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I could use some help with a character build for PFS. The concept has been in my mind for quite a while, but I didn't find a good way to represent it: I want a spellcaster with divine (or maybe primal) spells, with a sizeable melee presence. Ideally I'd find a way to squeeze in the Animal Form spell, for when I really want to go full melee for a fight. Background is a Matanji orc character, who's fought demons and is now joining the Pathfinder Society to gather more knowledge. I usually prefer characters with a bit of Charisma, to be useful in 'roleplay' situations.

I first tried a warpriest of Kazutal, but didn't like the tradeoff in choices I had to make. The machete is not a very good weapon, I lacked the stats for fighting+casting(+healing), etc. I've also looked at using a Wild druid as a basis, but that strayed quite a bit from my concept.

Here's what I've got so far, using a Battle Oracle. I've got a reach weapon to get at least one attack per turn. This can be combined with a spell, or with things like Intimidate and an assurance trip attempt. I don't expect to do full martial dps, but I want to get in at least one decent hit per turn. And when needed I could cast animal form for a boost in combat stats. Unsure what my 2nd level class feat could be. The Oracle options don't seem all that impactful. Reach spell? Looking as archetypes, Mauler dedication could give me weapon specialization, but only after level 11. Blessed One adds some out-of-combat healing, Fighter opens up Attack of Opportunity somewhere down the line.

Looking for some suggestions and thoughts on this build. Will this 'work' in practice, or am I spreading my stats and actions too thin and disappoint myself?

Ancestry: Orc, tiefling heritage. Orc Ferocity feat
Background: Warrior -> Intimidate, Intimidating Glare
Class: Battle Oracle. Polearm weapon group. Fauchard as prefered weapon for reach and trip.
Stats: Str 16, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 16
Skills: Athletics, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Warfare lore, Medicine, Religion, Survival
Mystery Domain spell: Might

Level 2: Dedication feat (???), Assurance Athletics
Level 3: Athletics expert, Toughness
Level 4: Divine Access (Cernunnos: True strike, animal form, lightning bolt), Powerful leap
level 5: Str 18, Con 16, Wis 14, Cha 18. Intimidation expert, Fiendish resistance

Cantrips: Guidance, Stabilize, Divine Lance, Prestidigitation, Rousing Splash
1: Bless, Heal (Signature), Magic Weapon (swapped out for True strike at level 4)
2: Animal form, Spiritual weapon, Calm emotions
3: (haven't looked this far yet)

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I've received notice that part 6 of Agents of Edgewatch has shipped for me. Because of that, could you please cancel my subscription? I'll have enough adventure to run for the time being.

Thank you.

This might fall under a rules question I've seen discussed before, but I just wanted to double-check:

If I build a draconic sorcerer, they'll have access to the dragon claw focus spell, which gives a nice agile unarmed attack. The Sorcerer is trained in unarmed attacks. So far, so good. Seems a nice thing to base a build on.

Then, at level 11 the sorcerer becomes expert in simple weapons. But not in unarmed attacks. Will my dragon claws start falling behind?

At level 13, this seems to become even worse. Weapon specialization adds 2 damage to simple weapons and unarmed attacks in which I'm expert. Except I don't see a way to become expert in unarmed attacks, even with my bloodline focus spell that's supposed to scale along with my character level. That can't be right?

Am I overlooking something, or could we chalk this up to the overall confusion over unarmed attacks sometimes seeming like they're meant to be simple weapons (despite explicitly not being simple weapons)?

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I thought about putting this question in the thread on ability score importance, but that seems to focus solely on Strength and Bulk now.

What I was wondering today: Will the game expect an 18 in primary stat for every PC? As far as I can tell from the playtest and spoilers so far, it's never spelled out that a character should have an 18 in its primary ability. However, every sample character I've seen has it, and the ABC method makes it very attainable for everyone.

With how tight the math of PF2 is, and the importance of a +1 to your most frequent roll, will we see many PC's with a 16 or lower in their primary stat? Do we have any idea how much this will impact their in-game performance?

Some background on the question: I usually play 'well-rounded' characters. With the increased point cost for high ability scores in point but for PF1, I felt that was quite a good trade-off: For your fighter leave STR at 16 or 17 (after racial modifiers), so that you had more points to distribute over less-important stats. In PF2, you seem to have every incentive to boost your primary stat to 18, at the expense of others.

Maps: Absalom Initiation

If you're signed up for this game through the Gameday VIII Google spreadsheet, please dot into this game and delete. See the Discussion thread for further details.

Maps: Absalom Initiation

For those who signed up for my game of PF2 scenario #1-01 The Absalom initiation, this is the discussion place. Signups are handled through the Google spreadsheet (link) on the First-Come-First-Serve basis. If you're signed up from my game, please post here and dot and delete into the gameplay thread.

I'm really looking forward to this game. As Pathfinder 2 gets released and we're getting closer to the start date of this game, I'm sure we'll have more activity here; character building, questions about the new rules, etc.


Hi folks,

I've been away from the game for a while, but I plan to return as a PFS GM with the launch of Pathfinder 2. I noticed the 'new' Flip Tiles system, and they look really cool and useful! Being so flexible, I could imagine they'd be used in scenarios quite a lot. But before investing, I'd like to put the question here:

- Have the flip tiles been used in PFS scenarios so far? And in that case how much, more than flip mats? Any sets in particular that see good use?
- When will the first PFS2 scenarios be announced? That's also when we know which maps each scenario uses, right?

Would be grateful for any of your experiences and thoughts, to help guide my buying decisions.

Maps: Absalom Initiation

If you signed up for my table, please make a post in this gameplay thread to make sure the campaign shows up for you, and that you see the updates to the campaign leading up to the start date.

Maps: Absalom Initiation

Hi folks. Welcome to the discussion thread for the players signed up for this table. I'm really excited to GM this multi-table special for you. Once you've decided on a character to play, please check in by providing the following information:

Player name/alias:
Character name:
Day job (roll):
Anything else I should know: Slow advance, peculiar character abilities, things you'd like to get my ruling on, etc.

Also, please post in the Gameplay thread, with a dot. The game will start on Friday June 9th. I'll do a quick roll call in the week leading up to that day to make sure everyone is present and ready, and will invite you to make an in-character introduction at that time.

Some expectations:
- Please have your character profile ready by June 1st. I'll read over your characters to make sure I understand everything
- I'd like everyone to post at least once a day. Things might slow down a bit over the weekends, but pace is quite important in a multi-table special like this one. I'll do what I can to check in regularly and keep the game going. Please inform me if you'll be away for an extended time.
- In case anyone goes missing for a while, I will generally move on without them. If we're in combat, my default action after 24 hours will be to put you on delay. If you would like me to bot you, please consider putting some instructions for me on your profile. For some suggestions, there's the excellent guide by Hmm: (Link).
- I tend to use quite a lot of spoilers for skill checks. I'll rely on the honor system that you won't read the spoiler unless someone makes the check.
- When necessary, I'll roll group perception and group initiative. If you have any reactive abilities interacting with these rolls, please let me know in advance.
- I use block initiative in combat. This means that I group PC's/NPC's together if they have similar initiative rolls. In case of NPC's of similar type, I only make one initiative roll for that group as a whole. Within a group of PC's with the 'same' initiative, I'll resolve actions in posting order.
- I use Google Presentations for maps and handouts. The link will be at the top of the campaign and on my GM profile.

That's about it. Have fun. If you have any questions up front, let me know.

Hi folks,

I've been working on a new PFS character, a Psychometrist Vigilante. I'll be using a rebuild boon to start at level 5, so I could use some extra pairs of eyes to make sure everything is legal and works as I intended it. Also, I could use some help in refining where I want the character to go at higher levels. Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.

Character concept
The concept is a Chelish noblewoman who's always been a problem child. She's a bit of a kleptomaniac, very interested in history and not a supporter of diabolism or slavery. None of those traits are conductive to a long life in Cheliax, so she devised a rudimentary secret identity. She was doing fine until she was in Absalom one day, tried to burglarize Lady Gloriana Morilla and was busted. The Taldan noblewoman wasn't above a bit of blackmail and offered her a chance: Join the Pathfinder Society and do the occasional sidemission for the Sovereign Court. To sweeten the deal, she helped with fleshing out the woman's secret identity (Jack Daw, the Deft Collector) and suggested that missions for the Society would be an ideal outlet for the young woman's thirst for knowledge and love for historical trinkets.

Build concept
I'd like a melee specialist with a big weapon, who still has some decent skills and versatility. The core of the fighting style would be a reach weapon (Bec de Corbin, for flavor purposes) with the Shield of Blades talent. Later, the Vital Punishment talent will allow me to Vital Strike on regular attacks - possibly readied - and on one AoO per round. The Psychometrist gives me a flexible buff to weapon (for instance, the impact quality) and later the ability to fly and change size.


Female Human (Chelish) Psychometrist Avenger Vigilante
Race traits: Dual Talent (Str/Int)
Str 16, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 13.

Traits: Secret Revolutionary, Armor expert

Planned level-up choices:
1 - Avenger specialization. Bonus feat: Pychic Sensitivity, Feat: Noble Scion (Hell's Rebels version for House Jarvis. Passive Perception checks to notice hidden secret doors.)
2 - Transmutation Implement: Legacy Weapon
3 - Feat: Combat Reflexes, Social Talent: Social Grace (Bluff)
4 - Talent: Shield of Blades
5 - Feat: Pushing Assault, Social Talent Mockingbird, Extra social Grace (Knowledge history)
6 - Divination Implements: Third Eye. Transmutation Power: Size alteration.
7 - Feat: Extra focus power: Mind over Gravity, Social talent: Quick Change
8 - Talent: Vital Punishment


I'm not too sure where to spend my feats at later levels. Extra Focus Power is nice, but will leave my mental focus spread pretty thin. also, I'm not sure whether Pushing Assault will really work as I hope it does. I don't see the character as intimidating (no Cornugon smash) and Furious Focus won't work in conjunction with Shield of Blades. I've even thought about Orator and Esoteric Linguist, to give my skills some more 'oomph' and give flexibility with scrolls. Any suggestions?

Maps: Absalom Initiation

Even though it's still early morning, it is showing to be a sunny day in Almas, the capital of Andoran. The Decemvirate has sent a new group of Pathfinders to the Almas Lodge, located in the former Cathedral of Aroden. You've been summoned to the office of Venture-Captain Beckett. He hasn't arrived yet, and there's still time to make sure everyone is acquainted with each other.

Please dot in and make a post to introduce yourself. Above all, I hope you'll enjoy the game. :)

Maps: Absalom Initiation

Welcome to the discussion thread for the players that were selected for this scenario. Once you've decided on a character to play, please check in by providing the following information:

Player name/alias:
Character name:
Day job (roll):
Anything else I should know: Slow advance, peculiar character abilities, things you'd like to get my ruling on, etc.

Also, please post in the Gameplay thread, either with a dot or a character introduction. If everyone has signed in, I'll kick off the game on Friday with the mission briefing.

Some expectations:
- Please have your character profile ready by Friday.
- I'd like everyone to post about once a day. Things might slow down over the weekends. I'll do most of my posting in the evening (GMT), with a short update in the morning when time allows. Please inform me if you'll be away for an extended time.
- In case anyone goes missing for a while, I will generally move on without them. If we're in combat, my default action after 24 hours will be to put you on delay. If you would like me to bot you, please consider putting some instructions for me on your profile. For some suggestions, there's the excellent guide by Hmm: (Link).
- I tend to use quite a lot of spoilers for skill checks. I'll rely on the honor system that you won't read the spoiler unless someone makes the check.
- When necessary, I'll roll group perception and group initiative. If you have any reactive abilities interacting with these rolls, please let me know in advance.
- I use block initiative in combat. This means that I group PC's/NPC's together if they have similar initiative rolls. In case of NPC's of similar type, I only make one initiative roll for that group as a whole. Within a group of PC's with the 'same' initiative, I'll resolve actions in posting order.
- I use Google Presentations for maps and handouts. The link will be at the top and on my GM profile.

That's about it. Have fun. If you have any questions up front, let me know.

The Stargazer Prestige class (from Paths of the Righteous) has the option to let its class levels stack with cleric class levels, for the purpose of Channel Energy:

If the stargazer is a cleric with channel positive energy, his stargazer levels stack with his cleric levels to determine its effects.

That got me thinking about the possibility of a Life Shaman taking this prestige class. The Life spirit says:

The shaman can channel positive energy like a cleric, using her shaman level as her effective cleric level when determining the amount of damage healed (or dealt to undead) and the DC. The shaman can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 1 + her Charisma modifier.

Does the "effective cleric level" in the Life mystery allow the Stargazer levels to stack? I realize I would probably need at least one actual level of cleric to satisfy the Prestige Class's "If the stargazer is a cleric" clause, but apart from that. Are "effective cleric levels" the same as "cleric levels" for the purpose of stacking channel energy with this prestige class?

I'd like some advice on a new PFS character I've been thinking about. The Thunder and Fang feat has been on my radar for a while. However, I felt I couldn't fit it into a rounded character until I read the Ragathiel Crimson Templar prestige class in Paths of the Righteous. Vital Strike with a lead-bladed Earthbreaker sounds nice, as an backup to TWF on full attacks when I can leverage the Sneak Attack dice and/or bonus damage from favored targets. Here's the build I've been thinking about:

Human. STR 17, DEX 14, CON 14, INT 8, WIS 14, CHA 10
Traits: Birthmark, Shoanti Tattoo

Class Progression: Ranger (Divine Tracker, Infiltrator) going into Crimson Templar Prestige Class.
R1: Power Attack, Weapon focus (Earth breaker), Proficient with Bastard sword
R2: Weapon and shield style. Bonus feat: Two-weapon fighting
R3: Weapon focus (Klar), Darkvision 60 ft.
R4: Warpriest blesssings (Good, Nobility)
R5: Thunder and Fang
R6: Shield Master
R7: Vital Strike
Crimson Templar after this.

Primary method of attack would be TWF, wielding a silver earthbreaker and klar. Vital Strike is used when running into DR/hardness, or when I can't make a full attack. If slashing damage is needed, I could wield a bastard sword instead of the earthbreaker. An oversized bastard sword could also be an option as a backup weapon (even when wielding a klar), although that precludes two-weapon fighting and would mean I lose the shield bonus to AC.

I realize that on any given round I won't be using all of my feats, having to choose between Vital Strike and TWF. However, both options seem powerful enough, and the flexibility seems worth it to me. It's also a bit of a shame that Thunder and Fang doesn't come online until level 5. I've thought about speeding that up, but that means I can only take Power Attack at level 5. I've also looked into the Slayer class instead of Ranger for more Sneak Attack dice and Favored target to tie into TWF. However, that means I don't have Lead blades, and that I need an actual feat for Bastard Sword proficiency.

Does anyone have some thoughts? Pitfalls I should watch out for, or suggestions to make the build 'better'?

We played the demo game of MM yesterday. A question came up regarding Honaire. Situation was as follows: Estra encountered a monster. She had Honaire in hand, but no spells. Could I use Honaire's ability to retrieve a spell from my discard, and then use that spell to fight the monster?

Two questions concerning my subscription orders, that still show as pending. I sent an e-mail, but it seems like this might be the preferred method of getting in touch?


Order 4118314: I took a subscription to the card game last Sunday, starting with the character add-on deck. I had assumed that deck 2 would also be included straight away. It isn't shown on the 'Upcoming shipment' part of the "My subscription" page. Could you check into that, to make sure I don't miss an installment?

Order 4093911: This order was submitted on October 29th, including both my Pathfinder Companion sub and items from my sidecart. I noticed that Blood of the Beast has already hit the street date, but my order still shows as 'Pending'. It's been over two weeks now. Could you check that nothing went wrong with the order?

Lastly: Would it still be possible to combine both orders, to save on shipping?

Maps: Absalom Initiation

Open for discussion.

Maps: Absalom Initiation

Hi folks. We're about ready to begin. Please post here if you posted interest in the recruitment earlier. Either dot in, or make an in-character introduction. The scenario starts at the Grand Lodge in Absalom.

This is the recruitment thread for "The Blakros Matrimony", to be played as part of PFS PbP Gameday V. The game will start on October 12th, and should be finished by November 25th at the latest. For more information, see https://www.pbpgameday.com/.

I am aiming at high subtier for this one, please take this into account when signing up. Also, please note that this scenario is a roleplay-heavy scenario. (It's a wedding, duh... ;) Choose your characters accordingly. There is one reserved spot for this game, which means there is space for five more. In principle, the first five people to sign up will get in. If you do sign up, please make sure that the character is available and in the correct level range by the time that the game will start.

If you're interested, please sign up with the following information:

Anything else I should know:

Maps: Absalom Initiation

h the locket back in her possession. Sascha Antif-Arah thanks you again and bifs her farewell. Canayven invites you to sit down around the table, gesturing to help yourself to the remains of the food and drink. "As you know, Heidmarch Manor is still young. However, I'd like to think we've done quite well so far and have proven that our presence in Varisia has benefited the Society. The land here has a vast and varied history, with a myriad of opportunities for exploration. I'm glad to see a group of eager recruits ready to aid us in Magnimar. Before you're ready to join us, though, I'd like to give you the opportunity to see some more of Varisia, to see for yourself why me and my wife fell in love with it." He pauses for effect, finishes his glass of wine, and then continues.

"As luck would have it, I have the perfect errand for you to run and explore some of the country in doing so. One of our agents has reported finding some very nice artifacts, Thassilion I am led to believe. He's also acquired some rubbings of carvings that were too large to transport. He wasn't able to come to Magnimar on short notice and didn't trust the items to a trade caravan, so he left them with a pawnbroker in Ilsurian. That's a small fishing town on Lake Syrantula, for those of you who haven't studied the local geography yet - you should, though." He takes his wine glass again for another swig, but sadly finds it empty. "Anyway, I've booked transport for you on a ship out of here, down the river into Conquerer's Bay and then up the Falcon River. You should stop over at Harse, and find another boat heading for Ilsurian. Or you could go cross country for a while. I'll leave the details up to you. Shouldn't be a problem, should it? When you arrive at Ilsurian, look for an establishment named the Locked Box, owned by a man named Archivin Walder. The package will be in my name. From Ilsurian, you should be able to catch transport straight for Magnimar. We'll meet you back at the Lodge. Any last questions? If not, enjoy your time in Varisia!"

Post 1, if you'd like to describe your response.

Maps: Absalom Initiation

Azygg, Dindal, Laurallei, Shera and Yagi, please check in here and into the gameplay thread.

Anything I should know:

The Exchange

I have this Brawler and I'm thinking about a dip in bloodrager. I could use some help in picking a bloodline, and especially in tying it in with his background and the Pathfinder world.

As said, Cornil is a brawler, with the mutagenic mauler archetype. The story is that his Sczarni brothers have an alchemical lab, and they're working on assembling a powerful concoction. They've asked Cornil to join the Pathfinder Society to "scout out good business opportunities". In truth, they're using him as a guinea pig to judge the effects of the concoction under various conditions. I've had the idea that the mutagen has some 'otherwordly' element, but I haven't yet had to detail this any further. The bloodrager dip is the perfect opportunity to do so. The bloodline power that I choose for the bloodrager should reflect that 'otherwordly' element that's part of the concoction. His rage ability shows that he is not fully in control any longer; occasionaly the powers of the mutagen manifest, even without him drinking it (possibly due to a trigger that's in line with the origin of those powers?). That's where I could use some help. I've narrowed it down to three broad choices:

It's easy to see the blood of a devil being added to the mix. Cornil could be infested with a devil's attitude occasionaly, flying off the handle and letting his 'inner demon' out. It's classic, but also a bit boring. Maybe picking a specific devil could add some flair? On the mechanics side, the 1st-level bloodline power is nice (flaming weapons), but it's only 3 rounds per day.

Quite the opposite of the above. There's something creepy to the fact that his Sczarni brothers have an celestial being tied up somewhere, tapping its essence for use in an elixir. The mechanical benefit of this bloodline also seems quite powerful, especially for only a 1-level dip. What I'm not so sure about is the rage, and why the mutagen would inhibit his intelligence. Any ideas what kind of angel/azata/other celestial being could be the donor? Is there anything with a rage-like ability, or with a low-ish intelligence?

Mechanically similar to the infernal bloodline, with a bit more choice on what type of damage I'd like to do. Having a tie-in to one of the elements might fit in nicely with the coming season of PFS. It's also logical for a fire elemental to fly into a rage, or perhaps an earth elemental bloodline to go into 'hulk'-mode.

What do you think? Any attractive options I've missed? Any creature in particular that would work well, with that I have in mind?

Maps: Absalom Initiation

If you've been invited/selected for this game, go ahead and dot in.

Maps: Absalom Initiation

Hi folks,

welcome to the campaign thread for The Veteran's Vault. Thanks for your interest in running this with me. If you've been selected for this game, go ahead and dot into the Gameplay thread. That makes this game show up in your campaigns. Once you've settled on a character to play, also please check in here with the following information:

Day job:

I'd like to start the scenario on Sunday or Monday with introductions and the mission briefing. Please make sure your alias is set up with all pertinent information. I'd like to do a quick review of your character to make sure I understand all your character's abilities.

Any questions upfront?

Grand Lodge

Hi all,

I could use some advice for my archaeologist bard. She's my first and highest-level PFS character, and is about to hit level 6. I know what to expect from tier 1-5 scenarios so far, but I have very limited experience in Pathfinder at medium and high levels. I'd like to continue being useful to my tables, so I'm a bit lost on where to take the character, mostly related to build choices and gear.

Character summary
The full character sheet is in the profile, but I'll save you all that reading and make a summary. The character is a half-orc Archaeologist Bard, currently with a melee focus: Power Attack and Step Up feats. I think my AC is decent (21 with Buckler), with a normal longsword attack of +11 for 1d8+8 damage (including performance). I have the option to attack two-handed with Power Attack for extra damage, at the cost of -2 AC. That makes my longsword attack do 1d8+13, at an attack bonus of +9.
For out of combat use, I've invested quite a lot in social and knowledge skills. So far, those have come in pretty hands. My spell list has been geared towards defense, toolbox and support.

Choices to make
At level 6 I'll have a nice amount of cash to spend, from some saved up gp and the Serpent's Rise chronicle that will kick in. I'm not really sure what to spend it on...
- A belt for Strength, or for Constitution to bolster my hp?
- Will my current AC be enough as a support/frontliner, or should I start investing in ring of protection and extra enhancements on my armor?
- Is it useful to continue developing my melee skills, or should I branch out in ranged attacks as well? I haven't had to use my bow all that often, but it wasn't too effective. I know I don't have enough feats to become good at archery, but a +1 adaptive bow might make a difference...

Anything else that I should keep in mind, now that I've 'graduated' from low-level play?

Maps: Absalom Initiation

Please dot in to get the new scenario showing up in your campaign.

Maps: Absalom Initiation

Hi all,

please check in here when you're ready for the next scenario, with the below information.

Day job:

I'll start once everyone has posted here.

Liberty's Edge

This wayang character for PFS was originally an arcanist, but I wasn't quite happy as a full caster. I've been tinkering to make him into a martial/caster hybrid. It's not a groundbreaking build, but there's some thing I'm unsure about and I'd like some feedback and suggestions nevertheless.
Concept in short: Inspire Blade 1 / Bladebound X, focused on debuffing with Frostbite. I'd like to make extra attacks with Parry/Riposte, using arcane pool to get my crit range up to 15-20.

Str 10, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 11
Traits: Wayang spellhunter (Frostbite), Bruising intellect

1: Inspired Blade 1. Weapon finesse, Weapon focus, Fencing grace. 4 Panache.
2: Bladebound 1. Arcane pool 4. Spell combat.
3: Bladebound 2. Spellstrike. Rime metamagic feat.
4: Bladebound 3. Black blade. Int +1. Arcane pool 6.
5: Bladebound 4. Spell recall. Bruiser feat.
6: Bladebound 5. Bonus feat (Combat Reflexes?), add Keen to rapier with Arcane pool.

Some of things I'm unsure about:
- I'm aware that Fencing Grace and and Spell combat don't work together. Ideally, I won't have to use spell combat all that often. Casting a a frostbite should power my weapon for a couple of rounds at higher level. Initially, I'd cast the spell and make only that single attack, so Fencing Grace counts. During the following rounds, I can make a full attack and benefit from both Fencing grace and the added effects from Frostbite. (Right?)
- I'm a little worried that I'll initially only do 1d4+3 damage. That seems really low...
- One version of this build was an Elf, because I read that they make good magusus. However, I'm not really convinced that's better, overall. Damage as an Elf would be upped to 1d6+3, but at the cost of -1 Atk and -1 AC. With the Con penalty I'd also have less health, and probably would be tempted to use the Elven fcb instead of adding that to hit points. Overall, that seems quite squishy.
- Is 6 points in Arcane pool enough to keep up Keen on the rapier and to recycle spells with spell recall? Should I drop the notion of using Spell Recall, relying instead on Pearls of Power since I don't have to buy a magic weapon? In that case, is it worth it to stack another archetype that trades in Spell Recall, such as Hexcrafter (or possibly even Kensai)?

Maps: Absalom Initiation

Please dot in, and remove your post once you've done so. I'll put up the first post when the majority of characters has been decided, to allow for introductions. First real gameplay post will go up on Sunday evening (GMT +1), if all goes well.

Maps: Absalom Initiation

Hi folks, and welcome. :)

Please check in here, and dot into the Gameplay thread. As Dien mentioned, we have quite a diversity in character levels. All of you, would you prefer high subtier or low subtier?

Silver Crusade

I have an Oracle characters for PFS that is almost level 3. She has taken the Spirit Guide archetype, which means she gains a wandering spirit soon. I'm looking for some suggestions on how to roleplay this. Which form does the spirit take, how do I actually communicate with it?

Some background: The original concept was a half-elf quite in tune with nature, with Lore mystery. However, events at level 1 prompted me to change this. The character swore to Iomedae and I swapped to Metal mystery. I like the fact that she's a devout follower of a deity, but that she does not get her spells from that source. Eventually, I might enter her into the Evangelist prestige class.

However, that leaves me with some questions regarding the wandering spirit. I'm a bit stumped, so I'd be happy with your creative thoughts on how to bind the two aspects of this character together and how to incorporate this into practical roleplay.

I'm working on a character with the goal to enter into the Holy Vindicator Prestige class. To qualify for the requirements, I'm looking into a Cavalier/Oracle multiclass.

The Cavalier order of the Star has the following ability:

Calling (Ex):

At 2nd level, the cavalier can make a short prayer as a standard action, filling him with confidence in his abilities. At any point in the next minute, he can receive a competence bonus on an ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check equal to his Charisma modifier. He must declare that he is using this bonus before the roll is made. He can use this ability up to four times per day, once for each type of check or roll. In addition, the cavalier adds 1/2 his cavalier level to any levels of paladin or cleric he might possess for the purposes of determining the effects of channel energy or lay on hands.

By RAW as written above, this rule only adds to channeling for the Paladin and Cleric. However, is there any ruling that this might add to the channeling from the Oracle Life mystery? I've read an earlier post by Sean Reynolds that seems to imply that all channeling should be treated the same, for Cleric, Paladin and Life Oracle. (link).

Is that explanation enough to stack Cavalier levels with Oracle levels for channeling? Would that hold up to work in PFS? Is there anything else written about this interaction, perhaps?


I have a situation, that I'm not sure how to handle properly. I GM'ed a scenario yesterday and would like to apply the chronicle to one of my characters. However, all the eligable ones are currently in the middle of a PbP game. I've read a lot of topics about playing a pregen, and how you can't apply those chronicles to a character currently in a game. However, is it the same for GM credit?

Can I apply the chronicle to a character (and hold off on applying any benefits until that game completes), or do I have to create a new character to apply the chronicle to?

I'd like some advice for a character I've been thinking about the past few days. The thread about recreating Mortal Kombat's Kitana got me on this track. It's the first time I've actually planned a character beyond low-level, so I'd like some feedback on my plans.

Stats and progression:

Concept: Agile and charismatic trickster. Uses fighting fans in combat, feinting for sneak attack. I'd really like to grab Vulpine Pounce in the end, to capitalize on TWF and scout's charge. Should have useful social skills outside combat.
Race: Kitsune
Classes: Unchained rogue (Scout, Poisoner), Brawler (Snakebite striker), Fighter (Brawler)

Starting stats: Str 11, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 16
Traits: Reactionary, second undecided (Will save boost?)

Rogue 1: Realistic likeness (Kitsune feat for Disguise). Finesse, +1d6 SA. Use a rapier until level 4.
Rogue 2: Slippery mind
Brawler 1: Combat reflexes, +2d6 SA, weapon proficiencies
Rogue 3: Dex to damage with fighting fan
Brawler 2: Brawlers Flurry, Bonus feat (Two-weapon feint)
Rogue 4: Debilitating injury, Scout's charge, Feat Steadfast personality (Cha to Will), Weapon training talent (Fighting fan)
Fighter 1: Bonus feat (Improved two-weapon fighting)
Fighter 2: Bonus feat (Weapon specialization: Fighting fan)
Fighter 3: Close combatant (+1 attack, +3 damage with fighting fan). Feat Swift kitsune shapechanger
Fighter 4: Bonus feat (Piranha strike)
Fighter 5:
Fighter 6: Feat (Vulpine Pounce), Bonus feat (Greater two-weapon fighting)

Some problems I faced when doing this build:
– I have a lot of non-combat feats I'd like to get. This means most of my regular feats are tied up.
– It might take way too long to get the build useful? Am I trying to do too much?
– I feel like I'm spending a lot of effort to get in sneak attacks, just for +3d6. Is it worth it in the end?
– In order to have enough feats, I spend a lot of levels in martial classes. My skill points will be stretched really thin beying level 6.

Hi folks,

I'm trying to create a new character for PFS, primarily for use in PbP games. I have a concept in mind, but can't seem to find the right options to translate this into stats. Since I'm kind of new, I though I'd ask for some help. I'd like to play a support character with enough skills to be useful outside of combat.
The character I have in mind has a background where she failed in some way, or couldn't live up to expectations. This directly caused her curse and has been the reason for picking up an adventuring career . During the course of her adventures, she learns to connect to the spirits, reluctant at first. Eventually, she might be able to come to peace with her background. The idea is that this gives opportunities for character growth during the adventures itself.

First option, dwarf:

My first option was a dwarf, destined to become a historian for her clan. However, she'd much rather see the world outside. Before being exiled, she is warned that she would never be able to forget her heritage: She can only speak Terran in stressful situations, finds herself surrounded by 'helpful' ancestors and by spirits of stone, metal, battle, etc.

The -2 Cha on Dwarf hurts, especially because I don't want to go for a 'warrior' character:
Stats: Str 13, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 14.
Mystery: Ancestral
Curse: Tongues (Terran)
Revelations: Ancestral Weapon? In combat, she constantly find herself with all these dwarven weapons of legend in her hand, which are 'pushed' upon her. It fits the fluff perfectly, but just doesn't seem good enough to use. MW at level 3, and +1 at level 7?
Feats: I'm stumped here. Extra Revelation for 'Voice of the Grave'? I'd take 'Breath of Experience' at a later level when she's learned enough about her background, but not sure where to start out.

Second option, Half-Elf:

After the dwarf, I switched the concept to a Half-Elf to get a better array of stats at least. Half-Elf who grew up to tread in the footsteps of her mother, the local 'Ancient Lorekeeper' (racial Oracle archetype). However, this girl doesn't feel at all like she fits in Elven society: She's anything but graceful, not focused enough, etc. She leaves to find her own way, and gradually finds out that she does have some elven grace in her blood and that the nature spirits respond well to her.

Stats: Str 14, Dex 8, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 18.
Curse: Couldn't find anything truely, still undecided.
Mystery: Lore
Revelation: Side-step. Cha instead of Dex to AC/Reflex, allows me to play with the Dex 8. When in danger, her 'Elven' nature takes over.
Alternate racial: Weapon prof with Elven Curved Blade. Same at side-step: In combat, something of her Elven nature takes over, allowing her to wield this blade. Also, this allows me to be decent in combat at low levels, when I don't have enough spells yet.
Feats: Again, stumped. I'd maybe like to go for Eldritch Heritage (Verdant?) at level 3, but that would mean that I need the bonus Skill Focus feat at 1st level, and can't get the weapon proficiency.

Any suggestions? Can either concept be salvaged? I have to admit that I'm quite intimidated by the sheer amount of options in this class, with revelations, Eldritch Heritage bloodlines, spirits hexes and spells, etc. Am I biting off more than I can chew, as a new player?

Grand Lodge

Hi all,

I've played my first Pathfinder Society last week. I've spent the time since reading up on the system and trying to make my first character. I'd like to post her here. Looking for some input, some checking of my choices and any suggestions you can make.

The concept is a young girl, who grew up as an orphan in a gang in Magnimar. A chance encounter with a follower of Chadali, who was also a member of the Pathfinder society, gave her the chance to break free of that life and to use her talents for something good. I've posted a full description on the character page. Mechanically, I'd like a character who is good in combat, but has decent skills and some options for party support. I first tried a halfling rogue, but didn't get the result I wanted. After a couple of revisions, I've settled on this half-orc bard with the archaeologist archetype.

Now for the crunch. I've thought up the following: I've got one chronicle sheet from the adventure that I played with the premade. This gives me 1xp, 500gp on top of the 150gp I started with. Unfortunately, only 1 prestige so far.

Stats: Str 17 (incl +2 racial), Dec 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 9, Cha 14.
Race: Half-Orc, with alternate traits. Skilled instead of Darkvision. Sacred Tattoo instead of Orc Ferocity. Scavenger instead of Intimidate.
Class: Archaeologist 1. Bardic knowledge and Achaeologist's Luck.
Skills: Diplomacy, Disable device, Intimidate, Kn. Arcana, Kn. Local, Kn. Religion, Perception, Stealth, Use Magic Device.
Feat: Lingering Performance (+1 round of Archaeologist's Luck/day)
Faction: Grand Lodge
Traits: Vagabond Child (Disable Device as class skill, and ???
Spells known: 0 - Detect Magic, Light, Prestidigitation, Read Magic. 1 - Greasee, Silent Image.
Equipment: Studded leather, Falchion, Composite crossbow [+2 str] (no money for +3 yet), Rogue's kit, 2x acid flask, 1x Thunderstone, potion of CLW, scrolls of Charmm Person, Disguise Self, Comprehend Languages. Wizard scrolls of Protection from Evil and Obscuring Must (DC 21 Use Magic Device).

How does this sounds so far? The thing I'm stumped about is the second trait. I've found the following options, browsing some wiki's and the PRD:
- Fate's Favored. Seems almost too cheesy with the archaeologist. Also, requires me to buy the Ultimate Campaign book for just 1 trait.
- Empyreal focus. Once per day, +2 trait bonus to a single skill check. Seems flavorful. Is this one legal, for a character with Chadali as a patron deity ? Which book should I own to pick this one?
- Empyreal cultist. Speal Celestial and +1 diplomacy vs good humanoids. Seems mildly flavorful, but not really sold of the effects.

Thanks for reading so far. Please leave any suggestions or comments you might have.