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Northern Colorado (Loveland, Ft, Collins, Greeley, Longmont) Pathfinder, Starfinder, 7th Sea, Others RPG occasional miniature games like Blood and Plunder, Flames of War

Darn near impossible to find players. No one wants to commit or wants to play 5E

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The Northern Colorado Adventure’s Guild is looking for New Players!

If you are Mature, Dedicated, like to have fun, into character, story and adventure. If you also accept Diversity, and don’t smell like an Orc, we may be looking for you. We are a female friendly group.

We play every other Saturday from 2 to 10 in Loveland and usually play Pathfinder . But, we are up to starting Starfinder as well as maybe 7th Sea and other RPG’s. And we even on occasion some Flames of War.

We are a mature group and many of us have been playing together for over 8 years. If you are interested and would like to talk, Email me and we can show you our web site and see if you are a fit for us, and us for you.

email me at delaneyalysaATgmailDOTcom

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In One of the Pathfinder books, there was an optional rule that said something like at 1/4 loss of total hit points you take a -2 to hit and damage. At 1/2 you take a -4 to hit and damage and at 3/4 you take...

What book and page is that? I cannot find it and know I read it

Thanks in advance

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Can a Druid wildshape or become an elemental while grappled?

Example. Lets say that a Druid is in humanoid form and is then grappled by a creature or even a spell. Would they be aple to wildshape into something smaller or to an elemental to escape?

Would they still take an AO or still need to break the grapple?

I'd say they would still have to break grapple.

Please clarify and if this in in the books, what page is it on?


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Looking through the Bestiary 3 the Demilich says the first thing it will do is it's Banshee's wail, The DC is 24, But how much damage does it do? It is not listed. If it is based on it's HD then it would do 150 points of damage. It could also affect 15 creatures as the spell Wail of the Banshee affects 1 creature per HD.

AM I correct to say this is how much damage it does and to how many creatures?

I see the range of it as 20 feet, where as the spell is 25 feet +5 ft per 2 levels.

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Hi All. We have a highly experienced Pathfinder group who also plays Star Wars Saga on occasion that is seeking 1 maybe two players depending. We play in North Loveland, CO every other Saturday, two times a month, and take a summer break in June - August. We start gaming near 2pm and end sometime near 10pm, later if things are rolling and cannot stop.

We sit down, have an awesome meal that everyone contributes items for the making. Food can range from BBQ burgers, to as fancy as Bacon wrapped Turkey. Of course home made pizza is always a favorite.

We do expect players to be there since the 5 of us plan to be there and schedule time around it. If work happens on occasion to take control of lives, well, we try to make the game up the following week and do 2 games in a row (Always Saturday)

The group is very experienced but do not let that frighten you. We love great role play, character development, and lots of fun.

All 5 of us are professional people who work and love to game on our free time, and we expect others that join us to be as well. Nothing more annoying than someone who says they will be there then are not.

Once again, this is a fun group and we are open to all Pathfinder players new or old, male or female, elf, or half-orc (As long as they bath) who wish to have fun, and be a part of the group. Many of us have known each other for many long years and have gamed together for many long years and have been playing in one long running campaign, and one newly started campaign

So do not delay, launch us an arrow with a message on it to myself (Delaney at delaneyalysa at comcast dot net) or to Bryan master_eji at yahoo dot com

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Lets say a Barbarian, uses invisibility to sneak into a group of say 18 enemies. He then attacks one of the enemies and become visible again as per the spell. Could he on his next turn activate the ring again and continue this each round?

Seems very unbalanced if he could. A spell caster at least has to cast the spell and may get hit doing it and thus lose his spell. He also may be limited in how many times he can cast it.

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If you provoke an attack of opportunity by someone with sneak attack, would you take sneak attack damage?

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Is there a PF book that deals with random magic things happening kind of like Wild magic in past D&D games?

An area where a spell could go haywire and do something bad or really good.

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We are looking for a couple of players for our group. We have lost some do to job relocation.

We play every other Saturday in North Loveland from 2PM to 10ish and always have an awesome meal.

The group is very mature with over 100 years of combine experience

If your interested let me know. It's a great group that loves good RP and fun

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The game is to take a headline and story that is real into a funny false headline and story

Here is the real one,


Here is the false one

OSTROMECHEVO, Belarus -- The fan wanted her photo shot with the Beiber. The Beiber had other ideas: He attacked the 60-year-old woman with razor-sharp teeth, slicing an artery and causing her to bleed to death.

It was the most serious in a string of Beiber attacks on fans in Belarus, as the pop-star has turned increasingly aggressive when confronted by fans after wandering near homes, shops and schools.

"The character of the wound was totally shocking for us medical professionals," recalled village doctor Leonty Sulim. "We had never run into anything like this before."

The fan, who has not been named at the request of her family, was driving with friends toward the Shestakovskoye lake, west of the capital, Minsk, when she spotted the Beiber along the side of the road and stopped the car. As she tried to grab the pop-star, he bit her several times. One of the bites hit a major artery in the leg, according to Sulim.

The woman's friends were unable to stop the blood from spouting, and she was pronounced dead when she arrived at Sulim's clinic in the village of Ostromechevo.
She is the only person known to have died from a Beiber attack in Belarus.

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This could be interesting.

This fall on NBC Dracula

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Our group is shrinking

Players have had to move away because of jobs. We lost 2 a month ago and losing another shortly. Help us Pathfinder players/Alternity gamers, your our only hope

We play every other Saturday in North Loveland. We start at about 2pm and play until 10 and sometimes much later. We are a fun group with 3 of us having been playing since before or right when 1st ed was released. We love RP, good mature people and we have good food we all cheap in to make.

Females are highly welcome as are couples.

If your interested and a series gamer email me

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The Northern Colorado Adventures guild is looking for 1 player maybe 2 depending on the situation (couple)

We play Pathfinder and Alternity two times a month in Northern, CO (Loveland) We start at 2pm and play to 10ish sometimes latter.

This is a very mature group with well over 100 years of combined gaming (5 people)

If you are interested, please let me know. This is a great group that has a lot of fun and laughs and good food.

We do have rules that everyone must abide by and those rules are written by this group.

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One thing I love doing for my gaming group is celebrating birthdays and getting them a cake.

It was a big hit the first one we did just over a year ago and with each member we have done one (well those that stuck around for their birthday we did)

The first one was a smash hit and the guy it was for said it was the nicest cake anyone had ever done for him. His wife was jealous but happy and got me a cake for my birthday after she found out that I had had one. I have each members birthday and we try to celebrate on the game before their birthday but sometimes we are late (like this next one but only by less than 1 session)

Anyways, here are pics of 3 of the cakes. The first I lost as they where on my phone and it crashed and the photos got lost. it had the PF Ettin on it with the 4 icon minis. The place that did it, did an awesome job. They made it even look like the ettin was wounded

Here are some of the pics

Pirates Cake 1 My Cake my BF did for me

Pirates Cake 2 Front

Dragon CakeDragon

Giants Cake 1 Giant cake top

Giants Cake 2 Giant side

On the giants cake I used minis to represent each member of that campaign using a mini that was as close to the character as I could. The situation in the cake has not happened, nor may never happen, but it is something that could happen

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I'm playing a druid in a short adventure. She was 10th level and is now 11. She is 1/2 elf though I don't think it matters much what race she is.

What stats do you use when you transform into an animal like a bear, or an eagle or an earth elemental.

I understand she can be Huge, but do you use the stats of an a dire bear? or an earth elemental in the bestiary? Trying to find out so when it comes to a fight what I can do.

She has a bear companion and in many respects he is tougher than she is with his claw, claw, bite, bite


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Saw this movie on Sunday. What a fun movie. Full of good laughs, action and fun make-up. The scenery was nice too.

You get lines like "The Curse of the hunger to eat crawling things. I hate that one"

Let the Girls go your i'll spalter your blood all over their hillbilly A***"

This is going to be a closed casket.

Some may not like it, some may not get the plot, but the plot is easy to grasp if you just listen and watch.

Each witch was individual and at least their wants are unique unlike Harry P which are just twisted sticks.

Granted the weapons are far fetched, but once again it is a fun movie.

I actually want this one on DVD when it comes out it was so fun.

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Post an official Dumb Law in the state you live in

Cats may not run loose without having been fit with a taillight. - Sterling, CO

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Anyone here playing GW2? Got it this week and I am liking it. Best thing free to play.

Was wondering about creating a Pathfinder guild on it.

I am on Isle of Janthir and have 3 characters
A Ranger (not sure I like her)
Morannya Ravenwing my Necro low level at 2 or 3 human
Arylana Boldtalon 8th level Norn Warrior

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In one of our games we came across the spell book of a wizard that was dead. Sadly none in the party can use it as we have a sorcerer, and a witch.

So the question is, how much is it worth? I figured as a witch I might at least trade it in for scrolls of spells I can use to teach my pet.

4th - Detect Scrying, Locate Creature, Remove Curse, Scrying
3rd - Arcane Sight, Clairaudience/clairvoyance, secret page, tongues, Summon Monster III
2nd - Detect thoughts, flaming sphere, locate object, resist energy, see invisibility, summon monster II
1st Cause fear, comprehend languages, detect secret doors, detect undead, disguise self, identify, protection from evil, protection from law, true strike, magic missile

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For those of you that work Help Desk Phone support. Post your Help Desk stories here.

My Excel spread sheet is not adding the cells together, fix it
See here, C6 and P6? There is no data.
Yeah but it won't add up
That's because 0+0 = what?
No fix it it is not suppose to do that.
Look Cell Q6 =SUM(C6:P6) Now look this cell C6 nothing there. See P6? Nothing there. =SUM(C6:P6) adds them together. Nothing = Nothing
If this is not right you need to call who ever created your spread sheet because I have no clue what you want to do what to add and minus and what ever to each cell

Earlier today

In this day and age... How can you NOT know where the address bar is on your web browser\

Go to theaddress.thisplace.extension
I'm putting in the address but google cannot find it
Not into GOGGLE but your address bar like where you type, or
Where do I put the @ sign?
No @ sign theaddress.thisplace.extension
It cannot find www.theaddress@thisplace@extension
No, No @ Sign no WWW just theaddressPERIODthisplacePERIODextension

As I bury my head in my hands

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Has Paizo ever thought about releasing a 12 month calendar for the year with their art in it? I know many many years ago TSR and early WotC did as I used to buy them.

I know I'd buy one if they did.

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Androids are not a living creature like the other normal playable races. It is an animate object much like a golem or construct. So how do Cure spells work on them? It seems to me a mend spell would be better suited to them. or maybe a shocking grasp that makes the nano tech heal.

I mean seems to me if you can use a cure spell on them, you might as well cure a golem or even a broken chair

What does everyone else thing

If a mend spell how would that work on them?

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In death, the graveknight’s life force lingers on in its armor, not its corpse, in much the same way that a lich’s essence is bound within a phylactery. Unless every part of a graveknight’s armor is ruined along with its body, a graveknight can rejuvenate after it is destroyed. A typical suit of full plate graveknight armor has hardness 10 and 45 hit
points, though armor with enhancements or made of special materials proves more difficult to destroy. Merely breaking a graveknight’s armor does not destroy it; it must be ruined, such as by being disintegrated, taken to the Positive Energy Plane, or thrown into the heart of a volcano.

So here is the question. The party killed a Graveknight took him down fast due to many critical hits. One party member took the armor. Now in my world just because you pulled armor off a dead person does not mean it fits you, especially when the character that took it is 6'2" and the graveknight was 6'

The party member is a blacksmit and is refitting the armor per his profession. What will happen? The characters never detected evil on the armor after they killed the Graveknight. What happens to the armor? What happens to the guy wearing the armor?

It clearly says it must be destroyed to kill the graveknight

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Our game group used to be Home brew only, that was back when PF just came out hard cover. before that we where a 3.5 Home brew group. We initially had 2 DM's (myself and 1 other) that would switch off DMing after every 4 - 6 sessions typically. We got another guy in the group that DM'd and shortly after are other main DM left. The new DM decided to Run Kingmaker and it was not to long another person joined that DM'd. The DM playing Kingmaker left the group because of martial issues (We would not baby sit her 2 young children so she could go shop and he could play every 2 weeks). The other DM decided to run Serpent Skull and we had gotten almost through Book 2 in Kingmaker when that DM left and then just to book 3 when the other DM left for medical reasoning. I at this point decided to run CC just so I could have things prepared quickly to game. We got in 2 more players that DM's (both still with us) and another that just left us for employment reasonings (Yeah we are a meat grinder to people leaving) One New DM ran 1 book of Jade, The other up into Book 3 of LoF and the one that just left 2/3 through Shackles.

After playing though parts of KM, SS, CC, LOF, JR, S&S I think we have found every AP to be predictable and admit ably not that rewarding to this gaming group. What AP's offer is a quick way to run a game with little to no prep. BUT there is no choice to what PC's can do, if the PC's decide they don't want to open the magic artifact scroll that will destroy the world and sell it, then the AP ends and the game becomes home brew and the DM's would rather run their own adventure in their own worlds.

We also found AP's are killers. if you take 4 players at 15 pt buy there is no way you can live. Especially when you have 6 players with 4d6 drop the lowest getting killed easily even when played smart and not Min-Maxed.

After this last partial AP I think our group has decided Home brew games will be are meat and potato's. The home brew tends to offer more RP, better character immersion and makes the players feel they are more a part of the adventure than AP's. Since a Home brew is far more sandbox offering players a greater selection on what to do. They can go where they want, when they want and a DM can flow ith it much easier, though with a lot more work.

So what is your opinion on AP's vs Home brews? How does your group handle them and what do you as a player/DM prefer?

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Played the Demo and being a huge fan of the original Microprose game I must admit I love the new version. Same game play style just improved a ton.

They add some customization to shoulders looks which is fun and the ability to design your base. You also have to decide which missions to take. Help the US and get scientists to help and let Asia go or help Asia get money but US falters. Every choice has an positive/negative

I am looking forward to playing on Oct 9th

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We are having this discussion on our groups forum about Role playing within PF and I'd like outside feedback on it. Hern ole boy (not really old) you will know who this is as I just referenced a character you play.

Do you feel Pathfinder and most every other RPG out there to be a ROLE playing game meaning not just do you take on the role of a fighter, paladin, wizard, cleric, rouge, etc but how much ROLE Playing occurs in the game?

Instead of role playing out the actions you do like trying to talk the leader of the of the kingdom for need information you roll dice to gain it. There are no mechanics in the game that add bonuses for a person that does a great job. Instead you shove the bard to the front as he usually has the best diplomacy and let him just roll his dice and maybe everyone else assists. This actually is not role playing but Roll playing. There are no mechanics in the game to "Reward" someone for great role playing. The guy across the table who just sits and waits for the fight gets the same experience points for the person that really plays his character well.

I do not see this as a flaw just in PF, it was there in 3.0/3.5 just as much and even more so in 4.0. Back in 1st ed you had no rolls for diplomacy or sense motive and I think it pushed players to role play more than they do today.

The player that tried to role play a fight is actually penalized more than the guy that just gets up in the BBEG face and starts to duke it out. Hero Points seems people horde them after getting them with each level saving at least 2 in case they die and they use HP to stabilize. There is no mechanics once again for handing them out beyond DM call and using them randomly to help the player. Good Role Playing should give HP to fudge a dice roll but then again we get back to ROLL playing not role playing.

Personally I like to reward characters extra XP for shared journals, great character backgrounds, great Role playing, great random use of skills, ect, but once again there are no rules for this and most DM's fall to ROLL playing once again.

So what do you all feel? How can it be fixed in the system to reward players to ROLE play and not ROLL Play?

I'd like to hear Paizo's 2 pieces of eight worth on this too.

Thanks in advance.

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So I noticed one HUGE flaw in S&S and the ranks on the ship. Someone did not do their research with pirate ships

Captain - The Captain of the Pirate ship is voted to that position. His rank and title only are valid when pursuing an enemy ship and attacking an enemy ship or fort. He could be replaced at anytime. Harrigan has the title and at ANY time the crew could turn against him, especially if he did not produce and in 20 days the game I am in the crew is getting tired of no ship action.

Quartermaster - The real leader of the ship. He was voted in after the captain. He commands the ship and decides where it is going with a vote from the crew and maintains order and discipline and distributes the food and other needed items. Plugg technically has this role not grok. By calling Grok this she has higher rank than Plugg and Scourge

Sailing Master - In charge of navigation and sailing the ship. Looked after the maps and instruments. Scourge should be in this role

Boatswain - Supervised the maintenance of the ship and it's supply stores. he inspected the ship, sails and rigging every morning. he was in charge of all deck activities handling of the sails, dropping and weighing anchor and reported to the Captain - Grok should be in this role

Carpenter and Surgeon - In charge of maintenance and repairs to the ship, masts and yards. Worked under the master and boatswain. He checked the hull regularly. Often times he also served as a surgeon on the ship. Sandra at least Surgeon

Master Gunner - In charge of the ships guns and ammo and repaired the guns also sifted the powder to keep it from clumping

Mate - On large ships they had many hence the title first mate who had rank of the mates. Apprentice to Ships master, Boatswain, Carpenter and gunner. Took care of fitting of the ship, making sure they had all the ropes pulleys, sails and rigging that might be needed. Hoisted the anchor

Able Body Sailor - Backbone of the ship had to know rigging, furl and release of sails, steer the ship and applying it to navigation, read the skies, weather, wind, the moods of the officers

Rigger - Sailor assigned to work aloft in the rigging's and to furl and release the sails. By far the most dangerous job NOTE This position would be the one in S&S that Plugg and Scourge would most likely assign the job to who they want to remove first. Someone who can climb would not make since as chances are they might survive

Cabin Boy - Worked as a servant and where usually runaways, kidnapped.

Powder Monkey - Young boys who ran to fetch powder for the gun crews

Swab/Swabbie - Not a rank and was the person who mopped the deck with a swab, had no rank what so ever and would be the job all press ganged would use.

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Oh NCAG stands for the Northern Colorado Adventures Guild

We start our S&S game this weekend and my BF and I are excited. Normally we have a large group but 3 will be missing so there will be 4 starting out.

A Slyph Bard
A Strix Magus
A Human Ulfen Barbarian Sea Reaver that fights with anything he can use or throw
A Human Chelaxian Swashbuckler with a bad temper

Latter a Human Chelaxian fighter Corsair will join us and not sure of the other 2. One is taking a gaming vacation as we used to break for June and July and this year we played a couple times which he did not like. As for the 3rd person? Hard to say spell caster of some sort I think.

So looking forward to this adventure

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Question to see if I am reading this correctly

An inquisitor’s selection of spells is extremely limited.
An inquisitor begins play knowing four 0-level spells
and two 1st-level spells of the inquisitor’s choice. At each
new inquisitor level, she gains one or more new spells as
indicated on Table 2–4. (Unlike spells per day, the number
of spells an inquisitor knows is not affected by her Wisdom
score. The numbers on Table 2–4 are fixed.)

So If I understand this correctly a first level Inquisitor only has 4 Zero level spells in their list to cast and 1 first level not including any Wisdom modifier.

At 2nd they would have 4 0- levels and 2 - 1st
At 3rd they would have 4 0-level, and 3 - 1st
At 4th they would have 4 - 0-level, 3 - 1st and 1 - 2nd

They at NO time will ever have more spells than this unless their Wisdom is say 18 then they would get 1 st and 1 2nd?

Seems WAY Under powered if I read this right, and only at 5th level could they remove 1 spell from the list and get a different spell

Now this does not reflect how many they can cast, only what they can learn.

if I am wrong please clarify and show me where it is in the APG


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So wondering Where my shipment is? I got the notification it was sent on July 10th. Tracking shows it in Auburn WA on the 18th - 19th and not expected to be received until the 24th. This is FAR longer than the 4 - 8 day.

The other odd thing is 2 others in my game group one lives 20 miles east of me and his says the same, another person 10 minutes north says the same and yet another who is 15 miles away got his early last week?

So what is up with this. 3 of us receive from the same UPS and Post Office and the other should be on the same plane, yest 1 of us of the three got there's

I emailed about this last week and got no reply.

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So Taldor is Britain
Cheliax Italy
Andoran the US

Where is Spain?

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Who voted idiots like this into office?

I am beginning to think Nazi Germany won WWII with all the hate we have and that includes this Yo-Yo. His IQ must be what about 1?

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I want to play a Mord Sith like character, kind of in the lines of Cara with maybe a bit of Deena from Legend of the seeker TV show (season 2). I want to do it using the existing classes in the Pathfinder books. Knowing how they are almost like inquisitors to Darken Ral and do his bidding. I also want to make her a follower of Calistria since the Mord Sith seem almost like dominatrix's.

Any suggestions? other classes to take with maybe inquisitor but keeping within the rules of Pathfinder

Class, Skills, Feats would be helpful


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Our group has been having an ongoing discussion about treasure split, how it should be done and how un-fair it seems to be.

What ends up happening is items get found, people that can use them claim them and someone feels like they got left out.

If we have any items no one wants or claims and mundane items and gold, silver, copper, etc, all of this gets divided by the party.

In this case we have 6 - 8 players in a typical game. Some of those players where not there the entire game, yet feel they got slighted treasure.

So the question, how does your group divide treasure and not have hard feelings?

This has always been a sore issue with every group I have played in as someone always feels they did not get as much.

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Does anyone know if any produce exists (Paizo or other) that has a map or a picture of a temple of Calistria?

Thank you

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Does anyone know where I can locate the price of a building in Gold in any of the rule books, supplements or AP's.

Our DM is running a game and in the year off (player time) my character wants to build a nice inn... err brothel... errr Temple for Calistria her goddess and I am trying to figure out what she can spend in her treasure to do this.

Thank you

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So one of my PC's is going to play a Summoner. My question as I look over his Eidolon is it looks like he spent to many PT's for it.

The player is 3rd level
With stats of
St 13
Dex 16
Con 16
Int 17
Wis 13
Char 19

His Eidolon is

Base Form: Quadriped
Starting Statistics:
Size: Medium
Speed: 40 ft.
Saves: Fort (good), Ref (good), Will (bad)
Attack: Bite (1d8) (Claws 2X (1d6)
HP: 30
Attributes Str 14, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha 11
Armor Shield Dex Mod Size Mod Natural Armor Deflect Mod Misc. Mod
AC: 19 10 0 0 4 2 3
Touch AC 14 Flat Footed AC 15
CMB 4 CMD 17
Fort Save 6 Will Save 0 Ref Save 6
Free Evolutions: Bite, limbs (legs) (3).
Evolution Pool:Points 12
Points Remaining 0
Evolutions Chosen
Legs 1 Add 1 set of legs for claws below
Claws 1 1d6
Improved Damage/bite 1 1d8
Reach 1 Bite
Pounce 1 Allows a full attack after a charge
Magic Attacks 1 Natural Weapons are magical for purposes of DR
Climb 1 As movement
Improved Natural Armor 1 +2 to natural armor
Ability Increase Dex 2 +2
Ability Increase Con 2 "+2
Name Ability Total Ranks Misc.Mod Race Mod Add 3
Bluff* Cha 4 1 3
Craft* Int 4 1 3
Fly* Dex 4 1 3
Intimidation* Cha 5 2 3
Knowledge Planes" Int 4 1 3
Perception* Wis 4 1 3
Sense Motive* Wis 5 2 3
Stealth* Dex 5 2 3
Swim* Str 4 1 3
Feats Power Attack

I thought at level 3 that you had 5 PT's no more or less to spend on the Eidolon. Am I correct? If not how di you get the extra pts


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I am looking for a good Sci-Fi/Space based RPG. Not Star Wars but might consider the Games Workshop Rogue trader IF it is good and done right.

Possibly even D20 modern if there are good available Space supplements out (I have D20 Future and it lacks depth)

Anyone have any suggestion on a good system? Something that could be a bit Mass effect, meets Aliens/Space Hulk, Star Frontiers

Thanks in advance.

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So my group is gearing up to play Shackles and Skulls when it is released. I plan on playing a female Lawful neutral Swashbuckler based on the APG Arch types. I want her to have her have a code, something like a Paladins or a Cavaliers.

I do not want to play her as a rogue that steals but one that relishes in the fight. Her personality is she is a bit of a hot head with a temper that she is trying to learn to control. She has been trained by her uncle a master of the rapier but she went to him in disguise as a young man so her family (mother, father and sisters) were not aware

I have her background wrote and how she became Shanghai'd

I was thinking of things like

Do not kill in cold blood
Accept surrender of your opponent
Anger is your enemy

Anything else others can offer is appreciated

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Watched the first season of this. This is NOT your Medieval Times or Renaissance Faire jousting, this is the real deal.

The host of the show I have seen joust many times at the International Jousting Championships in Estes Park and once again it is the real deal full on with pine lances not balsa or breakaway.

There are a few of the jousters that did jousting at Medieval Times and they learn quick this is the real deal

1 PT for striking the shield plate of the opponent (Also includes lance guard if in the way)
5 PT for breaking a lance on your opponent
10 PT for un-horsing your opponent
-5 PT's for striking your opponents head

Instead of being totally eliminated if you lose, you sit on the sidelines in case one of the team you are on can no longer continue.

Finally a REAL Sport. These guys make football players look like Pansies

OH part of the training riding a horse as the trainers hit you will as hard as they can swing metal baseball bates, as well as having 6 of your team hit you with a battering ram which they say still does not compare to having a lance hit you

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So one of our DM's is gearing up to run LoF and he asked what kind of characters we wanted to play. I was thinking an Inquisitor of Calistria who also might take a few levels early on as a cleric.

I am having a hard time trying to figure out why she is there in Katapesh, Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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Can a character take a level as an Arch Type and thn latter take a level as the base class. Example

Character at Level 1 takes a level in Dervish Dancer. Can they at say 2 or even 4th level take a level as just a Bard?

Could they take a Level as a Dervish Dancer then at 4th take a Daredevil

Could they start off as a Dervish Dancer and then at 4th level take a level as a Rouge Swashbuckler?

Thanks in advance.

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Wondering if when you play, do you use character portraits

If you use what do you do for them. Do you search the net for fantasy art until you find a picture that suits how you imagine the character to look? Do you draw them? have a friend draw them or use some other program?

I personally use IMVU to create mine and my BF portraits. I have had this software since 2007 and have a huge inventory of items to select plus I have developed many items.

I know there are other programs like Second Life as well but have never used this one for portraits

Chime in and tell us how you create portraits or what you use for them if you use them

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The Northern Colorado Adventures guild is looking to fill a spot in our group. All none smelly trolls welcome especially females.

We game every other Saturday from 2PM to 10PM (sometimes a bit latter). During this time we eat yummy food, have some laughs, play Pathfinder, have some more laughs, and in general have a great time.

We are a mature group that ranges from people who have been playing since 1st Ed, all the way up to 3.5 and now Pathfinder.

We rotate DM's so this means you get a chance to play more than 1 characters.

While we are a larger group with a Min of 5 and a max of 9 (this includes the DM) we have a lot of fun.

If you are interested please email me at

Our next game is Dec 3

Sovereign Court

Went and saw this this weekend. It's a fun popcorn movie. The sword work was nice. The rapiers beautiful as was most of the costuming. The acting and plot? That is where it took a hit. Over all the three main musketeers did a fairly good job. I did not like Milla as Milady De'Winter. She is good in the resident evil movies but I did not like her in this movie. Cardinal Richelieu also was lacking.

I think over all the previous many versions where better. I could have done with out the "Matrix" slow downs and some of the over the tap Campinas.

There where some good laughs,over all in the movie.

Historically it is the far most outlandish version with the clockwork devices and airships. The Da'Vinci cannon was interesting to see in the movie though

over all I give it 3.5 traps out of 5

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