please unspoiler your stats and order them in a way similar to the others for this scenario as I like to be able to see your stats / feats / skills with only one click. Thanks. (you can keep anything from 'Equipment' to the end under spoilers though)

The Exchange


Much appreciated!

Scarab Sages

Also done.

Seems like we've lost Teriq; MotW (who was next in line) can no longer play due to the craziness. Therefore, I'll offer one more seat on Flaxseed to see if a replacement can be quickly obtained. If not we'll start in a day or two with 5 players.

Silver Crusade

Thanks again for all the prep work and offering to run this module

The Exchange

It is incredibly appreciated!

You're all very welcome! ;)

Sovereign Court

Sahess would be pleased to join you if that slot from this morning is still open.

You're in! please make your introductions in Gameplay! the heroes have already ridden out of their inn and traveled 35 miles out to the necropolis they mean to explore. You are converging on their location on a warhorse on loan from the Lion Sleeps Inn's stables (or other mount of your choice, if you have purchased one), flying a white flag. You have also been hired by Hanoris to help explore the site, but you were detained from the initial meeting due to pirate-related delays in your transit over the Inner Sea.

Sovereign Court

Player Name: Scorch
Character Name: Sahess
PFS ID and character number: 41759-5
Faction: Sov Ct
Day Job Roll (or Say "None"): Diplomacy: 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (9) + 20 = 29 Caravan Vanity

Scarab Sages

I'm not lost...
You said you were starting in a week. (which is today)

C'est la guerre.

Sorry Teriq I tried to reach you a bunch. I gave your spot away.

Scarab Sages

Was incommunicado yesterday. =)

Is alright, good luck all.

HI... I'm interested in the open spot.. 15th lvl wizard

Player Name: JAF0
Character Name: Wizard of the Coast
PFS ID and character number: 52335-9
Faction: Dark Archive
Day Job Roll (or Say "None"): craft alchemy take 10 for 43

Hi JAF0 - can't take 10 for Day Job but other than that, welcome! please go dot and delete the gameplay thread. Please check out the thread for what you have missed. They are in mid-battle right now and will surely benefit from a wizard's help.

The main quest is explained here.

I'll give you a day or so to get settled and read on stuff. When you're ready go make your post: assume that your employer Hanoris Dellum has given you your own funeral baton and that you were late to the meeting doing some experiments in your wizard tower... :) Now you've caught up with the other PCs and you see that they are fighting a powerful ghost, something you quite frankly easily expected since the mission was to explore a NECROPOLIS. So your spells have been prepared accordingly, of course.


Dark Archive

really? that's different (most gm's I've played under allow taking 10 on day jobs, but no problem... I did dot and delete. I'll finish reading hopefully tonight

I've never seen anyone take 10 for Day Job but if you say it's been done, let me look at the rules again and I'll get back to you.

Edit: yes, you were correct. Rules allow for taking 10 but not take 20 (of course :P ).

Dark Archive

awesome, thanks for checking into it...

Dark Archive

ok... done reading the gameplay thread... and the ooc thread.

Silver Crusade

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Hi, everybody. Thanks for letting me join GM PDK!

I need to update my stats, this is still the same info from the last game.

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